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The Dream Job

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* * *

…those damned Yankees! Couldn’t seem to live up to their reputation the one year I choose to bet on them! He figured they were a safe bet, literally, but no, oh no, no, no, no—

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes, oooooooohhhh yes! YES!!!

George snapped back to the task at hand, taking a moment to orient himself. It’s a trick of the trade he learned long ago, mentally distancing oneself from the physical situation. This way he was able to satisfy every customer he dealt with, for customer service was the key point of the job.

Well, George thought ruefully, the key point of the job is how long and how well I can stuff these rich twats with the point of my cock!

“Oh fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” she groaned out in a ragged voice (I had literally fucked her hoarse). “Fuck my tight little pussy, oh baby, your fat cock is tearing me up, oh GOD YES!!”

They were on the big black leather couch in the living-room: the distinguished wife of an even-more distinguished senior law partner (39-years old and looking ten years younger with a bombshell body measuring 40-26-40, a black micro-skirt bunched up at the slim waist and a black thong hanging off one slender ankle) on her knees leaning forward against the couch back, and George, her $400/hour male escort, standing just behind her, hands planted firmly on her gyrating ass, pumping ten of his 13 inches into her furnace of a backdoor. He knew this would be part of the night when the order came in and, no matter that he was no fan of anal, for this kind of money he didn’t really mind. And besides, this lady really was something and her ass felt almost as good as her pussy.

Nor did he mind the change of scenery; they had come back from the restaurant a little past 11 and had wasted no time getting down to business. Within ten minutes she had been choking down more cock than she ever had before and still had enough room on the shaft for both hands. They had then lay down and he proceeded to pretty much fuck her with his mouth as she lay quivering on top of him, his tongue and fingers seeming to be everywhere, her head bobbing weakly on the top third of his thick tool. After cumming in his mouth harder than she has ever done before, Jessica crawled her way down the length of his body, her dripping pussy leaving a trail down his chest; without saying a word, she had lifted herself up and dropped down with a high-pitched moan. Five minutes later she was pistoning up and down the slick shaft like her life depended on it, and came again.

All that was over four hours ago, and his dick was getting pretty sore. Besides, he hadn’t cum once yet, another valuable self-control skill he possessed. He had already üsküdar escort fucked her to half a dozen orgasms in twice as many positions, and this was the final act. He could tell this was probably going to be her biggest, and last, orgasm of the night. Only fitting, he thought, since I’m going to be dropping a bucket-load on her.

He decided to wrap things up and, without slowing down the hammering of his cock, climbed onto the couch, his legs to either side of her. He leaned forward, grabbing the couch back; this gave him good leverage to swing into her and changed the angle as well. He knew this was a tighter entry (what was confirmed after the first thrust by a surprised higher-pitched moan) and it allowed him to pound downward into her, with quite a bit more force. This was pretty much a finishing move that he usually reserved to the end.

“Oh my GAAAWD, George! Oh fuck, that’s so fucking good, ohhhh that hurts but it feels so good!”

She reached back with one hand and draped her arm over his thigh, digging her sharp red fingernails into his skin. In return George reached out and grabbed one of her swaying tits, pinching the diamond-hard nipple and pulling her closer to him. This turned the angle of entry even more, her squeezing ass putting a real strain on his thick shaft.

“Oh my fucking Lord,” she moaned breathlessly, her breast slick in his big hands, her nipple poking into his palm. With a final squeeze he let go and transferred both his hands to her shoulders, giving him complete control over her petite body, and began pounding her ass in earnest.

“Oh god, ooooh George, you’re going to make cum so hard, oh gaaaaaawd!” Dripping sweat onto her back, he quickened the pace, and moments later he felt her seize up in that certain way, and then she was screaming her orgasm for the whole world to hear. He was pretty sure she didn’t stop to take a breath the entire time she was cumming, until she finally collapsed beneath him, her ass still in the air only due to still being skewered on his huge cock. He gently pulled it out and her juicy ass fell over to the side with a soft bump.

“Oh man, that was something else…” he said breathlessly, at which she half-moaned, half-laughed. “tell me about it…” she whispered.

“I’ll tell you about something, alright,” George said, getting off the couch and slipping off the condom off of his raw-red dick. “I’ve still got a whole big load with your name on it, so where do you want me to dump it?” He smiled lasciviously, knowing pretty well what she’d say.

“Well, mister,” she said coyly as she straightened up and slid down in şerfali escort front of the couch, leaning back on it with her amazing tits on display. “We’ve got lots of room right here on my big tits…” at this cupped her tits and squeezed them invitingly, showing a line of cleavage almost a foot long. “Also, here on my face… yeah baby, I want you to unload all over my face…” she stuck two long slim fingers into her mouth and her lips closed around them, sucking hungrily. “…and in my mouth… I want to feel your cum everywhere, baby, I want to feel it sliding down my throat, yeah… I want it… I want it so bad…”

It was time. He felt it deep inside, felt it as he went past the point of no return, and unleashed suddenly and with no warning. Jessica was in the process of saying how badly she wanted his cum when she got it point-blank, an inch under her left eye. The cum-ball exploded on her small, pixie-like face, spreading in all directions. As it began dripping down her cheek, the early-cummer shot was overshadowed by the true start of the line-up, a thick rope of cum splattering her from hairline, down the nose, coating the mouth and off her chin, followed by four more such shots; three of them stretching over her right eye and covering it completely, and the fourth landed almost entirely on her upper lip, cascading over and into her waiting mouth. Each landed with the same splashing sound followed immediately by a small gasp; she stopped gasping by that point, though, on account of her mouth and nose being completely coated with his man-cream. He could see that she was actually barely able to breath, creating cum-bubbles and further spreading the mess on her face (not that the jizz on her mouth had anything to do with the curved lines of cum stippling her forehead and eyes).

After the six shot went pretty much sliding across her cum-glazed face and slid just under an ear into her hair, he changed course and set her nipples as targets. Knowing his own capacity, George knew he was barely half done his load at that moment, so he pointed his cockhead down and drew a white line from her right collarbone to the top of her left tit. He saw that his work on her face had left her chest dotted like a minefield, her left tit already spattered to the nipple. George was happy to add to the landscape and blasted her right breast with an admittedly weaker shot, a glistening arch of cum on her soft, tanned flesh. Then his body bucked as the last strong convulsion went through him and out his cockhead in a cannon blast, splashing her right in the middle of her chest, starting a river of cum between her juicy mounds. Jessica squeezed her tits to add to the effect, and he unloaded what felt like a half dozen more shots, stripping and zigzagging her fantastic chest; both tits were mostly whitewashed and the nipples were actually dripping cum onto her stomach and thighs.

As he neared the end of undoubtedly one of his longest and best orgasms, George felt her hand grab his still-hard cock and her lips wrapping around the cockhead. She waited until he added to the cum already in her mouth with one more shot, then dove down the shaft, cum gushing out past her lips as she did so and trailing down his balls, her hand squeezing and massaging his throbbing package. She didn’t stop until her lips were pressed firmly to the base of his fat tool (granted, it had softened by now; she couldn’t take more than three-quarters when he was fully hard), cum squelching past her stained and strained lips as she bobbed her head over the bottom inch, her throat working and swallowing as his still-considerably long cock finished cumming inside her, halfway down to her stomach.

As the electricity coursing through his body faded, George drew in a ragged breath and looked down at the fantastically-hot and very rich older woman as she kneeled in front of him; the remnants of her expensive outfit stained with sweat and cum (both his and hers); her hair completely disheveled and her makeup smeared almost entirely away by a thick mask of cum that was slowly dripping down to join the growing trickle between her spattered tits and down her fit stomach (the faint line of her abs acting as a natural channel); she kneeled there with his softening cock still plugging her mouth, and he was getting paid ridiculous money to be here. To have his cock deep-throated and his cum guzzled by this amazingly hot cum-slut who felt neglected by her husband; if this wasn’t the dream job, he didn’t know what was.

Jessica broke his reverie by pulling her head back and withdrawing him from her mouth, encased in a coating of cum and spit, most of which immediately began dripping on her chin and chest. She took a deep, shaky, breath and, smacking her lips satisfyingly, said “thank you, you’ve been great as usual. Better, even! Nobody makes me cum like you do, not even my girlfriends.” Her tongue did a wonderful job of wiping the remainder of her cum-dinner off his cock, which surprisingly went a good way towards getting him excited again, even so soon after the his biggest load in ages. She then smiled more broadly, stretching lines of cum between her lips, and wiped another large drop from her right eyelid. “Speaking of which, I’ve been telling them about you, and they’d like to meet you.” She got up slowly, walked over to where her expensive top lay beside the couch and began wiping her face and hands on it.

He smiled nonchalantly and said “you’ve got my number. Give me a call whenever you girls want to go out for a drink or three. Are you done with that shirt?”

* * *

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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