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The House Boy Ch. 08

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“You want to meet up?” Steven asked, unable to hide his surprise. He’d spoken to his best friend a few times over the past few months, but was left unable to decide if he was now his ‘former’ best friend or not.

“Steve, I haven’t seen you since a couple of weeks before you started university. You’re my best friend. Of course I want to see you.”

“I still am?” he asked softly.

“Always… I know I’ve been shit at communicating lately. It’s my fault. I’m sorry.”

“No, I could have done more but I’ve been really busy with course work and, well, my personal life has taken off too.”

“I’d love to see you, Steve… I miss you…”

He’d never heard Matthew ever say he’d missed him. He would never have said feeling such things was ‘gay’ or ‘girly’, but he’d never been one to express any real emotions either.

“You mean that?” he had to ask.

“Steve… I know the shit you went through and I like to believe I had your back when I could. One thing I always did was respect the shit out of you. Our school was full of meatheads and dickheads. You were the best of us.”

He felt Tom squeeze his shoulder, listening into the conversation. He took a deep breath. “When?” he finally asked.

“Where are you living?”

“Further east in the city, south-east of the CBD. I mean, you can come visit where I’m living now if you want?”

“Why not this weekend? Send me the address and I can drive to wherever you are. I just really want to see my best mate for the first time in months.”

“I’d love to see you too, Matty,” he whispered, needing to wipe his cheeks, feeling foolish like usual whenever his emotions got the better of him. But having spent years repressing everything, now he couldn’t stop them even if he’d tried. Add to that, he’d been left thinking Matthew wanted nothing to do with him anymore. To hear he now wanted to see him… “I’ve missed you too. How about Saturday afternoon? Bring some swimming shorts, we have a pool here, and I’m sure one of my housemates can get the barbecue fired up.”

“Something to look forward to. Next Saturday afternoon work for you?”

“It does. I’ll see you then.”

“I’ll see you soon, Steve, Cheerio.”

“Bye, Matty.”

Disconnecting the call, he had to sit back in his chair and take a deep breath. He hadn’t expected any of that when noticing it was Matthew calling. He was expecting another awkward conversation that went nowhere, avoiding the fact Steven had clearly had feelings for him and Matthew… Well, he never let him know where they stood. But he’d clearly been left uncomfortable after all their time together experimenting.

Before Tom could ask, he called Damian. No surprise his young lover answered immediately. “Hello, cutie.”

“Hello yourself, beautiful. Quick question. Would you like to come visit my mother on Friday night?”

Glancing at Tom, he figured it out rather quickly. “Um… If you’re sure.”

“I am. One of my best friends is visiting on Saturday. I want to meet him as we’ve talked about. Mum will take us out, we’ll get our hair done, then a pedicure and manicure, nails painted, make-up done properly, and we’ll get some clothes. I want some thigh highs and new shoes. I want him to know that I’m not only gay but… I wanted him to fuck me.” I noticed Tom’s eyes, returning a look to tell him that he not only wanted him to want me, not that he was going to fuck me. “Would you like to do that?”

“I’d love to. We’re going to have some much fun, Stevie. Can we buy panties and bras?”

“Whatever you want to wear, beautiful.”

“I’ll come to your place after classes on Friday. How will we get to your mother’s?”

“She’ll pick us up, it won’t be a problem.”

“Okay. I’ll get to you place as soon as possible on Friday. See you then, cutie.”

“See you later, beautiful.”

Hanging up, he then called his mother, delighted to hear from him as usual, and once he explained his plan, she assured him everything would be booked and organised in time for Matthew’s arrival. That’s when she asked if he knew if he was gay or not. He assured his mother that he liked assumed but had never confirmed to him. He was going to know for sure on Saturday.

“If he was to be interested, would you sleep with him?”

Steven glanced at Tom, who kissed his cheek, moving his mouth to his other ear. “Like I’m going to stop something that you’ve wanted for so long, Stevie,” Tom said softly.

“I want to, Mum,” he whispered, “But I don’t think he’s even bisexual. I think he was bi-curious, experimented with me, and that’s why there’s distance now. His curiosity was sated and it wasn’t for him.”

“Oh, honey, I know how much you miss him. I’m sure he’s going to be so happy to see you.”

“I hope so.”

“I’ll be there by late afternoon on Friday, and I’ll make sure everyone knows Damian is coming too. I loved those photos of you two together, sweetie. You look so cute together.”

“Thanks, Mum. I really like him too.”

“Bye, sweetie. Hugs and kisses. I love you so much.”

“I love you, Mum. Bye.”

Hanging porno 64 up the phone, there was silence before Tom said, “I love hearing how much your mother loves you. We all do. Some of us have good relationships with our family, but to those of us who don’t, we don’t feel jealousy. Far as we’re concerned, she’s our adopted mother.”

“Oh, trust me, she thinks the same about all of you too. Adding that you’re all fucking, I’m fairly sure she goes home and masturbates. Since I’m gay, I can say that and not be weirded out. Everyone does it.”

“Still a little weird. It is amusing how interested in your sex life she is at times.”

“Yeah, that’s the bit that does weird me out, but it comes from showing an interest and a good heart. But I’d rather not tell her how many times someone cums in me every week.” Turning his chair and meeting Tom’s eyes, he couldn’t help grin. “Speaking of someone cumming inside me, want to make love the rest of the night?”

“I thought you’d never ask, cutie.”

A few minutes later, after the usual plug was removed and certain areas were lubed up, Steven was on his back, his legs spread wide and pulled back, as Tom aimed his thick cock in the right direction, both men moaning as he buried his cock his Steven’s tight, hot hole. Slowly burying all the way to base, the pair made out as the larger man started to slowly pump into his much smaller lover. Steven moaned and whimpered with nearly every thrust. He had no idea how often Tom had fucked him by now, but every time felt better than the last.

Glancing down, watching that thick bit of man meat disappearing inside him, he tried moving his hips to meet his thrusts, but with Tom’s hands behind the back of his knees, which were almost by his head, trying to move was difficult at best. Tom grinned as he buried his cock faster and harder, Steven grunting with a few particularly hard thrusts, but he couldn’t help savour the feeling of his thick, long cock plunging his most intimate depths. Even after all this time, he still had to control his emotions lest he start sobbing as his boyfriend fucked him.

“Give me that big fucking cock,” he grunted.

“I’m fucking you all night and you’re walking funny to campus tomorrow.”

Steven managed a giggle. “Done that a few times by now. I think some of the girls are actually impressed that you fuck me so hard.”

Tom grunted a couple of times. “Well, I think a few know you’re our house boy so they know what you do.”

“I’m not embarrassed by it. I love it.”

“We do too, cutie.” Tom leaned down to kiss him softly. “I love you.”

“I love you too. And I really need to feel you cum in me soon.”

“Load in your bum, next one in your mouth, then in your bum again.”

“Works me. What about the others?”

“I know Jim and Mark are on Grindr, looking for boys just like you.” Tom stopped, leaving his cock buried. “Nothing will stop regarding your role here, but because we’re in love, and it’s so early in your position, they’ve agreed to find some lovers to bring here occasionally.”

“Guess you can keep fucking me all night then.” He paused before adding softly, “I don’t want to stop anything with them, Tom. I love them too. Not like I love you but…”

Tom caressed his cheek. “They feel the same for you, cutie. Trust me on that one. This isn’t only the House of Bareback. This is now a House of Love. God, I bet some people really would scoff and just say ‘stupid bunch of bloody poofs. Turning a house of ill-repute into a lovey-dovey type of place.’ Doesn’t help that our house boy just turned out to be too fucking adorable for us.”

“This adorable little house boy wants his boyfriend to pound his arse the rest of the night.”

Tom started to fuck him again. “I can guarantee that, cutie.”

Steven did stagger downstairs the next morning, knowing he had a couple of days until Friday. He used those couple of days to ensure he enjoyed some time with his housemates individually or in a threesome. Still not tried double penetration yet, but Mark and Mike shared him together, both of them fucking him twice as he sucked the other to completion each time. Jim, to his surprise, spent a couple of hours gently fucking him before spending another just cuddling him. He rode William’s massive cock to an orgasm of his own, spraying cum all over his gentle giant. He enjoyed a threesome with the two bisexual housemates, and finally, there was a threesome with Chris and Tom, the former spending most of his time burying his cock deep in his arse.

By Friday, even Steven would admit he needed a break. In addition to the constant sex, he had classes, lectures, essay writing and other assignments, but he managed to find time for everything, though it did leave him exhausted, as he was generally finding himself fucked until well after midnight, and rising early as he kept his tradition of sucking dick for breakfast.

Thankfully, he only had morning classes on a Friday, arriving home by lunchtime to find a deserted house. He packed a small bag for the night, hearing porno izle the intercom buzz downstairs. He knew it was Damian, waiting for him by the front door. He knew they both grinned at each other as they shared one hell of a steamy kiss, managing to kick the door shut as they undressed each other on the way to the living room. By the time he was sat down on the couch, Damian straddling his lap, they were both naked.

“Did you have ideas, gorgeous?” he had to ask.

“I just love being naked with you, cutie,” Damian replied.

“I think the same thing.”

Damian ended up on his back, stroking each other as they normally did, not to cum, just because it felt nice. Their eyes gazed into each other’s as their faces remained inches apart, Steven gently knocking his hand away, taking both their cocks in his own hand. “I love your cock,” he whispered.

“I’d love to feel yours inside me, Stevie,” Damian whispered, “I’m never not going to think that.”

“I know, gorgeous. One day soon, I promise. I never usually make them.”

They only stopped fooling around when his mother called, letting him know she was outside. Steven could open the gate with my phone, letting her know the door was open, both of them not even thinking as they resumed making out. It was only when his mother walked through the front door, both stroking each other quickly, that he suddenly realised.

“Oops,” he whispered.

“You here, sweetie?” his mother called.

“Don’t come into the living room, Mum. Damian and I are in here.”

She heard her laughter. “Are you two fooling around?”


“That explains the clothes I can see. Well, if you get dressed…”

“I’m really turned on right now,” Damian whispered to Steven.

“I know, beautiful…”

“You can have some private time when we get home, sweetie,” his mother offered.

Getting off the couch, thankfully his mother had wandered into the kitchen, the pair getting dressed but continuing to kiss and fondle each other at the same time. Damian eventually found himself pressed against the wall, rubbing their groins together as they continued making out. They only stopped when noticing a presence nearby, both turning to see his mother watching them, a large smile on her face.

“Sorry, but you’re so cute together. I can’t help watching.”

“I should find this weird, Mum.”

“My son is happy and clearly infatuated with the beautiful boy he currently has pressed against the wall.”

Clearing his throat, he took his hand and led him across to his mother. “Mum, this is Damian. Damian, my mother, Angela.”

Angela kissed his cheek. “Wonderful to meet you, Damian. My, you are a beautiful boy. Steven has sent me some photos of you two together. Absolutely adorable, the pair of you.”

“Nice to meet you, Ms…”

“Angela, Damian. Or Angie, I don’t mind either name.” She looked at Steven. “If you’re done feeling up one of your boyfriends, are you ready to go? Your room at home is ready for you. The move to the new house went without a hitch the other weekend.”

“Double bed?”

“Of course. I knew you’d be having company whenever you visit.”

Grabbing their small bags, he took Damian by the hand and led him outside to his mother’s car after locking up the house. He let Tom know by message that he was leaving, sitting on the backseat next to Damian. His mother remained quiet for a few minutes before she said, “If you boys want to fool around back there, I won’t mind. Just don’t get naked.”

“Mum,” he groaned.

Damian moved to the middle seat so they could at least make out, his mother concentrating on the road, though would have heard the soft moans both of them made, particularly as hands eventually found their way underneath their shorts into their underwear. “This is so naughty,” Damian whispered, “Part of me wants you to make me cum right now.”

“I know. I’d love to feel your lips around my cock right now,” he whispered back.

“We’ll have privacy at your mother’s place?”

“There’s a lock on the door, sweetie,” Angela replied, “Don’t worry about a thing. You can do whatever you want.” She paused before adding, “Damian, you’re welcome anytime you want. Okay?”

“Thank you, Angela.”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart. I can see you make my son happy. Therefore, like all his other friends, you’ve been adopted too.”

The pair calmed down, Steven wrapping an arm around Damian as he cuddled into his side, feeling his hand resting on his chest. He noticed his mother glancing back, seeing them just cuddling together. The house his mother was renting was only a short drive from his grandparents. He knew she’d started divorce proceedings but the law meant it would take time to go through. From what he’d been told, David had offered a couple of peace offerings, but his mother had replied that she no longer loved him, and disappointment didn’t even begin to describe her feelings towards the twins, though she blamed David for their outlook on life. It was almost like brainwashing.

It was a simple looking sex izle house, Becky jogging out of the house to meet them, hugging her brother tightly, before Damian was introduced. “Oh, he’s cute, Steve. Another boyfriend?”



And, with that, she turned and happily skipped back into the house. After a quick tour, he found that his new bedroom was actually larger than his old room. Wasn’t much in the way of furniture, as it was unlikely he’d return to live at home full-time, but his mother assured him he’d always have a home if things went wrong.

His mother ordered in some food for dinner. She offered alcohol but neither boy wanted to drink anything, a subtle joke suggesting they didn’t want anything to impact performance. Their mother then upped the ante with a very dirty joke, making both boys giggle. Damian then turned serious for a moment.

“Did you know before Steven that he was gay?”

“In a way, yes, I think I did. I’ll admit I was surprised when he told me he’d lost his virginity to Suzy. Don’t get me wrong, she was one of his best friends, and I’ve met her plenty of times. So I thought that maybe he was bisexual. But as soon as I met Tom, I just knew that Suzy would be the only woman he’d ever be with. Damian, all that matters is that my son is happy. I hope you’re happy too.”

Damian took his hand, giving it a squeeze. “It’s nice to feel welcomed in someone’s home. Stevie talks about you and Becky constantly. I heard more about you than I’d mention my home life.”

“Things aren’t good at home?”

“Mum tries to understand. She doesn’t say much otherwise. Dad is disappointed but at least he doesn’t hate me. But it’s awkward. I certainly couldn’t take a boyfriend home to meet them.”

“You’ll always be welcome here, sweetie. It’s lovely to have another cute boy at the table. And I just love your look. Use a little make-up?”

Steven glanced to see Damian blush. “I like wearing it.”

“Nothing wrong with that. Make-up is for everyone. Your nails will be done properly tomorrow. And shopping too. Do you have a list?”

“We want to wear panties, Mum.” Angela grinned. “I want a skirt, stockings or thigh highs, and some low heeled shoes. And a sort of top that’s tight to my body. Maybe even a bra. Even something to give me longer hair. And that’s in addition to everything else we’ll have done.”

“Is this all for Matty?”

“Instead of telling him I’m gay, I’ll show him.”

“I just want to look and feel pretty,” Damian said softly.

“Oh sweetie, you’re already beautiful, but I know what you mean. Trust me, I have everything sorted out already. They’ll take good care of you.”

After watching a little television, both boys bid his mother and sister goodnight before heading off to his bedroom. Shutting and locking the door, he noticed on that there was already lube, wet wipes and tissues on the nightstand. They couldn’t help giggle before turning to each other. As soon as they were naked, they were on the bed together, mouths clamped together, bodies close, rubbing their cocks against each other. After applying a little lube, both admitted it felt rather nice, pressing their bodies close as they moved.

“I love you,” Damian whispered, “I know you already love…” He paused. “I can’t help how I feel. You make me feel special, like I’m the only boy in the world sometimes. I love you, Stevie.”

“I love you too,” he whispered back, enjoying the reaction as Damian couldn’t stop smiling, “We’ll make it work, it’s okay.”

“Make love to me tonight… Can you make love to me, Stevie?”

He took a deep breath before kissing him deeply. “Definitely. I want to as well.”

Making love in his mother’s house wasn’t exactly how he would have planned it, but to be honest, he’d been thinking about it for a couple of weeks by now. Tom spent a lot of time with him, but whenever he spent time with Damian, he felt himself drawn closer and closer to the sweet-natured and shy young man. But it was the physical attraction that couldn’t be denied. He was surprised at how intense it was between them at times.

“Foreplay or just remove the toy and lube up?” he had to ask.

“I just want to feel your cock inside me, Stevie.”

Lifting his lower body, he carefully removed the plug from Damian, placing that on the nightstand, grabbing the lube and applying some to Damian, before he lubed up his own cock, something he hadn’t for any the reason than to masturbate in his life. His young lover placed a pillow under his lower back and spread his smooth legs, smiling up at him as Steven leaned forward, aiming his cock towards his puckered little hole.

“Sorry if this…”

“Don’t,” Damian whispered, “We’re making love, Stevie. It’s going to be wonderful no matter how long you last or what happens.”

Pressing his cock against him, Damian just smiled at him as he pushed his cock into him. Not being as long or as thick as any of his lovers probably helped, but as the head of his cock slid inside, Damian gasped and closed his eyes, a smile forming as his face, Steve gently thrusting forward until his entire length was inside him. Leaning down to kiss him, he felt Damian wrap his legs around him, fingers on his back, as he started to slowly thrust into him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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