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The Consummation of a New Affair

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With nervous anticipation she knocked at the door, her heart pounding and her head awash with different thoughts. Was this going to be as good as she hoped or would it be a big mistake? But she had to find out!

In no time at all, he opened the door and welcomed her into the room and into his arms in a warm, comforting, embrace. He sensed her nervousness and gently kissed her and said we both need to relax.

Both desired the meeting to be special and neither wanted their brief time together to be disturbed. They hung out a do not disturb notice and locked the door.

Hand in hand, they sat down in silence, looking into each other’s eyes as they breathed deeply and gently relaxed. When their breaths became one they stood up and started to remove, in-turn, an item of each other’s clothing, ceremoniously undressing each other until they were naked for the first time. They embraced and kissed before adjourning to the bathroom where each had agreed to cleanse the other.

Stepping first into the bath she lowered herself into the warm water and leaned forward so he could gently soap and rinse her back, shoulders and neck. Reclining, she allowed the water to envelop her up to her neck. As she lay there with her eyes closed he cleansed her feet and legs. As he finished her second thigh she knew what was next. She slowly parted her legs and with soapy hand, he gently washed from her mound to her anus. He sloshed warm water over her mound to rinse her off and then proceeded to cleanse her stomach and arms, finishing off with gentle wash of each breast. Standing up she stepped out and was immediately wrapped up in a warm comfortable bath towel. After she had dried, it was now his turn to be cleansed all over. With his eyes closed, he relaxed as her soft, gentle strokes caressed him as she cleansed him. Was it his imagination or did she really spend longer caressing and cleaning his shaft, scrotum and perineum than the rest of his body. When he too was enveloped in a warm blanket they pulled the plug and returned to the warm bedroom.

Removing the towels, they once again sat facing each other, cross legged, hand in hand, to get their breathing in unison, silently enjoying the view before them.

It was now time for the massage to begin!

As she made herself comfortable on the king-size bed he slipped a pillow under her hips, raising them slightly, and gently spread her thighs to minimise later adjustment.

With eyes closed she relaxed into the soft, comforting duvet that had already been covered with warm towels, letting the music that he had put on wash over her.

He collected the oil that had been pre-warmed and placed it within easy reach as he knelt beside her.

He slowly placed one hand just over her spine between her shoulders and the other just over the small of her back. She could feel the warmth radiating from his hands as he knelt motionless in this position aligning his deep slow breathing with hers. When he felt at one with her, he lowered his hands to her skin and proceeded to gently but briskly rub all over her back, buttocks and down each leg and back in the reverse direction to their starting position to awaken the nerve endings.

Taking the oil, he dribbled it slowly down her back from the top of the spine to below the tailbone. After he stopped, she could feel a small drop migrate slowly under gravity, spreading its warmth from her anus, and down the perineum.

He poured more of the warm, scented oil over his palms and gently coated her back and shoulders. Placing his palms either side of her spine, with thumbs touching, he glided them up her smooth skin to the shoulders whereupon his hands parted and moved along each shoulder and upper arms before moving back down her torso, cupping each side with his fingertips gently brushing along the exposed side of each breast. As his hands reached the bottom of her rib cage he brought his hands together, meeting again at the top of the hips, whereupon they parted along the top of each hip, gently pushing her pussy into the pillow below. As he repeated this sequence a number of times she was aware that the drop of oil that had earlier migrated down the perineum had now seeped along her lips, moistening the cleft between them.

Applying firm but considerate pressure he massaged in turn each muscle group in her back and shoulders to remove all signs of tension.

Gently moving her hair to the side, he exposed her neck. With fingertips alone, he gently stroked her neck muscles. Bending over her, he planted a soft kiss at the nape of her neck and proceeded to plant similar soft kisses all along her vertebrae down her spine. Reaching the valley in her peachy posterior he returned to the neck and planted a second set of kisses along her spine. Instead of a third set of kisses he gently blew over her skin all the way down to her anus. Moving again to her neck, he used a different technique. This time he ran his tongue in continual loops all the way down her spine but tantalisingly canlı bahis şirketleri stopped short of her anus.

With one hand caressing her buttock, he applied oil to the back of the hand, put the oil down and then with his now free hand spread the oil from the back of the caressing hand over the cheek. For over three minutes, both hands glided in smooth coordinated circles as he kneaded, stroked and eased away all tension in the underlying muscle and applied occasional light drumming with his fingertips to keep the nerve endings alert. He repeated the process on the other cheek for a further 3 minutes before moving between her legs.

Gently, he placed a palm on each of her cheeks, either side of the perineum, fingertips pointing towards her back with his thumbs touching. Applying firm but gentle pressure he glided his palms towards her back separating his thumbs so they parted before the anus and rejoined just after. When the palms reached the top of the hips, he separated his hands so they caressed each buttock in a mirror image twisting the palm so they pushed and separated each cheek apart. As the hands reached the legs, the pressure was eased and the fingertips traced the crease between leg and buttock before the hands reunited beside the perineum. Each time his hands circled the buttocks, the skin around the anus and perineum was stretched and relaxed. This in turn pulled and pushed at the vulva. Without even looking, he could tell that she was getting aroused. As he pushed her cheeks apart for the last time, her lips parted with an audible smack due to the surface tension of her wetness finally giving way.

With both hands he applied oil to the tops of each thigh and gently spread it either side of him to her knees and calves. As he arose off his haunches to shift position he couldn’t resist allowing a drop or two of precum, from his rigid shaft, drop onto her perineum and vulva.

Standing on the floor by her feet he rested one palm on each of her soles with fingers resting on her heel. Slowly he slid his palms up over the achilles, up the centre line of her calves, over the knees and up the thighs, finishing with a palm resting softly on each buttock. Lifting his palms but leaving just his middle fingertip to make the slightest contact, he drew his fingers back down her legs to her heel, whereupon he repeated the sequence four more times.

Concentrating on just her left leg, starting at her heel, he softly stroked her achilles tendon in circles with thumb and forefinger on either side up to her calf muscle. He moulded his hands to her firm, shapely calf, well-toned from wearing heels. With thumbs crossed on the centre line he slid his hands up to the knee. As he reached the knee, his hands parted and reached around either side of her calf to the shin and gently lifted, pulled and stretched her lower leg as he returned his hands towards her feet before repeating the strokes. He gently kneaded her calf from heel to knee before placing his hands across the calf, each pointing in opposite direction. Sliding his hands together up the calf, reducing pressure at the back of the knee, he continued up the thigh. At the top of the thigh, his left hand continued up over the buttock and rotated around the hip while the right hand traced along the crease between thigh and buttock, softly brushing the perineum. Both hands then returned down to the foot on either side of the leg before the sequence was repeated some more. On the final sequence the return stroke stopped at the knee whereupon similar kneading and sliding strokes as used on the calf were also used on the thigh. The final strokes on thigh was “cat pawing” the skin from knee to hip.

Gently, he moved position to allow him to caress the right leg in a similar way to the left.

He moved position again, to between her legs. Once again he placed one palm on each sole. With soft pressure he moved his hands up the inside of each calf, gently stroking up the inside of each thigh until he reached her vulva. He softly traced either side of her labia rejoining at the perineum. There they continued up over her puckered sphincter muscle parted over each buttock and returned gently, but swiftly to her feet along the outside of her legs. He repeated this stroke a number of times but on each successive stroke, his hands provided subtly more stimulation to the labia and the anus. On the final stroke, as his hands reached her feet, they rested. As he briefly rested, so did she. She felt content. However, without any prior indication, her sexual senses were suddenly brought to attention. She felt the tip of his tongue trace up the centreline of her vulva and up to her anus where it gently circled then probed her hole. As he lifted his tongue, he diverted her attention from her genitals. His hands started to gently move up from her feet, up the calves, over the buttocks, continuing up the back to her shoulders whereupon they returned to her feet along the outside of her legs. He repeated canlı kaçak iddaa this whole body stroking a number of times. As he stroked up her back for the final time, she felt him apply greater weight. As he reached her shoulders he stroked down each arm and in so doing lay completely on top of her, sharing body warmth. There they lay, as one, with his legs on hers, the very tip of his shaft rested gently against her vagina entrance. As he kissed her neck, he gently gyrated his hips, teasing her pussy with his shaft. She wanted more of him but with his weight upon her she was powerless to resist his teasing.

He stopped gyrating and raised his hips to stop the teasing. Then he slowly lifted himself from her body, allowing her to rest.

When she had recovered sufficiently, she slowly turned herself over. As she did so, he continued to admire her perfectly formed figure.

He removed the pillow that was under the hips and placed it under her knees and gently parted her legs. He could clearly see her smooth mound and highly aroused state. Her labia glistened with her wetness.

When she was comfortable, he needed her to be grounded again. The sexual tension whilst he finished her back needed to be replaced with relaxed serenity so he could give a proper massage to her front. He knew that the sexual tension would rise, subside and rise again in due course but now was not the time. He placed one hand over her forehead and the other just above her pubic bone. He breathed gently aligning his breath with hers. She could feel the warmth of his hands radiating into her body. After about 30 seconds to a minute as they breathed gently together, and when she was relaxed, he poured some warm oil on his hands and spread it quickly over her thighs and down the legs, ready for later.

He moved to her feet. Cupping her left foot, she could feel the warmth of his hands. He slowly caressed her foot all over then started to firmly massage her heel, sole and ball of the foot. He gently ran his finger between each toe and then massaged the pad each toe, started with the little toe. As he finished massaging the pad of the big toe, he took the toe in his mouth and sucked, pulling up the pad with the flat of his tongue. The sense sent shocks of pleasure coursing through her body. As he stopped sucking she began to calm once more. He continued to massage the instep, tracing the tendons from each toe to the shin. He finished of the foot by gently pulling the foot with one hand on the instep and one on the heel and then letting his hands slide towards the toes at which point then came together.

He then massaged the right foot in an identical manner before gently resting one hand on each of her insteps to signal that he had finished massaging the feet.

Gently stroking along her left shin between the tibia and fibula he arrived her knee, which he gently caressed. He then massaged her thigh. With both hands, his outer hand leading, he stroked up her thigh. The outer hand circled the hip and the inner hand gently stroked her crease, making every attempt to avoid stimulation of the labia. He repeated this many times. He massaged the thigh using many techniques, such as stroking, kneading and wringing. He finished off her thigh by repeating the gentle stroking with which he started, but this time he subtly stroked her outer lip.

After massaging her right thigh in an identical manner, he positioned himself at her feet. He put one hand on each instep and then, after a few moments rest, started to smoothly trace up the inside of both legs and down the outside of the legs from the hip, giving the sexual tension a boost by subtly stroking her labia as he ran his fingers from the inside to the outside of the leg. Once again he finished off by resting his hands on her insteps.

He then massaged each shoulder, arm and hand, allowing her hand to rest on his shaft as he massaged her upper arm. Whilst this was meant to be her treat, she could not resist the temptation to briefly gently stroke his entire length and caress his scrotum before rubbing globules of precum over the helmet with her thumb. After he conventionally massaged each hand, he added a more sensual technique. He gently licked the palm from wrist to finger before softly sucking each finger in turn, from base to tip. However, on the final finger, he subtly changed this uni-direction movement to bi-directional. After a few cycles, it dawned on her that he was no longer massaging her fingers with his lips but was softly simulating felatio. Images flashed though her mind of her performing the same act on his shaft that she was gently stroking just moments earlier.

Moving to her head, he gently massaged her scalp his hands working in unison. He massaged her brows, temple, nose, cheeks and jaw. As she lay there with eyes closed, he took the opportunity to plant a soft loving kiss on her lips. He progressed to massaging her neck. She was so relaxed her head slowly rolled from side to side as he gently cradled canlı kaçak bahis it in his hands.

Kneeling by her head, he put his oiled hands on her shoulders before smoothly bringing them together and stroking down her sternum, separating them at the bottom of the rib cage before returning along the side of her torso. Though he was not applying direct stimulation to her breasts, contact with them was unavoidable. At each inadvertent contact, the fire in her loins burnt a little brighter. He repeated this gliding stroke five times or more; she lost count as she was enjoying the rhythm of his strokes. He could sense she was relaxed once more. As he reached her armpits on the final stroke, he switched direction and instead of avoiding her breasts, deliberately cupped and lifted them, pushing them together. A sharp intake of breath and an instinctive rise of her hips confirmed that she was not entirely expecting this change of rhythm and such overt attention to her magnificent mammaries. He held her breasts together for a few moments, his thumbs softly stroking her nipples. Without any needs for words, this clearly announced to her that he was now going to pay particular attention to them. When she had recomposed herself and relaxed once more, he very gently released them. Slowly, simultaneously, he began to gently circle both breasts with just the flat of his hands, the erect nipples getting constant attention, rolling as his hands circulated around the breast’s surface. After a few repetitions, he moved both hands to her left breast. Moving smoothly and rhythmically, his hands cupped and caressed, moulded and kneaded, occasionally rubbing, circling or squeezing the nipple. He repeated on the right breast. Her breath was giving a clear sign that she was enjoying the sensations.

Once again he moved pay attention to both breasts simultaneously. In unison, the fingertips of each hand traced the entire periphery of the breast before moving in a slow, ever decreasing spiral to the nipple, whereupon he gave them a little tweak. He repeated this twice more.

On the periphery of the left breast, he placed his fingertips diametrically opposite each other. He then drew them together over the surface of the breast, meeting at the nipple which he pulled as they came together. He repeated this many times, his hands at different starting positions as if following the spokes of a wheel. Once the entire breast had been stroked in this way, he did the same on the right breast.

Returning to both breasts, he began to pay direct attention to her gorgeous areoli and the erect nipples at their centre. Softly, with just one forefinger, he traced around the areoli in a circular motion, just as he had done earlier with the entire breast, moving slowly in an ever decreasing circle. When he reached each nipple, he circled around its circumference a number of times. As he applied greater pleasure towards the centre of the nipples, the nipples rolled around over the surface of the areoli. After a few cycles he brought his thumb into use. He gently squeezed the nipples between thumb and forefinger then pulled them away from the breast surface. The weight of the breast resisted his pull. He released the nipples allowing the nipples and breasts to fall back to their position of rest. He squeezed and pulled them again; each time her gasps revealing her pleasure.

Once again he changed his attention to an individual breast. Taking a globule of his precum, he applied it to her left nipple and rubbed it all over. He bent over. She could feel his warm breath over the tit that he’d been expertly teasing. He softly blew over the entire breast and nipple. His breath on her moist nipple made it feel cold and sensitive. He gently sucked the nipple, squeezing it between his lips. He continued to softly suck the nipple, squeezing it gently between tongue and the roof of his mouth. Changing pressure, he took the whole of her areoli in his mouth and he sucked hard. Once again, using his tongue, he squeezed the nipple firmly against the roof of his mouth, replicating the actions of a breastfeeding child. Oh how she loved the sensations this gave her though her entire body. Though she tried to relax, she instinctively cradled his head as he sucked. Slowly, he released the firm pressure and she returned her hands to their resting place beside her body. To bring her down gently from such a reaction, he softly planted kisses on her entire breast and nipple before moving to the other breast for it to receive the same dedicated attention.

Once he’d finished sucking the other breast placed a hand on each breast and gently cupped and caressed them in a similar way to how he started the breast massage. He finished off by slowly letting the breasts return to their resting condition.

Moving beside her he now reached across her chest to the other side of her breast. He drew up a palm-full of muscle and skin and pulled it gently from back to front. His other hand followed with a second adjacent palm-full. Rhythmically, he moved down her torso pulling successive palms-full until he reached her hip. Moving to the other side of her body, he repeated this sequence, again reaching across her body to pull successive palms-full of muscle and skin.

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