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The Making of a Dirty Old Man

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Carla married Sam Brown two years after graduating from high school. Sam had a good job at the local chemical plant and was in love with the young blonde ex-cheerleader. Sam was always a little shy and had only dated two girls. He was twenty-three when he lost his virginity and thirty-seven when he married Carla. Carla was never faithful to Sam but love is blind and he never suspected her of infidelity. Carla liked Sam but loved his money and what he could do for her.

The snow was falling that February night. Sam was working the night shift and Carla now forty-two was riding in the passenger seat of Keith Simmons’ Dodge Ram truck. They had met the weekend before at the local bar and had been texting each other all week. Keith was driving and Carla was leaning across the seat with her head in Keith’s lap sucking his cock. She was an expert cocksucker and Keith knew he wouldn’t last long. His groans grew louder as his balls prepared to empty. Carla sensed this and engulfed his entire shaft. Keith closed his eyes and threw his head back as he filled Carla’s throat with his seed. Suddenly the truck slid on a patch of ice, Keith opened his eyes just in time to see the headlights of the semi-truck.

Sam buried his wife a few days later. His grief tempered by anger and humiliation. It seemed as if the whole town was whispering behind his back about his cheating wife and how the EMT’s found her lifeless body and Keith’s severed cock still clinched in her teeth. Sam hoped Keith Simmons felt pain before his last breath escaped dying body.

It had been eighteen months since the accident and the chemical plant was offering an early retirement to any employee sixty years old and over. He lived modestly and had managed his money well. He had recently signed a lease with a gas drilling company to drill on some fifty acres of land he had inherited from his parents. Carla had insisted they take out a generous life insurance plans on each other but had never assumed she would be the first to die. Money was not something Sam Brown would have to worry about again.

Sam took the retirement package, sold his house and moved to another town where people knew nothing about his cheating whore wife. He wanted a new start, in a new place where he could spend his remaining years in peace. Sam just wanted to find happiness and he was smart enough to know that money cannot buy happiness. Sam could afford a much larger house and a nicer neighborhood but he decided to buy a small house with a large fenced in back yard. There were trees along the perimeter of the yard which afforded his some privacy. He also bought himself a German shepherd he named Judge to keep him company. Sam lived there quietly until the big storm passed through the following spring. The wind had blown down one of the trees on the edge of his yard and Sam was outside the next day cleaning up the mess. Now that the tree was down he could see the low income apartments next door.

The apartment complex consisted of several buildings each containing eight apartments. Each building was two stories with four apartments on each level. Two doors side by side and two more located across the wooden deck porch also side by side. Patti Mason sat on the porch outside her door smoking a cigarette watching the man in the house next door sawing limbs and cleaning up his yard. He looked to be in his late fifties, about 5’10, salt and pepper hair but still in good shape and most important all alone. Patti was thirty eight, addicted to pills and was going to need a fix soon. She arose and walked over to the fence.

Sam looked up to see a slim, somewhat attractive woman walking his way. He shut off the chainsaw and waited to see what she was going to do. Patti was about 5’7″ 130lbs; brown hair, small B-cup breasts, and a face that immediately told you she had live a hard life.

“Did you lose that tree in the storm last night?” She asked breaking the ice.

“Yeah, I am glad it was the only one. I am going to clean this up and try to plant another here in its place.”

“I’m Patti” she said as she extended her hand. “I live in that apartment up there” pointing to the second floor.

“I’m Sam, I moved in here last year. That is Judge.” He said pointing over to the German shepherd.

“Does he bite?” she asked concerned.

“He will only attack if I give him the command. I have been training him and he can be the best friend you could ever want or he can be a real son of a bitch…no pun intended.” Sam laughed.

“Is your wife inside?” Patti asked

“My wife died a couple years ago. I live here all alone except for the dog.” Sam replied

“I’ve never been married but I did shack up with a guy for a few years but he is gone now.” Patti said.

An uncomfortable pause in the conversation followed.

“Well, I was wondering if you needed any work done. I can clean house, wash cars, do yard work, or do whatever you need for few bucks.” She said with a smile and emphasizing the word “whatever”.

“I appreciate the offer canlı bahis but I don’t really have anything for you right now.” He answered.

“If you change you mind I live right up there.” She said pointing again and smiling.

Sam guessed that Patti was a real looker when she was younger. He stole a couple glances at her as she was walking away. She still had a great ass. He was glad she had walked over to talk to him. He was shy and had not met many people since moving here.

Patti left and Sam finished sawing up the tree, stacking the wood, and cleaning up the yard. As he was eating his lung he glanced out his window and saw Patti get up from her chair on the porch and walk inside her apartment. He didn’t know if he trusted Patti. He never had any problems with the residents of the apartment complex but he had heard comments at the grocery store and around town about the drug problem that existed there. He guessed from the look of Patti that she was probably a user and looking for some money. She said she would clean the house for him, but she also said she would do “whatever he needed” with a curious smile on her face. He wondered what she meant by that.

That evening Sam sat down and watched TV as he did every night since retiring. He didn’t have any friends yet in town, and hadn’t been with a woman since his cheating wife. A scene in the TV show he was watching had a woman trying to seduce a man and in doing so she said “I will do anything.” Sam immediately thought of Patti. What would she really be willing to do?

Sam went to bed, and after a quick date with his right hand and some lotion, he went to bed.

The next morning Sam awakened and immediately thought about Patti. Should he ask her what she would be willing to do? What would happen if he asked her to suck his cock? Would she do it or report him to the cops? He thought to himself, who would the cops believe? Would they believe him, an upstanding citizen or her, a probable drug user?

Would he really have the courage to ask her? As he drank his coffee and stared out the window he decided he needed to find out. After all that he had been through didn’t he deserve to catch a break?

Sam walked outside across the yard to the tree stump. He looked up and saw Patti watching him.

“Should I do it?” he asked himself trying to work up the courage.

The next thing he knew he waved at Patti and motioned for her to come over.

Patti saw Sam motion to her. Did he have a job for her or did the old guy just want to talk. She hoped he had a job for her. She needed money soon so she could get her fix. When she was a young eighteen year old she never had to pay for her drugs, she could just give a blowjob or let her dealer fuck her. Things were different now, she was older and her dealer wanted money more than he wanted sex.

Patti walked to the fence “Hi Sam, what’s up?”

Sam could feel his heart pounding; he hoped he didn’t look nervous. “I was wondering if you were still looking to make some money.”

“Yes, I will do ‘anything’ you need.” She eagerly replied.

There! She said it again. Does she really mean it? There is only one way to find out? Sam swallowed hard, his heart racing. “Just go for it!” he told himself.

Sam nervously asked in a hushed tone “W w would you be w w willing t give me a blowjob?”

Patti was caught off guard. She smiled, raised her eyebrows and asked “Did you just ask me for a blowjob?”

Sam stammered “Yeah, would you give me a blowjob? I’ll pay you.”

Patti smiled “You dirty old pervert. Your damn right you will pay me. I want twenty-five bucks.”

Patti realized as soon as she said the price she should have asked for more but there was something about this guy she liked; twenty five bucks was also the amount she needed to get her fix.

Sam was speechless for a few seconds. It had worked, it had really worked and it was only going to cost him twenty-five dollars.

Sam asked “Do you want to come around the gate and come in my house or do you want to go up to your place?

Patti answered “We are doing this in your house.”

Patti walked around to the side yard and went through the gate. The dog barked but Sam yelled “Judge” and the dog walked over, and lay down under a tree.

Patti and Sam entered the back door, removed their shoes and walked into the living room.

“Where do you want to do this?” Sam asked

Patti walked up to him, reached for the button on his pants and said “Right here.”

It only took a second for Patti to strip Sam to his boxers.

She placed her thumbs inside his waist band and slowly dropped to her knees as she slid the boxers to his ankles. Sam stepped out of boxers as Patti pushed him back onto the couch.

Sam had showered that morning and trimmed his pubic hair as close as he could to his skin without shaving. This made his seven inch penis look even larger than it was.

Patti reached out to Sam’s cock and carefully grabbed the shaft. She had seen longer bahis siteleri and thicker cocks but never one as beautiful as this. The shaft was straight, venous, and perfectly shaped and proportioned to the soft spongy head. She could smell a slight musky scent mixed with soap. He smelled clean. Patti inched closer to his cock and licked the pre-cum from the tip. He even tasted good. This was going to be fun.

She kissed the head of his cock and opened her mouth slightly wider allowing the head to slowly enter as she bathed it with her tongue. Patti removed her hands from his shaft and gently fondled his balls as her lips made the slow trek down the length of his cock.

Sam could feel her tongue washing over his cock as it entered her warm wet mouth. The sense of warmth was engulfing his cock until he felt her nose pressed into his well trimmed pubes. She made it look so effortless, never gagging even once. He began to feel the cool air of the room on his wet shaft as she slowly pulled away from him and then a rush of warmth as she thrust her lips down over the length of his cock.

It had been a while since Patti had given a blowjob sober. She had forgotten how much she enjoyed the feel, the thrill and the power of sucking a man’s cock. Patti was determined to savor every inch of his meat. She swallowed his shaft and tasted him as she pushed it out of her mouth again. She repeated this several times until she noticed him growing fidgety and breathing harder. Withdrawing his cock from her mouth she licked down the shaft to his balls. She placed her had behind his scrotum and pressed her finger back toward his anus.

Sam could feel her fingers pushing back toward his virgin hole. No woman had ever touched him like this. It felt good. He lifted himself and moved his ass to the edge of the seat. He lifted his knees in the air and spread his legs wide.

Patti sucked first one ball then the other into her mouth as she felt the tip of her finger reach its destination. She pressed her slender finger slowly into him up to the second knuckle.

Sam let out a low moan when Patti entered him

She licked back up his shaft, placed her lips on the tip of his cock and in one motion engulfed his rigid member. He responded by lightly thrusting into her mouth. He carefully place a hand on the back of her brown hair and felt her head bob in his lap. Patti was hungry, she devoured his cock and withdrew the length and devoured it again and again. She fucked him with her finger pressing forward. Sam could feel the pending eruption begin deep within balls.

Patti knew Sam was close. She began sucking harder. She wanted his cum, and she wanted it bad.

Sam could hold out no more and spewed a fountain of semen into Patti’s throat.

She swallowed the first streams and then filled her mouth with the rest. She loved the taste of cum and this man had given her much more than she had ever had before. She pulled her finger out of his anus and withdrew from his cock. Patti looked Sam in the eyes, opened her mouth to show him her prize and swallowed.

“Damn! That was fantastic.” Sam exclaimed.

“Wow that was quite a load! I didn’t know if I was going to be able to swallow all of it.” Patti smiled.

“You definitely earned your twenty-five dollars.” Sam said as he handed her the money from his shirt pocket.

“Thank you. You know, after my daughter comes home from school later, I could come

back. For fifty bucks I will let you fuck me, but I want to clean up first.” Patti said.

“That sounds like a deal to me. I didn’t know you had a daughter, how old is she?”

“She is eighteen and graduates in a couple weeks. She is great kid and very pretty too.” Patti said.

“I wonder if she would like to make some extra money.” Sam said half joking.

Patti looked at him seriously and what she said shocked him.

“I am sure she would, but if I bring her here with me tonight I want $100 for each of us.”

“$100 each! Sounds a bit steep” He said.

“You haven’t seen my Gina. She is young, skinny and pretty and has big boobs. She is definitely worth it and I want the fifty we agreed on and another fifty dollars for a ‘finder’s fee’.” She stated

“Finders fee, okay I will agree to that. Now the question is will she agree?” He said.

Patti returned to her apartment with cash in hand. This new neighbor of hers may be the answer to her money problems. She used to fuck and suck for drugs, why not do it for some easy money. Besides, he was old and harmless and nice looking for his age. She thought of her daughter Gina and how she had just pimped her out to the neighbor. She should have felt bad but she didn’t. Gina had been living with her rent free, and never helps around the house. She gets no child support for her and worst of all, Gina borrows what little money her mom has, and steals her mom’s pills. Patti reasons that if it were not for Gina, she would not have needed the money, and therefore would not be prostituting herself to her bahis şirketleri neighbor. Gina owed her, besides she was positive that her daughter was no stranger to sex.

Gina Mason had stepped off the bus and was walking to the apartment. Gina was 5’4″ red-brown hair, 125lbs, thin but had a pair of perky 36c’s that looked huge on her tiny frame. She was no virgin, and despite living in a low income complex, she liked nice things. She was a pill crusher and mom usually had a few lying around. She wished she had more money but didn’t want to work for only eight dollars an hour. Gina would graduate in another month. She was poor but not dumb. She had a GPA of 3.7 and with scholarship money and a lot of financial aid money for being poor, she would not have to pay for any college tuition. This did not mean she would not need some money for other expenses.

Gina walked through the door of the apartment and heard the water running in the shower. She thought that was unusual since her mom did not usually take showers during the day.

Patti had finished showering, shaving her legs, and shaving off the rest of her pubic hair. She heard the TV on and knew Gina was now home.

“Gina, don’t go anywhere, I need to talk to you.” Patti yelled out of the bathroom door.

Gina heard her mom and thought “great, what did I do now.”

While her mom was drying off in the bathroom, Gina went to the kitchen to grab a juice when she noticed an empty pill blister in the trash. Mom had scored a few pills, probably from Fat Bobby in building D. Gina knew her mom had a drug problem which is one reason they never seemed to have any money, but she still loved her anyway and would do anything for her.

Sam was in his house more excited than ever. He saw the bus pull away earlier and watched the hot young red head go up the steps and into Patti’s apartment. She was right, her daughter was beautiful. So beautiful that Sam doubted that Patti could talk her into sex with a sixty-two year old pervert. If she did and was even half as good as her mother, Sam would be in for a great evening. Sam could not believe how far he had come. A few years earlier he was and oblivious cuckold with a sparse sexual history. Today he coerced a neighbor into becoming his whore and now there was a chance that he would be making paid whores out of a mother and daughter for his own perverse pleasure.

Patti walked into the living room and sat down next to Gina.

“I have a job for you this evening. I know you stole the last of my pills the other day and if you want to keep living here you will do this job. Besides you will make more than enough money to get your own pills.”

Gina replied “What kind of job? I am not mowing someone’s grass or cleaning their toilet am I?”

“No, you do not have to clean someone’s toilet. I know you are allergic to manual labor. I was talking to the guy that lives behind us in the house with all the trees in the back yard. The wind blew over a tree of his the other night and…” She said before being interrupted.

“I am not cleaning up a bunch of tree branches so you can forget that now!” Gina exclaimed.

“Would you shut up and let me finish. As I was saying I was talking to him and offered to do some work but he told me he didn’t have any jobs for me. Today he saw me and waved me over. He said he did have one job for me.” She said

“Let me guess, a blow job” Gina laughed.

“As a matter of fact you little bitch, that is exactly what it was and he was willing to pay too. I told him I had an eighteen year old daughter and he offered to pay you too.” Patti stated.

Gina sat in silence with her jaw dropped open then said “Are you serious, you gave the neighbor a blow job for money and want me to do the same. I can’t believe this, was he even cute?”

“Yes he is attractive for his age.” Said Patti

“His age! How old is he?” asked Gina

“I would say late fifties early sixties. But he is very clean, nice, and has a beautiful cock.”

“You mean he is hung. How big is he?” Gina asked

“No, he is not hung. I mean he is slightly bigger than average but his cock just looks nice.” Patti said smiling

“Holy shit! How much did he pay you?” Gina rapidly asked trying to process all the information her mom was giving her.

“Twenty-Five dollars, but he will pay more if I fuck him.” Patti said.

“I am not sucking some old guys cock for twenty five bucks.” Gina said disgustedly

“Well Miss prissy, how much would you want to suck and fuck him?” Patti asked.

“Both fuck and suck, I would want $50 to suck and $100 to fuck.” Gina said.

“Well what a coincidence because that is exactly what he said he would pay you.” Patti laughed

Patti knew she would have to give Gina her finders’ fee but if it kept her on the good side of Sam she could probably make it back quickly.

Gina looked thoughtful “I don’t know anything about this guy, what if he tries something funny?”

“Don’t worry, I will be there.” Patti said.

“You are going to be there and watch him fuck me?” Gina said in disbelief

“Not exactly, I will be fucking him too.” Patti said

“I’m out. I am not going to fuck a guy with my mom.” Gina said

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