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The Camera Never Lies Ch. 01

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It wasn’t often that Sara Jennings felt foolish. Foolish or embarrassed for that matter, but that was exactly how she felt as she walked back to her car, cardboard box in her arms. You’d think that the least that grubby looking clerk could have done was help her carry her purchase out to her car, she thought to herself, but that would probably have been asking too much. Oh well, at least he had shown her how to operate it.

The “it” was what was know as a spycam.When set up it could be motion activated and record up to three hours of video on its own self contained hard drive. The recording could then be played back on any computer with only a USB connection. Simple. If only that clerk had stopped staring at her body while he showed her how it worked. Sara could tell that he wanted to know what or who she would be recording but he probably would never have understood her reasons. Hell, Sara wasn’t sure she understood it completely herself.

She slid into her car and pulled down the visor with the vanity mirror. She was still a knockout at thirty-eight, there was no denying that. Long black hair, framing a beautiful face with green eyes and full, pouting lips. A face any man would want. Why then had her husband been ignoring her lately? She sighed and pushed the visor back up and drove home.

In fact it had been over two months since Mark had touched her and wanted her sexually. Two months!! There were always excuses, most of them half believable. He was too tired. He had a lot on his plate at work. He had to stay up late and work. And so on and so on.

Well Sara worked too but she needed sex and she needed it badly. Her beautiful body ached with the need to be fucked. Why just the thought of Mark’s cock was enough to get her pussy soaked. If she didn’t get some cock soon she thought she might go out of her head.

The problem was that she had become convinced that Mark was having an affair. What was worse, Sara was convinced that Mark was bringing his mistress, whoever she was, right into her bed in her own room.

. Sara was on the road two or three nights a week in her capacity as a sales rep for a large cosmetics company. It had never been easy, all that traveling, especially with their daughter Mindy still at home. Sara had never felt that she had been able to give Mindy the attention she deserved but she had done the best she could. You had to pay the bills and Mark’s salary alone was not enough.

But Mindy was eighteen now. She wasn’t home half the time what with school and other activities and that meant that Mark was home alone at least two nights a week. Two nights with time and god knows what else on his hands.

At the same time Mark had started ignoring her needs; Sara’s female antenna had started noticing other things. An occasional faint smell of perfume in her bedroom, fresh sheets on the bed when she came home from a road trip, and all of Mark’s underwear washed and neatly put away instead of piled into the dirty clothes hamper. Nothing that you could call a smoking gun but Sara had become alarmed. The more she thought about it, the more convinced she had become that something was going on. Finally she decided that she just had to know if she was right. Thus, the spy cam.

When Sara pulled into her driveway Mindy was just leaving the house.

“Going out honey?”

“Yeah Mom, going over to Gina’s”

“Try to be home for dinner Min. You know I’ll be gone for a couple of days starting tomorrow.”

“Ok, we’ll see, bye mom.” Mindy climbed into Gina’s waiting car and with a quick wave was gone. Sara stared after her. It was hard to believe Mindy was eighteen already. Where had the time gone? She seemed so independent now, like she didn’t even need her parents anymore. She was so grown up in certain ways and yet just a little girl in others. Physically she was still at the crossroads between girl and woman. She had her mother’s good looks and long shapely legs and Sara had noticed that her tight t-shirts and short shorts showed off her body to good effect. Too good if you asked Sara but that was the way girls dressed these days so what was a mom to do? Sara sighed and walked inside.

Finding that Mark wasn’t home, Sara went back to her car and got the camera. She hurried to her bedroom and looked around. She had to put the thing at just the right height and angle so it would record anything that happened on her bed. The camera itself looked like an over-sized book and would not be too conspicuous. Her and Mark were both avid readers and usually had a couple of books each spread around the bedroom.

After some trial and error she finally decided on the small bookshelf against the wall of the room. Placing it carefully at just the right angle, she adjusted and readjusted it until she was satisfied that it should give a perfect view of the entire bed.

The built in motion sensor had a small dial that could be preset to prevent the camera from coming on during the day when anyone might walk in the room. She set it for eight o’clock pm. Any time after canlı bahis that, whenever anyone moved in front of it, the camera would come on and stay on for twenty minutes. It would stay on as long as it detected any motion but otherwise would shut off to save recording space. Sara didn’t care how all the tech stuff worked as long as it did work. Tonight would be a trial period.

At dinner that night, Mark asked her twice about her forthcoming business trip. Sara was worried that he was confirming the timing of something that might occur when she was gone but she went out of her way to seem casual. No sense putting him on edge now she reasoned so she let him think she was oblivious.

“Mindy will be staying over to Gina’s tomorrow so you’ll have the place to yourself for two whole days.”

“Oh really? Well I’ve got lots of work to catch up on so it’s just as well I guess.”

“Make sure Mindy takes her books with her, she’s got finals coming up soon.”


About ten o’clock Sara feigned exhaustion and said she was going to get some extra sleep. In reality she wanted the trial test of the camera to start. After changing into her nightgown, she made sure to walk in front of the book two or three times. She stared and listened but could detect no noise or lights from the shelf. Great if the damn thing is working, she thought.

She laid still for a while to see if the recorder would stop after the twenty minutes but fell sound asleep and never even heard Mark come to bed.

In the morning Sara tried not seem anxious but she could barely contain herself. She thought Mindy would never leave for school but finally she left, texting someone on her phone as usual. Mark seemed to linger over his coffee longer than usual but soon he too left. Sara sighed with relief and walked to the bedroom.

After removing the book-camera from the shelf, she walked into the den and sat at the computer. After plugging the USB connector into the computer she had to wait only a moment for the computer to recognize the camera and ask her if she wanted to view the video or download it unto the computers hard drive. She checked view only and waited. Sure enough the camera had worked just as she had hoped. There she was walking past the shelf several times and then climbing into bed. The picture quality was very good really and she heard herself cough quite clearly so the audio evidently worked well too.

She pushed the fast forward button and watched as several minutes went by with no activity. Then Mark walked by and climbed into bed beside her and turned out the light. The camera recorded just darkness after that and then stopped after an interval which she guessed might have been around twenty minutes. It was hard to tell on fast forward but Sara was elated anyway. It had worked! She would be able to see and hear everything that went on in that bedroom perfectly. Well, as long as the light was left on but there wasn’t much she could do about that.

She created a folder and downloaded the video just so she was sure how to do it. After playing it back she was satisfied that she could do anything she wanted to do with any video she captured. A thought entered her mind and made her laugh out loud.

After she proved to herself that Mark was just tired and preoccupied and not fucking around, maybe she would make a special video for him. Something that would get his male juices flowing. She pictured herself propped up on the bed facing the camera with her legs spread wide apart. The camera would see her beautiful wet pussy as she slowly finger fucked herself.

“Mark”, she would purr, “Ohh I want to fuck you so bad baby. I want to feel your big hard cock inside of me. Stroke your dick for me baby, then I’ll suck it for you. I’ll suck it and lick it till its rock hard and then I’ll fuck your brains out baby. Ohh god my pussy’s so wet baby. Come to me Mark, fuck me now!!”

Shit, her pussy was wet. She slid a finger inside her shorts and felt her wetness. Ohh that felt good. Damn it, she didn’t have time for this now, she had to pack and get to the airport. It took a major effort on her part to get off of that chair and get her butt in gear. She licked her wetness off of her finger and then carried the camera back to the bedroom and hooked it up the way it was before. There!

She felt like she was crossing a bridge that she might not be able to return from but it had to be done. She just had to know.

Sighing with relief that this inevitable step had finally been taken, Sara packed her suitcase, gathered her papers together and drove to the airport.

It was the longest two nights of her life. In her hotel room she tried to imagine what might be going on if anything. She tossed and turned for what seemed hours until she slept, more from exhaustion than anything else. She thought the time would never pass.

But of course it did. She returned home in mid morning on the third day to an empty house. Mindy of course was in school and Mark at the office, a fact which she confirmed with a brief bahis siteleri phone call. Well, nothing to do now but watch the video.

Part of her wanted to take the camera to the nearest dumpster and throw it in. What she had done was wrong, spying on her husband like that. What if there was nothing on the video but normal nighttime stuff? What did that really prove anyway? Maybe he was taking his mistress somewhere else. Maybe there was no mistress and she was just being paranoid. The list of maybes went on endlessly.

She felt a headache starting so she gulped a couple of aspirins and made herself a pot of coffee. While that brewed she retrieved the camera and hooked it up to the computer. She went out to the kitchen, poured a cup of coffee and sat down at the computer desk. Well, she thought, here goes nothing. She pushed play and sat back to watch.

At first there wasn’t much. Mark walked past once and the camera recorded about twenty minutes of nothing. She pushed fast forward until the dead space ended and then pushed play again. This time it was the same thing. See, she thought, nothing happened. Twenty more minutes of dead space. She felt her heart rate begin to slow down to a normal level. She hadn’t really noticed how nervous and tense she had been.

She fast forwarded past this dead space. The recording picked up when someone walked past the camera again. This time, however, it wasn’t Mark, it was her daughter Mindy.

What the hell…Sara thought. Mindy was supposed to be at her girlfriend’s house. She must have forgotten something. God, I hope she didn’t walk in on her father and another woman.

But, strangely enough Mindy didn’t leave. She sat down on the bed and pulled the pillows to her and lay back against them. She took out her phone and started texting someone.

Why was she in my room, Sara wondered, and where was Mark?

Mindy kept typing out her text and then Sara saw her push a button which must have been send. She giggled and set her phone on the night table.

“Are you ever going to be finished in there Daddy?” My god, Sara thought, Mark was there. Listening closer she realized that you could just barely make out in the background the sound of the shower running.

“Be out in a minute honey.”

“Well hurry up, I’m starving.”

They must be going out to eat Sara realized. Honey? Sara didn’t remember the last time Mark had called Mindy honey. That was odd. Somewhere in the back of her brain an alarm slowly began gently ringing. Sara tried to ignore it.

Mindy stretched out on the bed like a kitten just awakening from a nap. Her long legs were bare all the way to the top of her shorts and her young breasts pushed against her tight t-shirt. She fluffed her long black hair with both hands and shook her head until her hair fell over her shoulders were she wanted it.

For the first time Sara realized fully that her little girl was almost a woman now, a full grown sexy woman at that. She still had a thin coltish look about her but her body had almost come into its own. Her breasts were more pronounced then Sara had realized and she somehow seemed taller as if she had undergone a growth spurt when Sara wasn’t looking. Her voice was still the voice of a girl but the rest of her… Wow. The boys were going to be all over her before long.

Sara’s thoughts were interrupted as Mindy suddenly sat straight up on the bed and smiled.

“Well, it’s about time Daddy!”

Mark walked into the picture and Sara’s world as she knew it suddenly ended. He wore only a towel around his waist and a huge shit-eating grin on his face.

“I wanted to be clean for you baby girl.”

“Get over here Daddy. Right now!”

Mark walked over to the edge of the bed and stood in front of Mindy.

“Did you bring me a surprise Daddy? Something nice for me to play with?” She slid over to the edge of the bed where Mark was standing.

“Oh yes honey, something really nice for you.”

Mindy laughed. “Bet I know where you’re hiding it Daddy. Right here?” She reached out and pulled Mark’s towel off. His cock was rock hard and as she released it from the towel it popped straight out right in front of her face.

Sara pushed stop on the camera as quickly as she could reach the button. She could barely breathe and her heart was pounding. Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod she managed to get out. The room seemed to spin around her and she thought she might pass out. Never in her wildest imagination had she expected to see her own daughter and her husband together. A thousand thoughts ran through her mind, all of them a jumbled mess.

He must have raped her was her first coherent thought but what she had seen didn’t look like rape. Something must be wrong with them, some type of mental disease. Nothing made any sense. It was horrible, just horrible! The words divorce, jail and disgrace flew through her mind one after another. She tried to stand but felt too weak. Instead she sat motionless, too flustered to do much else.

After a time she slowly began bahis şirketleri to regain some semblance of composure. What am I going to do she wondered. Though every fiber of her being rebelled against the thought she knew that she had to watch the rest of the tape. She wanted to know exactly what had happened so that she could deal with it. No matter what was on that tape, no matter how it sickened her, she had to see it for herself. She braced herself mentally and pushed the play button.

Mindy looked absolutely delighted when her fathers cock was released.

“Oh daddy what a yummy surprise!” Her hand reached out and she began lightly to stroke his cock with her fingers.

“Oh it’s so hard.” Her fingers curled around the head of Marks cock and she squeezed gently.

“Oh honey, that feels so good.”

“It feels so good to me too… I’ve been thinking about this all day in school daddy. I got so wet too.” She used just her fingertips to lovingly stroke up and down the shaft. “I just love the way it feels.” She smiled up at him. “I just love the way it smells.” She bent forward and pressed the tip against her little nose and inhaled.

“Oh god sweetie.” Marks eyes were closed as he waited.

“Ummm! You know what else daddy?”

“What honey?”

“What I like best of all is the way it tastes.” Mindy slowly ran her tongue up the underside of Marks cock from the base all the way to the head.

“Ohh shit” was all Mark could muster at that point.

“Oh that’s so yummy daddy. I want to suck it for you so bad.” Mark let out a moan of pleasure as his daughter slid the head of his cock slowly between those luscious, full lips of hers. She sucked up and down the shaft slowly for a moment and then let his cock slip out of her mouth.


“Oh god, yes baby?”

“Promise me something.”

“Anything sweetheart, anything.”

“Promise me that you’ll let me make you cum in my mouth. You know how I love that daddy.”

“Yes honey, if that’s what you want.”

“That’s what I want daddy. All that hot juice in my mouth and on my face and down my throat. I love it so much.” She bent forward and took his cock back in her little mouth.

Slowly at first, but with gradually increasing speed she began sliding her fathers cock in and out of her throat. Her hand grasped his cock firmly and stroked it in time with her sucking. Her other hand reached down and stroked his balls. She would let his dick pop out of her mouth for a moment while she licked and kissed the swollen head and would then resume her sucking. She raised his cock straight up so that she could lick his balls too.

“Daddy, do you like the way I suck your cock? Am I a good little girl?”

“Oh baby, you’re the best daughter a man could have. Ohh, do that again.”

“You like it when I lick your balls don’t you? They’re yummy too.” She tried to fit his whole testicle into her mouth and gently sucked on it before releasing it and returning to his cock.

Sara could hear the slurping noises her daughter made sucking that cock. Her hand was stroking it more insistently now, seemingly eager to reap her reward. Sara was stunned into complete silence by this time. She hated what was happening but she couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. Something else was weird too. She couldn’t explain it but on some level she was becoming aroused herself. This can’t be, she told herself but the signs were unmistakable. Her pussy was starting to get wet and her nipples were hard. She couldn’t believe it and she hated it but it was true.

Back on the screen Sara’s daughter had both hands firmly wrapped around her father’s cock as her lovely teenaged mouth sucked up and down on it. Mark thrust his hips forward and grasped his daughter’s head and began fucking her mouth in time with her sucking. Neither of them spoke aloud now but they were both working in tandem for the same goal. Mark longed to feel his hot cum squirt from his cock into his daughter’s eager mouth and Mindy wanted the same thing even more than he did.

After a few moments Mark’s knees began to shake slightly and his hips pushed even farther forward.

“Oh god honey, I’m getting close, so close.”

Mindy pulled his cock from her mouth just long enough to say, “Cum for me daddy. Feed me that hot juice!!”

Mark felt the pressure building in his loins. That sweet pressure that told him it would be just a few seconds longer. Then he could shoot his hot jizz down his daughter’s eager throat. Just the thought made it happen that much quicker.

“Oh baby, here it comes honey, here it comes.” Mindy pulled his cock out and opened her mouth wide and stuck out her cute pink tongue. She knew her daddy liked to watch it shoot off right unto her tongue and lips. Anyway, if any of it missed her mouth she could always lick it up after. She continued squeezing it and jerking it.

“Shoot it daddy!! Fill my mouth up!!”

Mark tilted his head back and let out an animal moan. The first spurt was huge and landed far back in Mindy’s eager throat. Her tongue curled inward, trying to keep it from pouring out of her mouth. Two more quick, large discharges shot into Mindy’s mouth before the next gob splattered against her nose and ran down her wet lips.

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