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The Corporal Punishment of Joey

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[Note: Everyone in the following story is 18 years of age or older.]

“All right, Mr. Thompson — you’re going to the principal’s office.”

The class was silent — staring at Joey in awe. He would be the first of the in-crowd to experience the results of the recent school board decision — corporal punishment. There had been a few reports, but mostly from the fringes — nobody who was anybody in the class would have spoken with any of them, personally. Now, though, they were going to hear what it was like — one of their own had been called in.

And what a choice — most of his friends were getting a little tingle just thinking about what it would be like to be in Principal Karp’s shoes — to have the sexiest boy in the Senior Class in your power. What would he do to him? Among the fantasies, a few images recurred — mostly involving Joey’s spectacular tits and ass.

And Joey always wore tight T-shirts that outlines his big, round tits and prominent brown nipples. The guys who he considered his closest friends were allowed to feel them once in a while — but only when joking — pretending, say, that they were feeling up a girl. Of course, when they discussed working out, he was often asked to pull up his T-shirt and show them off, explaining exactly how he worked on them, and, of course, ending with everyone feeling how firm they were.

Even more popular than his tits, though, was his full, round ass. His perfect, melon-shaped cheeks were always clearly outlined by his faded tight jeans — the thin cloth barely concealed the smooth white expanse of his naked butt — his jeans were so worn out and threadbare that it was sometimes hard to tell whether you were actually seeing glimpses of skin as his butt flexed and jiggled when he walked, or whether it was just your imagination.

His rear seam was pulled deep into his asscrack, showing off the perfect shape of each individual melon, and allowing his buddies to gaze at the hot action as the two cheeks flexed and rubbed over one another as he walked. It was harder to find excuses to get their hands on those hot butt-cheeks — he was often asked for advice about building up glutes, but it took some special circumstances to get him to demonstrate his own perfect development. Of course, once in a while someone would get lucky and he’d be in the mood at a time when they had some serious privacy. More than once his buddies had been treated to the sight of his bare ass in the back seat of someone’s car as a bunch of them tooled around on a Saturday afternoon. He hardly ever let them touch his ass, though, the way they did his tits. “That’s private property,” he would say, whenever one of them reached for it, and knocked their hands away. But once in a while, when they were persistent, and Joey was in a particularly mellow mood, he had been known let one or two of them play with it for a while, half-heartedly protesting all the time.

And now that ass was going to belong to Mr. Karp — at least for an hour. Their overheated little minds were going crazy with imagining.

Joey himself was a little nervous as he was marched into the principal’s office. Mr. Karp was a very big, very strong man. He hoped it wasn’t going to hurt. He wasn’t quite sure what was supposed to happen.

The teacher who had brought him in spent some time detailing his misbehavior to the principal before he finally left.

“All right, Mr. Thompson, strip down for punishment.”

Joey gaped. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Strip? In front of the principal?

“Didn’t you hear me, Mr. Thompson? I said strip! Corporal punishment means bareass, in case you haven’t heard. That’s the rule.” Mr. Karp smirked at the wide-eyed little hunk, not bothering to mention that it was his own rule.

Slowly, Joey began to obey the man, pulling his T-shirt up over his head. The principal watched attentively as the boy’s big firm tits were exposed to his audience of one. Reluctantly, Joey began unbuckling his belt and opened the front of his pants.

“Best get those shoes and socks off first, son.”

Blushing, he bent over and removed his sneakers and socks, then pulled off his pants. What a beauty! He was wearing a jock, ready for gym class — the snowy pouch trembled with the weight of his cock and balls. He stood facing the principal’s desk, waiting for orders. His smooth ivory skin was perfect, unblemished.

Just then the principal’s door swung open — another teacher burst in, dragging Butch, the toughest and sleaziest of the detention crowd. Butch spent an average of at least two days a week in the principal’s office, usually for smarting off to a teacher. The teacher stopped in his tracks, gaping at Joey’s naked ass, then finally pulled himself together and indicated to the principal that he wanted to talk privately.

Mr. Karp came out from behind his desk, took Joey by the arm and propelled him firmly out the door into his secretary’s office. “Just wait here for a minute.” He grinned wickedly. “Don’t go anywhere.” He disappeared Ataşehir Escort back into his office and closed the door.

It was only then that Joey came to his senses — there was Miss Prynn across the room, typing away, and here he was, all naked tits and ass, with nothing to cover himself. And to top it off, the wall of her office facing the school corridor was all glass — he was completely on display to any students who happened to walk by.

He whirled around, intending to dive back into the principal’s office. There was a hollow click as he tried to turn the knob — Karp had locked it behind him! He started to pound on the door, begging the principal to let him in. Miss Prynn looked up, frowning, completely unfazed by the sight of his bare white asscheeks jiggling in front of her as he struggled with the door.

“Young man! You will be quiet! The principal will let you know when he is ready for you. In the meantime, I have work to do and I’d appreciate it if you’d wait quietly.”

Joey finally gave up — he realized that with the noise he was making, he’d probably attract the attention of anybody passing by. Better to just stand quietly and hope that no one would notice.

As luck would have it, it was just at that moment that two of his buddies passed by — they both glanced in at the same time and spotted him. He quickly covered his jock pouch with his hands, not realizing that from the hallway, this made him look completely naked.

The two guys — Jack and Brian — just stared, mouths gaping, unable to believe they were seeing him standing there stark naked, right in front of Miss Prynn. Joey’s face flushed bright red and he quickly turned his back, unwilling to face them. This view was even more breathtaking, his beautiful round melon-shaped cheeks fully exposed in all their trembling vulnerability. But at least now they could see that he was wearing his jock — the white straps cupped and lifted his buttocks, spreading them invitingly near the bottom, hinting at the tight little hole nestled between them.

Joey was too ashamed to look around again — he stood facing the principal’s door, near tears, waiting desperately for it to open again.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the door swung open. Joey leaped through it into the comparative safety of the principal’s office, almost colliding with the teacher, who was just leaving.

Joey stood in front of Mr. Karp’s desk, still breathless at escaping from the humiliation of total exposure to his friends. Gradually he realized that Butch had remained in the office, and that both he and the principal were looking him over appraisingly.

“Well, what do you think, Butch? Can you do it? I’ll give you one chance — if you can teach this little punk a lesson in a way that satisfies me, I’ll waive the detention. Think you can do it?”

Joey was confused. He wasn’t sure he understood what the principal was saying.

“But remember, if I’m not satisfied, it’ll be not only detention, but corporal punishment for you, too. Understand?”

“Sure thing, Herr Karp. No problem. Leave it to me. I guarantee you, you’ll be happy with my work.” He winked at Joey. “I think between the two of us, we can make our principal happy, can’t we, punk?”

Joey was even more confused, but he had a feeling that there was something not quite right about all this. It worried him. He almost wrinkled his forehead in his attempt to figure out what was going on, but finally gave it up. There really wasn’t anything for him to figure out — he was just here for punishment. Let Mr. Karp worry about it.

“Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I don’t really give a shit. I’m here to see Mr. Karp, not some auto shop drop-out.” He gave the big creep the evil eye — the look that shriveled all the creeps and made them scurry away and hide.

Butch just laughed. He grabbed the cute preppy by the arm, swung him around and swatted him a loud one on his jutty bare ass. SMACK!!

Joey yelped and tried to jerk away, but Butch had a firm hold on him. “Cut it out!! What the hell do you think you’re doing? Mr. Karp!! Tell him to let me go. That hurt!” He reached around with his other hand and started rubbing the red handprint on his ass where Butch had connected with his never-before-spanked bubblebutt.

Mr. Karp leaned back in his chair and smiled. “Better watch your mouth, Thompson. Butch here has just been assigned to administer your punishment today. We’re thinking of trying out a new type of work-study program for disciplinarians and Butch seems to me like a natural. This whole thing is between you and him. If you don’t want things to get any worse, I’d suggest you show a little more respect.”

A little apprehensively, Joey glanced at Butch from the corner of his eye. “No way! No white trash is gonna lay a hand on me. It’s one thing from the principal — but it still isn’t legal to have students giving corporal punishment.”

Butch whacked him Kadıköy Escort again. “Well, think again, Blondie! Your ass is mine. Get used to it.” He grinned and gave Karp a long, considering look.

Joey yelped and rubbed his stinging butt.

Butch turned back and eyed the hot little blond. “OK, let’s do it. Look, I’m gonna give you a choice. Which is more than he was gonna do.” Nodding at Karp. “We’re gonna play truth, dare, or consequences. You know how to play that?”

Unnerved, but still hurting in the ass department, Joey slowly nodded.

“Good enough. I’m gonna give you the choice — truth, dare or consequences. You already know what the consequences are, right? Well, if you pick truth, and tell the truth, you pass — no punishment. Same thing if you pick dare and do the dare. But if you screw up — if you don’t tell the truth or if you can’t do the dare, then you get the consequences — and that’s gonna be 5 swats on the ass, OK? Understand?”

Joey nodded again, a little stunned by all this.

Butch grinned. “OK, then.” He glanced over at the principal, who was watching with a great deal of interest, then turned back to Joey. “What do you want to try first? Truth . . . dare . . . or do you just want to go right for the ass-licks?”

Joey reached back and rubbed his sore ass. “Uh . . . truth, I guess,” he muttered sullenly, sneaking a glance at the principal from under his half-lowered eyelashes. He figured truth would be easiest — what’s the big deal? He had no secrets. He didn’t care what these two thought of him.

“OK, then. Let’s see. OK, here’s your question. Have you ever gone all the way with Cindy?”

Joey looked annoyed and smug at the same time. “Well, of course I have. We’ve been going together for a year. What do you think?”

Butch grinned. “OK, then. That sounds like the truth. What do you think, Mr. Karp?”

Karp looked at least a little amused. So far, so good for Butch. “OK, I believe him. Go on.”

Butch turned back to Joey. “OK, what next? We’re gonna play this game for the rest of the hour.”

Joey was bored already. “Truth again, I guess.”

“OK. Hmm. What do I really want to know about you? Nothing that comes right to mind.” Butch made a show of thinking. “Oh, yeah — I know. Let’s see . . . I’ve heard that you let some of your buddies feel up your tits and ass.” Karp’s ears perked right up at that one. He stared at Butch, then at Joey. Butch continued with a smirk, “Is that true?”

Joey just gaped. “What . . . Who . . .” He actually looked a little frightened all of a sudden. He could feel Karp staring at him. “No! Of course not! Where’d you hear that?” He puffed up his bare chest, and tried to look as indignant as possible.

Butch grinned at him. “Well, now, I don’t know. This time I’m not so sure you’re telling the truth. I think we should check into this. What do you say, Mr. Karp? Should we take his word for it, or should we investigate a little? Hmm?”

Karp was looking a little thunderstruck himself. He couldn’t get the image of some of the hotter-looking guys in the in-crowd with their hands all over Joey’s naked ass and tits. Crowding all around him, playing with him as if he were an action figure — some kind of naked Power Ranger. “Uh . . . Oh, by all means investigate. Go ahead.”

Butch walked over to Karp’s desk and pressed the button on the intercom. “Miss Prynn. Send Jack Baker in here please.”

Karp smiled slightly and confirmed the request to his secretary. Joey turned white.

“What are you saying? What do you want with Jack? You’re not gonna ask him about this . . .” He stumbled into silence. He could see that, indeed, Butch was gonna . . .

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Butch opened it, and Joey’s friend Jack came in — after doing a double-take when he saw Butch in charge. He actually looked relieved when he saw Mr. Karp behind his desk.

Karp spoke up. “Jack, I’ve placed Butch, here, in charge of Joey’s punishment as part of his work-training program. We’ve just got a few questions to ask you. You’re not in any kind of trouble, here, believe me. No matter how you answer, anything you say will be strictly confidential and will never be referred to again.” He put on a stern face. “But . . .! It is very important that you tell the truth. Lying will serve no purpose, and it can only hurt your friend Joey, here. No matter how embarrassing it may be, stick to the truth — it’s the safest thing to do.” He turned to Butch. “Butch, go ahead and ask the questions.”

Butch grinned at Jack, who, next to Joey, was probably the best-looking guy in the in-crowd. Dark-haired and well-built, he was Joey’s closest friend (although they weren’t really best friends — Joey didn’t have one of those).

“Jack, babe. Tell me. Last night, when you and the guys were riding around, in the course of a discussion about body-building, did Joey ever pull off his T-shirt and show you and the rest of the guys his bare Bostancı Escort tits?”

Joey looked wide-eyed at the question — a little fear was showing.

Jack looked uncomfortable, but he had decided that since he had no idea what was going on, he’d stick to the strict truth. He hoped he wouldn’t get Joey into any further trouble, but he wasn’t taking any chances. “Uh, well, yeah. But that’s no big deal. He does that a lot when we ask him. He’s got the best pecs in school. They’re a good reference when we’re talking about working out.”

Karp was loving it. He smiled, but Butch could see the excitement in his eyes at the scene being described.

Butch continued. “And did you or did any of the other guys then touch these legendary tits of his?” Butch walked over toward Joey, as if pointing out the tits under question. As he reached him, he flicked one of his nipples.

Jack was feeling a little turned on by all this. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but whatever the game was, he realized that he was actually enjoying watching his nearly-naked friend being played with like this. There was something very sexy about Joey’s naked body being on display and at their mercy. Jack decided to continue with his initial plan, since it seemed to be working OK. “Well, uh, yeah, I guess so.”

“What do you mean, you guess so? Did you or didn’t you?”

“Uh, I did. I touched them.”

“And for how long did you touch them?”

“Oh, I don’t know. A few minutes, I guess.”

“A few minutes? That’s quite a while for a touch, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say you felt them?”

Jack was starting to get even more turned on by this. He was watching Joey’s tits, and he could see the nipples starting to grow — Joey was going through the same thing. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“And how many guys were in the car?”

“Five, altogether.”

“So that was you and Joey and three other guys, right?”


“How many of the other three felt up Joey’s tits?”

“Just two — Carl was driving.”

“So, then, let’s see if I got this right. Joey took off his T-shirt at your request and you and two other guys felt up his tits for some length of time. Is that right?”


“About how long did this go on? Would you say it was more than 5 minutes?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“More than 10 minutes?”

“I’d guess maybe half an hour altogether.”

“OK, I guess that’s what we wanted to know, right, Mr. Karp?” Butch grinned at Karp, who was looking appraisingly at the blushing Joey.

“Oh, uh, yes, I suppose so. . . Oh, I mean, no — there was another part to the question that we should check out, I think. As long as we’ve gone this far. Go ahead, Butch. You’re doing a good job.”

Butch turned back to Joey. “OK, di Marco, turn around and show us your ass. Since that’s what we’re gonna talk about next, I think we’ll call it into evidence and label it People’s Exhibit number 1.”

Joey looked scared but defiant. “No way. Come on, you guys. This is crazy.”

“OK, di Marco, if it’s punishment you want, it’s punishment you’ll get. OK, Baker, that’s all we need you for. Joey’s decided to take a straight spanking for his punishment.”

Joey’s eyes widened. “Uh . . . No! No! That’s not what I meant. Really.” He started whining, “But do I have to show my ass? Come on. Don’t make me.”

“Oh, come on, di Marco. We’ve all seen it by now. And Jack sees it every day — in gym class. Don’t make such a big deal of it — turn around! It’s not like it’s something to be ashamed of or anything. You’ve got a great ass.”

Joey actually looked a little mollified at that. Slowly he turned around, displaying those hot round buttcheeks of his. Jack’s eyes widened at the faint red handprints from Butch’s earlier spanks.

“Mr. Baker. Now that you’ve gotten a good look at Joey’s ass, I hope it’ll refresh your memory and you’ll be able to answer a few questions about it.”

Jack stared at his buddy’s bare buns — at the way the straps of his jock lifted and spread them. He was fascinated by the lowest part of Joey’s asscrack — the cheeks were spread apart a little there, and in the shadow, Jack thought he could see the darker spot of Joey’s asshole.

Butch laughed. “I see it’s already brought back a few memories.” Jack turned guiltily back to Butch. “Now, since we already know that Joey is willing to have his buddies feel up his bare tits when they want, I’d also like to ask the same question about his ass. When driving around in the car, does he sometimes show his bare ass to you and your buddies?”

Jack was mesmerized now. “Yes, he does.”

“And does he let you feel it up, the way he lets you feel up his tits?”

“Well, not as often, but sometimes he does.”

“Well, just give us an idea. How many times have you felt up his ass in the past year? Once, twice, 5 times, 10 times, 20 times . . .” Still no answer. “More than 20 times?”

Jack finally spoke up. “Maybe 20 times. Maybe a little more.”

“Would you say once a week?”

“Yeah, maybe once a week.”

Joey was blushing pinker and pinker as this conversation went on. His full round buttcheeks jiggled a little as he shifted his position. Joey could see over his shoulder how all three men’s eyes suddenly focused on the same spot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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