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The Late Train

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“Damn, I hate it when the train is late. Now I’ll get home late.”

The train pulls up in front of me and the doors open. It’s very busy. I debate to myself about whether or not to wait for the next one, but I’m already late. I step on. Standing room only, again. I hate standing; the crowds, the heat, sweaty people, the noise. I turn on my headphones and grab onto the pole to balance myself.

I glance around where I’m standing, noticing people who travel the same time with me every day. There is the elderly lady that has her shopping bag. I nod to her. There is the mother with the darling little girl. As my gaze travels over the faces, my eyes lock on yours. I snap my face forward, blushing.

“Oh god,” I say to myself, “It’s that gorgeous guy from the other station”.

I have seen him off and on over the summer and, wow, can that man fill out a suit. And when he walks away from me, oh mama, he’s got an ass just made for squeezing.

I close my eyes against the glare of the sun as the train pulls out of the station. The train lurches to the next stop, the driver seemingly slamming on the brakes. I grumble under my breath as I’m thrown against the lady beside me. I turn to her and smile.

“I’m so sorry” I apologize.

She shakes her head as she smiles “Oh no, dear, I ride every day, I know what it’s like”.

There is a shuffling behind me as people move off and get on. The doors close and I take a deep breath, anticipating the train moving away from the station. My eyes slide shut again as I take another deep breath. That’s when I smell it. Cologne. Musky, spicy, incredible-turn-me-on cologne. I try to picture in my mind who would wear such a tantalizing scent.

What comes to mind is tall, dark, and of course, handsome. canlı bahis I’ve always adored tall, dark men. There always seems like such an air of mystery about them. I feel myself slipping into a dream state, the movement of the train soothing, relaxing, rocking back and forth.

I feel a light touch on my bare arm, yet I don’t react. It’s so crowded on the train, people are always bumping into one another. Then I feel it again, only this time it moves up my arm, like a feather, a caress.

As the train pulls into the next station, we are jostled against one another as people leave and arrive again. One incredibly rude man pushes past me and knocks me off balance. I feel myself falling and not having anything to hold on to, I start to fall backward. Just as I put out a hand to try and grab something to stop my fall, my back comes up against a very hard, very masculine chest. A little “Oh” is squeaked out of me. I feel two large hands on my hips holding me steady. I try to turn around to say thank you but you stop me. You pull my headphones off and whisper in my ear “No”.

You tug me closer with your hand, my ass now resting against your cock, your incredibly large cock. I swallow another little sound of surprise. I feel your hand move down my hip to my bare thigh, your fingertips barely skimming my skin, slowing moving upward under my skirt. I put my hand on yours to stop you. Again you whisper in my ear.

“Nobody can see us. There is nobody behind me. I am standing in the corner. You’re safe, so go with it”.

Then you dip your head and bite my neck gently. My hand falls away from yours as I give a low moan of pleasure. Your fingertips continue their journey up under my skirt. I can feel goose bumps break out along my arms.

I bahis siteleri move my arm behind my back and twist my wrist, putting my hand fully on the front of your pants. I slowly move it up and down, feeling you growing harder against my palm. Your fingertips skim over my ass, brushing against my thong. You trace it with a finger. I shiver in response. You continue to move your finger over my thong, slowly moving it closer and closer to my pussy. I feel myself getting wet, my thong damp against my pussy. I start to fumble with your button, my hand continually brushing against your cock. I hear your breathing in my ear getting heavier. I slide my hand into your pants and gasp with surprise. I feel warm, naked, male flesh, huge male flesh. A shiver courses through my body.

As you are taller than I am and standing behind me you can see down my shirt and making no secret of the fact you are. When you feel my shiver, and see my nipples standing at attention, begging for your touch, I hear your whisper in my ear.

“Are you cold?”

Trying to control my breathing, I shake my head no. You slip a finger under my thong and over my wet pussy. You hear my gasp and feel my body tremble.

“Sure?” you ask again.

You slide one arm around my waist, splaying your hand over my hip, trapping my hand between us, my hand surrounding your cock in its warmth. I give a little squeeze and you tighten your arm in response. I feel your fingers push my thong aside and slide into my pussy, pushing deep. As your thumb passes over my clit, I feel your arm tighten again as my knees buckle. Your cock jumps and throbs in my hand.

You pull out and with two fingers push back in, my hand moving over your cock. My eyes slide shut as I feel you nip my bahis şirketleri neck lightly. You hold your fingers steady deep in my pussy and let the movements of the train move them, shallow little movements. I turn my head to whisper.


I feel your nod against my cheek. As the train pulls into the next station, you remove your fingers and position your cock head at the opening of my pussy. As the train lurches to a stop, the movement causes me to be thrown back against you. At the same moment you flex your knees and push up, burying your hard cock deep inside me. Panting, I try to move but your arm locked around my waist prevents it. As a little retribution, I rotate my hips in a circle and hear your groan in my ear. I smile to myself.

As the train pulls out of the station, the jerking movements do all the work for us. You keep your knees slightly bend, the rocking of the train sliding you in and out of my pussy. Your arm across my waist holds me steady as I push my hips back against you, wanting you deep, needing you deeper. A little moan escapes from my throat. Using your arm, you pull me back against you, hard, fast, rocking with the motion of the train. Sensing that I am very close, you push into me harder, creating an incredible friction.

You bite my neck again lightly and that little movement pushes me over the edge. You can feel me cumming hard, little spasms jerking at your cock. I bite my lip to keep from crying out. With a grunt in my ear, I feel you push up, once, twice, again, and then I feel you cum deep inside me, hot cum pumping into my pussy.

You slowly slide your cock back out and straighten your pants. You rearrange my thong for me and brush down my skirt as I try to gather my composure. The train pulls into the station and you bend down and pick up your briefcase, plant a kiss on my cheek and walk off the train.

I shake my head as the thought rushes through me.

“Good God, and I was upset that the train was late.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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