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The Ladies Daniels’ Blessing Ch. 02

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September 25, 2009: The night after the shadow man came into the dreams of the sleeping women of Danville. The day of the big game between the Danville Cubs and the Barnville Bears. The day that changed everything.


Barbara Nook wanted to moan with disappointment when she felt her husband cumming inside the condom. She collapsed on his chest, grinding her pussy back onto his shrivelling penis. He had been pleasantly surprised to find his wife climbing on top of him this morning. She inserted his penis inside her and he sucked on one long nipple while she slowly rode him. All too soon, he tapped her thigh so that she could lift herself up as he put a condom on. When it was on, she lowered back down onto his prick and he was cumming before she even got warmed up.

“That was a nice surprise,” he said. “What got you so worked up?”

“Nothing,” she replied, kissing him on the lips. “I just wanted to make love to my wonderful husband this morning.” She didn’t want to tell him about the dark shadowy dream lover taking her from behind while holding her long blonde hair and spanking her ass as he pounded her with his big cock. Her thighs were sopping wet when she woke up. She couldn’t remember ever being that horny or having a dream so filthy. “I’d better get my shower.”

“Do you have to? Let’s stay in bed all day.”

Barbara sighed, “Sorry, but I’m needed at the library.”

David sighed. “Why couldn’t you have been a math teacher.”

Barbara smiled climbed off him. They were childless and she had no problem strolling nude through the house to her bathroom. It wasn’t the master bath, but she preferred being the only one who used this shower. She stepped into the shower and quickly washed. She moaned with arousal as she soaped around her nipples. They were still hard and sensitive, sadly more from her erotic dream then from her morning sex with her husband. Barbara stepped out of the shower and turned the water off.

She checked herself out in the mirror as she towelled herself dry. Barbara was a natural blonde and her small pubic patch matched her long blonde hair perfectly. She had bright green eyes and a fit figure. Her breasts were large and impressive like most of her friends and acquaintances. An unusually common trait in this county and the men didn’t complain. Her breasts were DD, conical, and curved upwards. She maybe had the most perfect figure of any woman she knew except for Coach Wilson. In high school, classmates had teased her calling her Big Boobed Barbara. The stupid nickname stuck and she confiscated many a caricature from students with Big Boobed Barbara written on it.

Barbara dressed in sexy, but practical underwear, a pink skirt, and a white blouse. When her hair was dried, she put it up on her head with two pins through it. She applied some light makeup, purple eye shadow that contrasted well with her green eyes and some red lipstick. She added some jewellery to the ensemble, her wedding ring, some earrings, and being a woman of faith, she never left home without a cross around her neck as well as her cross bracelet. She’d spent many years learning in private school under the nuns from the St. Germain convent outside of town.

“Bye,” she yelled to her husband. “See you at the game.”

Barbara was a woman of many hats. She volunteered at the public library, taught English at Danville High, and worked as an editor/researcher for the Danville times. She enjoyed keeping busy and had no plans of slowing down until they decided on starting a family. Today was an in-service day at school and she had offered to work at the library.

She was halfway to the library when she got a call from Mr. Gerrard, the editor of the Danville times. “Hey, Barbara, I was talking to my grandmother last night and she’s knowledgeable about the arcane. She says that there was a dormant curse on this town that was activated last night. Can you go look into what she’s babbling about?”

Barbara sighed. She didn’t have time for dragons and leprechauns. But Mr. Gerrard was a dictator. His requests were more like commands and had to be obeyed.

“I’ll see what I can do, Mr. Gerrard.”

“Call me when you have some info. I think it’s worth checking out.”

Barbara hung up the phone just as she was entering the traffic circle before town hall.

Barbara was not surprised to see Patrick waiting outside the library door. Patrick was a scrawny senior at Danville High.

“Good morning Mrs. Nook,” said Patrick, standing, and hefting his backpack behind him. Patrick often hid out in the library reading or using the computers. The boy was pure genius and one of the few students in Danville guaranteed to go to college on a scholarship.

Barbara let Patrick inside while she went to turn on the lights. He quickly disappeared and she forgot about him.


The Danville Times were on microfilm at the public library. Danville wasn’t modern nor efficient and the microfilm were unlabelled. Barbara considered mamak escort volunteering to organize the system, but her husband would kill her if she took on yet another project.

Barbara had another project planned for years. Barbara wanted to write a book. She’d put it off for years and honestly had never had an idea worth pursuing, but a Danville Curse was an intriguing idea. Mr. Gerrard just might need to wait on his story. Barbara continued her journey back in time skimming through the microfilm.

Barbara didn’t find anything about the curse in the old newspapers. She decided to call and check whether the St. Germain convent had any historic records that mentioned the curse.

It was getting late, but she wasn’t about to stop researching. She stood up and left the basement archives heading back into the library. “We’re gonna close early for the game Barbara,” said the library director.

“I’ll shut the place down then, I’m doing some research in the archives.”

“You’re not going to the game?”

“No, I’ve discovered something pretty interesting,” said Bobbie, flipping through the pages of the phone book. “I’m really focused right now and want to keep doing research.”

“Anything you want to share?”

“Not yet,” she replied. “I’ll be right back; I need to make a call.” Barbara left the library and walked back towards town hall. She flipped her cell phone open and made a call.

“St. Germain convent.”

“Hello, my name is Barbara Nook…”

“Yes, Mrs. Nook, the English teacher. How may I help you?”

“Yes, I’m researching a bit of history that involves the city of Danville. Do you have a resident historian?”

“The mother superior knows more than anyone. I’ll see if I can get her.”

The mother superior got on the line a few minutes later. Barbara was delighted to hear that Father Michaels, who had headed the convent 200 years ago had donated his journal to the library. Barbara thanked her and hung up the phone more excited than ever.

Barbara walked back into the library and ran into the director. “I’m taking off now. You’ll remember to lock up and shut the place down?” asked the director.

“Of course,” she replied. “Can I get the keys to the rare book display? There’s a journal that I want to check out.” Barbara waited while the director removed the key from her key ring. “Thanks,” she said, palming the key.

“Just be sure to get it back to me and be careful. Some of those books are falling apart.”

“No problem. Have fun at the game. Go Cubs!”

“Go Cubs,” whispered the director. The women were using their library voices. “All the patrons have left except for Patrick.”

Barbara nodded. She locked the door after the director and headed towards the rare book display. She spied Patrick at one of the computer terminals down an aisle. “We’re closing up Patrick,” she called to him.

He turned to look at her, pushing his glasses higher up his nose. “Aw man, I was just getting started. Can’t I leave when you do?”

“Well, I’m doing some research and might be here for hours. Don’t you want to go to the game?”

“Naw, football bores me. I just don’t see the fascination with moving balls around fields, diamonds, or courts. Can’t I stay here… with you?”

“Alright, just let me know when you’re ready to leave and I’ll let you out.”

“Thanks Mrs. Nook.”

She nodded and headed towards the cabinet. Father Michaels’s journal wasn’t readily apparent. It was tucked in the back of the old books, covered in years of dust. The book was leather bound and had a gold cross on the cover. She blew the dust off the book and opened it. Something fell out of the book at her feet. Barbara reached down to pick it up and saw that it was an old tintype photograph. When she turned it over, she gasped in horror.

The picture showed a hanging.

The picture encompassed the entire tree and the dark form of a teenager was visible hanging from a rope. She could see the backs of onlooker’s heads. A priest she assumed was Michaels was staring at the hanging man’s penis which was hard as a rock and though it wasn’t clear in the picture, the man’s penis appeared to be a monster. Two beautiful blonde women were crying behind the hanging man and appeared to be trying to reach the teenager, but a powerfully built man was holding them back. Barbara shivered. The teenger’s body wasn’t straight, his legs were kicking. He wasn’t dead yet!

Barbara gulped and felt a little ill. She headed for the reception desk, looking down the aisle at Patrick, suddenly glad another person was in the room with her even if it was a skinny wimp like Patrick. She sat down in a chair behind the desk and flipped open the book. Most of it was irrelevant to her story though she did find this passage interesting:

June 1806- Ferb Daniels showed me around his plantation today while his lovely daughter Betty and wife Chastity Daniels prepared our dinner. Ferb explained mamak escort bayan to me that the first Daniels had come to settle this county in the mid-1600’s and started a farm.


From the Diary of Father Michaels

Cade Wilson asked me to bless him. Cade had married Betty Daniels, had a child and was set to build his own plantation out near the lake when a messenger came telling Ferb Daniels that his son who had ran away was living in New Orleans. Cade quickly volunteered to bring back the fugitive to make his father-in-law happy.

Kenny was living in the quarter of New Orleans. Cade Wilson brought along Zeb Lester, Jared Nook, and Jimmy McGuinnes to help him bring back the runaway son. This is what he told me:

“We needn’t have asked directions as the music coming from the square led us directly to it. We found him in the square.

Things moved quickly after that. The Daniels boy disappeared into the crowd. “Don’t let him get away,” I shouted at the men. We moved the horses forwards into a rapidly dispersing crowd. We need not have worried. We caught him easily.”

“What happened next?”

“Kenny didn’t put up much of a fight. He was weak and thin. I manacled his hands behind his back and was threw him over my horse.”

“Did anything happen after that?”

“Not much. We grabbed a hold of an extra horse for him to ride, but I never removed the shackles for a week. We tipped broth into his mouth for food. We never put clothes on him and had to watch that big cock of his swell up all the time. It’d get hard several times a day and it seemed to pain him that he couldn’t take care of it. Once I said to him, “We’ll be back on Daniels plantation in a couple days Kenny, better not give the Colonel a hard time.”

I watched as his cock hardened again and it remained hard, thrust up over the saddle for half a day before it finally lost its steel. I avoided Kenny unto we got home. Daniels was away and I was eager to see my beautiful Betty and bury my head in her bosom. We let Kenny dip himself in the creek and then tied him in the barn to a pole. I then went to see Betty.”

Wilson wasn’t meeting my eye and I knew he was holding something back. “Is there anything you aren’t telling me, Mr. Wilson?”

“I- I couldn’t do anything.”

“What do you mean?”

“With Betty. I ran up to her bedroom and eagerly stripped my clothes off, but I couldn’t perform. She just laughed at me and said, “My real husband, my brother, the father of my child, you brought him back. The real heir to this plantation, the real king of this kingdom is back. Your little worm will not satisfy me even if you managed to get it up, which you are never able to.””

“It’s not your fault my son.”


Barbara could hear the crowd cheering and she realized she was hearing tonight’s game. The high school was over a mile away, but the noise was still loud. The Cubs must be doing pretty well, she thought. This is a home game and they wouldn’t be cheering that loudly for the Bears.

Barbara’s husband would be cheering on the Cubs. She sent him off a quick text, explaining she was involved in some research at the library and would be home late. She wanted to see if Father Michaels mentioned anything about the hanging and the curse or what exactly happened to the Daniels women.


Barbara flipped back through Father Michaels’s journal trying to find the part about the hanging. She glanced up from her seat at the circulation desk and caught Patrick staring at her from his seat at a computer down the aisle across from her. Students stared at her all the time. She liked catching them to make them uncomfortable. She went back to the journal and soon found the date of the hanging exactly 200 years ago today.

Here’s what it said…

I heard they had caught Kenny Daniels. He ran away after he was caught fornicating with his sister and his mother. I quickly mounted my horse and rode with a gathering crowd to see the hanging. Colonel Daniels had quickly ridden back to his plantation when word reached him that his son had been recaptured.

The Plantation’s population could rightly be considered that of a small town and it seemed nearly everyone was making a beeline for the tree before the Daniels mansion. I could see Kenny sitting on a horse with a rope around his neck, chest bare and wearing trousers, but what struck me the most was the sight of the women. I crossed myself and felt a stirring in my loins. Betty Wilson was being held by her strapping young husband, Cade. Nearby, the other Daniels woman Chastity was being held back by her husband, Kenny’s dad. Sheer white silk night clothes covered their voluptuous bodies. The swollen mounds of their breasts were visible under the silk and I tried not to stare. Both women were struggling in the arms of their husbands and appeared half mad. “What is going on here?” I demanded.

Cade appeared to have conflicting escort mamak emotions on his face as he held his struggling wife. He looked distraught, sad, horrified, and angry.

I turned to look and saw the old Colonel himself riding up. Armed overseers were mounted and leading them to witness justice come to Kenny Daniels. Many of the townsfolk had guns too. The Colonel looked down at me and spoke. “I was selling some goods in Barnville when Cade came to tell me that he had captured Kenny and tied him up in the barn. We rode back as fast as we could, but it was after midnight when we arrived.” Daniels stopped talking and glared at him angrily.

Daniels scrunched up his face which made him look like pure evil. He spat on the ground and dismounted his horse.

“Hang him, hang him,” shouted the still growing crowd.

I could truly feel the presence of evil, but to some extent I believed it was coming from Ferb Daniels.

I stepped back and held my cross up again. Merciful god save us

“I’ll do the honors myself,” said Daniels. He slung his rifle across his back and walked over to slap the horse.

“Kenny Daniels do you repent? Do you admit that you are a sinner and in league with the devil? Do so and I will pray that god will have mercy on your soul.” I clutched my cross tightly until the knuckles on my fingers turned white.

“Are you willing to die with your sins still upon your soul?”

“Get on with it,” I told Daniels. “A storm’s coming.” Dark clouds were rolling in fast and the wind was picking up. “Commit his soul to hell.”

“Then it’s time,” said Ferb.

Daniels turned and looked up at Kenny before slapping the horse on the rump. The horse leaped away, leaving Kenny swinging. I stumbled in my prayer as the horse nearly ran me down.

Events were happening quickly and I recite them while they are still fresh in my mind. The Daniels women were screaming hysterically, running towards their still swinging lover. Chastity reached him first. She threw her arms around his legs as if to lift him up and I wondered if she were trying to save him or snap his neck. There was a flash behind me as someone took a photograph of the hanging.

Kenny died then swinging from the oak tree with Daniels’s two women crying hysterically at his feet, but that wasn’t the end of things.

I heard a crack and could just make out the branch Kenny was hanging from breaking off, dropping his body to the ground. Then the heavens opened up releasing a torrential downpour as more lightning flashed in the sky and I joined the crowd, fleeing for the relative safety of their homes, though I headed for my church to seek the safety and comfort of the almighty god.

When I awoke the next morning, the town looked normal. Cade Wilson brought his mother-in-law to me. She still looked distraught, but had calmed down. She hadn’t bathed and her hair was unkempt. Cade gave her custody over to me and I promised that I would take her to the convent and say prayers for her safety daily. He then informed me that Colonel Daniels had shot himself last night. Cade told me that the old man had retired to his sitting room, taken out the pistol he had used during the Mexican war, polished it for over an hour, and then stuck the barrel in his mouth, pulling the trigger.

I told him I would be by to say some words over the old man’s body. Suicide is a mortal sin and I feared the devil had taken his soul for it, but I could almost understand why he did it.

A few days after the incident Cade Wilson legally adopted his mother in law’s incestuous child with her son. Cade named the child, Jonathan Wilson and swore to raise him as his own.

Cade Wilson loved the boy as his own.

1816 — Jonathan Wilson unfortunately passed away at the age of 10 due to an illness. Cade however still had a son, Harold, his son through his wife. Some said the child was actually Kenny’s from the time he fornicated with his sister and Cade knew this was true, as Cade himself was impotent, but Cade didn’t care. He vowed to raise the child as his own.


Her eye ticked again as she went back to the journal. She began leafing through it hoping to find out more information. It was mostly concerned with the faithful of the county, revenue generated from the convent’s services, etc. She did find a few interesting pieces of information.

August 1864- I stood on the walls of the convent and watched as the smoke rose around the Daniels Plantation. Betty and Chastity stood near me. Goodly Betty was crying, but Chastity remained impassive. At the time, we all believed that the Mansion was burning, but later we discovered that the Yankees had only burned the surrounding buildings. They had ridden out that morning. The crops were also burning, and I cursed the drought that had left the fields dry. It was then that Betty slowly approached me. “Father,” she said. “I’m ready to confess my sins.” I had always longed to discover what had happened the night Betty and Chastity fornicated with Kenny. Now I would know. Maybe there would be a clue as to how the devil had bewitched the two young women. I was so eager to know, I immediately led her to the confessional.

The next page was titled, “The Confession of Betty Daniels.”

Excited, Barbara began to read.


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