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The Encounter

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You’re with your brothers. It’s a celebration, what for doesn’t really matter. It’s just an excuse to get away from the demands of day-to-day life, hang out, and drink.

She’s at table alone in the hotel bar. Laptop open, a half-eaten meal pushed aside, a glass (mostly gone) of something amber colored. You look at her and feel something primal respond. There’s an instantaneous attraction. She’s really nothing to write home about; but there’s fire anyway. Mid-forties, petite, with just enough extra pounds to her, you’re pretty sure you wouldn’t break her if you bent her over a chair.

A brother says something in a just-too-loud voice, it was crass, and you wince a little when she looks up and catches you staring. She peers over the top of her glasses at you at gives you a wry smile. The smile is enough that your cock starts to rise.

Throughout the evening you watch as two different guys try and approach her. The first one she ignores; he didn’t try and speak he just looked her up and down and leered as she just kept working. The bartender (a guy in his 30s who has obviously seen this before) swoops in and asks if she’s still working on her plate. She shakes her head no, smiles, and says something. The noise level in the bar is high enough you can’t hear what she says. The bartender takes her plate and returns with a fresh glass of scotch or whiskey on the rocks. He hangs out for a minute, chatting with her, until the leering guy gets the hint and moves on.

The second was a little more overt than the first. Her laptop still open, ice melting in her drink, she has a notepad out and is writing in it, alternating between the laptop, the notepad, and her cell phone. She’s obviously in the middle of something. You get irritated for her when a smooth looking guy in a suit and tie pulls the chair next to her out from her table and sits down and starts talking. She moves the laptop just slightly, so he can’t see the screen and turns to him.

This time you hear her say “I’m sorry, but what indication was I giving that suggested to you that I wanted company? I ask so I cannot do that again.” You laugh. Your brothers look at you askance and you just shake your head. Smarmy suit guy sputters a little and can’t think of a response. She says “I am pretty sure that’s it’s fairly canlı bahis obvious that I’m in the middle of something. You should see yourself away from my table.” The bartender, who’d been busy with another table, hears her and moves towards her.

You’re already half out of your own chair, wondering if you’ll need to get involved. Luckily suit guy takes hears the message and gets up on his own.

She continues to work, and you keep glancing her way. Your brothers (and you) get a little rowdy and you catch her laughing at your antics. Each time you “accidentally” make eye contact an electric charge shoots through you.

The brothers start to peel off to their rooms and when it’s just you and two others left at the table, she closes the laptop. The bartender asks if she’d like anything else and she orders a hot toddy and asks if she can take it to her room. He tells her absolutely and as she gathers her things, she looks at you and glances at the room key in her hand and back to you. You smile and think she couldn’t have been clearer.

The bartender brings her a small set up with tea, honey, and a shot of bourbon. She deftly picks up the bag with her laptop and the tea, her room key slipped between two fingers. She leaves the bar and you quickly say goodnight to the brothers and trail behind her; no so close as to be obvious to anyone else, but close enough you can see her.

She turns a corner and you’re afraid you’ve lost her but then you see her at her door. You come up behind her and take the room key, slipping it into the lock. She’s between you and the door and you are so close you swear you can hear her heartbeat. The top of her head is below your chin and you breathe in the smell of her hair, your cock becomes fully erect; painfully so.

The door swings in and you both step into the hotel room. She places her bag in the closet, the toddy on the credenza and turns towards you.

Your hands are immediately under her shirt, working on unclasping her bra, and freeing her breasts and her fingers work the buckle on your belt. The glances throughout the evening obviously have you both worked up.

She manages to get her hands down your jeans before you can work her bra off and as her fingers wrap around your now rock-hard cock you sigh. Since she’s gone for your bahis siteleri dick, you reach up under her skirt to finger her pussy. To your surprise you discover she’s wearing garters and hose with no underwear.

You laugh and push two fingers into her and start working her clit with your thumb. She gasps and start to drop to her knees, but you hold her up and to you. She grabs you cock and starts stroking up and down, her grip both soft and forceful. Your hands work at each other for a few minutes; these ministrations cause you to get even harder and her to become dripping wet.

The bed is about 10 feet from you. The bathroom counter just four. You turn her so her ass is to you and nearly carry her into the bathroom, bunching her skirt to her hips while she works your jeans and underwear to your knees. Turned away from you, you see from the hallway light that her hips are wide and her ass full.

You push her against the counter and slip your cock into her waiting, wet, warm cunt. As you slide into her as far as you can, she pushes against you and moans “Yes, oh goodness, yes”.

The thought you don’t know her name or anything about her crosses your mind. You first laid eyes on her just a couple of hours ago and here you are balls deep in her. You decide that you are going to fuck the hell out of her, that a woman who picks a guy up with glances wants just that and as you thrust as hard and as fast as you can, you realize she has pulled her blouse off and her bra is gone.

One hand is on her hip pulling her to you and the other is magically on a breast. You kneed it harder than you really have to; harshly rolling the nipple between your fingers and pulling. She gasps, and you feel her hips grind into you.

You decide to take things one step further and your hand is on her throat and you squeeze, not tightly but enough that you know she knows you could choke her out in a moment. She inhales sharply and in a growling whisper you say, “Not another fucking word out of you, not a sound, understood?” She locks eyes with you in the mirror, smiles and nods.

You pound at her until you feel her pussy contract and constrict and contract again. She’s coming and not making a sound! You marvel at her self-control. You want to cum but at the same time you want to deny her bahis şirketleri (why, you’re not sure but you do). You pull all the way out of her and slam three fingers in her and say “Stop. Stop now”. She shudders and the orgasm she was literally in the middle of stops. She whimpers and you turn her to face you. With your free hand you take her face in your hand and kiss her hard. She tastes of bourbon and something sweet. You want to drop to your knees and taste her pussy, but instead your fingers pull out of her and you push her to her knees.

Her mouth is immediately on you and you feel her tongue as it traces your head. One hand is already working your balls. You’re not sure where her other hand is but you’ve lost control with this woman and you aren’t exactly sure how. One of your hands slides down to her shoulder and the other in her hair you immediately begin to fuck her mouth.

She sucks and tries to keep up, but you are pounding away. She realizes you’re close to coming and the hand you lost track of now wraps itself around your leg, keeping her balanced as you eject rope after rope of cum. Somehow, she swallows everything that gets in her mouth, but her face and tits are covered in a glossy sheen of you. A look you find sexier than the glance over the top of her glasses at the bar.

You lean forward, and you catch yourself on the counter. As you lean against it, she stands. turns her back to you, her ass brushing up against your half erect cock, and turns on the water in the sink; wetting a washcloth she begins to wipe you with it. Taking it from her you rinse it and do the same, wiping her face, and neck, and breasts. The warm water on the cloth turns cold quickly on her skin and she shivers.

You place the cloth on the counter and pick her up, throwing her over your shoulder she giggles, and you slap her on the ass. Playfully, but you feel her shudder and your cock rises again as you think about holding her down and feeling your balls slap against her.

You carry her out to the bed, pull the covers back and throw her on it.

You reach for her skirt and tug, the material ripping away from her. You do the same with the hose. Leaving her in garters, the ruined clothing on the floor. You remove your shirt and your jeans and pull the covers over you as you fall into the bed.

She rolls toward you and with you both on your sides facing each other, you kiss her. One of her legs wraps around your hip and one of your hands plays with her breast. You sigh, and she laughs.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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