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The Chauhans’ Special Day Ch. 02

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The women stood in a line around the dining table.

“Let’s begin the fun,” said Dadaji, as he went straight to my mother.

Lal Krishna Chauhan, a pillar of the local business community, proceeded to kneel down in front of mother and lifted up her saree. I was greeted to a brief glimpse of mother’s starched white panties before he delved underneath with lust on his face. My penis hardened as my mother Smita bucked her hips and almost lost her balance as her father in law began ministering to her. I could see his head moving around underneath the fabric of the saree. Her hands were holding onto his shoulders for support and she seemed lost to the fact that her own son was a witness to her fevered reaction.

The others had paired up in a similar fashion with the men performing cunnilingus on the robed women while they struggled to stand and maintain their balance. My father, Brijmohan Chauhan was servicing his sister Sarmistha while Debadutta was with Sulochana Taiji. Dadiji was being attended to by her son Ujjwal. Only Anjali stood apart, sitting on the arm of the sofa, soaking in the scene, lips slightly apart. Soon moans and squeals began to permeate the room. Someone had turned off the air conditioner.

My mother’s face was flush as dadaji began burrowing deeper and deeper. By now she had her legs parted wide and was almost half squatting as Dadaji proceeded mercilessly notwithstanding her squeals and hoarse moans. Her panty lay on the floor next to his kneeling form .This was not the mother I knew. She was a women transformed.

There was unadulterated joy on her face as she began thrusting her pelvis against her sasurji’s tongue. Her face was marked with perspiration and her pants grew hoarser as she struggled to maintain her distinctly canlı bahis inelegant posture. I wondered if it was the same calm, serene woman who would drop me to school every morning, was there for me whenever I was in trouble, was happily married to her husband and until now had given no indication that she was in way, a sexual being. She was the good Indian mother and wife with no needs of her own. In a weird perverted way, I was proud of her. I looked down and saw the tent over my towel.

Now it was a matter of waiting for the inevitable orgasms to gush, as the men energetically tongued their partners. Predictably my mother was the first to break as she backed into the wall and her thighs clenched tightly around Dadaji’s head. She let out a long moan as Dadji administered the coup de grace by thrusting his hand between her legs and rubbing hard. Dadaji emerged out from between my mother’s thighs, his fair face flushed and his bald pate sweaty, but that was nothing compared to the state he had left my mother in. She wobbled a bit and heaved and almost sheepishly, retrieved her panties. Then by the corner wall, she put it on. As she pulled it up, I caught a glimpse of her milky white thighs. And unlike what I had expected, they were not in the least bit flabby. She was a bit full around her waist, but no one could call her overweight. She adjusted her saree and with a bit of nonchalance surveyed the scene in front of her. She was just in time to see her husband of twenty years bringing Sarmistha buaji to climax. Soon Sulochana taiji succumbed. Perhaps surprisingly, Dadiji held out the longest.


The women were on the dining table on their hands and knees, their sarees hitched up to their waists. bahis siteleri Even Anjali was there with her leggings pulled down. They were all facing me and waiting in anticipation for the men behind them to tongue, finger and lick them. Like the previous time, I had no clear view of the actions taking view behind them. The expressions on their faces told their own story.

Tauji was behind my mother this time. Her head was bowed low with her face obscured as she gyrated her hips. Beside him, Dadaji was servicing Anjali and Sarmistha buaji, one hand attending to each. My father was behind Dadiji while Debadutta was servicing Sulochana aunty.

I so badly wanted to touch myself. They had me shackled to the wall to prevent just that. But I would have just laid back and stroked myself languorously watching my cousin, aunts, mother and dadiji’s expressions……..who was I kidding. I wouldn’t have lasted two minutes. There was a wet spot on the thin, transparent white towel as precum flowed copiously.

Sulochana aunty was facing me directly and was definitely enjoying the service, which my cousin was providing with great enthusiasm. Her lips were parted and her breaths were short. Debadutta would finger fuck her and just as quickly dive down and start licking her. She was thrusting her hips to meet his tongue. Now and then she would squeal as he reached a particularly sensitive spot. When our eyes met, I couldn’t look away. If ever there was a woman drowning in lust, it was her. She held my gaze and there was not even an iota of shame or guilt in her eyes at being eaten out by her own nephew as another watched. Debadutta extricated his face from her rear and inserted fingers of both hands inside her in one quick motion. I don’t know what he did but the bahis şirketleri pleasure on her face increased a notch. I could see a sliver of saliva on the edge of her lips. She bent down on one forearm and raised her buttocks higher and reached back with a hand to hold my cousin’s hands. Throughout all this she maintained was looking me in the eye as I struggled with the heat in my loins. The sindoor on the parting of her forehead was smudged with sweat. Her face was flush and sweat patches had formed in both armpits. She thrust backwards faster now with little moans.

Debdutta increased the speed of his hand movements. When she orgasmed, Sulochana Chachi did so in some style. Her back arched suddenly and she let out a loud scream as Debdutta continued to piston in and out. Her thighs shuddered as she came hard on the fingers that were stuck in her. As she panted, Debdutta brought both hands to her face and she sucked them greedily while looking me in the eye. Debdutta smiled at me. I had to admire his control. He was sporting a magnificent erection with the top glistening with precum. His shaved balls swung freely below.

Sulochana Tai adjusted her saree and walked a bit unsteadily towards me.

“You seem to have enjoyed the show,” she said, looking at the wet patch on the front of the towel.

She delicately put her palms under my erection cupping my testicles.

“I think I can’t control it Taiji,” I gasped.

“So? Let it out.”

I shook my head.

She asked, “Why not?”

“I will be so embarrassed,” I replied.

“Oh please! Don’t worry beta. This is your first time. We are not judgemental people,” she smiled, “If you need to come, you can come.”

I nodded. Her hands felt incredibly soft as she began moving it up and down.

“But,” she continued, “If you can stay just a little while longer, it will be even more enjoyable for you.”

She winked at me and went back to the dining table as the festivities were winded down.

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