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The Island of Anguilla Ch. 04

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This is the third part of the continuing saga of Brooke and Brad. After their stay at Pine Lake and their honeymoon in Maui they embark on a new life with their new friends. I recommend reading the first two sagas. Couples Camp and Honeymoon in Hawaii

A word of warning, most of my stories contain elements of: cuckolding, chastity, BDSM, and sharing. Some contain elements of consensual non consent and extreme situations that some might find disturbing. Everything I describe is pure fantasy. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 4

It was early morning when Brad woke up; the soft breeze and the island sun both rushing through the window of his room. He wasn’t exactly sure where he was but assumed it was still in Cyrus’s retreat.

“Oh good you’re awake.” Mia anxiously exclaimed as she closed the bedroom door behind her.

“How are you feeling?”

Brad was rubbing the sleep from his eyes and trying to assess his situation as Mia continued in an almost frantic whisper.

“Listen I like you and I really want to help. But you’re gunna have to trust me.”

Her words came at him like a tsunami slowly building bringing with them the prospect of immense destruction.

Brad tried to sit up in bed but found he couldn’t, his hands and legs firmly secured in the same metal cuffs all Cyrus’s pets had been fitted with.

“I am here to let you up to use the bathroom, but we only have a few minutes so we have to hurry.” Mia franticly explained as she kneeled on the bed and began unlocked the chains attaching Brad’s metal restraints to the bed.

“Just trust me I promise I can help.”

“Trust you?” Brad snapped.

“You’re the reason I’m in this position in the first place.” He said annoyed and thinking of what his wife must be going through as well.

“I know you think I’m responsible for this but trust me, they had a dozen people watching you the minute you got here with Michelle and Ron. They knew as soon as they ran a background check on Brooke she was your girlfriend.”

“My wife,” Brad snapped, before realizing he shouldn’t have confirmed anything.

“Your wife, I’m sorry, your wife.” Mia apologized as she unlocked the final chain holding him to his bed.

Mia got off the bed allowing Brad to sit up and get his bearings. The cold steel still locked around his neck, wrists and ankles reminded him he was still not free, but at least he was no longer chained to the bed.

“Quick, use the bathroom and then we need to talk” Mia said as she pointed to the bathroom door.

Brad got up and did what he needed to, reminded of the gravity of the situation when he saw himself in the small mirror hanging on the wall above the sink. Between the cold steel imprisoning his masculinity and the shiny irons still locked around his wrists and ankles he felt completely helpless. How he was going to get out of this and find Brooke, he thought as he stared at his reflection.

“Hurry up,” Mia called out from the other side of the door.

Brad swallowed hard as if to prepare himself for whatever Mia was about to do to him. He regretted signing that agreement and contemplated how he was going to get out of it as he turned and opened the door.

“First of all, I’m sorry I got you into this position.” Mia lamented.

“I like you and I really didn’t want to get you mixed up in all this, but I didn’t have much choice. Cyrus still owns my ass and wanted me to get you here and signed up.”

“As soon as Brooke’s plane landed he was onto you guys. They screen everyone from the manifest and knew hours before she even landed.”

“What the hell’s going on?” Brad shockingly asked not sure how much she actually knew about why they were there.

“Listen Cyrus knew you would figure it out, it was just a matter of time, but I don’t want to do this anymore, I want out.” She softly blurted.

“Seriously I like you and I don’t want to see you lose your wife to these people. They will get her to do things and then blackmail her to keep her, just like they did to me.”

“Don’t give me that.” Brad snapped.

“You’re the one that suckered me here and probably Brooke too.”

“No it wasn’t me that seduced Brooke, that wasn’t me, well it wasn’t entirely me I guess. I mean, I do feel guilty about it, but it wasn’t just me.”

Brad thought back to the night with Brooke in the club as she prepared all the studs for Mia, and how Mia seemed to hold a seductive power over her. The idea that Mia wasn’t part of all this was horseshit.

“Bullshit,” Brad spat. Getting angry at the thought that his wife was now not only in real danger but that she might end up being forced to do something that would ultimately be used to blackmail her as well.

“Just listen for a minute. Please, I want to help you get her back before it’s too late.

“And what do you get out of it?” Brad bitterly asked.

“All I ask is for a ride. If I try to fly out of here on a commercial plane, Cyrus will know before it even takes off, and will have me drug back here. But manisa seks hikayeleri you have a private plane right? If you give me a ride off this island and away from the corrupt asshole that runs this resort I’ll help you get Brooke back and get free.

Brad was torn between believing Mia was truly trying to help and the thought that this was just more bullshit, meant to gain his compliance as they sucked him deeper into their scheme.

“How do I know you’re telling the truth?” Brad asked, softening his tone a bit, playing along.

“If I get the payroll books from Juan’s office, so you can have proof of all the money he’s been embezzling, will that convince you?”

“That would be a start.” Brad coarsely said, trying to hold back any hint of surprise at her revelation.

“Good, then just play along with everything Cyrus says and does the next few days, while I convince him to sell you to the same people that bought Brooke. If everything goes right, you should be able to see her in a few days.”

The thought of finding Brooke and getting her out of danger was a strong motivation to play along, but at the same time he found himself consumed with knowing what was really going on with the resort and what Juan and Cyrus were up to. Brad desperately wanted to understand what was going on, but didn’t want to appear to be clueless and lose any leverage he might have with Mia. She seemed to be concerned as much for getting caught with the rest of them as she was about getting off the island.

“First give me some more details.” Brad said, trying to gain at least an ounce of control over the situation.

“We don’t have much time, Cyrus will be back shortly.” Mia nervously said as she looked back at the bedroom door.

“Then hurry.” Brad calmly responded.

“Fine,” she relented.

“Juan is making money on both ends. He takes the money from the auction, less all the commissions and everything and at the same time he is paying them from the resorts payroll. You didn’t read the agreement you signed did you?”

Brad tried to hold back any expression on his face as he realized what was going on. He didn’t want Mia to realize he was just now figuring it out. If she knew he was clueless about this, she might not be as scared and willing to make a deal.

“The women that are sold are the same women that are on the payroll. Juan is pocketing the money he says he’s paying them to work at the resort. And at the same time he is getting a kickback on the sale of those women, well mostly women anyway.” She said with a little chuckle as she looked at Brad.

“So everyone working at the resort was sold at that auction?” Brad curiously questioned.

“No, no. The maids, bartenders, maintenance are all regular employees that he pays out of the resorts money in addition to the fake employees he’s claiming. Those forms you signed are used to open an account in your name that he uses to put money in. Part of that money comes from the resorts payroll and part comes from the auction money he’s laundering, this way its spread out over a bunch of people.

That’s another reason they are willing to let people go after a year or so. This way they use someone’s name to launder a few million and then close the account and it disappears. It makes it harder to trace the money and easier for them to integrate it back into legal money.”

Brad was surprised. He knew there was some low level shit going on. Serving their own alcohol and pocketing the money, renting out some cabanas off the record and pocketing that money. But he had never thought to actually check every employee on grounds and make sure they were all the same people as on the payroll list.

“I’ll get you the list of accounts they’ve been using and you’ll see. I bet you and Brooke are already on that list. You don’t even realize it but you’ve already gotten a sign on bonus and probably a first paycheck.” She chuckled.

It all made sense now. This was a big operation, and a lot of money must have been going through those accounts.

“I knew it was only a matter of time, after that last accountant disappeared I knew it wouldn’t take long for someone to come take his place.”

Brad knew she must have been talking about Liam but didn’t want to let on he knew anything about Liam and Abigail’s accident.

“There was another accountant that was looking into the books at the resort?” Brad asked, pretending to not know anything about that.

“Yeah, I forget his name, uh I think it was Linden, or Liam something like that.” She speculated.

“What happened with him?” Brad continued to act completely unaware of anyone before him looking into the resorts books.

“I don’t know, he just disappeared, him and his wife. I would see them at the bar or pool together but then one day they were gone and I never heard anything after that. Cyrus and Juan both seemed to be relieved he was gone. I figured he didn’t find anything, and I know those two weren’t interested in any of the games going on here.”

“Games?” Brad asked.

“Yeah like you and Brooke. Cyrus wanted me to get Liam to come to the private club, but he wasn’t interested at all. No matter what I did he just sent me away. One of the other guys even tried to seduce his wife, but she was as cold as he was.”

The fear of what was going on was starting to take hold. Brad realized what was going on. Cyrus and Juan must have tried to get Liam and Abigail into the same situation that Brooke and he were now chin deep in. They must have decided to kill them and make it look like an accident to keep them from exposing everything that was going on at the resort to the authorities.

“Why don’t you just tell the authorities what’s going on? “

“Are you crazy? Juan is the chief minister’s brother. If I went to the R.A.P.S. they would through me in jail and I would never get out.” Mia franticly exclaimed.

“So why now? Why me?” Brad asked.

“I’m tired of this life. I signed on just like everyone else, to have fun and enjoy the sexual rush. But I didn’t expect it to last more than a year. I didn’t know they would blackmail me into staying longer. I didn’t know I would be used to snare others, and I just don’t want to be a part of that any…”

Mia stopped talking and looked towards the door. She must have heard something and started to whisper.

“Quick I need to re attach these.”

Mia picked up the loose chains lying on the bed and re attached them, binding him just as he had been the night before. She attached each end of a foot long chain to each shackle on his ankles and another chain in the middle of that running up to his collar. Mia quickly clipped both his wrists to the long chain running from the padlock on his collar to the chain holding his ankles together.

“Just go with it, and I promise it will all work out for both of us. Please.” Mia whispered. Before giving him a re assuring kiss on the cheek.

“Ok come on let’s go.” She ordered in an elevated but friendly tone.

It was obvious she wanted whoever was in the other room to hear her but at the same time was trying not to be too harsh with Brad.

Brad decided to go along with her and see where all this led. After all he wasn’t exactly in any position to argue, and he wanted to find Brooke before something bad happened to her. He was certainly thinking more, clear headed today, even if he was in the same predicament.

“Put him over there.” Cyrus directed as Mia led Brad from his room.

Brad shuffled his feet along until they got to a spot where Mia hooked his hobble to a ring in the floor.

I have a new movie I want to watch, I thought you might enjoy watching it as well.” Cyrus laughed, as the large TV screen lit up.

“But first, give him a little helper.” Cyrus directed Mia.

Brad could hear Mia rummaging around behind him before stepping in front of him with a small blue pill in hand. Mia held it up to his mouth but Brad clenched his lips together refusing to take her tribute.

“Listen, you either take it now, or I come over there and make you take it.” Cyrus growled in a firm deep voice.

Mia didn’t say a word, but the expression on her face was pleading with Brad to take it willingly. He decided to take it and continue to wait for the opportunity to escape, like Mia had promised.

“That’s much better.” Cyrus grumbled, as he took a seat in the large overstuffed loveseat in front of the TV.

“Just try to relax.” Mia whispered softly in Brad’s ear before going over to sit next to Cyrus.

The movie started off with a group of four people standing chained exactly as Brad was, with the same heavy steel collar and cuffs. Three women and a man, one of which Brad instantly recognized as Brooke, all stood there heads bowed down silently waiting orders. What sounded like a heavy steel door opened and into frame came a skinny red head wearing all black leather and carrying a leather crop.

“How are my pets today?” She laughingly asked.

None of the waiting captives responded to her obviously knowing it was a rhetorical question and knowing better than to upset her.

“I need a little entertainment for my party and one of you is going to be lucky enough to be that entertainment.”

As the mistress walked back and forth in front of her captive pets she playfully tapped them with her crop, making sure to tease their nipples and coax them into showing their fully swollen potential.

One by one she stopped in front of them taking her time to give each special and undivided attention.

“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” She said as she moved from one to the next.

“Who will be my special hoe?” The fiery red head said as she stopped in front of Brooke.

The Mistress placed the end of her crop under Brooke’s chin causing Brooke to look up into her eyes. Brad could tell there was something not exactly normal with the way Brooke’s eyes looked. Her pupils were defiantly dilated and her skin looked red as if she might be running a fever.

The sight of Brooke was certainly hot but the situation had him fearful for her and what she was going to be made to do. Was he going to be forced to watch her being abused? He had watched her in all kinds of sexual activity, but it had always been on her terms. Sure she had been in a position of submission but there was never this level of danger or lack of control over the situation.

When he had witnessed her in the past he was almost always there with her, and when he wasn’t he knew she was there willingly. This time he wasn’t so sure just how willing she really was. Was she like him? Had she been tricked into signing something, or was she really a willing participant? It didn’t matter at this point, because regardless of whether she knew it or not Brad thought she was in danger.

After a few minutes of teasing and light smacks with her crop, the leather clad mistress unlocked Brooke from her shackles leaving them with the pile of chain on the floor, before removing the heavy steel collar. Brooke obediently followed her mistress off camera wearing nothing but a few red splotches where the mistress’s crop had softened her skin up.

Brad couldn’t help but be aroused as he watched a naked Brooke sexily follow her authoritative instructor. A few seconds later and the movie continued, this time focused on Brooke on a stage dancing.

Brad was fixated on the way Brooke was swaying to the music as she rotated around the large brass pole in the center of the stage. She was putting on a hell of a show for what looked like a packed strip club.

Brooke’s body gyrated and slid up and down on the pole as if she was making love to it in front of everyone. She seemed to be really getting into the attention she was getting from all the hollering men tossing cash at her as she leaned back and showed off her most private of areas. She would lay on the stage and simulate sex, pushing her groin into the air and fucking the imaginary person above her. Her hands roamed across her body, squeezing her breasts and pinching her already pert nipples.

The excitement the audience felt was starting to be felt by Brad as well. He could feel the pressure of his steel cage pushing back against his swelling cock.

Brooke continued her imaginary copulation as her fingers found Shangri-La between her legs. She flicked and swirled and stroked her way to an orgasm on stage, rewarded with cheers as well as cash.

“You know you really are a lucky man there Brad. I mean how many men get to watch their wife put on such an incredible show? It’s too bad you don’t get to be there with her.” Cyrus teased.

Brad couldn’t help but agree with what Cyrus was saying. She was hot as fuck, and it really was frustrating not to be there with her. It was always fun to watch her having fun, but something about the lack of proximity had raised the stakes on what had always just been a game for them. Now it was real. She was really out of his reach and neither of them had any control over what would happen.

It was only a few seconds later when the scene on the screen changed. The hooting and hollering of a club full of admirers was replaced by the hollow sound of rattling chains echoing off the bare white walls of what looked like an art gallery.

Brad watched as the camera panned from left to right, revealing the layout of the room. It was a very simple large room, reminiscent of a large open loft that had been made into an art gallery. All four of the mistress’s pets where positioned along one wall Brooke now back amongst her fellow captors.

Brooke’s wrists were held securely in leather cuffs and stretched up towards the ceiling. Her head and shoulders were pulled down towards the floor by a chain attached at one end to her collar and at the other to the spreader bar holding her ankles wide apart. Brooke’s ass was jetting up into the air and aiming at the center of the room.

All of her weight was being suspended by the heavy chain attached to her wrist cuffs and was the only thing keeping her from falling face first into the floor. The rest of her friends were in the same predicament, like Brooke completely naked and exposed to the whole room.

The spotlights on the ceiling had been adjusted to shine down on each of the four as if they were each a piece of art in a gallery, on display for all to ponder and enjoy. It didn’t take long and the room started to fill with spectators, filing in. Soon it was at capacity and the red haired hostess appeared in the center of the room.

“Please enjoy yourselves and show my pets all the love they deserve. Each one is special in their own way, and each one is thankful for any attention you give them.”

With her proclamation complete the party began. The crowd of people pushed forward getting closer to the works of art on display to get a closer look.

Each pet had a pack of hands roaming all over them, exploring each and every inch of their completely exposed body. There was no way to escape the invading hands from probing at will. Aside from shifting weight from one foot to another, there was little if anything any of them could do, but hang there and take whatever came at them.

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