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The Intern

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He was brash, arrogant, and irritating, but god was he sexy. The new intern had been with us only a few weeks, but already had quite a reputation among the ladies and a healthy following at the girl’s water cooler-sewing circle-gossip sessions. Rumors were already flying about him sneaking into a closet with the other interns and even going above and beyond with some of the executives. How much of it was fact and how much was wishful thinking, I wasn’t sure at that stage.

He was one of those guys that was smart and sexy and knew it. An unruly shock of blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a well-muscled body made him the obsession of the office. It didn’t hurt that he had a confident yet laid back air and a great ass. I watched as he flitted around the office, casually whispering in some girl’s ear, laughing at some unknown joke, and handing off a file. I had to admit, he did manage things very well and the work he presented, even if not his own, was highly skilled and usually early.

Even the men in the office weren’t immune to his charm. I’d hear a burst of laughter and look over to see him chatting it up with the other managers, imitating a golf swing or some other ridiculous stunt. He was irritating the hell out of me and I wanted it to stop. I talked Sandy, the woman in charge of the intern assignments, into giving him to me for a small project. She giggled and nudged me, saying that all the female managers had been asking for him lately. I shot her a look of disgust and stormed off.

He stopped by a couple hours later and peeked his head into my office. “So you want me to help you with a project?” “Yes, I do, and I’d like to start right away.” Looking at his watch, he shook his blonde head and said, “I’m playing racquetball with Steve (one of my bosses) at 4. But I hear you stay late, so I’ll stop by afterward and we can work something out.” With that, he was gone. I stared out the door in disbelief, stunned that he would presume to dictate schedule to me. But there was nothing I could do but sit there and steam.

He sauntered in almost three hours later, shirt partially untucked, tie loose, hair still wet from a shower, and a gym bag slung over his shoulder. Almost everyone was gone for the day and he flippantly clicked the door closed as he arrived. I seethed as he laughed, “so, you ready?” “This is highly unprofessional.” I commented. He shot back, “I do better work in less time than anyone else around here and everyone knows it, what does it matter if I do it at night or with my shirt untucked?”

Actually, it turned out to be true. Over the next two hours, he and I polished off work that would have taken me a full day. He was especially astute at picking up trends in the numbers and could see things that I overlooked. It was frustrating and exhilarating at the same time. Looking at some particularly difficult information, I sat in my chair as he leaned over me, explaining the subtle trends.

I was having trouble concentrating. As much as he infuriated me with his attitude, his competence excited me. I found myself staring at him, not at the numbers. The bright clean smell of his skin was so close, barely masking the masculine sweat underneath. My fingers trailed along his dangling tie and he looked down at me, his bright blue eyes piercing me. “Thinking of something else?” he grinned devilishly. My face burning, I mumbled something, embarrassed at being caught staring at him. “Why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind?” he pressed. “Nothing, nothing…” I mumbled, still embarrassed but being betrayed by my thoughts.

I leaned back in my chair to regain my composure. He leaned in suddenly, his lips closing over mine. I felt him kissing me, but resisted at first. His fingers slipped into my hair, pulling my face to his and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. It was too much for me and I relented. Opening my mouth to accept his tongue, I moaned as he kissed me deeply. He was an amazing kisser, his lips pressed firmly to mine, his tongue tangling with mine. I kissed back lustily, sucking on his tongue and grabbing his tie, pulling him closer to me. The need burned in me as I clutched at his shirt, feeling his rock hard chest, and licked his delicious lips. His free hand slid down over my blouse, cupping my breast through my shirt. My nipples hardened under his insistent touch and I squirmed in my leather chair, eager to feel him closer to me.

The impropriety of the situation hit me suddenly. He was 20 years my junior, one of my employees, we were in the office, and I was married. I pushed back against him, attempting to break the kiss. He pulled back a bit and grinned at me with his disarming grin, then locked his lips over mine again. I felt myself responding to his kiss, his touch. My concerns melted away as he gently pinched my nipple through my shirt and then began unbuttoning my blouse. His deftly unbuttoned my blouse single-handed sex hikayeleri showing off his experience. He sucked my lower lip into his mouth and nibbled. That was it for me and I went crazy. I madly pulled off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, desperate to feel his skin in my hands. I arched my back, pushing my chest into his hands. His hands felt wonderful as they freely roamed my breasts, sliding over my bra, and then dipping in to cup them. One hand snaked around my back and unhooked my bra so quickly I was surprised when my pendulous breasts tumbled out of their confines. He pushed my bra out of the way and leaned down, his hot lips scorching my skin. He sucked and nibbled and licked my lush tits, moving closer and closer to my nipples.

I pushed his shirt the rest of the way off and attacked him with my mouth. I nibbled his earlobe and snaked my tongue into his ear. My fingernails scratched lightly over his skin until he reached my nipples. He took the first gently between his teeth and swirled his tongue around, then sucked in. The sensation was overwhelming and I cried out, my fingernails digging into his shoulders. He bit and sucked harder and I mashed my heavy breast to his mouth. The feeling flooded my body, my skin was burning. I felt my thighs parting in desire and could feel my juices begin to flow. He attacked my other nipple and I groaned loudly and pulled his face hard against my chest. Not caring about my wanton attitude or the marks I knew he was leaving, I begged him to suck harder.

He grinned up at me and lifted his head. Standing stripped to the waist next to my chair, he was beautiful. I looked down and noticed the bulge in his trousers. It was obvious he was as turned on as me and even more obvious that he was much larger than my husband. He looked down expectantly and I knew what he wanted. I still thought he was an arrogant prick and wanted to teach him a lesson, but my body betrayed me. I wanted this as much as he did, maybe more. And the idea of being taken by him made me hot and angry at the same time. Leaning forward over the arm of the chair, I reached for his belt. I kissed his well-formed abs as my fingers fumbled with the belt, then the button, then the zipper. I reached in and slid my hand down his boxer shorts. I curled my hand around his erect penis and gasped as I looked down at it. With my free hand, I pushed his shorts and trousers to the floor. It was the most massive one I had seen in real life, longer and thicker than any of my previous lovers. I cupped his balls and stroked him gently. My fingers barely met around him. I lightly traced a fingernail over the area behind his balls and slid my other hand up and down. I was on fire, I wanted this so badly, but I held back. I blew my hot breath across the tip and looked up at him. I had never felt this before, but I wanted him to make me do it. I wanted him to tell me what to do.

Sensing my need, he laughed softly. He slowly backed up as I stroked him. I leaned forward further to keep hold of him, sliding to the edge of the chair. He rested his bare ass on my desk and I leaned way forward to keep my mouth close. I looked up with begging eyes, waiting for his command. He ran his hands into my hair, gripping my head and pulled. I slipped out of the chair and to my knees in front of him. He laughed down at me and my jaw set in anger. Looking at me with the sexiest bedroom eyes I had ever seen, he whispered, “Do it Mary, suck my cock….” Hearing those words broke me and I gave in. That was the first time he had spoken my first name and it was to order me to do something so wrong and dirty. I bent my head and licked him from the base to the tip in a long slow wet lick. I tasted his salty precum at the tip and sucked gently on the top of the head. I licked him again, faster. And then again. The more I felt him twitch against my tongue, the more I wanted him. I didn’t know if I could fit his beautiful thick penis in my mouth, but I wanted to try. I opened my mouth in a wide O and closed my lips over his massive head. I swirled my tongue around his cock and sucked on it. I ran my tongue down the underside of his shaft as I took more of his luscious dick into my mouth. I sucked at him wetly, my lips smacking around him. He groaned as I rolled his balls in my hand. I took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth and slurped loudly. I pulled back until just the head was in my mouth and then moved back down. Wrapping my fingers around his thick cock, I stroked up as I pumped my head up and down. He pushed up as I sucked in, forcing his shaft into my mouth. I gave him the best blowjob I knew how. My tongue slid over his cock, my cheeks hollowed out as I sucked him, my saliva dripped down his shaft, I pumped my hand furiously, I moaned in delight when his hips bucked up and his balls bounced in my hand. I felt his hands on my head, gripping sikiş hikayeleri my hair. I felt so nasty when he grabbed my head and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. I knew what he wanted, but I had never sucked a man that deep. I reached down and grabbed my swaying breasts and he pushed in even deeper. My mouth was full with his cock and he wanted me to take more. I looked up and he leered down at me. He pushed in deeper with each thrust. I tried to relax and fight the gag reflex. He slammed his hips forward, fucking my face. With great effort, his cock slipped into my throat and I was deepthroating him. I swallowed hard and he shivered in my mouth. He pumped into my mouth and throat. I knelt there and accepted his tool in my mouth as he used me to get off. I was so horny my panties were soaked all the way through. His thrusts became more and more erratic and I knew he was almost there. I inhaled deeply when he pushed his dick all the way into my throat, my nose buried in his pubic hair. The musky smell of his cock nearly made me lose control. He started groaning loudly, muttering expletives, urging me on. I took over as he relaxed against the desk. One hand on his shaft, pumping hard and fast. One hand cupping his balls. I sucked hard and bobbed my head up and down as fast as I could. With every nasty word he uttered, I only got more turned on. “Suck my big fucking cock Mary…Swallow my cum you bitch…” I moaned around his cock at these words and sucked harder and faster. I wanted to please him. I wanted him to use me. I wanted to accept his cock and his cum. I felt so hot and nasty kneeling on the uncomfortable carpet with my shirt flung open and his massive prick stuffed down my throat. He grabbed my hair and slammed his cock into my mouth violently. Grunting like an animal, he leaned over me and let go. I felt his cock swell in my mouth and was rewarded an instant later. The first thick hot jet of sperm filled my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could. He shot his cum into my mouth over and over, filling it up. I sucked greedily at his cock, loving every drop. His body shook as he came and cum leaked from the corners of my mouth. I pulled my mouth from his cock and swallowed as much as I could. His gooey sperm dribbled from my mouth. Another shot landed on my chin and dripped down onto my breasts. My lips were sticky with his love juice and I eagerly lapped it up. I licked and sucked his cock clean, savoring every tasty drop. I rubbed his wet dick on my face and used it to clean up all the cum.

Panting, I tried to catch my breath as I licked him slowly from base to tip. I smiled around his still hard cock as I took it back into my mouth. I blew my hot breath over him and slid my lips up and down his veiny shaft. I dipped my head up and down, loving the sensuous feeling of his meat sliding into my mouth. His fingers tangled in my hair and guided my head. I couldn’t believe after I swallowed such a huge load that he could still be ready to go, but I loved blowing him so I didn’t complain.

His fingers tightened in my hair and he pulled me to my feet. I reluctantly let his cock slip from my mouth with an audible slurp. My naked skin pressed against his as he dragged me up his body. I caught his penis briefly between my heaving breasts. Realizing what I had just done and embarrassed and ashamed, I blurted out, “You fucking asshole, I’ll have you fired!” I put my hands against his chest to push away and cursed my body for betraying me. I knew how bad this was. I was married and an executive. But my shirt was dangling off my shoulders, my bra was unhooked and hanging over my bare breasts, my hair was disheveled, my face was flushed, my nipples were hard, sticky cum was drying on my chest, and he was naked, his pants around his ankles, his bare ass against my desk, and his hard penis pressed against my belly. You couldn’t see it, but my panties were completely soaked through and wedged between my wet lips. He laughed at me and clutched my ass in his strong hands, pulling me tighter against his body. I struggled in his grasp, trying to push away but only managing to rub his hot cock over my stomach and help him knead my ass. I was completely torn. I knew this was so wrong, but the more I struggled, the hotter I got. I spread my legs around him for balance to push off and felt my skirt riding up my thighs. He lifted me slightly so I was on tiptoe and pulled me hard against his firm body. My breasts smashed against his chest and my nipples dug into his skin. He had an evil lecherous look in his eyes and he pressed his lips to mine. He was so insolent, so arrogant, so dominant. I couldn’t hold back. I kissed back, hard. I attacked his mouth. Our tongues tangled and we clawed and bit and scratched at each other. I became like an animal, hungry for him. I ripped off my shirt and bra as he hiked my skirt up further. My panties were wedged sex hikaye in uncomfortable ways under my skirt and I couldn’t wait for him to rip them off, hopefully with his teeth.

Wrapping his strong arm around me, he lifted me completely off my feet and we spun around until my ass was pressed against my desk. He roughly pushed my skirt up and stood between my parted thighs. I clutched at his chest and sucked at his lips and tongue. His smooth hands slid up my skirt and grabbed my panties. My thighs quivered as he ran his hands over them and I leaned back and raised my ass to help. He pulled my panties down my thighs, the wet material pulling away from me. He moved slightly and slid them off my right leg. It was just like a porno, my skirt hiked up around my waist and my panties hanging off one foot. I relished the feeling of his hot cock slapping against my skin as he maneuvered me into position. He grabbed my legs and wrapped them around my waist. His throbbing unit was so close to my hot steamy entrance. I knew now that this is what I had wanted all the time. I leaned back and looked at him with the sluttiest look I could muster and let loose a torrent of bawdy talk. “You know I want it…Shove your cock in me…. Fuck me now… Fuck me like you fuck those slutty little interns…Fuck my hot pussy…. Make me yours…”

I didn’t have to wait another second. He plunged forward, his thick cock searing into me. I screamed as he entered me hard and fast. His thick dick spread me wide open, wider than I had ever been. My wet pussy lips sucked at him. I loved the feeling of his penis rushing into me. I didn’t care what happened now, I just wanted this feeling. And he gave it to me. Hard and fast. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of my thighs as he rammed his cock into my pussy. I grunted as he bottomed out, his balls slapping against my ass. I gripped my legs tight around him and urged him on. I told him how hot he was, how sexy he was, how big his dick was, how much I loved him fucking me. Anything to keep him plowing into me. There was nothing loving about this. He was fucking me like a whore and I loved it. My slutty cunt was stretched so wide it hurt and I begged for more. His cock was in deeper than I had ever felt. He was pounding my pussy hard and fast. I grabbed at his body, pulling closer to him. His violent thrusts were working me over and he was rubbing my clit at the bottom of each stroke. I was so wet I was dripping down onto my desk, but I didn’t care. My body trembled and I could feel the orgasm start. My toes curled as the feeling shot from my toes to my pussy to my nipples to my head. I cried out my orgasm and my pussy clamped tightly over his cock. He didn’t relent from his punishment of my sopping slit. It felt like he fucked me harder as I came and I loved him for it. It was an intense orgasm, my world grayed except for the exquisite torture concentrated in my cunt.

I collapsed back against the desk, numbly feeling him pummeling into me. My pussy relaxed and I could feel him stretching me out and filling me full. I moaned at this feeling and begged for more. “Fuck me…Fuck me hard….” He pulled my legs from around his waist and pushed my calves up onto his shoulders. As he leaned forward the breath caught in my throat. His cock slipped even deeper into me with each stroke, and the angle concentrated on my clit again. Pain was shooting through my legs. I guess he didn’t realize I wasn’t as limber as the young girls he was used to bedding. But I wouldn’t let him win that one. I gritted my teeth and grabbed my heaving tits. Pinching my nipples between my fingers and cursing him, I watched as he fucked me. Sweat poured down his hard young body. The wet sounds of our fucking echoed in my office when his thighs slapped against me and my wet pussy sucked at him. The laughing face was gone and he looked like he was concentrating hard. His thick cock bored into me, pistoning in and out. Faster and deeper and harder he fucked me. I knew he was close. “Fuck me harder…. Cum in me…Fill my pussy with your hot cum…Fuck me…Use me…” I encouraged him. Suddenly, I felt him slow down. His strokes came hard and deep and erratic. I grunted as his big cock drilled into me. “Fuck!!” he yelled and slammed his dick into me. I felt his cock twitch inside me and I squeezed hard around him. He came hard, his warm seed filling me up. I loved the feeling of his penis spurting inside me and milked him with my pussy. As his balls emptied into me, he collapsed on top of me, finally out of breath.

I felt the weight of his body on me, mashing my tits against me, spreading my legs lewdly. A few seconds later, he slowly stood back up, wiping the sweat from his brow. He pulled back and his slick cock slipped from my full cunt. I groaned as he left me. He leered at me, my body soaked in sweat and our cum mixed and leaking from my pussy. He pulled my body along the desk until I silently slid off and to my knees. Slowly I wrapped my tongue around his shaft and tasted him. The mix of my pussy and his cock juices was intoxicating and I eagerly licked it all. His cock finally softened in my mouth and I ran my tongue over his soft cock, his balls and his stomach.

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