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The House Of Robles Ch. 08

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Chapter Eight

Junior Gets Shafted, Or Does He?

Rubbing a warm hand against this damp forehead, Pablo Robles Junior glanced at the bright green lawn he’d just finished mowing. The nineteen year-old had been hoping to finish with the assorted yard work by one in the afternoon. Unfortunately, his Aunt Cecilia, or Aunt Cessy for short, kept coming up with one chore after another, effectively prolonging the agony of the young man being out there in the scalding sun.

And then, just when Junior was about to finish mowing the grass, his aunt had very conveniently hopped into her silver Honda and driven away. Junior saw neither a flash nor a mention of the twenty bucks Aunt Cessy promised to pay him for his labor-intensive endeavor. It had been bad enough that Junior hadn’t been able to get any kind of job for the last couple of weeks, with that drug misdemeanor permanently blackening his record. But now, to do all this stupid yard work and to get stiffed by his own aunt? That was the final straw!

With a grimace, Junior glanced at his last appointed task. He was supposed to break up an old couch into smaller pieces and toss it into the garbage.

“Fuck!” The young man cursed out loud, knowing that the big garbage tub was already near capacity. No way all that debris from the couch was going to fit in there. If he knew his Aunt Cessy, she might well start deducting dollars from his promised pay for such a minor infraction as that one.

“Fuck!” Junior exclaimed again, aiming these particular obscenities towards all judgmental and unforgiving employers, law enforcement in general, and his cheapskate aunt in specific. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

The couch was going to pay, Junior thought, as he stalked into the open garage where the innocent piece of furniture was resting. He contemplated the many forms of torture the garage had provided for him. He could snip at it with the hedge clippers, slice at it with the weed cutter, beat it with the shovel, or if he felt so inclined, attempt to run the damn thing over with the lawn mower he’d just turned off a few minutes ago. As he ran his gaze over the handful of shelved, combustible liquids, then scanned across the floor at the rest of the gardening tools, he came to the form of a sledgehammer with a two-foot handle.

Perfect, Junior thought, yanking the heavy item out and testing its grip. “Come here, little couchy couchy.” He teased, stepping over to the offensive piece of furniture. “I got something for your punk ass!”

Junior lowered the heavy sledge to the ground, where it reverberated a dull and echoing thud against the concrete floor of the garage. Peeling off his sweaty shirt and tossing it aside, the teen momentarily wished he had a boom-box nearby, preferably set to a hard rock radio station.

Then, the sledgehammer eagerly hopped into his hands, and smoothly swung out in its graceful, upward arc. It crashed down like lightning, crippling the defenseless armrest and making it cry out in splintery protest. A second strike ripped through fabric and exposed the shattered wood beneath, followed quickly by a third and slanted blow that nearly tore the pleading armrest away from the rest of the couch. A couple of vicious kicks finished dislodging the limb, after which Junior pulled out his switchblade and cut the last of the clingy fabric away. One armrest down, he thought, and the rest of the couch was going down right after it.

The teen held the fragment out before him like a trophy. Once he turned to parade it out to the garbage tub, Junior realized he’d acquired an audience. His eighteen-year-old cousin Diamond and some unknown friend, of the same age judging from the other girl’s appearance, were both standing in the driveway staring at him.

Undeterred, Junior dumped the trash, then realized the two girls were holding schoolbooks and had backpacks slung over their shoulders. “Hey, Diamond, what time is it?”

“Two-thirty.” His pretty cousin answered, glancing at her watch and blowing a small balloon of bubble gum out of her mouth until it popped. “Watcha doin’? It looked like you were dreaming you were at a mosh pit or something.”

Junior ignored her, staring at the now brimming garbage tub and knowing no more trash would fit in it. No wonder his bitch aunt had taken off, right after having seen that he was almost finished. Right when the time was approaching for her to fork over the cash.

“Fine then, don’t talk to me.” Diamond snootily raised her nose in the air and walked towards the front door of the two-story house. “Dick!”

“Shut up, Diamond.” Junior testily replied, all the while wondering when Aunt Cessy was coming back.

“You shut up.” Diamond snapped back, followed by a low chuckle from her friend. “Don’t be telling me to shut up. You ain’t nobody to be telling me to shut up!”

Junior considered issuing a smart answer to that, as the girls paused to unlock the front door. In a rare moment, he bit his tongue. Instead, the teen’s gaze took in his younger cousin’s maturing body. Diamond was a little on the short side, maybe five-foot-one, with a lean figure that was gaziantep escort pornoları several pounds lighter than the century mark. She had long black hair and a pretty almond shaped face, with thin stretches that only barely qualified as lips. Her pink blouse had spaghetti straps, showing off her slender shoulders, and clung to her small, perky breasts. Diamond’s waist was extra lean, giving her bigger butt a lot of extra oomf, and her nicely curved derriere was presently covered in a tight, white skirt. Junior preferred his women with a little more meat on their bones, however, as he considered Diamond’s long and skinny toothpicks-slash-legs. All in all, she wasn’t too horrible to look at, as far as cousins went.

Diamond’s friend didn’t look too bad, either. She was a cute white chick, a blond with short, sassy hair that didn’t quite touch her shoulders. Junior guessed her to be maybe five-foot-four, and to weigh somewhere between one-twenty and one-forty. Much more to his liking, he observed that this hottie without a doubt carried D cups. The well-rounded boobs noticeably pressed against the front of her white tee shirt. Her big, healthy butt stood nicely defined by the tight jeans she wore.

Junior wouldn’t have minded going a couple of rounds with that one. He stood there, watching lustily as the two young ladies gained entry into the house. Very obviously, his cousin gave him a raspberry when she noticed the young man’s leering attention, and slammed the door shut behind her.

As Junior turned his focus back to the crippled couch, he found he didn’t have the patience or the heart to finish it off. Not that it mattered one way or the other, he realized. It was becoming crystal clear that he wasn’t going to be paid that day, or perhaps any other day, by his long-gone, cheapskate aunt.

Instead, the teen dragged the heavy piece of furniture back into the farther reaches of the garage, and returned all the tools he’d used into their original resting places. Having finished this task, Junior snatched his shirt up from where he’d set it and rolled the garage door down from the outside.

He was about to begin the short trek back to his parents’ house, when he realized just how sweaty and grimy he was. If there was one thing Junior couldn’t stand, it was walking around smelling like a giant, stinky armpit. Since his aunt had just stiffed him for twenty clams, the teen thought he’d be justified in taking a quick shower at the stingy woman’s expense.

Junior was stepping toward the front door when he saw the curtains abruptly slide shut. Probably his venom-tongued cousin, he figured, waiting to bathe him with more choice expletives.

Whatever, the young man thought to himself, hoping his cousin hadn’t been so immature as to lock him out of the house. The knob turned, thankfully, and Junior stepped into the tiny foyer and removed his dirty sneakers. He started across the living room in his socks, noticing that both Diamond and her cute buddy were sitting nearby. Both hotties were pretending they’d been watching television, although it was pretty clear that they weren’t. They were up to something, Junior’s senses warned.

He felt the need to vocalize his intentions. “Uh, I’m going to take a quick shower before I hit the road, okay?”

“So, who’s stopping you?” Diamond snapped back.

Diamond’s friend tried and failed to suppress a giggle.

So Diamond wanted to show off, Junior realized. In retaliation, he balled up his sweaty shirt and flung it in his cousin’s direction. The teen scored a direct hit to the head.

“Ewww!” Diamond squealed, slapping the shirt away as if it were diseased. “Don’t be trying to give me your nasty cooties!”

Junior ignored the outburst and made his way down the hall. The residence had two stories, with the top level harboring three bedrooms: one for his aunt, one for his cousin, and a spare room where guests could sleep over. The first floor had the usual, a living room, a dining room, a washroom and a kitchen. Lucky for him, it also had a three-quarters bathroom that he’d emptied his bladder in earlier.

He walked into the downstairs bathroom, making sure he shut the door behind him, and shucked off the remaining pieces of clothing still on his body. Reminding himself to change gear as soon as he got home, Junior started up the shower, tested the water for warmth, and tiredly stepped inside. The tropical beach-themed shower curtain and opaque liner were plenty thick enough for privacy.

In dismay, as the water pummeled his face and chest, he found a bunch of fragrance-laden soaps, gels and shampoos sitting in the caddy. All of it was girlie stuff that was undoubtedly going to leave his lean frame smelling like a flower in heat for the walk home. In resignation, Junior decided to use as little of the products as possible to get cleaned up.

Halfway through his shampoo, he thought he heard murmurs and noises just outside the door. Junior paused to listen just as the noises died down. What the hell was his cousin up to, he wondered.

Just then, escort pornoları he felt the sudden draft from somebody quickly opening the door.

Junior yelled through the thick shower curtain, “What the fuck? I’ll be out in a minute, all right?”

A second draft announced the door being closed.

Grumbling, Junior finished rinsing himself and turned off the water. He slid the shower curtain open and took a quick look around. There was the ugly pastel pink towel, still resting on its chrome bar, but his dirty clothing was nowhere to be seen. As he dried himself, Junior searched the entirety of the small bathroom, further convincing himself that his clothes were indeed missing. A second later, he heard a multitude of heavy steps retreating up to the second floor.

Wrapping himself around with the embarrassing, ultra-feminine pink towel, Junior stepped out into the hallway. “Diamond! I know you took my clothes!”

No reply.

“Diamond, bring back my clothes! Shit!”

This time, he heard a defiant “Why don’t you come up here and get them?”

Yeah, right, he thought. What if Aunt Cessy decided to walk in the house right then and there? She’d find Junior naked except for that stupid pink towel he had around his waist, prancing around on the second floor and chasing after his tormenting cousin. What were the chances of him getting his twenty bucks if that were to happen?

“I’m not playing with you, Diamond!” Junior shouted impatiently. “I want my clothes back, right now!”

“Fuck off!” Was the answer he got.

“Damn it!” Junior muttered, starting up the stairs to the second level. He found the master bedroom to the right, the main bathroom in the center, and the two secondary bedrooms to the left. The first was the guest bedroom. The second, you guessed it, was none other than cousin Diamond’s room.

The first thing that struck Junior was the room’s décor. The walls were painted a pastel pink, and several posters of boy bands were lined up all over them. The bed was a full-sized one, taking up most of the center of the room, but leaving just enough room for a white dresser and a matching nightstand in the corner.

Diamond was sitting on the bottom edge of the bed, with her arms crossed defiantly. A plastic bag that Junior assumed had his stuff in it was resting placidly on her lap. His cousin’s cute friend was also sitting on the edge of the bed, but in the corner furthest away from the door.

Beyond question, the two were up to something. Junior chose his next words very carefully. “Why did you go and take my clothes like that?”

Diamond glanced at the bag on her legs. “They were all so nasty and smelly, why wouldn’t I take them? I’ve got half a mind to burn them on the stove!”

“Give me my clothes.” Junior said, seriously, evenly.

“Don’t be coming into my room, trying to be Mister Boss Man and shit!” Diamond snapped back. “You’ll get them when I decide I want to give them to you!”

Enough was enough, Junior decided. He understood the gravity of the situation, if he were to be discovered in his cousin’s bedroom while wearing only a thin towel. Still, the teen figured he could quickly recover his items and retreat back down the stairs in less than five seconds. He lunged towards the bed.

Apparently, Diamond was expecting him to do that very same action, as she simply lay back on the mattress and tossed the plastic bag to her partner.

Unable to stop his motion, Junior dropped heavily on the bed and on top of his mischievous cousin. Like a waiting snare, Diamond clasped her arms and legs around Junior’s moist back and abdomen.

Junior tried to pull away, only to realize just how tightly his cousin had a hold on him. Their bodies were pressed together. Their faces were only inches apart. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“I’ll give you back your clothes.” Diamond opened her mouth wide and ran her tongue around the edges. “In a minute.”

“No, you’ll give them back right now.” Junior countered. “I’m not kidding!”

“I can feel you down there.” Diamond hinted. “You’re getting bigger already.”

In horror, Junior realized his bottom half was indeed getting excited. “Diamond, just let me have my clothes so I can get out of your room!”

His cousin’s legs slacked away. For a moment, Junior thought she was releasing him. That is, until her hands reached under this towel and started groping his butt.

“Oh, yes.” She murmured dreamily. “You’re definitely getting bigger down there.”

Before he could stop her, Diamond yanked the towel away and left him completely exposed. Her legs wrapped themselves around his, drawing him close again.

“Uhn.” Diamond purred, bucking her hips towards his. “You like hearing noises like that, don’t you? Like they make in the porn movies? Ooh. Unnn…”

As much as Junior hated to admit it, he was finding his cousin’s erotic squeals very enticing. While his buttocks were getting worked over, he dared lower his own hand and ran it across the rough fabric of Diamond’s skirt, which escort gaziantep pornoları was now bunched up around her middle. Beneath the skirt, his fingers only touched the bare skin of her ass.

“You know you want to fuck me.” Diamond whispered. “And ain’t nobody here gonna stop you. So why don’t you?”

Junior’s hard cock was already pressed against her inner thigh.

One of Diamond’s hands slid between them, grasping his member like a warm vise. She brought it up to her pussy, and began rubbing it back and forth against herself.

“Aahh.” Diamond moaned. “Oooh. Just give it a little push. Pretty please?”

Junior did, and a moment later a very aroused part of him slid into the tight and already moist opening.

Diamond bucked her hips up, enveloping more of his length, even as she purred and squealed at the invasion. “All of it. I want all of it. Right now!”

Now beyond reason, Junior pushed his cock in as far as it would go. It felt just like pushing his hand into a warm and inviting glove, he grunted.

His cousin seemed content to be doing the bulk of the work, as she kept pressing her lithe body up against his, until she abruptly pushed Junior away.

“Lay down on the bed for me.” She directed.

A quick moment later and she was straddling him. Diamond’s petite body smoothly swallowed up his cock. Once she’d adjusted herself, she really started grinding on it. Her movements weren’t gentle, but instead harsh and frenzied, as if she were harboring some inner fire that desperately needed to be put out.

Bed springs squeaked in protest, as Diamond started rotating her delicious hips around Junior’s helpless shaft. She twisted and bent it to all kinds of angles, not all of them pleasant. Junior stared wild-eyed into his little cousin’s face. He saw how her lips pressed together and how her eyes tightened, giving him the impression that she was daring a climax to show itself.

Junior was holding onto her lean thighs, hardly even thinking about reaching for loftier places, when her orgasm unexpectedly arrived. Grunting like a savage, Diamond gritted her teeth and slammed her hot pussy onto Junior’s bottom half without mercy.

“Hey, take it easy!” Junior warned, but his words were lost in the midst of his cousin’s harsh grunts.

Unbelievably, Diamond shuddered a bit, squealed briefly and rapidly dismounted. The petite girl straightened out her skirt and blouse, casually stepping around the corner of the bed.

Diamond held her arm out expectantly to her friend. “Clothes.”

The pretty blond tossed the plastic bag over.

“Be back in a bit.” Diamond sauntered her saucy little butt toward the door.

Junior sat up. “Wait, where are you going?”

“To wash your clothes, duh.” Diamond rolled her eyes. “Just play with Sheila until I get back, okay?”

It took a moment for the bizarre situation to sink in. Junior began to wonder if he’d just been raped. He hadn’t even had time to touch anything!

In a surreal state, Junior turned to face the pretty blond sitting quietly on the corner of the bed. Obviously, the thick blonde had been turned on by the voyeuristic exhibition. Even now, she was still staring at Junior’s nude body with what could only be called open lust. “Uh, I guess you’re name is Sheila, right?”

The blond nodded back.

“You wanna explain what the fuck is going on here?”

Sheila shrugged. “Diamond does shit like that. She gets on, she gets off and it’s all over. She pisses off a lot of guys when she does that.”

Junior glanced over at the bedroom door with some contempt. He was pissed off all right! The peeved young man looked back to Sheila. “And what about you? You get off on watching her do that?”

“Nooo.” Sheila widened her eyes and shook her head.

“Then what?”

Growing nervous, Sheila replied, “I told Diamond I thought you were cute.”


The blonde shrugged her shoulders again. “She asked me if I had the chance, would I fuck you, and I said maybe.”

“Okay. Keep going.”

“Well, Diamond made up this plan to get me to, you know, to sleep with you.” Sheila admitted. “And the only condition was that she got to have you first.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“What do you want me to say?” Sheila asked. “I don’t have the guts to trick you into following me up here. But Diamond sure does. She does all kinds of crazy things.”

“I’m sure she does.” Junior shook his head lightly. “I don’t know what to tell you, either. The only thing I’m sure of is that I can’t have my Aunt coming back and finding me butt naked inside her house. She’ll probably call the cops on me. I just got out of jail a few days ago, and I don’t want to go back there…”

“Diamond’s mom isn’t coming back any time soon.”

“Why not?” Junior wondered. “For all you know, she could be pulling into the driveway right this minute.”

“Diamond called her mom while you were still in the garage.” Sheila revealed. “She found out what you were doing here, and she told her mom that you were pissed off because you didn’t get your money. Diamond said you were threatening to stay out there until her mom came back, even if it took the rest of the day.” She smacked her hands on her lap, and resolutely stood up. “Then, when you were in the shower, Diamond called her mom again and told her that she should stay away from the house because you were still here. Diamond is supposed to call her back when you’re gone.”

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