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The Doctor Visit

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David picks me up at 10 that morning. “We have a doctor’s appointment,” he says, but he won’t elaborate.

We started our game a few months ago. There is only rule: I belong to him completely and am subject to his every whim.

David has many whims; since most of them involve fucking me senseless at every opportunity, our arrangement is a good one. We live in his house and I spend my days fulfilling his desires.

He likes to keep me naked whenever possible, but this morning, I’m dressed to go out in a short denim skirt, tight T-shirt, red stilettos and fishnet thigh-high stockings. I’m never allowed a bra or panties. Today my nipples are clearly visible through the thin white cotton T-shirt.

It’s a beautiful day and he puts the top down on the convertible. His arm is wrapped around my shoulder as he cups my right breast in one large hand. We stop at a red light and when another car pulls up next to us, David begins toying with my nipple. I can feel the driver of the other car staring and the juice begins flowing between my legs.

By the time we reach the interstate, he’s abandoned my nipple and is pinching my clit instead. “Your pussy’s wet,” he observes. “Do you need a good fucking?”

“Yes, sir,” I answer obediently, biting back a groan as he flicks his finger along my swollen clit.

“Well, you’re going to have to wait for it. I have more important things to do than keep a horny little slut satisfied,” he says, giving me another pinch.

“Whatever you desire, sir,” I reply, focusing on the dashboard.

He tortures me for the next several minutes, bringing me to the brink of orgasm again and again with his quick, skilled fingers before pulling his hand away.

We pull onto a parking lot and he makes me suck my juices from his fingertips. “Show me your pretty tits,” he orders, and I obey, feeling my face grow hot as I pull my T-shirt up to expose my breasts.

He fondles and kisses my breasts for several minutes, licking and sucking my nipples until they ache. Then he begins pinching and pulling at them, rolling them between his fingers until I beg him to suck them again. He laughs and gives them a hard pinch.

“Time for your check-up,” he says. “Put those away and I’ll play with them again later.”

My nipples are still obscenely hard when we get to the receptionist’s desk. I’m grateful that the waiting room is deserted. My disheveled hair and clothes make it obvious that I’ve come straight here from sex.

“We have an appointment with Dr. Thomas,” David tells the receptionist. “The name is Smith.”

“Of course, Mr. Smith,” she answers, though she’s looking at me. I blush as I realize she’s focusing on my breasts. “Have a seat and I’ll call you when Doctor’s ready for you.”

David’s hand rests on my ass as he guides me toward a chair. “Maybe we should give her a look at your pretty tits,” he murmurs and gives me a pinch when my blush deepens.

We sit down and his hand slides immediately to my pussy. I’m still dripping-wet from the earlier teasing and he laughs at my muffled groan as he starts fingering my clit again. We’re in plain view of the receptionist, who’s a little too obviously looking in the other direction. I let my thighs slide apart a little further and David strokes me faster. I try not to squirm as his fingers flick and tickle my tingling clit, and he teases me mercilessly, bringing me closer and closer to climax but never letting me come.

I close my eyes and grit my teeth, determined not to beg. I’m concentrating so hard on keeping quiet that I jump when the receptionist announces the doctor is ready for us.

She’s standing right in front of us, her gaze fixed on my crotch as David takes his hand away. Red-faced, I follow David down the hall, too embarrassed to look at her.

She leads us to an exam-room dominated by a gynecologist’s chair that’s right in the center of the room. “She’ll need to remove her top and skirt for the exam. Doctor would like her in the chair first. The nurse will be here in a moment.”

I know now that David has some sort of game planned and the butterflies begin fluttering their wings in my stomach. “You heard her,” he says, and there’s a hint of warning in his ağrı escort voice.

He’s shared me before, but always at home with an acquaintance, someone I’ve met before.

My mouth is dry as I pull my T-shirt off and then step out of my skirt. I’m about to slip off my stockings when the receptionist interrupts. “Just your top and skirt,” she says sweetly, devouring me with her eyes. “Doctor is very particular. The nurse will be here in a minute.”

She leans in the open doorway, openly staring as I stand there in just my fishnets and high red heels. David slips behind me, sliding his arms around my waist and I blush brick red as he begins nuzzling my shoulder. His hands slide up to cup and squeeze my breasts, and the receptionist is almost drooling as he begins playing with my nipples.

I’m beyond wet as David puts on a show for the receptionist. My thighs are soaked and I half expect to see a puddle on the floor between my legs. He keeps my pussy shaved bare and when he slides a hand between legs and gently parts the lips with his fingers, the receptionist can see everything. “Open your legs,” he murmurs, and I manage to obey, though I can’t quite breathe. One hand toys with a nipple as the other finds my aching clit. “Do you need to come, slut?”

“Yes, sir,” I groan, trying not to thrust my crotch against his teasing fingers. He’s never tortured me for so long without letting me come, and I’m dizzy with the need for release.

“Well, I think you need to learn to wait for your pleasure,” he says. “I think I’ve been very lax with you, allowing you to come so often.” He pinches my clit and I’m a heartbeat from coming. “I think you’ve turned into a horny little slut who lives to have her pussy pleasured. What are we going to do about that?”

“Whatever you desire, Master,” I gasp. He pinches my nipple hard and I groan, and then sob as he traces my clit with one fingernail. “Anything to please you, sir.”

I’m ready to beg him to let me come when a young man in white appears in the doorway. “Time for your exam,” he announces cheerfully. “Let’s get you in the chair, dear. Doctor will be here in a minute.”

Shivering with frustration and humiliation, I slip into the exam chair. “Feet in the stirrups, please,” the male nurse says, and I obey out of habit, though it’s hard to manage the stirrups in four-inch heels.

I almost don’t notice when he fastens the cuffs around my ankles. Before I can protest, he’s cuffed my wrists to the arms of the exam chair.

He pushes a lever on the side of the chair and I’m almost lying flat with my legs up in the air. Whistling tunelessly, he slips between my legs and adjusts the stirrups until my legs are spread as wide as they’ll go and my heels are pointing toward the ceiling.

He slips a cushion under my hips, lifting them a few inches off the seat, then slips another cushion under shoulders and a third under my head. Next he fastens a wide strap across my throat and pulls it snug. I’m staring him right in the crotch. His erection is impressive enough that it takes me a minute or two to realize I’m at exactly the right height for sucking cock.

He turns the chair so my splayed legs are pointing toward the open door, then he gives my nipples a little pinch and winks at me. “I’ll tell Doctor you’re ready for him,” he says, and disappears.

I discover quickly enough that I can’t move except to squirm a little in the chair. I’m spread wide open, my bare bottom and dripping cunt visible to anyone who walks by.

I hear giggles from the hallway and the small part of me that doesn’t want to be fucked into next week wants to sink through the floor and disappear.

It’s a very small part, though, and it’s shrinking as rapidly as my frustration is growing.

So I try not to squirm as I sense – I can’t see anything but the ceiling, at this point – the audience gathering for my next performance. I’m not a natural exhibitionist, but with David as a teacher, I’m slowly learning to enjoy being displayed. And it’s not like I have a choice, just at the moment.

A minute or two later, a baritone voice booms, “I’m Dr. Thomas. What seems to be the problem today?”

Finally, I think, aksaray escort and my pussy actually twitches in anticipation.

“It’s my girlfriend, Doctor,” David says plaintively. “No matter what I do, she’s always horny. I can’t keep up with her.”

“Let’s have a look,” the doctor says smoothly, and I can just imagine him winking at the audience.

He and the nurse turn the chair so that I’m visible in profile to the handful of men and women gathered in the open doorway. He slips around so that he’s standing at my head. “We’ll start with a breast exam,” he announces, and I can’t hold back a gasp as he cups my flesh in big, warm hands. “Very nice,” he murmurs, hefting them slightly in his hands. “Just lovely.”

He fondles me shamelessly for a few minutes before turning his attention to my nipples, which immediately leap to attention at his touch. “Excellent response,” the nurse observes.

The doctor rolls each nipple between his fingers and thumbs and pulls at them gently, making me moan with pleasure. “Do you like that?” he asks, his voice neutral.

“Yes,” I sigh, and someone in the hall laughs out loud. I’m past caring though. I just want to come.

Another pinch and he orders the nurse to suck one nipple while he services the other. The two of them tongue and nibble me hungrily and I squirm in response, happy for the attention. They caress my breasts lightly, running their fingertips over my super-sensitive flesh until I’m incoherent with pleasure.

I almost groan in protest when the doctor abandons my nipple. “Keep palpating her breasts while I continue the exam,” he tells the nurse, and moves to the other end of the chair to stand between my widespread thighs. “Miss Jones, bring me the lubricant, please.”

The nurse keeps playing with my breasts, pinching and sucking each nipple in turn as the receptionist scurries to obey. I hear a snap of latex as the doctor pulls on a glove. A second later, she’s handing him a tube of lube and I brace myself for the inevitable.

He surprises me, though, tracing my pussy lips with one finger instead of invading my ass. I squeal in surprise, hips jerking, when he flicks a finger over my throbbing clit and my pussy clenches.

“There’s the tell-tale symptom,” the doctor says, flicking me again. “See the way her cunt is contracting? She needs a cock inside her.” Another flick and I can hear myself sobbing with need as I grind my hips shamelessly toward his gloved hand. “This might be the most advanced case of horny little slut syndrome I’ve ever seen.”

“Can you cure it?” David asks, and his voice sends a jolt of sensation through me.

“No, I’m afraid the only thing you can do is treat the symptoms,” the doctor says. “But let’s finish the exam.”

He runs a finger along the cleft of my ass and I groan, then sigh, as he plunges one well-lubed finger up into my ass. He turns and twists his hand for a second or two before sliding a second finger in to the tight opening.

“Good response,” he says, sliding his fingers in and out rapidly, and I work my hips eagerly to meet him.

He begins stroking my clit with his other hand as he continues finger-fucking my ass. I squirm and buck in my bonds, moaning wordlessly as he rushes me toward orgasm. “You can see how easily stimulated she is,” he tells David calmly, and I scream as I’m finally allowed to come.

He keeps playing with me, relentlessly bringing me to one orgasm after another. I’m dimly aware that the men and women who were in the hall are now standing around the exam chair to watch me wriggle and writhe under the doctor’s teasing touch.

When I’m finally sated, he steps back. “That should hold her for a while,” he tells David. “But she’ll need regular treatment. I recommend several sessions a day.”

“What kind of treatment?” David asks, smirking. If I weren’t so exhausted, I’d be a little concerned.

“Let’s get her up on the table,” the doctor suggests.

I can barely move as David and the nurse half-carry me over to the exam table, but I manage to hold myself up as I’m set on all fours.

The nurse adjusts the height of the table so that I’m at cock-height. I’m more than amasya escort grateful a minute or two later as the nurse shoves his hard cock into my mouth. I’m just starting to suck him when I feel the doctor’s cock nudging my pussy entrance. I lift my hips to accommodate him, and he slams in with satisfying eagerness.

I’m shocked at how hungry I am for their cocks as I rotate my hips and tilt my head back to let them penetrate me more deeply. The nurse plays roughly with my breasts and I groan around his cock as he pinches and tweaks my aching nipples. The doctor’s fingers slide between my legs and he’s fingering my clit again. I respond instantly, wild to come again as they fuck my willing mouth and pussy into oblivion.

I come first, grinding my hips against the doctor’s as the orgasm takes me, then him. A second later, it’s the nurse’s turn. I don’t even try to swallow all of his cum, letting it dribble down my chin and throat.

We all lean together, exhausted, for a minute or two, until we can catch our breath. Finally, the doctor straightens up and eases out of me. “That kind of therapy,” he says, voice raspy.

The two men zip themselves up and I kneel there, still exhausted from coming so hard. My jaw aches and my pussy is sore from the hard fucking, but I’d welcome another round, and David knows it.

“Turn around and present,” he tells me, and I’m happy to obey. “I want that ass up nice and high, slut.”

A second later, I’m on my knees with my forehead pressed against the cool metal exam table and my ass lifted high in the air. I spread my legs wide and reach back to clasp my ankles.

I can see David hefting his belt in his hands and I bite my lip, torn between anticipation and dread. I hate the spanking, but I love the fucking that will follow it. Luckily, inflicting pain doesn’t especially turn him on; he just loves to control me, and a few swats are all it will take.

“Lift that ass up higher,” he says. “I want it pointed at the ceiling.”

I obey immediately, steeling myself for the first blow, but he’s not finished with me.

“Wiggle that ass,” he tells me, his voice hard and rough. “Shake it for me, slut. Show me how badly you want to be fucked.”

Mortified, I twitch my hips a little, almost frozen with shame.

Two stinging slaps across my backside cure me of any embarrassment. “I said shake it!” David roars, and strikes me twice more with the belt.

Terrified, I wriggle and shake wildly, lifting my ass higher as I swing my hips from side to side. The belt keeps landing, alternately slapping each cheek, and soon I’m rotating my hips in circles and figure eights, trying to avoid the searing blows. “Faster,” he tells me. “Spread your legs wider and shake that sweet ass.”

Tears stream down my face as I swing my hips. Our audience whistles and claps and soon they’re chanting, “Shake it, slut!”

The punishment continues for several more minutes and I sob harder with each blow on my sore, writhing bottom.

Finally, the blows stop, but I keep wiggling and shaking my bottom in time to the audience’s chants and claps.

“Do you want your pussy fucked?” David asks, smacking the side of the table with his belt.

“Yes, sir,” I blubber, almost out of breath.

“Ask me for it,” he demands.

“Please fuck my pussy, sir,” I beg, thrusting my ass even higher in invitation. I wiggle my ass invitingly. “Please, sir, I need my pussy fucked so bad. Please fuck me.”

A second later, he’s pulling me back as he rams his cock into me. I squeal with gratitude as he slams into me again and again, throwing my head back and screaming as I come yet again. Another thrust and David grunts and shudders, exploding into me.

Five minutes later, I’m sucking one cock and three more men are lined up and waiting their turn. Luckily, none of them last long after the show I’ve just put on. But I’m covered with cum as the last the one finishes, my tits, face and thighs sticky with sperm.

David won’t let me clean up, making me crawl naked to the car. “Let them see what a slut you really are,” he says, smacking my ass with his belt to make me hurry up the stairs.

My stockings are in shreds by the time we get to the car, but I’m too exhausted – and grateful, frankly – to care.

David puts the top up on the car and rolls the windows up, but at this point, I really don’t care if anyone sees me like this. It’s good to be a horny little slut, I think, closing my eyes. I’ll be asleep in a second.

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