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The Fertility Therapist

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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He was a slight man with a receding hair line, Slightly stooped shoulders. He was in his late twenties but looked older than that. He was a parody of an Accountant. He had a habit of taking off and cleaning his frameless spectacles when he was nervous. Being extremely near sighted, he would squint heavily while using his ever-present handkerchief on his glasses.

She was a dowdy looking woman several years younger than her husband. Mousey brown hair pulled straight back and held in place with a plastic headband. She kept her gaze in her lap where her slender fingers were slowly pulling apart a tissue. Her modest, mid-calf length summer dress obscured what was underneath it, if anything.

The Doctor’s deep brown eyes were fixed on the report in his hands. His sleeves were rolled up exposing strongly muscled forearms. His oxford button down shirt was open at the collar, his broad shoulders caused his shirt to strain over his chest. The name plate read Erik Shaun, MD.

As he looked up at the couple Mr. Smythe hurriedly put his glasses back on. “Well, Doctor?” he ventured.

“Mr. Smythe, Mrs Smythe, I’ve reviewed all the reports available to me. You have been to almost every fertility clinic within 100 miles. What brings you here, finally?”

“Cecilia had heard that you were often successful when others were not. Two of her friends recommended you to her. And after I did some research we agreed to see you for help. I, that is, we, really want children. Can you help?” As he finished he again removed his glasses and polished them.

“Well, perhaps. As you know, initial courses of artificial insemination are successful only 10 to 20 percent of the time. Often multiple attempts must be made to ensure success. Each attempt can be quite costly.” The Doctor rose from behind his desk to lean against the side of his desk. For the first time Mrs. Smythe raised her eyes but only part way. She did not look at the Doctor’s face.

“I have available all of the standard procedures of course. But I can also offer a procedure that is successful almost 80% of the time in a single treatment and almost 100% with multiple treatments. And at a significantly lower cost.”

She spoke up for the first time. “That’s wonderful, Doctor! Can you describe, um, show, er, that is, what is the nature of this treatment.”

“Well, you could call it a ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ treatment, I suppose.” The Doctor began to unbutton his shirt. “Let me show you.” He dropped his shirt on the desk top. Exposed to his visitors was his well muscled chest and abdominal muscles. His extremely low body fat assured that each muscle was well defined.

Muscles across his shoulders and upper arms showed the result of hours of weight-lifting and other exercises. Somehow he seemed larger now than he had just moments before.

“Oh, my,” moaned Mrs. Smythe softly, her eyes locked on his upper body. Her hands were clenching and unclenching in her lap, the tissue had fallen to the floor, unnoticed. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips.

Flustered, Mr. Smythe removed his glasses and peered toward the Doctor.

“Sir, what are you doing?” he quavered

“Your lovely wife asked about treatment options. I’m showing you one of the most successful options you’ll ever see!” There was a smug note to his voice.

Smiling at Mrs. Smythe he flexed his stomach muscles, causing her to inhale strongly. He then reached down and grasped the lump that was forming in his crotch. He slowly, teasingly, caressed the erecting pole that was forming in his left pant leg. Her tongue again wet her lips as she stared.

As she gazed raptly, his hand reached the end of his hidden dick. The dick head was clearly visible. The fabric of his pants was thin enough that she could make out the ridge of his large cock head. There was a slowly expanding dark spot where his precum was oozing from his dick head. Still smiling, Dr. Shaun allowed her to gaze at the impressive length that reached down his pants leg for 10 or more inches. Again, her tongue wet her lips as she sighed.

He then gripped the cock shaft between thumb and forefinger to demonstrate the thickness. His fingers were inches apart and the impressive rod now stretched out almost 12 inches.

Gently smiling at the young woman the Doctor unbuckled and pulled down his zipper.

“I’m afraid I have to go ‘commando'”, he apologized. “Otherwise I get all tangled up.”

He straightened up. Mrs. Smythe was gaping intently as the Doctor allowed his pants to fall to the floor. His huge dick hung, more than a foot long, over a massive ball sack that struggled to contain his tennis-ball sized gonads. He kept himself shaved so that his size was unmistakable.

As Mr. Smythe groped to remove his glasses Mrs. Smythe slipped to her knees in front of the Doctor.

Fumbling to get his canlı bahis şirketleri glasses back on, Mr. Smythe was greeted by the sight of his plain, demure, church-going wife kneeling in front of the Doctor. Both her hands were stroking slowly up and down the enormous penis that swayed hypnotically in front of her. With hands and lips she was paying homage to the most massive dick imaginable! Still not yet fully erect, this cock was now well over a foot long.

Soft, wet sounds could be heard as she manipulated his hardening dick. Precum continued to seep generously from his huge member. She was licking and sucking, kissing and fluttering her tongue over his massive pole. Slowly it was gaining more heft, lengthening and growing more erect. Soon it was straining upward, the dick head far above his navel!

“It seems that your wife has made her decision on treatment options,” the Doctor’s laughter was deep and resonant as it filled the office.

“NO!” Mr. Smythe protested. “I forbid it!”

Turning her head just enough to look over the gigantic lance Mrs. Smythe responded.

“Be quiet, Llewellyn! Just sit there. And be quiet. You wanted us to have children. You can’t seem to make that happen. Perhaps the Doctor can! I certainly want to find out if he can!” She gazed up at the Doctor.

“This is my choice and I’m going to do what I want to do! I’m going to do what I need to do! I’m going to do what I can’t wait to do!”

Defiantly she tore off her head band a threw it across the room.

Shaking her head she let her hair bounce free. Suddenly she looked younger, softer. As she her eyes sparkled.

She returned her attention to the amazing, more than wrist-thick prong inches in front of her. She had never seen such a massively erect penis. She had, in fact, hardly ever touched a penis. She had never had any interest. But now…

Parting her lips, she brought the tip of his penis to where she could bestow reverent kisses to the gigantic dickhead. He was far too large for her to hope to take his dick head into her mouth. But she sucked on the end of his penis, her lips opening and closing as she worked.

Her tongue flashed out to take up the pre-cum that was oozing steadily out of the opening. Never taking her eyes off the massive dick she was fondling with both hands she grafted her lips to his leaking cock-slit. Her grip was firmer now. Her strokes longer and quicker!

“Mmmmmhhhh,” she moaned, “Ohhhh, tastes so good! It’s so hard, so hot! So smooth! And God, it’s big!

“I didn’t believe my, uuhhhmmm, my friends when they told me about you!” she gasped as she pulled back for a moment. She regarded his giant cock. “I didn’t believe them when they said you were so, Dear God, so big! So long, so thick! Ohhhhh!” she moaned as her hands continued to stroke up and down his shaft.

“Tell me what you think when I’m fully erect,” he directed.

“There’s more? More?” her voice was incredulous at the suggestion.

“Fifteen, fifteen and one half inches long! Almost 5 inches thick,” he bragged.

“Ooohhhhh, my Lord, what a monster!” she groaned in excitement. “Mmmffff!” Her lips were back on his dick. Her hands moved slowly, up and down his rigid cock shaft urging him to grow longer and larger! Turning her head she started to run her mouth up and down his incredible shaft. Moaning and whimpering in excitement she payed homage to the gigantically hard dick that she was holding.

Looking the Doctor in the eyes she pursed her lips and gently kissed his dick head.

“I love it! I never knew…” her voice trailed off as she again regarded his immensity. Reverently she smoothed his cock head across her face.

Still grinning up at the Doctor, she started to slap his dick against her lips, cheeks and forehead. Enjoying the feeling she beat herself with his enormously hard cock. The sounds echoed through out the office. Her tongue began to round up all the juices that were sliding toward his balls. The slurping, sucking sounds grew louder as she pulled more and more into her mouth.

“So delicious!” She exclaimed after swallowing the mouthful. She licked her lips, making sure that she had gotten it all.

“Don’t you think we should move to the main event?” suggested Dr. Shaun.

Reluctantly Cecilia rose to her feet while still gripping him with both hands.

“I know I don’t look like much in this outfit,” she said gesturing to the clothes she was wearing. “But when I’m naked, I’m hot as fuck!” she crowed. Rapidly she disrobed while Erik watched, arms crossed over his muscular chest.

As the last of her underwear fell away she put her hands on her hips and posed for his examination. She wiggled and flexed for her admirer.

“32 Double E, 22 inch waist and 34 inch hips! Hot as fuck, right?” The pride was evident in her voice. “Little Limply, here, doesn’t want me to show off. He says it’s inappropriate! Hah!” Her muscular abdomen flexed with her breathing. Her firm boobs, amazingly large on her canlı kaçak iddaa thin body, bounced and shivered fetchingly as he looked her over. The transformation was unbelievable. From dowdy house wife to sex-pot in just a few minutes.

How, Dr. Shaun wondered, had she been able to hide her amazing figure? Her entire look had changed!

Her face was smeared with his precum. There was a flush rising from her impressive chest. Her lips seemed puffy and pouty!

As he watched she slowly stroked her hands from her hips, up across her stomach and then cupped her tits. Smiling at the Doctor she squeezed herself and pinched her now erect nipples. “Hot as fuck!” she emphasized, letting her boobs go to bounce firmly in front of her.

The Doctor’s hand was now running up and down his erection as he stared at the revealed body of Mrs. Smythe. He swept her up in his arms and carried her to the sofa. They kissed deeply as he settled her on to the cushions.

Her arms were entwined around his neck while she moved against him.

“I can’t wait,” she moaned as she lay back.

Gasping with excitement, Cecelia spread her legs as wide as she could, opening herself for his gigantic, throbbing hard-on.

“Now, now, now! Put it in me!” she demanded. She was squeezing her tits in both hands, pinching her nipples while he watched.

Gripping his dick at the root he placed his billiard ball sized head at the opening to her cunt. It did not seem likely that it would fit. The contrast between his massive cock and her petite cunt was extreme.

Pressing gently, he maneuvered his dickhead up and down, forcing himself into her. His tip was just inside her tightly clasping cunt lips. Her gasps of pain and pleasure served to encourage him as he worked.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve done this,” he reassured her. “It will fit, just give it time. You need to adjust to my girth! Just relax. Let me do the work!”

Sitting mere feet away her husband was cleaning his glasses obsessively as he tried to muster an objection. Neither of the other two were paying him any attention at all.

“Guh! Guh! Guh! It’s so very big! So very thick! Oooohhhh! Make it fit, Doctor!” Cecelia was writhing beneath her partner. Ignoring his suggestion she was throwing her self in all directions, trying to help him plow into her deeper and deeper. She was gasping loudly. Moaning and groaning in lust and excitement. Her arms and legs were trying to wrap around him, trying to pull him deeper and deeper into her pussy.

“Huh, huh! Never thought, ooohhhhh, yes. My Lord, guh, yah, you are so much OOhhh, yes! like that! go deeper, you are so much more of a man than I had imagined.” Her voice was raspy with lust. “Ummm, ahhhh, I thought, hah!, seven inches was, ohhh, was large. You are more, uhh, more, I say, than twice the man of anyone I have ever heard off! Uugghh! Five, five inches is insignificant! So small. So little! Not even a, huh, Lord Almighty, not even a third of your immensely huge dick. And not as stiff, as hard as you! Not as large, not a stiff, not as hard! Almost useless, uhhh, uhhh, you fill me so well! I’ll need it all, Doctor. All of it!” she repeated.

“When my friends told me about ugh, ugh, Dear God! about you I knew I had to find a way to meet you! I didn’t, Oh Christ that’s huge! I didn’t think… I couldn’t fathom… I was SO wrong!” She was gasping and groaning as the Doctor slowly fed her more and more of his iron hard shaft.

“They told me how gigantic your cock was. Uuhhhh! I’m ashamed, huh, hah, huh, to admit I did not believe them! Guh! No one could have convinced me of, ohhhhh, deeper…. of how large you truly are! So, ahhhhh, so, uuuhhhhmmmm, Lord help me! It’s so stiff and hard! So massive! I love it, make me take more, please! Wuh, wuh, never stop! Pound me hard! You’re going to make me cum! You own my cunt! Fill it, put it all in me!” The deep slapping sounds of their bellies berating against each other filled the office. He was almost half way into her. She wanted it all!

She ran her hands over his upper body. Caressing his muscles and teasing his nipples. Her eyes were half closed while her tongue wet her lips as he pounded in and out of her. Not even breathing deeply he was giving her more and more on each stroke. More with each of his half strokes than she had ever had forced into her before! Her legs pulled him to her and then splayed as wide apart as possible hoping that she would be able to take more.

“Goooodddd! You are masterful! So masterful. My Lord, you are big! So fucking BIGI never dreamed, gah, ugh, huh, huh.” her voice faded away as the sound of the sofa beating against the bookcase kept up a steady cadence. Again and again he forced more and more into her sopping, spasming cunt.

She was staring down, watching his dick ravage her pussy. Not even half way she judged. And yet…

“Fuck! I’m cumming! I’ve never cum so quickly! You’re making me cum! Yeaahhh! Gaaahhh! So deep! So strong! So much cock! And there canlı kaçak bahis is more!” Her voice rose into a screech as she was catapulted into an earthshaking climax.

“Uhhnn, Lord, so big! Ugh, ugh, ugh, so hard! I love it. I need it! I need to be fucked. FUCKED hard, like, ummm, ugh, yes. like this! Deep! As deep as you can! You are so uuhhh, big, big, BIG! I love your huge dick, those immense balls!” She was crying and babbling in excitement as he continued working above her. He wasn’t even breaking a sweat!

Her hands were grasping his butt. Trying to pull him deeper and deeper! Feeling his hard body as he worked above her she was rising to heights of ecstasy that she had never felt, never imagined.

“You love this, don’t you?” He asked calmly. “How do you feel? Your lust helps to assure that you will become with child! Do you enjoy this?”

“Enjoy? Oh, Lord, I, um, that is, ooffff, large, so big! Yes, love, adore! Guhh, damn, Worship it. You! That cock! Your cock and balls! I want to, I need to adore them! Ohhhh, I uh, need to feel you even deeper. You have more for me! I want it all, gah, uhhh. Again, I’m cumming so quickly! I can’t believe it! So hard. I’m cumming so hard, so soon, again! Yesssss! Fuck me, pound my cunt to pudding!” Her hips were working left, right, up and down. There was no rhythm now. She was just reacting to each of his almost foot long thrusts.

On and on he went as she lay helpless underneath him. Pounding her again and again, slowly forcing more of himself into her weeping pussy.

“I’m going to cum now”, he finally announced. “Did your friends tell you about my ejaculations? Did they tell you about me?”

“Oh, Lord, they had to be lying! No one could do what they told me!” she cried.

“Is THIS a lie?” he asked as he pulled himself from her grasping cunt. He had been well over half way into her. There was a rich mixture of her juices and his precum as he stroked himself. His dick head seemed to reach between her tits as she watched his shaft flex.

“No, in me, in me! CUM in me! I want your babies! Give me your cum!” Her voice faded away as the first of many gouts of cum erupted. The first surge soared over her to crash behind her. The next several followed the first.

Her eyes widened as she watched him shower her, the sofa and the bookcase against the wall.

“Dear Lord! So much! Uuuhhh! So much! You’re covering me! Aawww, Lord! I can’t believe it! Goddamn! It’s too much for one man! How are you doing this?” She was holding her mouth open hoping to catch as much of his sperm as she could.

“Christ, is there no stopping? You’re still cumming! How much do you have?” She was looking up at him through a veil of cum streaks that covered her face and upper body. Her tongue picked up what had landed on her lips.

“So much, so good! I love the taste, let me have more! It’s like a fire hose! Splash some on my tits! Let me rub it into my skin! So thick, so warm. SO FUCKING MUCH!” she shrieked.

He moved up and dropped his still spurting cock onto her lips. Moaning and sobbing she took as much as she could in her mouth.

“I’ll cum in you next time,” he assured her.

“The next time? You can cum again?” She was incredulous. “No one has ever cum twice in a row!” she exclaimed.

“I can,” he bragged. “I always do!”

She was still nursing on his erection. While she was swallowing, her hands were rubbing up and down, coaxing more cum out of his erection. One hand went to cradle his ball sack. One hand wasn’t enough, she found. When she finally thought she had taken all that he had to offer he reached down and squeezed out one last thick rope of cum that he slathered onto her titties.

“Oh, Master, so much!” she moaned. She was rubbing his offering into her tits and over her erect nipples. “I love it SOOO much! Dear Lord, look at the mess you made of the bookcase. There is cum everywhere! How much did you cum? So fucking much!”

She didn’t hesitate. He was still strongly erect, his dick was throbbing in her grasp. She pulled him to her so that she could clean up his dick with her hungry mouth. He watched, smiling, as she pursued every bit of his jism that she could reach.

“Again, Doctor, again. I’ve never seen a man who could cum again and again. But I’m told that you can! Do it again. Can you? Can you fuck me again! Make me feel this enormous cock all the way into my poor little pussy? Please? OOOOhhhhhh, yes, like that, like that!”

He was almost half way into her before she stopped speaking. It was easier going this time. He picked up the pace from where he had left off.

With in moments she was again wailing through an intense orgasm.

Twenty minutes later he fulfilled his pledge and dumped an overwhelming load of sperm into her pussy. The first two gouts of cum filled up her cunt. As he kept pounding her, his jism spurted out of her ravaged pussy. The cushion under her was drenched as he let loose a load at least the equal of his first.

Dazed and amazed she gazed up at him, waiting for him to disengage. She had had more orgasms in one afternoon with this amazingly massive stud than in the past several years.

To her surprise he showed no signs of stopping or even slowing down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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