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The Getaway

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You’ve had a very stressful week. Car problems, work problems…everything that could possibly have gone wrong seems to have gone wrong this week.

Today is Friday, finally. I phoned you this morning while you were in the shower and left a message on your answer machine. The message simply said, “Check your e-mail.” As soon as I hang up, I quickly re-read the e-mail I had written:

“Pack a bag and be ready to leave at 7 p.m. SHARP! No arguments allowed.”

I hit the Send button and shut off my laptop. I finish packing my own bag and put my laptop in its case. I lock the door and head to work. I am so excited about my plans for you and I know without a doubt that you’re excited as well as puzzled about what I’ve got planned.

I leave work promptly at 5:00 and stop off at the grocery store to pick up some necessities for the weekend. At 6:45, I pull into your driveway. I get out of my car and hurry to your door. I ring the doorbell and you open it, wearing only a pair of blue jeans.

“Hi,” I say, smiling. “You ready to go?”

“Hi yourself,” you say. “Almost ready. Come on in while I put my shirt on.” I enter your front hall and you pull me into your arms. You grab my ass and pull me close, tenderly kissing my lips. I put my arms around your neck and kiss you deeply, moving my hips provocatively against you. You tug on my lower lip as you pull away. I lightly squeeze your ass as you turn away.

“Hurry up,” I say. “We gotta go.” You put your shirt on and grab your bag. You lock the door and we head to my car. Once on the road, you ask where we’re going.

“It’s a surprise,” I tell you. “So, how was work?”

“It was the week from hell,” you say. “Everything seemed to go wrong this week. How’s your week gone?”

“Pretty good,” I say. We drive for a while in silence, just enjoying each other’s company. After about an hour, we arrive at our destination. “Here we are.” I turn the engine off and we get out of the car. As we get our bags out of the car, you take in our settings.

“It’s amazing!” you exclaim, taking in the rustic log cabin and the crystal clear lake about 100 feet away from the cabin. “How did you find this place?”

I smile, slightly embarrassed. “We used to come up here every summer when I was a kid,” Anadolu Yakası Escort I answer. “My parents own it.” I close the trunk of the car after slinging my bag over my shoulder and grabbing the grocery bags. We climb up the stairs to the door. I try to balance the groceries while trying to get the keys out of my pocket.

“Want some help?” you say smiling.

“Yes, please,” I say chuckling. “You want to take these bags while I grab the keys?”

“Nope,” you say, reaching around me. You place your hand on my upper right thigh and begin to pat me, pretending to look for the keys. You brush your hand against the top of my pussy as you pat your way to the other pocket. You move your hand around, pretending you can’t find them. You slip your hand into my pocket and continue looking for the keys as I begin to squirm as my panties start to dampen.

“Have you found them yet?” I say, embarrassed at how shaky my voice is.

“Aha!” you say, finally locating the keys. You pull them out of my pocket. “Here they are.” You kiss me quick and hard on the lips before unlocking the door. We enter the cottage and set about unpacking. We put the groceries away and then I take you on a tour of the cottage.

There is a fireplace in the living room. It has a large picture window looking out at the lake. Next we tour the bedrooms. There are three of them, two of which share a bathroom. The master bedroom has a king-sized four-poster bed. There’s a fireplace and one wall is all window, giving the occupants an amazing view of the surrounding woods and the lake. The bathroom has a claw-foot soaker bathtub, more than big enough for two.

“Hungry?” I ask. You reach out and lightly grab me by the waistband of my jeans. You pull me close to you as you slip your arms around my waist.

“Yes,” you say, just before lowering your mouth to mine. You trace my lips with your tongue before slipping it into my mouth. Our kiss deepens as I put my arms around you. You cup my ass and pull me against you. I can feel your arousal against my lower belly. I break the kiss. “But I’m not sure I’m ready for dinner.”

“Mmmm,” I say. “We need to eat dinner because I’ve got an evening planned for you.” I duck out of your arms and head to the kitchen. You grill Bostancı Escort hamburgers while I make a salad. We eat out on the deck. After dinner, we clean up and I tell you that I have a surprise for you in the bedroom. We head into the bedroom. I tell you to sit on the glider chair and make yourself comfortable.

“What are you up to?” you ask, smiling.

“Trust me,” I say as you sit in the chair. I walk over to the CD player and press play. Pretty soon the sounds of Tina Turner’s Private Dancer fill the air. As the music plays, I begin to dance. Slowly at first until I let the music take over. As I dance, I grab the hem of my t-shirt and pull it up over my body. Then I undo my jeans, slowly lowering them over my hips and down my long legs. I kick them away and continue to dance, clad only in a light blue bra and matching thong panties. I turn around and bend forward, giving you a good view of my firm round ass. I reach around and undo my bra, allowing it to fall off as I turn around to face you again. My panties soon follow.

Your chair is at the end of the bed. I get onto the bed and lean back against the numerous pillows. I run my hands over my body before cupping my breasts. I knead them before circling and pinching the nipples. You watch as my hands caress my tummy and down my legs. I lie back against the pillows and bend my knees. I spread my legs, allowing you a totally unobstructed view of my damp curls. As you watch, my hands slip between my legs and I begin to stroke myself. I part my slick folds and circle my clit with my fingernail before moving lower.

I watch you watching me. Both of us are beginning to breathe a little harder. I slide two fingers inside my wet hole and begin fingering myself. You can’t take your eyes off my pussy as I fuck myself, knowing I’m doing this for you because it’s your fantasy. As I’m pleasuring myself, you stand and quickly strip. Watching you expose your hard, deliciously male body excites me and I begin to finger myself more vigorously, adding a third finger. I rub my clit with my other hand. The pressure builds inside as I get closer to cumming. I don’t want to cum yet so I slow down my thrusting. I start to thrust harder and faster as I watch you start to stroke your hard cock. I cry Erenköy Escort out your name as my release washes over me. I am exhausted and slide my fingers from my wet pussy. Knowing that it will push you over the edge, I bring my cum-soaked fingers to my mouth and lick them clean. I close my eyes and try to catch my breath. I feel the bed move as you join me. You kiss me softly.

“Wow,” you say. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome,” I say, kissing you back.

You slide down and kneel between my legs. Your tongue lightly touches my folds and I jump at the initial contact. You lick and suck my folds, cleaning my juices from me. You continue to lick me, sliding your tongue deep inside me. You slide it in and out. In….out. You slide your hands under my ass and I put my legs on your shoulders as you push your tongue even deeper. I moan as you gently fuck me with your tongue. You slip your tongue out of my channel and bring it to my clit. You circle it and flick it before drawing it into your mouth and sucking on it.

All I’m aware of is the magic your tongue is working on my pussy and how wonderful it feels. My hands grab hold of the blanket beneath me and I clench it in my fists. I push my hips into your face as I get closer to cumming. I scream out your name as I cum hard, flooding your face. You lower my ass back to the bed and climb up beside me. I kiss my juices off your face before your lips claim mine in a passionate kiss. You wrap your arms around me. I reach for your still-hard cock and begin to stroke it. I start to move out of your arms to take you into my mouth.

“No,” you tell me gently.

“But you’ve got to be uncomfortable,” I say.

“How are you feeling?” you ask.

“I’m fine,” I answer.

“Roll over onto your side with your back to me,” you say. I look at you, puzzled. “Trust me, sweetheart.” I roll over onto my side and you slip your arms around my waist. Suddenly, I feel you enter me from behind.

I moan at the feeling of completeness. “What are you doing?” I ask as I wiggle back against you.

“Just relax, babe,” you say as you rock against me gently. “I just want to savour being here with you. Inside you.” We lay like that for a few minutes and then we slowly begin to rock against each other. You take my hand and slide our hands between my legs. Together we stroke my clit. Despite having cum a couple of times already, it’s not long before I explode again. You climax shortly after, filling me with your hot sticky fluid. We fall asleep with you still inside me.

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