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The Dinner Party

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Special thanks to CheerSmartie526 my editor. This is my story but she helped it make sense, without her this would not be possible. I cannot say enough about how great she has been to work with!


James entered the dining room and moved towards the seat at the head of the table. He looked at those assembled. They included his co-host Peggy, a tall white woman in her early fifties. She is a handsome woman built like a brick house. She stood just less than 6ft tall and was a firm 40-28-38 with barely any fat on her body. Her shoulder-length blond hair was tied in a ponytail behind her. She was dressed in a dark pantsuit that evening and looked like she would be at home in a meeting at a bank or insurance company. Peggy and James have known each other for over twenty years. They have been friends for most of that time, lovers for about the last five years and they have been hosting special dinner parties off and on for about the last eighteen months. James slowly found out Peggy was bi-sexual and that was the basis for the evening activities.

Also at the table was Susie, a petite woman whose family came from China. She was barely 4ft 10inches tall, slender, and in her early 30s. Susie had shoulder length black hair and bangs to just above her eyes, bracketing her petite face. Susie had a pretty face. She showed no curves under the grey wool ankle-length dress that she wore. Also seated at the table was Gita, a woman of Pakistani decent. Gita was a short woman, 25 years of age with a round, attractive face. She was just over 5ft tall but had a very curvy body tightly wrapped into a sari that evening. She also had a scarf wrapped around her head so that only her face showed. Her outfit was gold in color with black and silver trim and patterns throughout the material. Her outfit highlighted her smooth, caramel-colored skin and large dark brown eyes.

Peggy was excited about Gita’s presence that evening as she has a thing for younger Asian women. She finds them very sexy and appealing. Peggy and Gita worked together at the same accounting firm. Peggy first noticed Gita about a year ago. Peggy noticed Gita’s eyes would follow her wherever she went. Peggy could sense the woman’s isolation and loneliness, a look of desperation in her eyes. Peggy had a good idea of what kind of attention Gita was looking for and was eager to try to help.

Peggy began by befriending Gita and insisted they get together occasionally on weekends for a girl’s night out. Peggy would wear revealing, skimpy, and sexy clothes knowing the temptation she presented would be difficult to resist. Peggy would catch Gita staring intently with hunger and longing in her eyes, drawn to Peggy’s overflowing cleavage. Peggy could see in Gita a woman that desired to be lovingly touched and held close by another woman, a submissive woman that needed to be controlled.

Gita told Peggy about her troubled life. Gita was 25 years old and unmarried. Not a day went by that her parents did not make her feel bad about it. Her parents arranged for her to go on dates with different men that were as uninterested in her as she was with them. Gita confided in Peggy that everyday Gita wishes she were never born. Gita was isolated, lonely, and desperate for a reason to smile and feel self-confidence.

Peggy had heard that type of story before from other women who kept their identity and sexuality repressed. Peggy really began to care about Gita and truly wanted to help the woman find peace and happiness in her life. Peggy wanted nothing more than to hold and tenderly kiss Gita and tell her that everything would be all right. Peggy also understood that she needed to move slowly with Gita as not to scare her away. Gita was obviously in a fragile state. Peggy and Gita had become close friends over the course of weeks and months. Peggy eventually confided in Gita that she was bi-sexual and also told her that she found Gita to be very attractive. Gita seemed shocked at first, but that fact had little effect on their growing friendship. A few weeks after that, Peggy had a few drinks on one of their nights out and pretended to be drunk. Peggy ended the evening by making a drunken pass at Gita. Peggy kissed Gita, forcing her tongue into Gita’s mouth. Gita appeared to believe Peggy’s behavior was alcohol induced and seemed to ignore Peggy’s advances, pushing her away. Gita made sure Peggy got home safe.

Soon after that, there was another evening when Peggy and Gita had planned a dinner at an exclusive restaurant. Peggy brought Susie along. Peggy introduced Susie as an old lover who just suddenly moved back to town. That evening Peggy and Susie had both dressed in short skin tight dresses that barely covered their asses. Along with stilettos and a few pieces of jewelry, that was all either woman wore that evening.

As they walked into the restaurant, Susie deliberately dropped her purse then bent over to pick it up right in front of Gita. The short dress she wore rode up Susie’s hips, exposing her bare bottom and wet, clean-shaven pussy. Gita appeared to be taken aback for a moment and blushed, but continued the evening as if nothing out yalova escort of the ordinary had happened.

Peggy remembered that evening with a smile. She remembered walking outside and the cool breeze between her legs excited her. Susie had dutifully shaved Peggy’s pussy earlier that day, after which Susie eagerly licked Peggy’s pussy and brought Peggy to a powerful orgasm. Peggy had fantasized that it was Gita between her legs and hoped that one day it would be. At the restaurant, Peggy and Susie sat on one side of the booth while Gita sat across from them. Peggy caressed Susie’s face and hair and showered her with loving attention, kissing Susie and nibbling on her ears in full view of Gita. Peggy’s hands wandered under the table and made it obvious that she rubbed Susie’s legs and played with Susie’s pussy.

Susie sat back and spread her legs wider. Susie moaned quietly and showed Gita how much she enjoyed Peggy’s attention. They put on a show for Peggy’s new friend which heightened Susie’s arousal. Susie always enjoyed putting on a show in public and gets turned on by the attention. Susie was a real exhibitionist at heart.

Peggy checked Gita’s reaction. She looked dejected and lonely. However at no time had Gita indicated that she wanted to leave. Gita only sat there seemingly transfixed, her eyes glued to the Peggy and Susie show. That was the point at which Peggy decided to invite Gita to the dinner party. Peggy felt confident that she had Gita right where she wanted her.


James decided it was time to start the evenings’ activities, so he took one of his little blue pills. James then suggested that they all retire to the living room as he put on some old jazz music. James enjoyed listening to Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and of course his favorite Billie Holiday. The raw emotion and vulnerability in her voice was so appropriate for a gathering of that nature. Peggy and James sat next to one another on a love seat as Gita and Susie sat across from them on a sofa. As the music played, James poured wine for his guests and they talked, but the conversations were awkward, especially for Gita who barely said a word. After all, it was her first time at that type of gathering and she was obviously quite uncomfortable and nervous. James served wine and encouraged consumption in an effort to get everyone and in particular Gita to relax.

Susie was trying to get as close to Gita as possible. Susie sat beside Gita on the couch and showered her with lots of attention. Susie was enthralled with the exotic woman. Susie complimented Gita on her looks and her outfit. Susie was getting excited about making a new friend and the possibilities the evening might hold.

Gita was hesitant and she did not seem to know how to react. Gita had never had that much wine before. Her body felt unusually relaxed and she found it difficult to think clearly. Susie’s attention made Gita feel uncomfortable, though on another level she enjoyed another woman’s attentiveness. Gita allowed Susie to continue without protesting.

Susie felt the effect of the wine and the mood of the evening and she became more comfortable and relaxed. Susie used one hand and undid a few buttons on her high-collared dress. Susie wanted be the person first to be undressed once things got started and was in a hurry to get naked. Soon Susie undid the buttons on her dress, and as she moved, James could see her undergarments and bits of naked flesh as she snuggled up to Gita.

After about a half hour of uncomfortable conversation and idle chatter, James signaled to Peggy that they should take the women to the main bathroom for a communal bath. Peggy took Gita firmly by the hand to lead her to the bathroom. From the body language between the two, it was obvious that Gita allowed Peggy to be in charge. The bathroom had a full sized walk-in hot tub where the evenings’ activities were to continue.

Susie saw what was happening and let her dress slide off her and onto the floor. Susie went into the bathroom wearing only her white socks, a white bra and white panties.

Gita became very frightened, not sure how she got there, and even more uncertain if she wanted to stay. Gita thought she should leave but could not bring herself to do so as she was obsessed with Peggy, the lovely Amazon of a woman. What she was felt towards Peggy clouded Gita’s judgment. The wine and the anticipation of what might happen intoxicated Gita and created uncertainty in her mind.

Gita started to reflect on when she first saw Peggy at work and no matter how hard she tried she could not stop her eyes from following Peggy around. Gita had always been attracted to women. It felt natural to be with women and awkward and forced when in the company of men. The attraction to Peggy that Gita felt was primal. She felt like an animal and not quite human. Gita was unable to resist the attraction she felt. Gita had always been weak. Her parents kept telling her she was weak. They told her she needed a man to take care of her and control her because she couldn’t think for herself. Gita admired Peggy. Peggy was yozgat escort strong willed and resembled the teacher Gita had a crush on in high school. Her teacher was a strong white woman who refused to be intimidated by her overbearing father. Gita felt overwhelmed and so all alone and had no one to turn to. Gita needed help she needed someone to tell her what to do.

Gita remembered being excited when Peggy first asked her to join her for a girl’s night out on the town. Gita had a good idea in the back of her mind why Peggy had invited her out but did not want to admit it to herself. All Gita knew was that she wanted to, no, needed to be Peggy’s friend. Gita also remembered the strange feeling of excitement she felt when Peggy would dress in sexy revealing outfits. Gita felt somehow complete in Peggy’s presence. When Peggy revealed she was bi-sexual, Gita thought she should have left and stopped associating with Peggy. Gita learned as a child that it was perverse, disgusting and unnatural. However, Gita could not bring herself to leave and somehow began to feel that being bi-sexual was somehow natural. Gita also reflected on that wonderful evening when Peggy had forcefully kissed her. Gita did not know how to react at the time and regretted not kissing Peggy back. She wished she had allowed herself to enjoy the attention she was secretly longing for. Soon after that, Gita began having dreams about being naked at work alone in Peggy’s office. In her dreams, Gita was anxiously waiting for Peggy to return to the office and find that Gita was naked there waiting for her. Gita would wake up with a strange combination of fear, excitement, and arousal. She was mad at herself for what she was feeling and for the dreams she was having. Gita slowly became convinced meeting Peggy was her destiny. For too long, Gita had denied herself. Gita was tired of living a lie, tired of trying to be something she was not just to keep her family happy. Gita was desperately looking to Peggy to rescue her. Gita had put all her faith in Peggy and was unsure of where the evening was headed, but wherever Peggy went, Gita wanted to follow.

Gita remembered the night that she met Susie. She could not believe that Peggy would bring her female lover along. Gita could also not believe that Susie would expose herself like that; bending over in front of another woman and showing off her private parts in such a way. Gita reacted to this public display with confusion and unease. She also started to feel jealous of Susie, especially when Peggy put her hands under the table and started rubbing Susie’s legs. Gita went into a state of shock when she realized that Peggy was touching Susie’s pussy under the table. Gita wanted to leave and get away but somehow she could not bring herself to leave. Gita felt strangely excited and aroused. Gita needed to see what would happen next. She sat across the table from them and wished that they would invite her to play.

When Peggy invited her to the dinner party, telling her that they had a special evening planned just for her, Gita’s heart skipped a beat. Gita was excited to have an invitation and to be Peggy’s special guest. Gita had a good idea of what might happen that evening before she came to the dinner party. After that evening watching Peggy and Susie, deep down inside, Gita was hoping something like that might happen tonight. Gita’s thoughts were chaotic and still could believe that she was getting mixed up in something like that. Her parents must be right. She was weak, unable to resist, and unable to think for herself. Gita was hoping and praying for Peggy to give her some direction.

As she stood beside the hot tub, Susie took off what little clothes she had left and, with no regard, tossed them towards a chair. The clothes missed the chair and fell to the ground. Susie ignored their plight and continued on her way. Susie’s breasts were actually two large nipples on very small mounds of flesh. Her ass was as flat as a board and she was clean-shaven around her pussy with a small triangle shaped tuft of trimmed hair just above her clit.

At that point Gita struggled to get up and move away as she loudly said, “I can’t do this, this is wrong. I’m sorry, but I have to leave.” The internal conflict finally came to the surface. What she felt was directly opposed to what she thought. Her mind told her to leave, but she felt the need to stay. Her thoughts were overwhelming her as she trembled with fear.

Peggy held Gita tight pulling her hair again and with her other hand slapped Gita twice, hard, on her ass and commanded, “Just relax.” Peggy then started aggressively kissing Gita and assumed the forceful dominant role. Peggy had grown to care deeply about Gita. Peggy understood the internal struggles Gita must have been going through. Peggy could see how deeply repressed Gita was about her sexuality. Peggy decided to force the situation and hoped that Gita had developed enough trust in her so that Peggy could help Gita overcome her fears.

Gita’s resistance melted away as a result of the stinging on her ass cheeks and the aggressive kisses. ankara escort Peggy kissed Gita with deep passion, their tongues and lips danced together. As they kissed, their bodies moved even closer together. That kiss was what Gita had been waiting for. Gita started to think about those dreams of Peggy she was having. Gita both feared and wished that those dreams would come true.

Peggy knew that sometimes you needed to be cruel to be kind. Peggy knew that Gita was very submissive and needed a firm hand to take control. Peggy stopped kissing Gita and loudly told her, “Of course you are free to leave. No one is forcing you to do anything you do not want to do. Remember you are here of your own free will.”

Peggy barked at Gita, “I am very disappointed in you. If you don’t want to be here with me then just leave, I don’t want to ever see you again.” Peggy was being very stern and forceful with Gita, telling her, “We planned this special evening just for you, you are the guest of honor, you should be grateful.” Peggy’s tone changed, and became kind and understanding as she said, “I know you have been watching me, following me with your eyes, longing for my touch.” Peggy then softly, lovingly said, “My sweet little pet, I am also longing for your touch. I want to hold you close. I want to make you happy.”

Gita stood there in the hot tub in tears from the scolding Peggy had given her and fearful that she might never be with Peggy again. Gita also felt mesmerized as Gita had never been kissed by a woman like that before, it was even better than the first kiss they shared. Gita could not bring her body to move. Gita’s only thoughts were to stay warm in Peggy’s embrace and hoped that Peggy would continue passionately kissing her. Gita had been secretly longing for Peggy’s attention ever since she first laid eyes on Peggy. Gita then stammered, “I’m sorry Miss Peggy for my childish behavior. I am so scared I don’t know what is happening to me. I have never felt like this before. I keep thinking this is wrong and that I should leave.”

Peggy firmly responded, “I understand sweetheart, don’t be frightened. Please trust me. Don’t be scared. Don’t worry about tomorrow and forget about yesterday. Just try and enjoy this evening as if it was your last night on earth.”

Gita responded quietly, “I trust you Miss Peggy. I will listen to you and I will do as you tell me to.”

Peggy then replied, “That’s a good girl, just calm down. Do what I tell you to do and this will be a magical night that you will never forget.”

Gita began to somewhat relax. Susie came up behind Gita and removed the scarf Gita had wrapped around her head. As the scarf left Gita’s head, her long thick black hair cascaded down her back to the top of her ass. Susie slowly unraveled Gita from the sari she was wearing. Peggy kept Gita occupied with deep, long passionate kisses. As an aggressive Susie was removing her sari and undergarments, Gita revealed a curvy body with large full breasts, full round nipples, an amply curved bottom, and an extremely hairy crotch. As she was being undressed, Gita looked around with fear in her eyes but reluctantly allowed Susie to undress her. Peggy let Gita go and Gita covered herself with her hands and showed the discomfort and insecurity that kept her repressed.

Peggy looked at Susie and Susie knew what to do. Susie moved over behind Peggy as if she was her personal assistant and held the back of Peggy’s jacket, which allowed Peggy to take out her arms. Susie then took the jacket and put it on a hanger, placed on a hook on the wall. Susie then returned to Peggy and helped her out of her blouse, again placed on a hanger, then hung on a hook next to the jacket. Susie helped Peggy out of her bra and revealed two very large firm breasts with disproportionately small nipples and very small nipple rings. Susie folded the bra and placed it on the same chair Susie had tossed her own undergarments towards earlier. Susie returned to kneel before Peggy, undid the button holding Peggy’s pants up and pulled Peggy’s pants down past her hips and onto the floor. After Peggy stepped out of her pants, Susie neatly folded them and placed them on the back of the chair. Susie returned as Peggy lifted her foot so that Susie could take off Peggy’s sock. Then Susie gently kissed Peggy’s toes. Peggy pulled her foot away from Susie’s kisses and placed her barefoot on the ground. Peggy then lifted her other foot and moved it in front of Susie’s face. Susie did the same with the other foot; she slowly removed the sock and lovingly kissed Peggy’s toes. After Susie had cleaned Peggy’s toes with her tongue, Susie took the socks and again neatly placed them on the chair. Peggy was then left only weary her pink and red panties. Susie returned to Peggy and again kneeled before her, her face moved very close to Peggy’s crotch and took a deep breath. Susie enjoyed the aroma she encountered. Susie grabbed the side of Peggy’s panties and slowly pulled them to the floor, revealing a cleanly shaven pussy with an unusually large clitoris. Peggy’s clitoris was pierced with a little metal bar that had a small shiny diamond. Completely naked now, Peggy grabbed Gita’s hand and led her into the hot tub, where Gita and Peggy began making out again. Slowly they moved together into the water until they were up to their necks. While that happened, Susie took Peggy’s panties and neatly folded them and put them on the chair.

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