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The Island Ch. 04

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I woke up with the wonderful realization that Brianna and I were still spooned together. We were curled up together in our bed, having had sex for the first time yesterday. It was strange thinking about it as our bed, since it had been hers for about twenty years before I washed up on this island. In my musings, I also let myself hope that last night had been far from the last time that Brianna and I would have sex together. She was gorgeous, besides being a genuinely sweet, open, and generous person. She was quickly becoming very important to me. Thinking about her made me start to stiffen, and stiffening made me poke her with my cock, waking her up. I felt a little bad about that: not very bad, but a little bad. I heard her giggle, and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Good morning,” I whispered into her ear.

“I thought you might be awake,” she said back as she turned over to her other side so we could face each other. “Oh my gosh, I can’t even tell you how nice it is to wake up with someone here. I don’t even think I realized myself how left out I felt. I dreamt that you weren’t really here and it had all been imagined. I’m so glad that’s not the case.”

“I’m sorry you felt left out. I don’t remember for sure, but I imagine I got here as fast as I could.” That got me one of my favorite laughs, followed by a slap on the thigh.

“Come on, let’s go shower and find out what we’re doing this morning.”

In the shower, we were joined by Leah and Alicia, who had been asleep when we left, and they were not exactly happy about last night. Leah came in with a stern accusation. “You two did sex last night, didn’t you.” It didn’t sound like a question.

Alicia piped in. “Or at least something sexual? We heard you.”

Brianna blushed and smiled. I spoke for us. “A gentleman never tells.”

Brianna grabbed my arm. “Speaking of, next time maybe we can try not being quite as gentle.”

“I knew it!” Alicia said, practically jumping.

“Next time you won’t be quite so just-the-two-of-you is the important thing,” interjected Leah.

I was suddenly a bit concerned. “You didn’t like it?”

Alicia tried to be helpful. “It sounded like you liked it.”

Brianna immediately mollified me. “I loved it! It felt amazing, and I want to try all the sexes with you, okay? And also do it gently again, too. I just remember seeing you do it with Jeanette a little more aggressively yesterday, and maybe that can be the next sex we try?”

I thought it was really cute how their terminology sounded just a bit off, but I also couldn’t remember how exactly people talk about sex in the rest of the world, so I didn’t argue.

Leah wanted her opinion to be crystal clear, though. “I’m a little annoyed that you have not yet promised to involve us next time.”

Alicia agreed. “Or even apologized for leaving us out.”

Brianna’s eyes lit up. “I have an idea how we could make it up to them.”

Leah was skeptical. “Oh yeah? Start talking.”

Brianna’s smile wasn’t her usual warm, open smile. This one had some mischief to it. “Oh no, we’re going to use our tongues for much more important tasks.”

I knew what she was planning then. “Which one do you want?”

“I’d better take Leah. You’re taller.”

“Good point.”

The other two hadn’t gotten it yet. “What are you talking about?”

Alicia stopped protesting after I had gotten on my knees and grabbed her ass cheeks with my hands. I saw Brianna do the same to Leah as I pulled my face into Alicia’s crotch. I first licked up the sides of her small outer lips, lightly scratching her legs with my day-old stubble. I wondered how good at this Brianna had gotten when I heard Leah loudly moan. Alicia was still quiet, but she was frozen in place. After I had licked up and down her slit a few more times I risked a look up at her face. Her eyes were closed tightly, her face scrunched up in concentration. For a moment I was afraid I had overstepped. “Do you want me to-,” I started to ask until she opened her eyes wildly and used her hands to shove my face back against her now glistening pussy. Her dark outer lips were opening up to reveal her bright, vibrant pink treasures inside. Her scent was sweet and mild as I lightly teased her inner lips. Her clit was tiny, so I just used my tongue to flatly press against the hood and rub up and down slowly. I was starting to be a little less impressed with Brianna after hearing Leah moan on and on, louder and louder. She was just vocal, I guess. I started to wonder what kind of crowd we were attracting, doing this in the middle of the showers like this. Until someone stopped us, though, I had a job to do. I kept rubbing her clit back and forth until she sounded close, and then I replaced my tongue with my thumb and used my tongue to probe inside her vaginal opening, swirling it around the inside of her sheath. That worked. Alicia finally made a sound as she came, although it was a low, powerful grunt instead of any kind of sexy moan. I quickly stood up and acıbadem escort held her, and as soon as I did she basically collapsed into me. I held her as I, and about a dozen other girls, watched Brianna finish Leah off. She wasn’t as quick as I was, and Leah sat down on the shower floor in a daze.

“You two have got to stop doing this,” Ms. Julie said with a smile. The other girls dispersed as she walked over to us. The three of us washed first Alicia, and then Leah. Fortunately, by the time we were done washing and rinsing Alicia she was awake enough to stand.

“Oh my gosh you’re loud!” Brianna said to Leah as she scrubbed under her arms.

“What are you talking about? I didn’t say anything.” Leah protested.

“Not right now, earlier when I was giving you an orgasm.”

“Is that what that’s called?” Alicia asked as she came up behind me and put her arms around me over my shoulders. It was unhelpful while I was trying to help clean Leah, but felt very nice.

“Yes it is,” I confirmed. “Did you hear Leah’s moans? You seemed a little out of it yourself.”

She reached one hand around to gently squeeze my cock. “I don’t think I heard anything, but I was out of it. How long was that? It felt like it was either ten seconds or two hours.”

I didn’t know, but Ms. Julie had a guess. “Judging by when the last girls showed up in the cafeteria before we noticed a disturbance, about five minutes.”

“Best five minutes ever,” Leah said dreamily. “You taught her well. Got any more tricks, mainlander?”


We finished scrubbing Leah clean, and the five of us ate breakfast together in the emptying cafeteria. It was a bit rushed, since we were all late for the morning shift. I found out that Alicia tended the orchard and Leah helped clean the compound. Today Brianna was going to be helping in the garden, and my first job on the island would be fishing with Mary, Cara, and Diane. We cleaned our table and went our separate ways for the morning.

I walked out onto the beach at the other end of the building into yet one more perfect tropical day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the ocean waves were gently breaking against the pale tan sands, and three young, beautiful, naked women were standing there waiting for me. Of course, they were waiting for me because I was late, so they weren’t exactly waiting happily, but still it was a wonderful day. I introduced myself and apologized for being late, and they were quick to forgive me. They had been here with Brianna on the day I washed up, so they were all curious how I was doing. They introduced themselves and we talked for a few minutes. Cara was a petite girl with light brown skin and dark brown hair done in a long braid. She looked very fit and her breasts and ass were small but plump. Mary was short with brown skin just a shade darker than Cara’s, straight black hair, and huge dark eyes. Her boobs were a good handful, and they hung a bit heavy on her chest. Diane was just as gorgeous, with wavy blonde hair bound back in a ponytail and tanned, glowing skin. Her breasts were small, but round and perky, topped with pink nubs. The beach had quite a few large rocks sticking up out of the sand, with small lagoons in between some of the ones further out. We were at the end of a small bay, with calm water gently swelling and receding in front of us.

“Okay, so I’m not sure whether or not I’ve done this before, so I might need you to show me how.”

Cara hopped off the rock she was standing on and reached up to put her arm on my shoulder. “We’ve got you. You’re going to do great.” She walked around to the supplies they had spread out. “We brought everything out while we were waiting, so we’re ready to get down to it.”

Diane picked up one corner of one of several large rope nets that were laying on the sand. “We’re netfishing today, which is why we need your help. We do this about once a week.”

Mary gestured to a small bucket filled with what looked like a grain. “So first we’re going to lay out the nets, and then we’ll spread this out in the water for bait.”

“It’s wheat,” Cara added when I looked uncertain.

Cara and Diane each picked up one end of the net nearest them, and carried it over to the rocks. Mary put her hand on my back. “Cara will show you how to set the net. I’ll help with the other end.”

I walked over to Cara, who was lining up the net across a large area between rocks from Diane. They both spread the two corners they were holding apart, and handed sticks tied to longer ropes that stuck out from the corners to Mary and I. “Stay even with Mary, and we’ll lower it together.”

Mary and I walked away from Cara and Diane to spread out the net, and then we all four lowered it into the water. I could see fish darting away as it came to rest on the sand below the surface. The three girls reached down and placed one or two of the nearby rocks on the rope to hold it in place. I started anadolu yakası escort to do the same, and Cara came over to supervise. She showed me how to make sure it wouldn’t come loose, and we walked back to the sand to get the wheat. We each grabbed a bucket and walked back to the net to throw the wheat into the water. I was a little bit distracted watching Mary’s tits swaying in the sea breeze, and my wheat was not getting dispersed well enough for the girls’ liking.

“Spread it out more into the center, like this.”

“Yes, sorry. Will do.”

We got a good amount of wheat spread out over the water, and then we moved to other sections of the beach and went through the same process three more times with the other nets. “Now what?” I asked as we hopped down from the rocks and walked back across the sand.

Diane answered. “Now we empty the nets and after that we gather bait for the bigger fish. Oysters, clams-things like that.”

Mary put her hand on my arm to stop me and the other two girls stop for a moment. “First, though, I have to know: why were you always watching me so closely when we were throwing out the wheat? If it was to copy my technique it certainly didn’t work. Your wheat was all right in front of you, even on the last net.”

I felt myself blush a bit. “I’m sorry. The truth is I was staring at your breasts. The way you throw the wheat makes them sway in an interesting and beautiful way.”

“My breasts?”

Diane looked at Mary’s chest. “Show us, Mary. Pretend you’re throwing out wheat.”


She leaned forward and started making throwing motions with her right arm, and her tits were immediately moving like soft brown pendulums.

Cara scoffed. “I don’t get it.”

“I disagree,” said Diane. She pushed on the side of Mary’s right breast while she was still leaning forward, and it moved in a loop around the air below her chest. “She? Isn’t that cool? Ours don’t do that.”

“I like my boobs!” Cara said defensively. “Besides, I’ve seen tons of boobs and most of them do that. I’ve never seen one of these before.” She slapped my dick as it hung in front of me. It had grown in the last minute or so, and it began swinging back and forth like Mary’s boob. Cara pointed at it with raised eyebrows, and we all started laughing.

It was Diane that got us back on track. “Come on, we’ve probably let enough time pass that we need to empty the nets.”

So we walked over to the first net we had baited and assembled at our four corners. I could see a surprising number of fish in the water above the net. Our wheat had created a feeding frenzy. We grabbed our sticks and Cara raised her arm into the air. At the moment she dropped it to the stick with her other hand, we all raised our corners of the net into the air as fast as we could. The center did not leave the water, weighed down by too many fish to count. Cara walked over to me and took my corner, and she and Diane walked the net back to the sand, laying it out next to our supplies. We picked up the fish, and the ones bigger than our hands went into a tub of seawater, while the smaller fish went into a bucket that had contained wheat. We repeated that process for the other nets, and then the girls told me we needed more bait.

“So if we don’t get enough of the little fish then we use some of our clams and oysters. That way we don’t have to cut into our good fish meat for bait. Here, come with me and I’ll show you.” Cara took my hand and I followed her out into the water. We had to swim briefly to make it out to a large sandbank under the water. The swells came up to Cara’s shoulders, but she was still able to keep her feet on the sand. There were ropes tied to something on either side of the mouth of the bay, and suspended from these ropes were colonies of shellfish hanging down to the sand below.

I waved to Cara. “If these were here, how did I make it to the beach to wash up?”

“You didn’t. We saw you from here over at the mouth of the bay. See?” She pointed to a section of the sand that was visible from where we were.

“Oh, that makes more sense. Sorry you had to carry me so far.”

“What, like we were going to let you die? Don’t worry about it.” I smiled in gratitude. “Now, you pry off the clams and hand them to me.”

I worked the shellfish loose and one by one handed them to Cara, as I saw Diane and Mary do the same. Cara opened the shell and cut out the meat, dropping it into the bucket and tossing the shell out into the water. When I looked surprised, she told me they didn’t open them up out here if they were harvesting them to eat, but doing it this way saved them from having to do more than one trip if it was just for bait. We worked steadily, stopping when the bucket was mostly full, and then swam back to shore. On the way back I got a bit distracted by the sea life that I saw swimming in and out of the little tide pools in the rocks. As I was climbing out of the rocks, I missed a handhold ataşehir escort and my hand went into one of the little pools. I felt a sharp pain in my hand that immediately started throbbing. I managed to get back onto the sand using three limbs, and I hustled over to the three girls.

“I got stung by something!”

Cara grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand toward her. “Urchin,” she said, looking at the other girls. She dropped my wrist and put her hand on my arm. “You’ll be fine. It’s just going to hurt like crazy for a few hours.”

I was relieved, but she was not kidding about the pain. For some reason, the idea popped into my head that urine could help with urchin stings. “Have you guys ever heard of peeing on urchin stings?”

They looked at me like I had suggested something as insane as, well, peeing on an urchin sting. I could swear, though, those things were connected in my mind. Not having any memory of how I had heard about the idea made me less than confident, though. “I don’t know if it’s real or not, but I swear I’ve heard it helps.”

Diane still looked skeptical, but she smiled. “And you haven’t tried yet because you don’t need to pee, right?”

“I don’t think so, but maybe it’s the adrenaline.”

“Oh, whatever.” Cara grabbed my wrist again and pressed my hand into her crotch. She held it there for a moment before she let loose.

Daine scolded me as “You should really hydrate more before you come out here to fish. It’s hot, and we don’t want to carry you back again. I mean, we will, but we don’t want to.”

I, meanwhile, was definitely not focusing on the soft, warm folds of Cara’s pussy. I was focusing on the pain. It did seem lessened while Cara was peeing on me, but as soon as she stopped, it came back.

“Did that help?”

“I can’t tell if it’s better now or not, but it definitely hurt less while you were peeing on it.”

Diane’s eyes widened. “Interesting.”

Cara gestured to Mary. “I’m out. You’re up!”

Mary was taken aback, but she walked over and looked me in the eye. “I guess, you can put your hand on my vagina?”

I did, feeling her loose, velvety lips, and she started to pee. Again, the pain was lessened somewhat, but once she was done it seemed just as bad as it started.

I grimaced once Mary stopped peeing, and Cara looked over at Diane. “You may as well do it, too. Even if it doesn’t do anything, it kinda feels good rubbing his hand on your crotch.”

With a shrug, Diane walked over and pressed my hand over her vagina and rubbed it back and forth. The pressure on the wound made me wince. “Sorry,” she said, “I’ll get serious now.” She began to release, and the pain temporarily subsided again. Diane looked back at Cara. “You weren’t kidding, though. I’m not sure how to describe how that felt, except maybe just exciting.”

“Um, I’m going to go try to find Ms. Julie,” I said, and started walking. The girls followed me, and we walked into the infirmary. Ms. Julie wasn’t there, so I waited there while the girls went to find Ms. Julie. They brought her into the room a few minutes later.

“I should warn you, the girls peed on my hand, but it only helped temporarily.”

“They peed on it!? Why?”

“I remembered something about that helping with the pain, so I asked them to do it.”

Ms. Julie facepalmed. “Okay, for the record, that doesn’t do anything. Maybe it distracted you from the pain a bit, but it doesn’t help. Also, there’s a risk of infection. Don’t do that again. Maybe it would help a tiny bit with jellyfish instead of urchins, but vinegar is more effective and much safer.”

“I’m sorry, I thought urine was sterile.”

“Not completely. You’re probably fine, but we don’t have an unlimited supply of antibiotics here, so be careful, okay? We have an infirmary for things like this.”

“Speaking of, Ms. Julie, this is pretty painful. Do you have anything I can take or any way to help?”

Yeah, I’ll get you some painkillers and clean the wound. Once we take out the spines, the pain will take a bit to subside.”

Once I was fixed up, Ms. Julie wrapped my hand in a bandage and the three fisherwomen went back out to the beach to finish up.

She wrapped my bandage in plastic and stood up. “Let’s go get you showered and get some lunch.”

While showering with Ms. Julie did not digress quite so far as my showers with Brianna and the others have lately, there were plenty of touches, caresses, strokes, and explorations to get me very excited for today’s class-even if we did have to be gentle with my bandage.

Lunch flew by with everyone asking about my bandage, and quite a few of them needed to be reassured that it would not hinder the class schedule at all. I still couldn’t believe that all these girls wanted to have sex with me so badly, but I guess that was one of the advantages of being the only man around.

I walked up to class with Ms. Julie, and Leah and Alicia were waiting for us by the door. “How did you two end up in the same class? Ms. Eva must be slipping,” remarked Ms. Julie.

Both girls put on an innocent face that didn’t even fool me, and I’d only known them for a few days. “I have no idea what you mean, Ms. Julie. Leah and I will be perfectly attentive and polite students today.”

“Well, we’ll be attentive, at least.”

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