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The Christmas Present

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When I married my wife nine years ago, I married into an extended family. I had no idea how may people this involved, and over the years I have met more relatives than I ever thought possible. While many of these relatives live far enough away to be rare visitors, my nephew and his family moved within a hundred miles of us a few years ago.

Linda, my nephew’s wife, and I hit it off poorly to start. We both are very strong willed, and there was a continual battle over whose child was causing more trouble – her daughter or my stepson. And as parents, it was NEVER our child that was to blame. This made for some tense moments during the family holiday gatherings, but we remained cordial to each other most of the time.

Over the years both Linda and I mellowed, and got to be friendlier with each other. Her second child was born just before New Year’s Day three years ago, and she had a hard time losing the extra weight she had gained during the pregnancy. She never had a model’s figure, but was certainly not obese. I guess you would have described her as full figured, but her face and (new) attitude made her very attractive. I have always had a thing for redheads, and Linda’s mane was a beautiful strawberry blonde.

Last August we had a family gathering at my brother-in-law’s, and Linda and her family were there. Over the course of the week Linda and I got a lot closer than I ever thought we would. It seems that her husband had been carrying on an affair, and even though it was over Linda had a hard time trusting her husband. To make things worse, she had no one at home whom she could talk with about her anger and resentment. I found this out during a long talk we had one night after she stormed out of the house, pissed at the way her husband was acting. I went outside for a cigarette, and found her sitting in her car, crying. We talked for several hours – or should I say she talked and I listened. My heart went out to her, and during the course of the talk I held her close as she poured out her story and her tears.

That night was a turning point for us. I had always been attracted to her, but that night I felt the stirrings of something more. I became aroused by her nearness, and found it difficult to maintain the role of detached listener. By the time she had unburdened herself enough to return to the house, I was having a very difficult time not caressing her in a more intimate way than I had been. The kiss she gave me as a thank you was chaste enough, but it lasted a bit longer than seemed appropriate for relatives.

My wife knows that her nephew can be an ass, and she was taksim escort very glad that I had been able to talk with Linda. I had promised not to tell anyone about the affair, so I made up a story that the way Kevin had been acting had upset Linda so much, and that I was able to offer a sympathetic ear. My wife didn’t press me for details, and I wasn’t volunteering anything. I still had some visions of Linda and me dancing through my mind, and the taste of her kiss was still on my lips. All my wife knew was that things were better between Linda and me, and seemed to be better between Linda and her husband.

This Christmas Eve was the day chosen for the family get together at our house. I spent most of the day cooking, while my wife wrapped the presents and cleaned the house. Everyone was supposed to be there for a 6:00 dinner, but Linda and her family arrived around 2:00. There was a lot of hugging and kissing as the family came inside, but because I was in the kitchen I missed the initial greetings. Linda’s kids came into the kitchen to say hello, and as I hugged the youngest, Linda walked up. From my couched position I looked up at Linda, and almost didn’t recognize her. She had dropped almost 50 pounds since I last saw her, and was dressed to show off her new figure. The skintight jeans hugged her hips and ass, and the spandex leotard showed her trim abdomen and beautiful breasts to their full advantage. The thoughts and feelings from our late night talk came rushing back to me, intensified tenfold. Linda was HOT!

Trying not to be too obvious, I kept checking out Linda as she helped with the preparations. She looked so good that I was having a hard time concentrating on my cooking, and she seemed to be more anxious to help in the kitchen that she had ever been before. Not having a large kitchen, we kept brushing against each other as we moved around, and my jeans became a lot tighter in the crotch the longer we worked. Linda seemed to be flirting with me a lot more than usual, but I passed that off as wishful thinking.

My wife realized that there were a few things we needed at the store, and she and her nephew took the kids with them so they could visit Santa one last time. Linda volunteered to stay and help me, so we soon had the house to ourselves. We kept working on the food, and soon had everything ready. During this time, Linda started telling me that the talk we had back in August had helped her a lot, and that she gained a lot of self-confidence that night. She decided to work on making herself as strong as she topkapı escort could be, in case her husband started fooling around again, and that led to her working out and losing weight. I commented on how good she looked, not for the first time that day, and she said that she was glad I thought so.

Then Linda came close to me and said, “I never properly thanked you for what you did that night. I want you to know how much you did for me.”

With that she leaned in, wrapped her arms around my waist, and kissed me full on the lips. Her arms pulled me close as her tongue caressed my mouth, and in no time our tongues were entwined. Her breasts felt so soft and warm against my chest, and her hips were grinding her crotch into mine so hard I thought I would come right there. I had my hands all over her back and waist, and soon was cupping that tight round ass, pulling her as close as I could.

We broke the kiss, and the lust in our eyes said it all. Linda reached down and caressed my cock through my jeans, and said, “It feels like you want me as much as I want you. What do you think we should do now?”

I wasted no time sliding one hand up her chest to caress one of her prominent nipples while my other hand slipped between her legs. The heat I felt there was enough to let me know that she was ready and willing, and as I stroked her I kissed her deeply again.

Somehow we made it back to the bedroom with most of our clothes intact, and as we fell to the bed I finally got her zipper down and proceeded to skin the jeans off her hips. Linda was doing the same to me, and slid her hand into my boxers about the time my fingers entered her wetness. We moaned into each other’s mouths as we began to masturbate each other, and I found the snaps on her leotard easily opened as I caressed her soaking pussy. I pulled away long enough to grab the leotard and begin sliding it over her head, when I saw a sight that almost made me blow my wad.

Linda was shaved! Except for a thin vertical strip of golden-orange hair on her pud, Linda’s pussy was completely bald. The outer lips were distended, and her clit peeked out invitingly.

“Oh my God, you’re beautiful,” I moaned as I slid down the bed. “I want to eat you until you come, and then ram my cock into your pussy. I want to fuck you like I have wanted to do since August!”

Linda gasped as my tongue found her clit, and moaned that she had wanted this for a long time, too. “You were so caring and kind. You could have taken advantage of the situation that night, but you didn’t. tüyap escort I wasn’t sure if it was because you were being kind, or if you really didn’t want me, and I had to find out. OH GOD! That feels so fucking GOOD! EAT ME, Mark, EAT ME!”

I stopped feasting long enough to look up at her face as I said; “I have been fantasizing about you ever since that night. I sometimes masturbate to the image of you and me together, but I never thought anything would come of it. And you taste sooo good, I could keep doing this forever.”

“We don’t have forever,” Linda replied. “They will be back soon, and I want to make you come like you never have before!”

With that Linda sat up and rolled me onto my back. She took my cock in her mouth as she lowered her dripping cunt onto my eager lips. As she licked and sucked my aching rod, I buried my tongue into her hairless snatch, sucking and licking like I hadn’t done in years. Just before I passed the point of no return, Linda grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed hard. She swung her leg around until we were facing each other, and presented her firm breasts to my mouth. As I rolled first one nipple, then the other between my lips, she slowly slid down my body until I felt her wetness touch my cock. She moved her hips up and down a few times, and then reached behind her to guide me into her. As she slid down my cock, she put her hands on my chest and raised herself up so that I was buried deeply inside her. I caressed her tits as she started to slowly raise and lower herself on me.

Linda’s pace quickened, and I could feel her juices flowing down over my balls as she rode me. I was fast approaching climax, so I grabbed her by the hips and rolled her onto her back. Pulling her feet up to my shoulders, I began to pound into her as hard and deep as I could.


I could feel her pussy spasm as she cried out, and knew that she was in the throes of a massive orgasm. Her face was so beautiful as she came, and she grabbed my ass to pull me in as deep as she could. It was too much for me, and with a cry I buried myself into her hot cunt and shot load after load of hot cum into her depths. We collapsed into each other’s arms, and slowly came back to earth. Our bodies were still joined and neither of us wanted to move as we caressed and kissed, basking in the afterglow of our orgasms. I finally fell out of her pussy, and we cleaned up and got dressed.

By the time my wife returned, everything appeared normal in the house. Linda and I were finishing up in the kitchen, and the house was soon filled with the other relatives. Opening gifts, eating, catching up on old times; all of the usual holiday activities went on as usual, but the looks that Linda and I exchanged hinted that today was only the beginning of a new holiday tradition.

I can hardly wait for New Year’s Eve!

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