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The Dirty Streamer

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**The following is a filth kink story about a girl who loves filthy things. If you don’t like soiling, wetting, mud and manure then don’t read this. If you do, well, why did you go and do that?**

Liara was quite the popular girl. She had been fairly flirtatious and into somewhat extreme hobbies (and other things) in high school. And had done even more so in college. She went to a community college, while, in her spare time, took up a bit of porn and fetish modelling on the side. Hardly afraid of showing off her own body (and thankful she was over 18 so the authorities would leave her be) she also slowly got into more abnormal stuff.

It started with one day her being gassy and being social about it. And getting abnormal interaction from those posts. She would occasionally do a bit, and slowly realized a small, but dedicated, part of her fanbase was all for this.

So one day she started up a more fetish based set of accounts, and, well, decided to experiment with how much of a mess she could make. Then she graduated college.

And thus a few weeks into her post-graduate career (a two year degree in social media management, which she was thankful for) she had finished her little partying and celebrations with friends, and was currently in her apartment a bit gassy, but also with a slight upset stomach. She tweeted to her accounts and saw a response that was fairly standard.

“Why not just soil yourself.”

To be honest, she had been thinking about this for some time. It was a fairly common request. And, well, more than once, she had let out some wet farts into underwear. And, it kinda excited her. She looked at her outfit. She was a bit into the goth look. A short black skirt. Stockings, black and green striped, a tanktop, with a black overcoat. No bra for her slightly above average breasts, and some green underwear.

She grunted and let out another fart, feeling wet. And got a rush. “Fuckin hell.” She hummed. “I love it.” She took a moment and tweeted out, ‘Might shit my panties’ on her more kink-centric accounts and then thought for two minutes on what to do next.

And in a rare move, she put down her phone. “I need a little me-time.” She said as she thought some on what else to do. Curious she got up, a bit more gas flowing, but any pressure on her loins subsiding after she got up. Without thinking too hard, she wandered to the kitchen only to ask herself. “Wait… Why am I here. What can I get.”

It took a handful of seconds for her to decide that, well, if she was gonna ruin her underwear, she might as well totally ruin it. However once she did she went to her fridge. Ketchup, BBQ sauce, Mayo, Mustard, some Jello, soda, although she stopped there for a moment. It would make more of a mess than she wants.

With a quick image and tweet of ‘imagine my underwear’ she got görükle escort to work grunting as she let out a bit of a fart. “God. Damn thing is…” She sighed. “How annoying.” She sighed as she looked at her condiment line up. And at the soda. Taking a moment she opened the mayo, a squirt jar, and looked at her skirt. She thought before pulling out the back line of her underwear.

With some effort looking over her shoulder she squeezed and got a cold, cold shot of mayo to her ass. “Oooh!” It was chilly, but sticky and a splatter. She liked it. Getting Ketchup she put it down the front of her skirt almost instantly. It too was chilly, but fun to slip into her underwear. “Fuck.” She gasped in a lovely cold shock, enjoying the mess. “Its cold.” Although the temperature difference was fun, and she was finding herself liking it somewhat.

After a few squirts (of ketchup) Liara hummed. She loved the feel in her panties. She took a moment and rubbed the fabric on her pussy with one hand, her ass with the other, after putting the ketchup down. She hummed. It felt better than it had any right too. She felt some slip down her legs, landing with a little splatter on the kitchen floor. “Ooops. Too runny.” She chuckled as a mostly ketchup splotch landed on the floor.

Thinking of making a mess of her floors, and slightly excited by that she looked at the rest. Looking at her shoes they were a bit of an odd affair. Boots, more style than practical, partial lace up, meant to go past her ankles, she had mostly laced them up. But, as she slipped she realized this pair was, well, comfortable, but not useful. Taking a moment she got some BBQ sauce and squirted it into one shoe with some effort and struggle. She wriggled her toes around, feeling the sauce slowly permeating her sock. Then she shook the bottle to move more sauce to the top and squirted more in before finally moving her foot down after her third shot, and hearing a satisfying squelch. “Mmm~”

She glanced at the Mustard And Jello cup. She poked the Jello watching it wiggle for a bit. Then she sighed and got to work unlacing her other boot. “Need less lace up boots.”

After a few moments she finally got it undone enough. Partially slipping her boot off she opened one jello container… And then removed her sock before slipping it in and putting on her sock. She felt a cold squish and shuddered as she struggled to keep it up, before giving up as she rested her foot on the floor, seeing some jello leak through, before putting a few packs into her left boot. Then she slipped her sock in with a squelch. It was tight, and wet and she rather liked how it felt on her foot. She paused and laughed some as she sat on a kitchen stool like a dirty child.

She got out her phone. And took more than a few suggestive pictures. After posting them to her media sites of choice bursa merkez escort she took a picture of her chest. “This is still clean though what to do.” Was her text of choice.

A few moments later a bevy of replies came in. Including one she hadn’t expected (having placed the mustard in her images a few times). This one in particular stood out. “Peanut butter?” She asked herself as she got up and walked to her cabinets each step squishing in her feet while gunk ran down her thighs still. She felt a faint return of her gut pressure as she let out a fart into some mayo with an audible ‘brapp’. She giggled. “I’ll have to get some video of that sometime.”

Looking through her shelves she found a peanut butter jar, mostly full. Taking a moment to take a pic she added, “If you want to see more of this I’ll need a food and clothing fund to start.” And then smirked as she put her fingers into the peanut butter jar. Getting a decent fingerful she slipped it down to one of her breasts and began to put it onto her tit. Her tits were getting very, very hard and she rather approved of that. “Fuck this feels so good.” She let out quietly as a hand began to wander to her loins.

Liara went to the edge of the counter and began to gently grind against it as fingers began to soak in a mix of ketchup and mayo. “Mmm… Fuck.” She let out with a low moan. Feeling the sloppy mix run down her legs and onto her tile floor with a splatter. She didn’t care right now. Grinding and rubbing her tit and her clit at the same time she worked herself up to an orgasm right there in her room. It was a big one, one of the best she had in ages. “Fuck me.” She breathed out a bit red in the face, and more than a little content. She had squirted into her panties a fair bit, and even now felt an urge to shit and piss.

Liara took a few moments as some clarity came back to her. “Can’t do that in here.” She muttered as she stepped outside, walking along as things were a mess of her loins. Gunk ran down her legs a bit as she walked through her house. With a slight presence of mind still she made sure to walk on tiled floors, knowing they would clean easier.

Her yard wasn’t huge, but it was a bit of a space. She had a small flowerbed, with a few plants in middling states of growing, underwatered, and half eaten. She did have something somewhat non-standard. A composting bin. A plastic bin a bit to the side.

Her stomach growled in pain and disapproval. She had been holding it in for too long. A few wet blasts left her as she felt something new poking her underwear. “Mmm…!” She let out as she looked around.

In a dirty, dirty thought she walked over to the compost pit and kicked it open. She wasn’t the *best* composter, and had dropped a few things into it she probably shouldn’t have. When the bursa sınırsız escort lid came out a few buzzing flies from some meat bits slipped into there (she was an amateur at this composting thing). And yet despite her disgust she found herself aroused further (and needing to shit more).

She looked at her feet, her shoes already squelching with gunk. “Not dirty enough.” She chuckled as she lifted up a leg before stepping into the rotten food pile with a bit of a crunch. Her boot slowly sank into it. “I may keep you.” She said as she watched the boot disappear into the somewhat wet mix. She waited for a bit after stepping in. She hadn’t watered the compost in a while, and when it came up, while the bottom part was wet, the top was dry, save for the very, very top. “Mmm…” She thought for a moment.

The container had four sides (naturally) and each side was fairly sturdy. Made of fairly solid pieces of wood. She glanced at the hose. She could use it. But… It was over there, like, four feet away, and the compost pit was right here, right now. She sat on the edge and put her legs both into the compost, before pulling her panties down some, lifting her skirt and starting to piss into the compost. It was disgusting, foul, and perverse. But… She was loving it.

After a bit, she found herself pushing a bit and nearly shit. This gross already she quickly stood up and pulled up her panties. Might as well go all the nasty way. She was having fun.

Struck with an idea she ran inside, piss leaking a bit from her, and running down her thighs, compost hitting the floor. Later she’d hate herself, right now? She couldn’t care less. She got her phone, took a quick pic of herself dripping in compost and other gunk, then went outside and into the compost pile. She couldn’t control herself anymore, and, with a bit of caution, threw herself into the messy pile of rotting food and other things. There was a soft mush under her, as she took another picture. If people didn’t like that… Fuck it whatever.

Her motion had done something else, aside from make a mess in her house. It had upset her bowels. She had been holding for a solid half an hour when she had needed to shit half an hour ago. And finally, having given in she let loose. She grunted and pushed shit into her panties, feeling it push back softly against fabric and greenery both. She loved it, the feeling of warm sticky shit, a fairly solid log, just pressing against her ass. She hummed and sighed as she took a picture of herself in the compost pit.

After a bit, she decided to tweet it out, having shared her face a few times.

She did notice something, her earlier horny-tweets had gotten a bit of extra attention, more replies than usual. Not a ton, but a few. Out of mild curiosity she glanced at her paypal, then only fans, and finally patreon. She noticed all of them had a slight visible uptick in money there. “Maybe its a coincidence.” She let out as she remained seated in the compost, “But… Well, this is kinda fun. And… I could probably do this more often.” She hummed. “I might need a producer though.”

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