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The Invitation Ch. 03

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The morning comes with no action from a single member of my family. There is strong tension in this house, but none are willing to act until they hear what Leo has planned. Naked bodies work to avoid contact with each other and no one looks over at the toilet anymore. At first, there was the occasional glance when in use, but that passed quickly.

The phone rings and there are no yelps this time. I am closest, which means no one looks at me with suspicion as I move to pick it up. I manage to hide my grin as I receive our instructions and grateful to have just a little control in the madness. Before Leo ends the call he adds something I never requested and it is a reminder to me that my control is very limited.

There was a time when we were very adventurous in bed, but he stopped all of it out of nothing more than a temper tantrum. The moment he wanted to try anal and I refused, is the moment he stopped almost everything. He made sex feel like a chore in hopes of punishing me into submission, but it has only made me more determined to never give in to him. Leo will eventually give my daughters to him for the purpose of having that hole he has desired for so long, but it will not be virgin territory.

I hang up the phone after receiving our instructions and look over to my family. “Janice and Beth will be on either side of me on the bed. William will be with me. Luke will be with Janice. Jason will be with Beth. We have to lube up their dicks, then turn around and get our asses in the air. My sons will then have anal sex with us.”

The noise of protest from my daughters starts up, but I make certain they know I am not done. “We don’t have a choice, remember. Dennis is to watch, but can’t touch anyone and can’t touch himself. No one can touch him until after my sons finish inside of our asses.”

This next part was not part of any request I made. “After my sons finish inside of us, my daughters are to take turns sucking their father’s dick until he cums. Whichever mouth he cums in is to hold it in and not swallow. Then you will french kiss your sister and share it with each other. You are both to swallow after that.”

I see my face redden in the mirror as the last of his commands leave my lips. My daughters are looking at each other nervously and both are dreading everything this call will bring. I get onto my knees at the center of the bed and soon see both of my daughters flank me in the mirror. Not that the mirror was needed, since I can feel the heat from their naked bodies close to mine.

I feel the coolness of the lube in my hand as my sons are standing before us. My eyes are drawn to his hard manhood and my hands feel his warm shaft. Moans start to escape from my sons as we slowly work the lube generously onto the dicks before us. I know it will take a lot of lube for escort resimleri what I am about to experience and hope I used enough.

I release his shaft and let my daughters know it is time for us to share in the pain that will surely come. I don’t need to experience anal to know it will hurt, since it is something very instinctual in all women. I am not looking forward to the pain we are about to endure and wish I could hold their hands to help them through this nightmare.

I look into the mirror and see William’s brown eyes staring down and the desire very clear. I feel the head of his dick press against my exposed asshole and it tightens in some desperate hope that entry will be stopped. I see my daughters faces and their eyes are closed as they prepare to be violated in one of the worst ways possible.

My eyes close and my teeth clinch as I feel him enter virgin territory. My entire body tightens to fight the pain I am feeling and my daughters are crying out. I fight off my own cries since I have to be strong for them, but the tears are fighting to be released. They clearly feel more enter, just as I have, and are begging for them to stop. I want to join their chorus of pleas, but my teeth remain gritted as my asshole feels like it is on fire.

William continues to press inside of me and shows no signs of wanting to let me rest. My teeth cannot press any tighter as he slowly brings pain to my entire body. The tears are flowing down my cheeks and my daughters are screaming for the pain to end. I feel him stop and hope all six inches are inside and glad none of them are any bigger than this. I don’t think I can take another inch before passing out.

He holds himself deep inside and I will my eyes to open. I see my husband watching helplessly as he is denied this hole. His dick is very hard and his hands are fighting to give some release, but he manages to hold back and his hands are clenched at his side. I decide to add to the torture and let out a false moan of pleasure in response to the slow movement of William’s hips.

The moans seem to help my daughters through the pain and their sobbing stops. Their eyes open as there brothers slowly move in and out of their tight holes. They are both staring at their brothers in the mirror and eyes meet, which calls my eyes to William’s and the pain is slowly being replaced by shared desire.

For William, it is the desire of being inside of this hole and for me it is about adding to the torture my husband is receiving. His balls must be in pain as he desperately tries to find some release. I don’t want this to end any time soon, since that will bring relief to the bastard. I can deal with the pain and my daughters appear to have the same idea.

I don’t think it has to do with sucking gaziantep escort resimleri their father’s dick or feeling his cum in their mouth. It is what happens after that they are trying to avoid for as long as possible. The idea of kissing like that is something they wish to never do, but cannot avoid what the near future will hold. The moans from my sons becomes quite clear that none of my sons will hold out much longer.

William’s closes our shared brown eyes tightly and I feel the pain of him ramming me as deep as he can get. I don’t let out a cry to show my pain, but my teeth are tightly closed. I feel him release inside and there is something slightly pleasurable about this. He pushes himself deeper as he continues to release and each shot increases the pleasure I am receiving. It isn’t enough to counter the fire my body is feeling, but it does help to cool the flames just a little.

The last of him is fired inside of me and I hear the groans arise from his brothers. My eyes move back and forth between the reflections before me and my daughters have stopped the tears from falling. The pain on their faces is still very evident, just as it is on mine, and there is nothing I can do to comfort them at this moment.

I feel him start to pull out slowly and it is a much needed relief from the abuse. I feel much of him remain deep and press against something pleasant and the fire cools a little more. There is no doubt this will be the first of many and I hope the worst is behind me. As my son continues his slow removal, my husband is staring down to watch the full exit with pain on his face.

Some of his white follows Thomas as his head leaves my asshole and my husband groans in desperation from the sight before him. The feeling of my son’s release and the look on my husband’s face cools the fire completely. I see his green eyes turn away and focus on Beth’s ass to watch another dick remove itself completely.

Once all of my sons have finished, my daughters want to rest as much as I do. The pain is passing far too slowly for any of us, but my husband shows no sign of patience. There is desperation in his green eyes and he manages to get my daughters onto their knees long before they are truly ready. At least they aren’t putting pressure on their asses, but it is little comfort to either of them.

I watch from bed, while on my stomach to prevent any additional pain to that area of my sore body. Dennis presses his very hard dick into Beth’s mouth, which open easily for him. He pulls back and Janice takes him just as easily. As he starts to build a rhythm between the two mouths, I know this will be a very short show. Both of my daughters are gagging in turn and there is something exciting about my husband being responsible gaziantep escort bayan resimleri for the sounds they are making.

Beth lets out a different kind of gag as my husband starts to make that sound I am all too familiar with. His groan tells me he is starting to fill her mouth with his release and I find myself oddly excited about the idea of seeing my daughters share his cum. It takes a moment for me to muster the strength to move towards my daughters, but I manage to do just that.

I get close enough to get a good view and I can see some of the white starting to force its way out of her mouth. Dennis is already starting to soften and I see the tip of his dick freed from her lips. I get on my knees between my daughters and watch as they nervously stare into each other’s eyes. Despite the pain I am still feeling, I am starting to drip a little from the one hole that has been left untouched by any member of my family.

For a moment, my daughters don’t do anything, even though Beth’s mouth is uncomfortably full. Janice’s green eyes show resignation as she makes the first move and places her lips against Beth’s mouth. Beth’s brown eyes get wide at the contact, but her lips open in response to her sister’s encouragement. Some of the white escapes as Beth’s tongue forces some of her father’s release into Janice’s mouth.

My daughters close their eyes and the kiss turns very passionate quickly. I am starting to lose the remainder of the pain as I smile at the sight before me. Their tongues start to fight for dominance as the white is shared between them.

Just as they are losing themselves to the passion, Janice’s eyes open wide and she pulls back from her sister. Both have white on their lips and chin, which leaves me wondering if there is enough for them to swallow. That is the only reason I can think of for Janice to pull back the way she did.

Beth opens her eyes and I watch as my daughters close their lips and swallow what my husband had given. Neither show any sign of disgust as they feel him slither down their throats. They look deeply into each other and the temptation to resume the kiss is strong. Neither is willing to make the first move to resume the passion they had shared and the moment passes.

Knowing neither will make the move needed to return to the kiss, I move back to the bed with a little less pain. I lie on my stomach and the image of their kiss burns brightly on my mind, which causes me to continue to drip from my pink hole. Janice gets up from her knees and heads to one of the toilets. She is the only one that still gets embarrassed by having to do something that should be private in the open. Her flushing cheeks and red hair look wonderful, but that embarrassment will pass soon enough.

It’s very clear to me which direction Leo is taking us towards and an idea starts to gnaw at me. It takes time for me to have the house to myself, but it does happen. I pick up the receiver and here his voice at the other end. There is no sound of shock in his voice and I see no hint of shame in my reflection. I know Leo will have us do as he pleases, but I hope he likes the sound of my idea enough to make it part of the next call.

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