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The Clowns In My Pants Ch. 04

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Rape was not my preferred option; I wanted my mom to be a willing participant in my fucking her.

We were calming down from the tickling and laughter, and as will so often happen after such an intense period of excitement between two lovers, we relaxed into soft conversation that was shared and tender.

“Hold your breath, listen, can you hear?”

“What? I can’t hear anything.”

“Exactly, isn’t it so peaceful? It’s like the whole world stopped to let us laugh. I’m so happy today.”

“Yes, you’re right, it’s beautiful; you’re the most fun I’ve had for a long time.”

“You too” and when lovers realise the world has stopped for them, they soon realise it’s up to them to start it again. “So, I’m not under arrest then?”

My hand had been on moms breastplate, resting over button number two, feeling her heart pounding from the exercise; “Ker thump Ker thump Ker thump.” I’d said earlier when we were smiling and relaxing in shared wind down “Well, you have been cooperative so I could put in a good word for you back at the station.” I undid the button.

“Oh, thank you officer. But does that mean I’m still under suspicion?”

“Well we do have to be thorough if we want to uncover all the evidence.” I moved my hand to moms bare stomach, the tip of my middle finger extended over the top of her belly button, very softly stroking from side to side across the smooth skin below, slowly moving my hand down at the same time, stopping to be stroking gently once or twice at moms panty line, then raising my hand to cover the left hip, my forefinger and thumb holding the undone button. “But as I said, I can put in a good word for you, and I’ll let you choose who the investigating officer is.” I undid the button on mom’s panties. There was now nothing holding them on. I left the loose piece of covering and returned my hand to mom’s chest, fingers on the one remaining button of the bodice.

“Awww, I thought you were the investigating officer?”

“There’s a few you can choose from. For a start there’s Officer Tong.”


“Well we all call him Tongue, because he really gets his teeth into the evidence and if a Suspect gives him trouble he likes nothing better than to give them a good licking.”

“REALLY? He likes his work does he?”

“Definitely, makes escort bayan gaziantep his day if he can make a Suspect scream when he sucks out everything they have to offer.”

“Do I have to be tied up? This is uncomfortable.”

“Can you be trusted?”

“Can YOU be trusted?” she said and her eyes strained down to where my hand was.

“I promise not to tickle.”


It allowed us both to get more comfortable; I’d been leaning on my left elbow for a while and mom’s arms and hands were keen to get below her head. Mom moved her right arm straight down by her side, less than an inch separated it and my raging hard-on; her left hand went up to my head to rest on my hair and then onto the back of my next, softly holding me there. To ease the uncomfortableness of my long bent elbow, I extended my left arm straight and took my weight on my hand. To this I moved over mom slightly to be looking down on her face and with my right leg crossed low across her fight leg.

“Are you ok there?” mom asked. I wasn’t sure if she was referring to my trying to move into a comfortable position or the fact that my fingers were struggling slightly with the very last button. A bodice is elasticised and held up by a tight fit around the body, the last button bears the pressure that all the others had shared, and it requires the bodice sides to be pulled together for the button to be undone.

“No, I’m fine thanks.” I’d found a way to do all the work with one hand. “And I know Tong will wet his lips at the thought of getting into the evidence in this case” I said, running my finger from moms neck and down the centre of her body to touch of the top of her panties. My hand flattened out here on mom’s bare skin, moving slowly and pushing down the loose black lace till my finger tips just touched the first pubic hair.

“Mmmm he sounds interesting.” There was no doubt she was mine now. “Who are the other investigators?”

“Well, there’s the dastardly duo of Gently and Probing.”

“A duo? Not sure I want to have two at once.”

“Not really two, but one with a split personality. Parents took on both names when they married, you know, hyphenated names, Officer Gentry-Probin, but we call him Gently Probing because he’s bayan gaziantep escort very thorough and probes deep into the evidence, but he always treats Suspects gently.”

“Mmmmm, he sounds nice too.”

“I should tell you though that you might not like his methods, when he gets into the evidence he’s always very gentle, he certainly wouldn’t want to hurt you, but when he’s probing he does enter the back door.”

“Um perhaps another time, sorry, but I trust that you, err he, would be gentle, but it’s not what I want right now, but umm another time might be nice.”

“That’s fine; I just thought I’d mention every possibility.”

“I’d prefer tongue if you really meant it?”

“Tongue? You mean Tong?”

“Tong; of course, Tong.”

“You don’t want to know about the others?”

She’d been laughing and smiling at the absurdity of the double entendre names. “Others? Goodness me, who else is there? You’re crazy.”

“There’s Ivor.”

“Ivor?” smiling that there must be something in the name but not working out what.

“Well of course that’s just his first name” and here I moved lifted moms loose bodice aside, one side off to the left then the other off to the right, exposing moms tits for the first time. I’d been eyeballing her all this time but now I couldn’t resist a look and glanced down. Moms tits were small but looking well rounded and firm, and her nipples were fantastic, to this day still the best I’ve ever seen, large and pointing up.

I thought “Mmmm beauuuuutiful”.

Mom said “thank you.”

So I must have said it not thought it.

“Yes, Ivor’s just his first name, it’s Officer Harden” as mom was thinking the name through in her head and beginning a smile of recognition, I said it for her “Ivor Harden.”

Mom laughed at her lover’s lame jokes and said “Really? Have you? Now what caused that?” fishing for a lovers compliment and straining to look down at the evidence.

She was unsuccessful on both counts; the position mom was in, my face too close to hers made her unable to raise her head at the required angle to see my cock, and I missed the lovers opportunity to say that what had caused my Ivor Harden was the beauty of the woman I was looking at. Instead I ignored gaziantep bayan escort the opportunity and said “So, what is it, Harden or Tong?”

“Tough choice” mom said, and briefly closed her eyes cooed slightly as I circled one of her nipples with my finger.

I suddenly remembered all those magazine surveys she’d answered, and one in particular; ‘Take our test and discover your hidden fantasies.’ At the end of a series of questions, you’d review the results and then self write your top ten fantasies. I was now so certain that I was going to fulfil my fantasy of fucking mom, that I made a plan there and then to fuck her more than once and work my way through her ten fantasies. Hey it’s the least I could do right? I may be a bastard for deliberately calculating and plotting to seduce my mother to the point where I was prepared to rape her if I had to, but even I’ve got a heart, of sorts. She gives me my fantasy; I give her ten in return. Fair?

I remembered number three on moms list. I remembered it would probably never make my own top 100, but hey this was my mom and she deserved a good fucking right, and besides, I liked numbers 2, 6, 7, 8 and 10; and numbers 4 and 9 sounded interesting too.

I said, “Well, we could come to an arrangement that I have always wanted to try” I lifted the panties from the sweet treasure they were covering and moved to be over the top of her, carrying my own weight on my knees that I’d planted between moms legs and my left hand that I’d put by her side. My right hand was still teasing around her nipples; I rolled my thumb over one of mom’s nipples before moving across to tease around the other.

“Mmmm, what arrangement would that be?”

“We send Officer Harden in first,” the position I was in, Hardens balls were resting in moms pubic hair right now “and when Harden blows the case open, we immediately send Tong down to suck out all the evidence that Harden has left behind”.

Fantasy number three for mom was “I want a man to cum inside me and then lick his cum from my pussy until I orgasm, and as soon as I climax I want him to come up and kiss me passionately and I’ll taste his cum on his tongue. I’ll do anything for a man who’ll do that for me.”

Mom didn’t wait to find out if she was reading the Harden Tong duet correctly or not. Mom reached my lips with hers and began a wild passionate kiss, she grabbed the hand that was toying with her breast and helped it touch more directly, more lustfully, more wantonly, and her mouth on mine let out a pleading “Aaahhhh” as her hand, leaving mine to work on her tits, pushed my hips down.

Officer Harden entered the Suspects premises and took pride in his work.

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