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The Hot Neighbor

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Big Tits

My name is Josh Stephens. Years ago when I was 18 I had a wonderful experience with my neighbor.

This story picks up in a time when there were no cell phones and no internet.


A little over two years ago new neighbors moved in across the street.

It was a married couple with no kids, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. She was 31 and he was a bit older.

My mom quickly made friends with Mrs. Wilson. My mom was about five years older but they seemed to hit it off well and did stuff together.

Mr. Wilson was in the service so would be gone for periods of time, sometime for months. When he was home my dad and he hit it off well because my mom and Mrs. Wilson had become good friends.

Mrs. Wilson was a school teacher, taught elementary school, second grade I think. Her name was Marsha. She didn’t like me to call her Mrs. Wilson, she wanted me to call her Marsha. As my mom’s friend she relented to being Mrs. Wilson for the sake of her friendship. When I turned 18 she insisted that now I could call her Marsha.

I became her go to person for jobs around her house. For example, they didn’t have an in ground sprinkler so when she was gone I watered the yard. They had a cat and a bird along with fish that I would take care of when they went away as well.

When she needed something heavy moved or a difficult light bulb changed while her husband was gone, I was the guy. I had access to their house during these times, and made a copy of the key so I could get in any time.

It was still winter and I was in my senior year of high school. My birthday is in November so I was now 18.

Marsha’s husband was deployed and had been gone for five months. The rumors were that he would be gone at least another five maybe even seven more months.

The first week of February we got a snow storm. We usually didn’t get much snow in the winter. But at 9AM there was four inches of heavy wet snow, school had been cancelled early that morning. My Mom and Dad still went to work earlier They worked in town and we lived about 25 miles away. If the weather got worse or the roads got bad, they might not come home tonight.

I was at home alone and Marsha was off work and at her house because of school being cancelled.

It was expected to hard freeze he next night so getting rid of the wet snow on the drive way and sidewalk was crucial. When I went out to shovel, snow was still falling somewhat. It was wet and heavy. About the time I finished our side walk and driveway. I saw Marsha across the street with a shovel as well.

Marsha wasn’t a big woman, she was 5’4 but very small frame and appeared delicate. She probably weighed no more than 115 pounds. I had seen her in a bathing suit before and she had nice curves but was thin. She wasn’t overly endowed but her 34 B matched her frame nicely. I knew her bra size from the times I had looked through her lingerie drawers when she wasn’t home.

Yes I had done that. Beautiful, hot older lady gives horny teenager access to her house when she isn’t here. What guy wouldn’t look through her stuff if he had the opportunity?

I yelled over to her, “Marsha, don’t do that. I will get it, I am almost done here.”

I stopped shoveling and went to the edge of the street while I was talking.

She stopped and walked to the edge of the street opposite from me. “I don’t want to do that to you,” she said, “you already do too much for me without reward.”

“It really isn’t a problem,” I said, “here let me start yours now, this is good enough over here.”

I walked across the street. “Where do you need me to start,” I queried?

“The sidewalk and driveway I guess,” she said apologetically, “you don’t have to do this. How much will I owe you?”

I laughed, “You couldn’t pay me what I really want,” I said under my breath realizing afterwards I had said it out loud but hoping it wasn’t loud enough for her to hear it.

Thankfully, she didn’t indicate that she heard it and went on to say, “I’ll go inside and make some cocoa for you then.”

“It’s okay Marsha you don’t have to do that.”

“Josh, yes I do. If you are going to do this for me then the least I can do is come up with something to warm you up. Promise me when you finish you will come and have some cocoa with me.”

“Sure, this won’t take too long,” I said I started moving snow.

The wind was picking up it felt colder than it actually was. “It is pretty cold out here so just come on in when you are done, don’t wait in the cold for me to come to the door. It will be unlocked”

I nodded an acknowledgement at her as I was shoveling. About 15 minutes later I was finished with a job that would have taken her over an hour. I went up to the door hesitated a moment and then went on in.

I could smell the Cocoa. As I got in I took off my boots and coat inside the door. I heard her from the back of the house a yell, “Is that you Josh? Are you finished already?”

“Yes maam,” I yelled back.

Her voice was getting closer she was Betturkey walking from the back of the house, “you don’t need to call me ma’am, it makes me feel old. “

“Sorry Marsha,” I said as she appeared.

She motioned for me to come to the kitchen. She had changed her clothes, she was now in a satin robe with flannel pajama bottoms and slippers. I couldn’t tell what she had on up top because the part I could see was only skin. Actually on closer inspection the satin appeared to have nothing underneath.

“Are you wet at all from the snow,” she asked.

“No, I am ok”

“Nonsense. I have some of Chucks flannel pajamas and a robe you can put on, get out of those wet pants. I will throw them in the dryer and they will be all dry and warm when they come out.” She showed me to the guest room where she had already laid out what I could wear and a towel. “Hurry now don’t let the Cocoa cool.”

I changed, and walked out with my wet things, my shirt was damp too from sweating so I took that off. The pants and robe fit fine. Mr Wilson wasn’t that much bigger than me. I walked out and handed her the wet things and she went to put them in the dryer.

She came back and said, “let’s take a look at you. Wow a good fit. You have grown into quite the man since we first moved in.”

She poured the cocoa. We were at the counter ready to sit in some taller chars there for that purpose. I sat down first. She poured her Cocoa and sat quite close opposite me with our knees overlapping. As she scooted up into the chair she had leaned over a bit and I could see right into her robe, she had nothing on up top.

We sipped the cocoa. Nothing was said for a minute or two.

We started talking about the weather. Then about whether my parents would be back tonight or not.

“Josh your mom called me right when I came in. I told her you were being a good neighbor and shoveling my driveway. She doesn’t think they will be home tonight, they already have made reservations for a hotel. She asked me to keep an eye out for you.”

I sighed, to let Marsha know that I didn’t need caring for.

“Don’t worry Josh, I told her that you were fully grown and didn’t need me to watch over you. She said she knows you are a man, but, she is still your mother. I would be looking out for you as a favor to her, not because you need it. I told her I would.”

She leaned forward and put her hand on my knee. I could see right down the robe at her marvelous breasts and nipples. She broke the silence saying “Josh, you are man as far as I am concerned,”

I was now staring at two marvelous sights.

She continued in a low voice, “I heard what you said outside.”

My face must have looked surprised.

She tapped my knee, “It’s okay I am not mad. Actually if it is what I think you meant, which from your facial expression it must be, I am quite flattered. I think I can give you what you really want.”

Her hand moved up my inner thigh as she was leaning over. Her robe now opening and her beautiful breasts starting to see the daylight. She started stroking my thigh lightly.

I didn’t move. I had swallowed the cocoa in my mouth and set the mug down. I put my hand on her hand and moved it closer to my now hardening cock.

She was now seated in her chair leaning forward balancing with one hand and the other being guided by mine towards my throbbing cock. I took my free hand and reached into her robe. Searching with my fingertips for a nipple to manipulate.

Her hand reached my cock and she felt it through the flannel pants. My hand was no longer guiding hers it was working to get her robe untied so it would fully open. She squeezed my cock.

“That feels nice and big Josh,” she said in a tone I had never heard her use.

She pulled her hand away and sat up untying her now open robe. She pushed it off her shoulders so she was now topless. She moved the chair to stand up and pulled me out of the chair. She untied my robe and pushed it off my shoulders to fall to the floor. As I was standing there she put her thumbs in the waist band and pulled down the Pajamas and my shorts.

She stooped down to see what had sprung forward. “Mmm,” she moaned, “that sure looks nice. Like I said, as far as I am concerned Josh you are a man.”

She smiled with a mischievous grin I had never seen on her before.

I stepped out of them and I was standing before her naked.

She was standing in front of me in flannel pajama pants and nothing on top. I stared at her breasts afraid to reach out and touch. She moved towards me put a hand on my cock and the other on the back of my head as she pulled me down to kiss my lips. After a few seconds she pulled her lips away and said come on Josh I know you can do better than that.

I reached my arms around her pulled her to me I could feel her breasts on my lower chest I leaned over and kissed her with the most passionate kiss I knew how to do inserting my tongue and feeling hers.

We were locked like that for what seemed Betturkey Giriş like minutes. One of my hands had slid into her pajamas, she wasn’t wearing panties, my hand massaged her wonder round ass. When we stopped the kiss we were both breathing a bit heavily and with her hand still on my cock she led me back to her bedroom.

The sheets had been turned down, as if she was expecting someone, me.

She sat down and pulled me to her. She leaned back and said please pull these off as she indicated her pajama pants.

I started to pull them down and revealed the most beautiful brown bush I had ever imagined. We were now both naked and she pulled me on top of her in the bed and started kissing me. Her hand was stroking me.

I had my hands on her nipples, after a log round of kissing I moved to suck on her nipples. I did that for a few minutes switching sides. She had my lie back her hand still on my shaft.

I was throbbing, I don’t think I had ever been that hard, so hard it was painful. I think she may have sensed that and moved down to put her cheek on my abdomen her face in front of my cock. I was laying flat on the bed she was kneeling next to me leaning over me and at that point took my in her mouth.

It was wonderful.

She did a few in and outs. She came off of it and looked at me saying, let’s go ahead and let you cum so we can have some fun. I know I will feel better for you that way. I didn’t argue and she went back on my cock massaging my balls with her hand. It didn’t take long and I started to cum. I came a lot but she didn’t stop. I finally just lay there completely expended and relaxed.

She let me soften and fall out of her mouth.

I looked at her and she had my cum on her lower lip and dripping down her chin. She wiped it off with her fingers and licked them clean . Then she laid next to me on her side with her leg over me and pulled up the covers of the bed over us. Her hand went to my cock and she started to play with it. It was already starting to stir.

“Josh, don’t worry we aren’t through. I hope that was a good start for you.” She squeezed my cock and her leg gave me a body hug.

“Marsha I’ve dreamed about you doing that to me. I have jerked off to the dream as well,” I whispered.

“I figured maybe you had. You know you should be more careful when you go through my lingerie. I had wondered about it before, but once you turned 18 I thought I would set things up so I would know for sure.”

“Before Christmas I set up my drawers so I would know of anyone had been in them. I noticed when I got back after Christmas and I could tell someone had been there and you were the only one with access. Seems you found the used ones in the laundry as well. I had intentionally put them at the bottom of the hamper. They weren’t on the bottom when I got back they were just under a towel. That really turned me on.”

“Since then I have been trying to figure out how to get you over here. You’ve been a busy man. This was the first opportunity I had.”

“Your mom told me over a year ago that you had a crush on me. I didn’t take it really seriously. Once you turned 18 the thought crossed my mind again so I setup the drawer to see if you would go into it while you were watching the house over Christmas.”

“I didn’t notice any semen so I am thinking you just sniffed them?”

I nodded my head.

“Would you like to sniff that part of me for real?. Or perhaps more than sniff?”

“Yes,” I said eagerly, “I would like that.” I was now semi hard and moved down to her brown hairy pussy. I took a deep breath through my nose and moaned as I let it out. The aroma was intoxicating. I then dove in with my tongue exploring her and finally finding her clit.

I started to lick it and she came almost immediately. Putting her hand on my head to get me to stop licking that spot, “way too sensitive” she uttered, “it was so intense.”

I decided to use my fingers, she was sopping wet. There was already a wet spot on the sheet underneath her I put one finger then two inside of her and slid them in and out, in and out. I kept using my fingers and combined it with my tongue savoring the taste of her pussy. She came again from my fingers and tongue.

She then said, “Josh, I need you in me.”

I got between her legs she grabbed my cock and guided it into her waiting warm and slick pussy. I went in as far as I could go. Our pubic hairs were now entangled. I just stopped for a moment to capture in my memory the wonderful warm feeling.

I had never been with a woman. I had never had sex, this was my first time. Out of instinct and also knowing from the smut I had read I started to pump in and out and she met my thrusts with her own. I got faster and she told me to keep going. So I did.

I am glad I had already cum from the blow job, I lasted longer, otherwise I would have blown my load in seconds. As it was I still only lasted a few minutes.

When I came I collapsed on her and let my cock slowly shrink its way out of her. Betturkey Güncel Giriş I rolled off on my side and we lay together in the afterglow of our sex.

I started to caress her very lightly with my finger tips. I didn’t want this to end. It was noon, I had finished shoveling about 10. I wondered when I would be hard enough for more.

I felt between her thighs she was still wet, or was that my cum? Either way she was lubricated.

After a few minutes I said, “Marsha, I never imagined it would be so good, and I did imagine. You are amazing.”

“You’re pretty amazing yourself, I came three times. Twice when you were licking me and once when you were in me. I can’t remember the last time I came so close together like that like that. I am still in a haze”

We were still touching each other, I whispered, “you are still so wet.”

She kissed my lips and whispered back, “look who is here with me, of course I am,” and then started kissing me again passionately with lots of tongue.

It didn’t take long for my cock to start to feel like it wanted more. It wasn’t rock hard but was firm. Marsha got on top of me her boobs hanging down I reached up to kneed them and to pinch her nipples. She reached between her legs for my cock and brought it to her entrance. Even though it was only semi rigid it started to slide into her.

It really was an amazing feeling.

She started to move her hips in a circular motion then up and down and then circular again

“Do you like that,” she asked as she continued.

I nodded still playing with her boobs.

“Me too, it feels sooo good. I just can’t go this long without it again,” she said as if speaking to herself.

After a bit she started to pump away on me and she came again, or at least she seemed to go into another world. No loud moaning or thrashing, she just appeared to have floated away.

She had stopped the movements. She came back to this world opened her eyes looked at me and said, “oh my that was so good.”

I was no longer rigid at all and I didn’t cum.

She said, “it’s ok we can do this again don’t worry.”

We laid there together and both of us fell asleep holding on to each other. When we woke it was just after 1PM.

She rolled out of bed. She was full of life and energy, standing there completely naked, hair mussed, perfect perky C cups and nipples at attention. Her waist as narrow and rounded out to her hips in perfect proportion. Her brown pussy hair was the perfect complement to her creamy white skin.

It was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. I don’t think I have ever seen anything that matches it.

“Are you hungry,” She asked. “I sure am, I’ll make us something. Don’t be long.”

She walked out of the bedroom still naked. A minute later she was back, she had put on her satin robe and slippers but it was still unfastened so I could see everything. She tossed me the robe without the pajamas or underwear.

“Here ya go,” she said “don’t want you to get chilled. Come on it won’t take me long to whip up something to eat.”

I got up slipped on the robe and headed out towards the kitchen. She had set up some plates in the same place we had cocoa.

“It is just some chicken salad I made this morning as she walked over with two plates. Too pieces of wheat bread and the salad on a bed of iceberg lettuce. She had poured ice water to drink.

This time she hopped up on the chair first, robe flapping open. I slip in to my seat, knees overlapping cock starting to stir again.

“Thanks for the lunch Marsha,” I said to end the silence.

“No problem, it helps with the story you will need to tell your mom.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you can’t say you did nothing today. You can’t say what really happened between us. You can say you shoveled my driveway and sidewalk and I offered you some lunch.”

“Why do I need to say that?”

“Because she knows when you are not being truthful.”

“How do you know that?”

“Trust me. She is my friend. She told me. She has told me lots of things about you. Like the fact that you don’t have a girl friend, like the fact that you have had a crush on me since I moved in, like the fact that they won’t let you drive their car mor than 50 miles from the house and many more things too.”

“She talks to me about your grades, your ideas about the future, and her frustrations with you. The reason they pushed you to call me Mrs. Wilson instead of Marsha was to try and create some type of mental barrier for you so you wouldn’t get carried away with your obvious crush. Once you were 18 they stopped and figured it would just work itself out.”

“Yeah, well I don’t think they were thinking it would happen this way,” I said with a smirk.

“That was your first time wasn’t it?” she asked.

I slowly nodded.

Seeing the sheepish look on my face, she quickly added “Josh don’t worry, you were wonderful, the only reason I would have even guessed is based on the conversations I have had with your mother. We don’t need to mention that ever again. I just wanted to know.”

“That was all quite wonderful for me, so intense and every nerve ending in my body screaming with pleasure,” she said as if in a trance reliving the moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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