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The Day The World Came Pt. 04

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As part of my research I placed a few inconspicuous paper adverts, just to see what would be sent back. Most of it was either dull or pure fantasy. There was one anonymous letter that came from a woman in Melbourne, Australia. This is her story.


I understand if you find this story difficult to believe, I can barely believe it myself. But the following is fact not fiction, this really did happen. On O-Day I hadn’t been in the best of states. The summer was over and winter was about to set in, and at the risk of sounding like a complete loser, I hadn’t had sex in months. The past few guys I’d been with were total dipsticks. We basically hooked up for sex, and gradually over time I would get ignored, eventually ending up a glorified cum bucket, a fleshlight that didn’t need cleaning.

They were also pretty ugly fuckers. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my self esteem was pretty low, I wasn’t getting the cream of the crop. I’d resigned to my fate, it sounds shallow, but I realised I’d never fuck a hot guy. I’m pretty average looking. I can scrub up pretty good, but I was never going to bed a guy that had me gushing.

Now this next bit is pretty much going to give the game away, but bear with me, at some point I’ve got to introduce my neighbour Glenn. He lived in the apartment across the hall, he was my secret weapon. If I was struggling to get over the edge, I thought of Glenn. He acted as jump leads for my libido. I wanted him so badly, but so did a lot of women. He had girls throwing themselves at him routinely. Surprisingly he didn’t abuse the power he had over women, because not only was he gorgeous, but he was also a pretty nice guy. That didn’t mean he couldn’t be broken. He was a man after all, and every few weeks a woman would get to him. Every time I heard the familiar cries through the walls, I’d masturbate, knowing he was hard and ready to cum, wishing he’d give it to me.

I didn’t notice the early signs as I’d been horny all evening. Despite the impending winter gloom it was actually a pleasant evening, so I was lightly dressed in an over-sized t-shirt, nothing else. I like my legs, they’re a little stumpy, but not fat. I was canlı bahis settling down for the night, it was gone 11pm and I was reading a book. I planned a quickie but nothing more, so I was gently grazing my pussy, just getting it warmed up, that’s how I missed the warning signs.

I wasn’t doing anything differently, but I remember thinking it felt really nice. I was surprised I was turned on so quickly, and within moments I felt like I’d been wanking for hours. Suddenly a wave of pure, unadulterated pleasure crashed though me, and I squealed in a mixture of shock and delight. Normally when you’re in the middle of an orgasm, you barely notice the throbbing, mainly because you’re too busy feeling awesome. That day I noticed it, because they pounded through me. I don’t know if it was a conscious decision or not, but I got pretty loud. I remember writhing on my bedroom floor, hand between my legs, just wailing. I must have been squirting, I didn’t see it at the time and I’d never done it before, but during the clean-up I was finding streams of the stuff a couple of feet from where I’d been lying.

I’d always felt a little sorry for guys, they get one shot and that’s it. There’s no subtlety to the male orgasm, that’s why it was so strange knowing I’d squirted. I love how the internalisation of the female orgasm. With guys they have the whole ejaculation thing going on. Sure its useful from a biological standpoint, but in terms of pure sexual gratification it’s a fucking nightmare. Unless he’s buried in your cooch, you never know where it’s going to go, and the clean-up sucks. Don’t get me started on rinsing cum out your hair! I’ve digressed a little, what I was trying to say is that for the first time I noticed something was different about this orgasm. Up until that point I’d been enjoying the ride, but I soon noticed it wasn’t ending, I just kept cumming. This wouldn’t have happened to a guy.

I was still wailing like a fucking idiot when my eyes opened for a split second and I noticed Glenn standing over me. He seemed concerned, I must have looked possessed or something. I just stared back at him as I fucked my hand, then my eyes drifted to his erect cock. I bahis siteleri was pretty gutted to see a large quantity of semen dripping from his dick, he’d already cum.

My immediate thought was to grab him before he lost his erection. I had no self control, but somehow I managed to force my self to my feet. I stumbled over to him, growled “I need to borrow that,” and pointed at his cock.

Glenn looked a little lost as I grabbed him and pulled him over to my bed. Within moments I had him on his back, my dripping pussy poised and ready to take him. He didn’t really have time to fight back, it had been less than thirty seconds since I’d noticed him in the room, and he was already inside me.

There was a slight hesitation when he slipped inside, but that didn’t last long as I worked him back to full hardness. We discussed it afterwards; he claims he’s never felt anything like it. The wetness, the rhythmic throbbing, I had him. Feeling his erection inside me was almost too much, and another loud climax rippled through my body. After that some semblance of control must have returned to me, as I was beginning to worry about the unashamedly lusty display I was putting on before the man of my dreams. I focused on his face but couldn’t figure out if his expression was pain or pleasure, so I asked.

“Are you alright? Do you want me to get off?”

He replied, “Fuck no, please keep going.”

Possibly the biggest smile of my life spread across my face, and I continued to grind on his big hard cock. I think by this point the original arousal had worn off, now I was just fucking a really hot guy. I held his face and he smiled up at me. I asked if I could kiss him, he replied by devouring my face. Feeling his lips on mine made my pussy quiver and clamp down, making Glenn laugh; I felt pretty embarrassed. Noting my reaction he quickly told me not to worry. He said it was really hot feeling me react to him like that. I relaxed and smiled, then Glenn asked if I could remove my top. Even I laughed this time, I hadn’t even got naked before I’d jumped him. This time I was the one smiling as I felt Glenn harden at the sight of my boobs. That got my confidence back. Glenn bahis şirketleri reached up to feel my tits, he told me they were gorgeous and began sucking on my right nipple. Instantly I felt another orgasm rising, I had no idea my tits had also triggered Glenn’s orgasm.

I thought he was saying something, but I was in a daze. I now know he was telling me he was about to cum, but I was gone. He had been holding on like a champion, but my tits, and that orgasm were too much. I came round just in time to feel the first blast against my cervix. Another hot splash fired off inside me, that’s when I noticed the animal like grunting below me, that’s when I realised he was cumming.

It’s not like I’d forgotten, but I had longed for Glenn for so long, it seemed strange that my body was making him cum. I kept running that thought through my head, “I’ve made Glenn cum, he’s cumming inside me.”

It was a little awkward afterwards. We’d barely spoken before, now we’d seen each other cum. That’s sort of okay for strangers, but we were neighbours. I couldn’t look at him again without thinking about his hard cock deep inside me. I climbed off and he slipped from my pussy, a torrent of mixed juices followed. Normally I’d have laughed, but Glenn’s face looked panic stricken. I assured him I was clean, and he told me likewise, then I handed him a towel. Neither of us knew what to do, eventually Glenn said he was going to take a shower, gathered his clothes and left.

It wasn’t like he used and abused me, technically I jumped him. We have spoken about it since, and he claims he should have known better than to walk into a room where his infatuated neighbour was clearly having a screaming orgasm. Especially with his cock out. If you’re looking for some romantic story where we fall in love and get married, this isn’t it. We ended up having a big falling out as I, like many women that day, got knocked up. Turns out if you ride a guy bareback and let him loose inside you, you get pregnant! Who knew? I knew I’d never get fertilised by a better looking man, and wanted to keep the baby, Glenn wasn’t so keen. There wasn’t anything he could do though, he effectively gave his consent when he came inside me.

Nine months later I gave birth to our beautiful daughter at one of the emergency delivery centres set up in Melbourne. My decision paid off, she’s short, but with her father’s good looks.

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