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The Initiation of Mary

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Again, I would like to thank todger65 for editing my story. It is amazing how helpful a good editor can be.


Bob and Mary had moved into their current neighborhood about a year ago. They were both young professionals and were doing fine financially. Both were thirty and were not ready for children yet, maybe never. Their four-year marriage was loving, and they shared a sexual energy that made them a bit adventurous. Mary was a beautiful woman and she thought her husband was a handsome man. Bob felt that he had been blessed when a woman as beautiful as Mary settled for a chump like him.

Bob could not have told you what he loved the best about his wife. Yes, she had a wonderful soul. There was a kindness to her that touched him, but it was her sensual nature that excited him. He loved the long black hair that waved its way down her back. He loved her large blue eyes, her pert tits, and her perfect ass. He loved the fact that at five foot and nine inches her legs seemed to go on forever. Most of all he loved that look of mischievousness she had in all but the most serious of situations. The first time he saw that look he knew that he had to have her. He had to know what it would be like to make love to her. She had never been inhibited with him or shy. She loved having sex with him. Who could ask for more?

While they both had a lot of fun with each other they had never considered swapping or swinging. Mary had always kept her sexual nature private. As far as friends and acquittances were concerned she was a fun married woman that, while attractive, was not overtly sexual. In the privacy of the bedroom Bob and Mary shared their fantasies and they were most definitely sexual. They were not bored with each other but were looking for a way to add some zing into their sex life. One evening Bob decided to share something with Mary that might just add a ton of zing. Assuming she was interested and didn’t kick him out of the bedroom for being a pervert.

Bob rolled over toward his wife and looked at her post orgasm face, “I love the way you look after you cum.”

The mischievous smile he loved lit up her face, “I love the way you make me cum.”

Bob reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the laminated sheet that he had decided to discuss with Mary, “You know how we have been talking about adding something new to our sex life? Something to give us an added kick.”

Mary perked up, “Sure. Why? Do you have an idea? Tell me, tell me!”

Bob looked at her seriously, “This is probably way more than either of us was thinking, but I want to at least show it to you. I don’t want you to think I am keeping secrets from you.”

Mary sat up in the bed, “OK, now I am curious.”

She reached for the sheet and Bob held it back, “First let me provide some background. You know I love to play poker. I know that there is an ongoing Friday night poker game the neighbor guys play, and I have been wondering why I have not been invited. I mean, what the hell, we have cookouts together, we help each other with all kinds of shit, but they have never invited me. Until now I could not understand what the hell was wrong with me that they didn’t include me. Well, this sheet explains that.”

He handed her the laminated sheet and she began to read.

Poker Club.

This is your invitation to join our Friday night poker club. Please do not copy or share this invitation. Whether you choose to participate or not please return this sheet before next Thursday to the person who handed it to you. Your discretion is appreciated.

The poker club has existed for ten years. In that time only one couple has declined the invitation. The only couples that left the club did so because they moved to another city.

1) The poker game will be held on the first and third Friday of each month at the host’s residence starting at 7:00 PM. The game will end no later than midnight. Hosting duties rotate unless there are new members. New members must host a poker night before becoming a full member or attending another poker night.

2) The total number of players will be no less than four and no more than six, including the host.

3) The hostess will sit next to the host in the poker club stool provided.

4) If the host loses a hand the hostess will take the stool and move over to the player that won the hand.

5) The winning player will remove an article of clothing from the hostess.

6) While play continues, and until the next hand has been won, the winning player will have access to areas of the hostess’s body that have been revealed.

7) Play will continue until the host has won all the chips, or the curfew arrives, or the hostess is nude.

8) In the event that the hostess is fully nude additional hands will be played per the rules stated. The winner of each hand will have the option of engaging in additional activities with the hostess.

The hostess will be treated with respect and care.

If bitlis escort you choose not to participate please say so when you return the sheet. Life will go on as it does now, without poker.

If you change your mind during the game the players will leave. In addition, you will not be invited to future neighborhood functions.

Mary was flabbergasted! She looked at Bob, “This can’t be serious!”

“Yep, it’s serious.”

“Really? I am supposed to let a bunch of strangers take my clothes off? What can you imagine “additional activities” means?”

Bob was smiling, “Yeh, sounds sexy as hell! Guys slowly taking off your clothes, teasing and caressing you. Then, just maybe, after all the teasing, you might decide that “additional activities” is exactly what you want.”

Mary could see from the bed sheet tenting up that her husband definitely liked the idea. She pointed at the tent pole, “You must really love to play poker.”

“While I do really like to play poker, that is not why I am tent-poling. There is something so erotic about seeing you get more turned on with each round of cards. Watching you enjoy yourself with other men and knowing you are mine.”

Mary smirked, “Yeh, of course the idea that you would be attending poker night somewhere else, with someone else’s wife never occurred to you?”

“Honestly? I didn’t give that side of it much thought. I completely understand if you don’t want to even consider this. I love you regardless of what you decide. I know this is a bit farther than we talked about going, but I was given the invitation so here we are.” Bob smiled, “You haven’t said no outright, and I don’t expect you to say yes tonight. Think about it. We have five days to decide. Just know that I will always love you whether you say yes or no.”

Mary did give the invitation a lot of thought. What she hadn’t told Bob was that she had wanted to say yes as soon as she read the invitation. She had just had an amazing orgasm and nearly had another while reading it. She also knew that the lust of the moment could get her into trouble. So, she thought about it in the light of day while cleaning the toilets. Her logic was that if she still wanted to say yes even while cleaning toilets then it was probably OK.

She thought about her husband feeling up the wife of a neighbor and felt a tingle. She thought about her husband fucking that wife and paused in her scrubbing. She thought about her husband gangbanging that wife and pulled her rubber gloves off. She thought about men she barely knew taking turns removing her clothes, playing with her body, fucking her.

When Bob walked into the bathroom Mary was on the floor orgasming. Her fingers still moving in her drenched crotch, “Having fun cleaning babe?”

She gave him that mischievous grin, “Yes. And yes.”

“I will return the invite to Phil today and tell him to let the club know we will be ready on Friday.”

Once the decision had been made their sex life kicked into high gear. They could not get enough of each other. Wednesday night they were snuggling in the afterglow. Mary looked into her husband’s eyes, “This thing we are planning to do is just sex, right? I don’t want to lose you to another wife.”

“Yes, it is just sex. Hopefully, wonderful sex, but still just sex. This is for fun, not love. I already have the love I need. We must be open and honest with each other. No secrets and we tell each other everything in graphic detail. Since I mentioned honesty, I need to tell you something. I am way more excited about this coming Friday than I will be for the three that follow.”

“Are you telling me you would rather watch me have sex than have sex with another woman?”

“Absolutely, with the condition that I get to have sex with you as well.”

Mary laughed and hugged him, “Well then, I had better think about what to wear. I would not want to embarrass my husband by wearing old underwear. What do the guys wear?”

“Casual clothes. Jeans or slacks and a polo shirt. Maybe a button up shirt if someone is running late from the office.”

Poker Night

When Mary opened the door on Friday evening at ten minutes to seven, three of her neighbors were standing on the porch. Phil from two doors down came in first. Phil was a bit imposing at six foot-two inches, but it was his voice that gave Mary goose bumps. He had that deep sleepily sexy voice that made her want to melt.

The next neighbor in the door was Jim from across the street and up three houses. Jim was five foot-eleven and blonde haired. He was an average kind of guy. Not bad looking, just not hot.

The last man to walk in was Ron. Mary felt a rush over her entire body when she saw him. Ron lived across the street and Mary enjoyed watching surreptitiously behind the curtains when he washed his car. His dark black skin covered rippling muscles that she loved to watch flex as he scrubbed the grime away. He stood six foot-three and bolu escort would have been very intimidating if it were not for the fact that he seemed to exude kindness. Kindness and sexiness in Mary’s opinion.

Each of the men planted a kiss on her cheek when they walked in and thanked her for hosting. Ron was carrying an odd stool that he took over to the poker table. The stool supported a bespoke “U” shaped seat that was padded to support the bottom of the leg and rear but was open at the front. The backrest on the stool angled toward the back slightly. The stool sat on four lockable casters. Suspended from the legs of the “U” were two folded mechanisms. As Mary studied the stool, she realized that they were supports of some sort.

Bob walked in and shook the guys hands and shot the bull while Mary brought the first round of drinks. When everyone was settled at the table Bob and Mary stood together. Bob looked at his neighbors expectantly, “So what now?”

“Now we play poker. Mary please sit next to your husband. You will find the stool is height adjustable.”

The game was five card draw. Bob is a great poker player and managed to win the first three hands. Mary found herself fidgeting more and more. She wasn’t sure if it was the strangeness, boredom, or anticipation. Most likely it was a combination of all three. She also was not sure if she wanted her husband to keep winning or not.

The fourth hand was a bit of a revelation to Bob. He lost the hand to Phil due to a bluff that suckered him right in.

Phil looked at Mary, “Mary, please join me for a while.”

Mary stood and wheeled the stool over next to Phil. She had decided that she was not going to get all dolled up for a casual poker game. She wore form fitting blue shorts that showed the curve of her ass nicely. The white button-down blouse she wore was moderately swooped at the neckline and was untucked. She wore sandals on her feet and her hair was drawn into a ponytail that ran down her back.

She sat on the stool and Phil motioned for her to pick up her feet. He rolled the stool over until it was between his legs. Mary faced the table with her back to Phil. She could feel his breath on her ear as he began to talk softly to her in his panty dropping voice, “I am incredibly happy that you both accepted our invitation. You are one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. We are going to excite you Mary. Then we are going to please you.”

He kissed his way down her neck and back up. He rotated the stool until she was turned toward him, leaned forward, and kissed her. His tongue lightly traced the inside of her lip. Mary found herself kissing him back. His kiss was as romantic as it was heated. He pulled back from the kiss, rotated her back around to face the table, and picked up his cards.

“You have a conundrum Mary,” he whispered in her ear. “If you help me win you will stay with me. If I don’t win your stool will glide to the next winner. Do you take your chances, or do you stay? I will try to help you with the decision. Please hold my cards and tell me what you suggest I do with them.

Mary took the cards and sorted through them. Phil began nibbling her neck while his hands came around her and began to unbutton the top of her blouse. After releasing one button His hands lightly brushed across her cloth covered nipples and he lightly nibbled her ear. Mary’s nipples were fully erect, and she was having a bit of trouble concentrating on the cards.

“Any suggestions Mary?” Phil whispered as his hands brushed their way to the next button on her blouse.

“You have a possible flush or you could go with the pair of te… te… tens,” she tried to say as he nibbled on her neck and another button was released.

His hands reached for the last button, “What would you do if you were me?” His fingers released the last button.

His fingertips spread her blouse and glided up the skin of her belly, his lips on her neck, as she tried to respond. “I would keep the pair. Better odds and, and, uh.”

“Let’s see what happens. Keep the tens and draw.”

Mary threw in three cards face down and asked for three. While they were being dealt, he turned her stool toward him and kissed her again. This time with more passion. She felt his tongue enter her mouth and she let hers dance with it. Her face was flushed, and she was breathing rapidly when he broke the kiss. Phil looked into her eyes as he slid the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms. He turned her back toward the table.

Up until this point the other players had been acting as if this was just another poker game. They had pretended that they didn’t see what Phil was doing. That changed when the blouse less Mary was turned back toward the table. The silky bra she was wearing was nearly transparent. Her erect nipples clearly showed through, pointing slightly upward from her wonderfully shaped tits. The players couldn’t not look.

Mary sorted Phil’s cards. He had managed to burdur escort draw a third ten. His two remaining cards were nearly useless. The betting ensued. While the raising and calling moved around the table Phil was concentrating on Mary. He cupped her silk covered breasts and began to lightly circle her nipples with his thumbs. His touch was as light as a feather brushing across her nipple. He kissed his way up her shoulder to her neck. He nibbled her neck and her ear. When his tongue licked her earlobe, he heard her quietly moan. His fingers began to roll her nipples through the silk. Mary arched her back.

“Mary it’s our turn.”

Mary’s eyes were nearly closed, and she was leaned back against Phil, “OK, turn for what? Oh, yes, poker, our turn.” She had forgotten about the cards in her hand and had nearly dropped them.

“Show the cards please.”

She did and Phil had a good hand. Bob had a great hand and a great hand always beats a good hand. Mary stood to move her stool. She turned to Phil, leaned down, and kissed him hard. She smiled at him in that sexy way she has and then rolled the stool over to her husband.

Bob smiled and kissed her lightly, “This stool is pretty cool. We may have to get one.” She sat on the stool and he pulled her toward him. He rotated her to face the table and pulled her close as the cards were dealt. “How are you doing babe? It looks like you might be having fun.”

Mary leaned back against her husband and smiled, “I am having a blast. This is turning me on so much.”

Bob held her for a moment then said to the group, “Well miss it seems that I will be taking an article of your clothing.”

“My sandals sir?”

“I am afraid not. You see, I don’t consider sandals clothing. No young lady you must provide something more substantial.”

In unison the other three men at the table began to chant, “Off with your shorts!”

Bob ran his hands up his wife’s thighs and cupped her pussy with his hand. He ran his fingers up her crotch to the zipper on her shorts and gently pulled it down. He unbuckled her belt and released the snap behind it. He slid his hand inside her shorts and down to rub her crotch. He teased her through her thong, then pulled his hand away. “Would you get my cards honey?”

Mary picked up and sorted the cards. Bob pulled her to her feet and slid her shorts down. She stepped out of the shorts and all eyes were on her. She wore a thong that matched her bra. Her shaven cleft was showing through the fabric as was the wetness of her crotch.

“Gorgeous.” “Beautiful.” “Damn you are hot!” Mary blushed at the comments from her three neighbors. Bob bent his knees so that he could slide his hands down the outside of her legs. He then slid them up her thighs and cupped her mons with one hand while the other continued up to cup her breast. He massaged her cleft while she stood facing the other players. The exhibition just made her that much wetter. When Bob slid his hand up to cup her other breast her crotch glistened with moisture. It was impossible for the other players not to see how turned on she was.

“We are waiting on you Bob”

“Sorry, I hope you didn’t mind the delay?”

Ron smiled, “Not at all. As a matter of fact, I could wait all night for you to play if I get to see your sexy wife. She is a goddess man. I kid you not.” Mary did not realize her hand had moved to her crotch and had started rubbing until Bob pulled her down onto the stool.

Bob did not have a hand and the draw did not improve his cards. He tried at a bluff, but he could see that at least two of the guys were confident in their hands. In the end Phil won and Mary moved her stool back over to him. She sat with her back to him and he pulled her close

“Welcome back beautiful,” he whispered into her ear. He licked her ear and nipped at it. You know what to do with the cards. Don’t mind me. I will just sit back here and play with your body.” He unhooked her bra and slid it down her arms. She laid the cards face down on the table so that the bra would slide off her arm. Tossing the bra aside she picked the cards back up. Phil turned the stool so that she faced him and kissed her. He kissed down her neck and then back to her lips. He kissed down her neck again and continued to her left breast. He licked the nipple and moved to the other breast to repeat the process. He pulled her nipple into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. Releasing the nipple, he kissed his way up until their lips met again. Their tongues met and danced until he pulled back and spun the stool around to face the table. While Mary held his cards, he cupped her breast and ran the other hand down her body. His fingers slid up and down her thong as he tweaked her nipple and kissed her neck.

Mary was on fire. She felt her orgasm building and the men watching her just made it happen faster. She leaned back onto the backrest and closed her eyes. Her hips began to move in rhythm with the hand rubbing her through the silk. “Mary?”

“Ye… yes.”

“It is our turn.”

“Uh hum,” Mary rubbed her pussy against his hand.

“You have to play the cards Mary.”

“I’m gonna cum,” she whispered.

“No my dear, we don’t want that to happen yet,” Phil stopped, and Mary looked at him like he was insane.

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