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The Church Harlot Ch. 02

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I had finished a regular day around my home. Did some cooking and some gardening. Accommodated the whims of a married gentleman who paid me a visit, and later on the desires of a young college boy. Not a busy day by any means, but I had made enough to pay the bills. Had a glass of wine and went off to bed. As usual I slept in the buff. And as Texas is hot, I typically sleep under just the bedsheet. I was laying there rather restless, as I have a difficult time falling to sleep if I don’t have sex directly beforehand. I was hoping that a late night visitor might pay me a visit, and when I heard the entrance door to the house open I knew that I was in luck!

The house was in total darkness with all of the heavy drapes drawn and so as the man who had entered my house turned off the light that he had used to find his way up the stairs, I could make out only his silhouette as he entered my bedroom. Laying there with anticipation I felt the warmth growing within me as he pulled the bedsheet away from my body. I moaned aloud as I felt his fingers explore the inner flesh of my thighs and I spread my legs wide apart to let him know that his whore for the night was as eager to be fucked by him as he was to get fucked.

Satisfied with the soaking wet cunt that he found between my legs I heard his pants unzipper and saw the outline of his cock before my face. “God I was praying that a man would bring me a nice hard cock to suck and fuck tonight.” I confessed before I plunged my mouth around his dick. He seized my hair in his one hand to force his escort gaziantep bayan cock deeper into my mouth as the fingers of his other hand grabbed a breast and began to firmly crush the sensitive flesh. I moaned deeply and dropping my own hand downward plunged my fingers into my hot and horny twat.

Gaining a quick gulp of air as he continued to face fuck me and vigorously crush my breasts in his hand I managed to mutter “Be cruel with them baby, my tits love it rough.” Using the handful of hair he had at his disposal to ram his cock back deep into my mouth to shut me up and make me focus on being his cock sucker, he intensified the abuse he was dishing out onto my breasts, cruelly pulling upward on my nipples and slapping my tits around on my chest. I let out a long gratified grunt as I sucked cock, fingered my snatch and enjoyed the flesh of my tits being manhandled.

When he had gratified his lust for slapping around a big pair of tits and fucking a woman’s mouth, my midnight visitor squatted between my thighs and lifted each leg outward and upward. Using my legs in his arms to raise my ass off of the bed he easily slid his dick into my very horny love nest, dripping with anticipation. “Oh yes Master, fuck your whore, my cunt is so fucking horny for your cock, for a good hard fucking. Oh God yes, use my pussy, use your whore’s cunt tonight as your fuck toy.” I begged and pleaded. Evidently satisfied with my eagerness to participate in fulfilling his desires, the escort gaziantep bayan ilanları pace of his fucking intensified, and we grunted and groaned in unison as he used the wet and lustful hole between my legs to gratify the needs of his cock. Reaching down I rubbed my clit as I was being fucked and soon screamed out in pleasure as I orgasmed deeply.

Expecting him to do the same, I was surprised when he used this as an opportunity to flip me over onto my stomach. A firm slap on my ass was all I needed to understand that I was to rise up on all fours to provide him once again free access to my dripping snatch so that he could continue to use my body to pleasure his cock. Quickly returning his cock into its proper place deep inside my waiting body, he also seized my hanging breasts and used them as leverage to ram himself deeper and harder into me. With his hips slamming into my ass cheeks and the full length of his dick ramming into my cunt I moaned in sheer delight as I received this unexpected second fucking.

The true intentions of my customer were soon revealed to me however when I felt his cock pull out of my twat and begin to force itself against my sphincter. “Oh God yes darling, make your whore’s dreams come true, give me a good hard ass fucking tonight, fill my butt with cock and cum.” I gently pleaded with my lover. My own twat juices were more than enough to lubricate my asshole, and with a single firm thrust the head of his cock broke through gaziantep bayan escort reklamları my sealed sphincter and entered into my desperately lustful anus. “Oh fuck yes!” I screamed as I began to buck and thrust my hips rearward in an attempt to drive more of the length of his cock into my hole. My gentleman lover, eager to accommodate my wish, thrust himself forcefully until his length fully penetrate into my rectum.

As he stroked his cock back and forth, using my anus as his new found fuck hole, I grunted with delight. “Oh yes master, you made my dreams come true tonight. A nice hard cock to suck, a good hard fucking until I came, and now my ass pleasured until you fill her up with your juicy warm loving semen. I can’t wait to eat your cum out of my asshole once you leave the contents of your balls deposited inside of her.” Again seizing my hanging tits and pulling back harshly on them to help slam his cock ever deeper and harder into my bottom, I was soon rewarded as I felt seemingly gallons of warm cum flowing into my anus and filling up my rectum.

I felt as his dick was extracted from my butt hole and reaching down I began to scoop up the semen flowing from my ass with my fingers. Holding my cum covered hand he moved my hand toward my face and I eagerly sucked and licked each finger clean. I then felt as he slapped his softening dick against my face and taking his cock fully into my mouth I sucked it clean for him. I heard his zipper go up and with a slap on my raised ass I listened as he left the room. Satisfied, I collapsed onto the bed, now ready for a deep peaceful night’s sleep. As I drifted off I realized that I had no idea who this man had been who had entered my house and used me as his whore. I didn’t care. So long as he left the required amount of money in the container on his way out, then I was content. I had fulfilled my role as the neighborhood three holed whore, available day or night to gratify my paying customers.

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