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The Mind Control Device Chapter 6: Sleeping Daughter’s Tempting Beauty

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The Mind Control Device

Chapter Six: Sleeping Daughter’s Tempting Beauty

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Dean Michael

June’s open mouth while sleeping on the couch sent such a wild lust through me.

My cock throbbed hard as I sat down on the edge of the recliner, my laptop perched on my knees. I frantically started typing commands to my wife and sleeping daughters. I had gone way farther than I ever intended to this night, succumbing to my lusts for my daughters.

Already, I had used my mind-control device, located down in the basement, to take the virginity of my eldest daughter, Dusk (real name Eve). Then I had a threesome with her and my wife. Afterwards, I put them to sleep and headed downstairs to enjoy June, my youngest.

Eighteen. My Junebug. So innocent.

That open mouth kept distracting me. Her lips were pink. I just wanted to slip my cock into her mouth, but I had to make sure that she was under the device’s power. That she wouldn’t find any of this wrong. The incest protocol had to be run, of course, but there were more specific commands, ones I didn’t have preset macros set up to do to play out my fantasy.

The device was keeping my cock hard. It worked on sound waves, inserting thoughts into the human brain. It was based on speculative research coming out of some of the universities and the US military. I had taken it and run with it. I had always enjoyed inventing my own devices, tinkering with electronics, and writing my own programs.

My fingers flew on the keyboard. I had to make sure that my wife and daughters had the right commands to fulfill my fantasies. They would enjoy every second of it. I wasn’t going to ever have them not enjoy themselves in this house.

Even if when they left the house they would forget all about it. Society couldn’t understand a family loving each other.

Tonight, I’d learned my wife, at least, got off on the idea of me molesting our daughters. It was a fantasy of hers. But would it ever have happened without my device? Probably not. Fear had held us both back, and our daughters wouldn’t want to have sex with their parents. We’d have to force them.

I could never force my daughters. My Junebug. But to reprogram them to want it…

I finished the commands and ran them. Subjects 72B2AE, G554ED, and 40A0D4 were now being affected, the machine targeting them over the others in range. It was quite the impressive device. It could detect everyone with two-hundred yards and gave them all a unique hexadecimal code. I had to figure who was who, but now I knew my wife was 72B2AE, and my Dusk was G554ED, which left my daughter June as 40A0D4.

Upstairs, I heard movement. The stairs creaked. I put my laptop on the coffee table and waited. Kimmie, my wife, appeared first, almost sneaking into the living room and smiling at the sight of our youngest. My wife wore only her fiery hair. She was a petite woman, her breasts small, her face youthful. With her waist size, she could put on a schoolgirl’s outfit and pass for eighteen.

I really, really needed her to wear Dusk’s old cheer outfit like she promised.

Her green eyes lit up and this look of lust and motherly awe crossed her freckled face. “Oh, she looks so cute,” Kimmie said. “But she should be naked.”

“Yeah, Mom,” Dusk said, coming up behind her mother.

Our eldest daughter had taken after the women on my side of the family. At twenty, she had breasts two cup sizes larger than her mother, giving her nice and round tits. Her strawberry-blonde hair fell around her face. She had her glasses perched on her nose, her eyes the same green as her mother. A wispy down of pubic hair covered her pussy.

The pair moved to June, who wore her brown hair in pigtails, one of which was spilled over her cheek. She slept on her side in her pajamas, her body as petite as my wife. She had an angelic face even when she wasn’t sleeping.

At rest, it was gorgeous.

If her eyes were open, they’d be a gorgeous shade of blue.

My dick throbbed as my wife and daughter remedied June’s clothing issue. Nothing they could do would wake her up. June was a heavy sleeper, but there were limits. But with my machine… The two manipulated her body, pulling off her pajamas. Soon, June’s small breasts came into view.

“These are so cute,” said Dusk. She leaned down, her round breasts swaying, and licked her little sister’s nipple like it was the most natural thing in the world. She swirled her tongue over it, dancing around the pink areola.

“Right,” her mom said. “And you’re dad’s staring at her, the big perv.”

“She’s adorable,” I said, stroking my cock as I sat in the chair.

My wife gave me a flirty wink and then leaned down. She engulfed June’s other nipple. Kimmie sucked hard. A little whimper came from our eighteen-year-old daughter’s mouth. At the same time, my wife slid her hand down and pushed into June’s dainty, pink panties. I groaned as my wife rubbed at my daughter’s pussy.

June moaned louder.

“Go, Mom,” Dusk purred and then moved around her mom.

Dusk hooked the panties and drew them off to reveal my wife’s hand rubbing at June’s pussy, caressing her sparse bush of brown hair and her vulva. June kept lying on her side, her mouth open wide. Inviting.

“Look at that mouth,” my wife said. She glanced at me. “I see you are staring at it. What are you thinking about doing to our young and innocent daughter?”

“Terrible things,” I said. “What do you think I’m plotting?”

She pulled her hand from between our daughter’s thigh. She grabbed my cock, her fingers wet with June’s juices. The heat of my daughter’s twat melted into my cock. My wife pulled me towards June’s open mouth.

“I think you want to slide your cock into her mouth and violate the cutie,” my wife purred. “Mmm, give her a sleeping treat.”

“God, yeah,” moaned Dusk. She held the pink panties with the tip her middle finger, letting the schoolgirl panties dangle. She moved around me and seized my cock with her other hand.

My wife and eldest daughter guided my cock to my youngest’s open mouth. I groaned as they pressed me into June’s lips. I groaned at the feel of my Junebug’s soft mouth. Then they pushed me inside her oral cavity.

The programming kicked in. My daughter sealed her mouth around my cock. She latched on tight and sucked. I groaned at the pleasure that shot through me. My balls twitched. It was incredible. I groaned, the pleasure rushing down through my body.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I moaned softly as June sucked. Her cheeks hollowed. She whimpered.

“Does anything wake the little munchkin up?” asked Dusk before she pressed her sister’s panties into her face.

“She always could sleep through a hurricane,” Kimmie said. My wife pressed into my right side and clutched my arm, rubbing her small breasts against me as she squirmed. Nipple sliding over nipple. “Give her a delicious treat. I know I’ve always wanted her mouth wrapped around your cock.”

I didn’t program my wife to say that.

“Now you are,” Kimmie continued.

I groaned and my hand shifted. I pressed between my wife’s shaved thighs to rub at her juicy twat. I caressed her, sliding my fingers up and down her hot flesh. My wife groaned, her green eyes sparkling with such delight. She panted while I moaned.

June sucked with such hunger on my cock. Her eyes twitched. I bet she was dreaming something naughty. She whimpered and kept loving my dick. Her tongue lightly caressed it, almost twitching around my cock.

“Dean,” groaned my wife when I thrust two of my fingers into her cunt. “Oh, yes, yes, molest our daughter. I want you to cum down her throat. Just flood her mouth with all that jizz.”

“Yes!” moaned Dusk. She pulled the panties from her nose and shoved them between her thighs. She masturbated her sister’s underwear against her cunt.

I didn’t program her to do that. Right now, she was free to do anything so long as she watched.

Dusk’s round breasts jiggled. Her free hand went back and forth pinching her small, pink nipples. Her moans echoed through the living room, rising over the sounds of June’s suckling. My youngest created powerful suction with her lips, giving me such bliss.

It was amazing. I savored every moment of it. The pleasure shot down my cock. My balls tightened. I reveled in it. The bliss felt incredible. It rushed through me. My dick twitched and throbbed. The pleasure rippled through my body.

I shuddered, my nuts tightening. My cock twitched and throbbed with her every last suckle. June moaned around it, her eyes moving faster beneath her eyelids. My wife’s pussy clenched around my fingers, her moans filling my ears.

“God, she’s such a sexy thing,” Kimmie moaned. “I’m such a wicked mother. I love pretending to be June, but now I can watch you do it for real. You have your cock in our youngest daughter’s mouth. You’re going to cum down her throat.”

“Yes, I am,” I groaned, the pleasure surging down my shaft. “I’m going to cum so hard.”

“Good,” my wife purred, rubbing her nipples against my arm.

“Do it, Daddy!” Dusk moaned, rubbing those panties hard into her pussy. She slid June’s dainty underwear back and forth, caressing her pussy lips and clit. Her glasses shifted on her nose. “Cum in June’s mouth.”

My balls tightened. The pressure was growing fast in my nuts. As much as I wanted to savor this, I was in June’s mouth. My little girl, my exuberant and excitable daughter, sucked on my cock with hunger. I felt her wanting my cum even in sleep.

My fingers plunged fast and hard into my wife’s cunt. Her thighs gripped my hand. She trembled against me, holding my arm tight against her tits. She nibbled on my ear. Her tongue rose over it while she moaned her pleasure.

“Cum in our baby girl’s mouth,” whispered my wife. “Every time she sat on your lap, I imagined her impaled on your cock. Now… Now… Enjoy her!”

“Shit, yes,” I groaned and stared down at my sleeping daughter. She sucked, cheeks hollowing.

My cock responded.

My cum exploded from my dick. My jizz splashed into tuzla escort the back of June’s throat. The pleasure slammed through my body. The rapturous, incestuous delight of cumming in my little girl’s mouth burst sparks across my vision.

“My little Junebug!” I groaned as spurt after spurt of my cum flooded her mouth.

Her eyes fluttered as she swallowed. Then they popped open. Her baby blues were unfocused for a moment while she kept nursing. Kept sucking on the cum that rushed out of my cock and into her mouth.

Then her eyes darted up to stare at me. She kept nursing on my cock.

“My sexy Junebug!” I groaned. “Drink all of Daddy’s cum!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” my wife moaned, her body shuddering. Her pussy went wild about my fingers. “Drink every drop!”

“Daddy’s cum tastes amazing!” gasped Dusk, her round breasts heaving. She pressed June’s panties tight against her pussy, rubbing frantically.

The three of us were cumming while June sucked out the last of my cum. I groaned, my pleasure hitting that wonderful peak. I floated there for a moment and then I crashed into panting bliss while June nursed out the remaining drops of cum left in my cock.

“Yes, that’s so hot!” my wife gasped, soaking my hand as she trembled through her orgasm.

“I would love for Daddy to wake me up like that, June!” groaned Dusk.

I smiled down at June as her lips slid off my cock. I drew in deep breaths. I loved my mind-control device. Enjoying June had been the impetus to creating it. I loved Dusk, I did, but June was my little girl. While Dusk had grown distant as she grew older, June stayed close to me.

A daddy’s girl.


June “Junebug” Michael

I woke up with Daddy’s cock spurting something yummy in my mouth. His cum. I gulped it down, my taste buds bursting with the delicious flavor. This wicked heat shivered through my pussy. That naughty itch that I was starting to notice more and more.

The naughty heat that Daddy would stir in me when I sat on his lap and felt his thingy. His cock. That wonderful dick that was in my mouth.

I kept sucking, wanting more of his cum. My thighs rubbed together as I stared up at him, blinking. I had been dreaming of nursing on his cock and then woke up to find it had come true. And Mom and Dusk were here, too. Mom looked wild, her freckled face flushed as she trembled naked against Daddy and Dusk…

Was she masturbating with my panties?

I had been watching Catching Fire and fallen asleep. This was a nice way to wake up. I popped my mouth off Daddy’s cock since no more of his yummy cum was firing out, and moaned, “It wasn’t a dream. I’m so happy! That was yummy, Daddy!”

Daddy grinned down at me. He was the most handsome man in the world, standing tall over me with his dark hair and glasses. He had that masculine cut to his face. When I was a little girl, I wanted to marry him. To be his wife like Mommy. I would tell everyone that I was going to be his bride.

Then as I grew older, I learned that I couldn’t. Men didn’t have more than one wife, and daughters shouldn’t want to marry their daddies. It was incest. It was wrong. And I believed that. I put away my childish fantasies, but…

I still dreamed of them. And now…

Why was incest so wrong when Daddy’s cum tasted so good. Mommy didn’t mind. She was staring down at me like I was dinner. Only in like a sexy way. The way she would look at Daddy. I knew they had sex. Lots of sex.

Mommy wasn’t like my friends’ mothers. They all seemed miserable. They didn’t have lots of sex with their husbands. No wonder they were getting divorced. Not my mommy. She loved sex with Daddy.

So I should love sex with Daddy.

“Are we going to have sex, Daddy?” I asked him as I sat up and then quivered on the couch.

“Do you want to have sex with me?”

I nodded my head, my pigtails dancing. “Very much. You’re so handsome, Daddy.”

“He is a stud, isn’t he?” Mom said. She pulled away from Daddy, and I realized his hand had been rubbing at her pussy. His fingers were gleaming. She had coated them in so much juice. I didn’t get that wet when I masturbated.

I loved masturbating. It was so much fun to rub myself and think of cute boys at my college. In movies. Even my daddy, though those ones always made me feel so squirmy and icky afterward, like I’d done a bad thing.

“What do you say, Dusk, want to help me get your little sister ready for your dad’s big dick?” Mom asked.

“Fuck, yeah!” Dusk said.

My older sister pulled my panties from her pussy. They looked soaked. I caught a whiff of something tart. It filled the air. It seemed to come from both Mom and Dusk. They smelled different from me. I had a fresh aroma.

“Yes, yes, get me ready!” I said. Then I frowned. “What does that mean?”

“This,” purred Mom.

She fell to her knees before me and pushed apart my thighs. My cheeks blushed as she exposed my pussy covered in my down of brown hair. Embarrassment rushed through me. They could see my cunny. A naughty tingle raced through me.

“You’re going to… to lick me?” I gasped, my voice tight.

“Mmm, I am,” Mom said. “I’ve wanted to lick your pussy and get you ready for your daddy’s cock for years. Your mother is a wicked slut.”

“But a fun one,” Daddy said.

Mom threw him a look and I shuddered. It was so obvious they loved each other. I found that so sweet and I was so glad I could share with them. Then Dusk was on her knees beside Mom. My eyes widened.

“Both of you?” I gasped. My body trembled. “You can do that? Two girls can do lezzie stuff at the same time? I mean, to a cunny?”

“I don’t know,” Mom said. She glanced at my older sister. “Want to find out?”

Dusk pushed up her glasses. She’d inherited Daddy’s bad eyesight if not his smarts. She might look intelligent, but she did so bad in school. That was why Daddy was inventing that device down in the basement to use sound waves to make her study better.

“Fuck, yeah, Mom,” Dusk purred.

My big sister was so much cooler than me, though.

Dusk and Mom lowered their faces while Daddy watched them. That made me feel extra sexy. He as staring at my little titties. I smiled up at him, just beaming in delight, as Mom and Dusk’s heads went lower. Their hair brushed my inner thighs. Then I gasped as their lips kissed into the sides of my pussy. They licked around me, caressing through my pubic hair.

These wicked sensations rushed through me. I whimpered and my legs opened wider. I trembled as this amazing pleasure swept out of my cunny. This was so much better than touching myself. I groaned, my body trembling.

“Daddy!” I squeaked. “Oh, Daddy, they’re… they’re…”

“Yes, they are,” he said, lightly stroking his cock still wet from my mouth.

His cum lingered.

“You just enjoy, Junebug,” he said. I loved that nickname. “Cum on your mother and sister’s faces. Then I’m going to take your cherry. You want that?”

“I do, Daddy!” I moaned. It was so wonderful not to find incest wrong. No icky feeling in my tummy now. Just good delights from my mother and sister’s tongues fluttering up and down my vulva.

They stroked me together. They brushed my slit and my pussy lips. I gasped at the wonderful sensations rolling out of me. I leaned back, my little boobies jiggling. Daddy stared at me with such hunger, only making me feel sexier and naughtier all at the same time.

I wanted Daddy to watch me all the time like this. The more he did, the more… womanly I felt. I was becoming more than his little girl and it was so exciting and even almost frightening. But Mom and Dusk were making my cunny feel too good for this to be scary.

I stared into his dark eyes and trembled as the tongues licked up and down me. Daddy was so happy with me. I bit my lower lip, whimpering at a delightful bit of pleasure. I couldn’t tell which tongue belonged to who, only that they made me feel good.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I squeaked. “They’re doing such bad things to me!”

“I bet they are,” he groaned. “Are you going to cum on their faces.”

“Yes!” This breathy rush of delight rippled out of my pussy. “I will! Oh, Daddy, watch me cum! Then we’re going to do it!”

“Yes, we are,” he said, smiling at me.

I felt so loved.

The two tongues caressed at my slit. They rubbed up and down my folds, brushing over my hymen. I was so glad I had that. I wanted Daddy to be my first. My only. Well, the first man since Mom and Dusk were already enjoying me. We were sharing Daddy.

That seemed so profound that I almost didn’t feel any pleasure, just awe. Dusk and I were made by Mom and Daddy, and now they were loving us. It was like we were raised to be theirs. To enjoy them. I trembled at that, so glad that incest felt so right now.

Everything had changed.

“Daddy! Daddy!”

“Just enjoy them,” he said, smiling at me. “Don’t be afraid of cumming. Let them get your pussy nice and wet. Then I’m going to make such sweet love to you.”

“He’s going to pop your cherry, munchkin,” Dusk purred, something she hadn’t called me in a few years.

“Uh-huh,” moaned Kimmie. “Your Daddy’s good at that. Just ask your sister.”

I smiled down at them. They were both staring up at me, their eyes both green, Dusk’s distorted a bit by her glasses. They looked so beautiful, their hair both fiery, though Dusk had more blonde in hers. They both feasted on me. Loved me.

They were amazing.

I whimpered and groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. I swallowed, this rush surging through me. My hips wiggled from side to side, grinding against their hungry mouths. I loved how their tongues teased my pussy lips. The pair kissed me down there. Licked me.

Brushed my little button.

My clitty.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I squeaked. “Oh, Daddy!”

“Just cum,” he groaned. “Let me see my beautiful Junebug cum.”

“I’m beautiful!” I gasped, this rush of delight surging through me that was separate from the naughty pleasures my sister and mother gave me. “Yes, yes, yes!”

I hit that wonderful moment. That fantastic pinnacle of rapture.

I came.

I tuzla escort bayan squealed and gasped and moaned. The couch creaked beneath me. My legs spasmed as the amazing delight fluttered through my body. It washed over me. Through me. It swept me up in a torrent of wonderful rapture.

It was incredible to experience. Stars danced before my eyes. Little bits of light that flared. I squeezed my thighs tight around their faces, holding them to my naughty cunny and aching clitty. I felt juices flooding out of me.


“Beautiful,” he groaned.

“Yes!” Mom added between frantic licks. “And yummy. Oh, honey, she tastes fresh. Our little girl has a yummy pussy!”

“Delicious!” Dusk said.

I felt so loved. So amazing. My body floated. I stared at daddy, my virgin pussy convulsing wildly, aching. I needed him in me. It was time for me to become Daddy’s big girl. His woman. Just like Dusk and Mom.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I thrust out my arms for him, my fingers wiggling as I reached out to grab him.

Mom rose, her face dripping in juices. She grabbed Dad’s hand and pulled him close to her. She kissed him, letting him taste me. I quivered as Dusk kept licking me. She kept fluttering her tongue up and down my folds, sending more pleasure flooding through me.

“I’m so ready to be yours, Daddy!” I said and knew that I had to ride him. That would be the perfect way to lose my cherry.


Dean Michaels

My wife kissed me hard. She thrust her tongue into my mouth. June’s fresh juices adorned my wife’s lips. I groaned and didn’t fight her as she pushed me back towards my chair. Right where I was supposed to be. Everything was proceeding just how I’d programmed them.

My women were doing all the things they supposed to. I savored this power. The way it had transformed our lives. My device was amazing. I couldn’t wait to make more. One for the college where I taught. Maybe one for our church.

And there were other possibilities. They could be sold. Modified ones with my ID hardwired into the circuity to be immune to the effects. My family’s, too. Only I could program them. Only I loved them and wouldn’t abuse them.

My wife broke the kiss. “Enjoy this treat,” she whispered. “I can’t believe it’s happening. I wish I had told you I wanted this before, but…”

“But it’s happening,” I said. I thought I knew Kimmie, but we all had secrets from each other. I was sure she’d be shocked by what I’d created.

She pushed me back, and I sank down on the recliner. My cock bobbed and waved before me. It swayed back and forth, twitching and throbbing. An ache pulsed up my shaft. She stepped back and June stared at me. Dusk rose from between her little sister’s thighs.

“Go for him, munchkin,” she said and took my wife’s hand. Those two sank down on the couch and began to finger each other, ready to watch the incestuous cherry popping.

“Love your daddy,” Kimmie moaned, her fingers buried in our eldest’s twat.

June rose. She looked at once full of lust and with a hint of vulnerable fear. She stared at my cock and bit her lower lip. She then darted at me with her usual boisterous energy. Her pigtails flew. Her little titties quivered.

Then she was on my lap. I had my naked daughter squirming on me, her legs sinking between mine and the recliner’s armrests. I leaned it back, the chair shifting, the metal mechanisms creaking and popping.

“Daddy,” whimpered my daughter. She grabbed my cock. She held it in her hand and stroked up and down me. “It’s really okay? Incest?”

“It’s really okay,” I told her. “Because we love each other, don’t we?”

She smiled. “I do! I love you, Daddy!”

June darted her head down and kissed me. She thrust her tongue into my mouth with such energetic passion. She gripped my cock and shifted her hips while our lips worked together. I groaned, savoring her enthusiastic, if sloppy, kiss. Her pigtails brushed my chest.

Her pussy brushed the tip of my cock. She rubbed her virgin flesh up and down my dick. Her wispy pubic hair tickled my crown. The pleasure rippled down my shaft to my balls. They were ready for her, full of cum for my little girl’s pussy.

“Go for it, June!” Kimmie called, her voice throaty.

“Jam that twat down Daddy’s cock!” Dusk added. “Ooh, doesn’t her ass look scrumptious, Mom?”

“Yeah. You’re a cutie patootie, June!”

June broke the kiss and grinned. “We got fans!”

“Then let’s give them a show, Junebug.” I grabbed her rump. My fingers squeezed her ass. I pulled down on her. “Let’s make them jealous.”

“Yes, Daddy!” she moaned and then grinned.

Her pussy pressed down on my cock. Her hymen rubbed against the crown of my cock. She felt incredible on me. Her hips wiggled from side to side. She smeared her cunt against my dick, massaging me. This wonderful pleasure shot through my body. My dick throbbed in her grip.

She pushed down with more and more force. She whimpered and groaned. Her hymen stretched and stretched. Then she gasped. She popped her cherry. Her head snapped back. Her little titties jiggled as her virgin flesh engulfed my cock.

Both my daughter’s cherries in one night. This was heaven.

“Daddy!” she whimpered as she worked her tight, deflowered cunny down my shaft. “You’re so big.”

I squeezed her rump. “You go as slow or fast as you need to. I’m enjoying it either way.”

A big grin crossed her lips. “I am, too. You’re just so big.”

“He is!” Dusk said. “I’m glad Daddy took my cherry. I could have wasted it on some dumb, boring boy.”

I smiled. She almost had. I had interrupted her and the punk who lived on our street from going who knew how far. Then I groaned as more and more of June’s pussy sank down my cock. That incredible, tight, silky sheath swallowed more and more of my dick.

The pleasure was incredible. I panted, my dick throbbing in her pussy. The bliss radiated out of her. It flowed down my cock. I squirmed on my recliner, my finger digging into her tight rump. Her face contorted. Her back arched, her little titties jiggling with their firm perkiness.

Then my daughter bottomed out on me.

Her blue eyes opened wide. “Oh, Daddy, I took every inch of you.”

“Go, munchkin!” cheered Dusk. “Ooh, Mom, finger my twat. This is so hot.”

“It is! Oh, June, honey, ride your father’s cock. Enjoy him. He loved it when I pretended to be you last night. He came in me so hard. Just imagine how hard he’ll cum with your pussy on his dick.”

“You did, Daddy?” June asked, squirming on me.

“So fucking hard,” I panted. “You’re just so cute and sexy. I love you.”

“I love you!” she squealed and hugged me tight while peppering my face in kisses.

Her body rubbed into my chest as she smooched over my face, planting her lips on my cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, everywhere. Her hips wiggled, stirring that delicious pussy around my cock. I throbbed in my eighteen-year-old daughter’s incestuous depths. I reveled in her hot snatch being around my cock.

Then she slid up me as she kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue wiggled past my lips. Her snatch slid up and down my cock. My dick throbbed in her pussy’s depths. Her silky walls massaged me, her tight sheath sucking at the tip of my cock.

My balls brimmed with that load of cum for her.

“Yeah, ride Daddy’s cock, sis!”

“Oh, honey, your ass looks so cute in your daddy’s hands! Keep riding him. You’re going to cum so hard on his cock! Your father will love that!”

“So much!” Dusk hissed. “Mmm, and Mom, get those fingers into my twat. You’re going to— Mom!”

“Like it when your mommy does that to your clit, huh? Mmm, and what you’re doing to your mommy’s pussy… Don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop doing that, Dusk!”

June broke the kiss, still working her pussy up and down my cock, and purred, “They’re having as much fun as us!”

“I know,” I said. “Family’s should share in all these wonderful things, shouldn’t they?”

June nodded her head, this look of serious passion bursting in her eyes. Her cunt massaged my cock as she worked it up and down me. Her small breast rubbed into my chest. My hands stroked up from her ass to caress her back, touching her skin.

My device worked. I’d enjoyed both my daughters. This was everything I wanted out of it. All my dreams come true. My dick throbbed in her pussy. Her hips wiggled, stirring her snatch around my cock. She brought me closer and closer to my orgasm.

I would cum so hard in her. I would fire all my jizz into her depths. My daughter would have such an amazing orgasm. Her flesh would milk me, working out all my cum. I would flood my sexy Junebug with every drop of fatherly seed brimming in my nuts.

She squeezed down on me, staring into my eyes. Her pussy sucked at me as she slid up my shaft. I groaned as she came back down. Her hips swiveled. She had such enthusiasm. The recliner groaned beneath us, experiencing her passion.

“Daddy! Daddy!” she gasped. “It’s building in me!”

“You’re orgasm, Junebug?”

She nodded, her blue eyes sparkling.

“Cum on his cock and milk out all his jizz!” Dusk moaned.

“Oh, yes, let him flood your pussy with your cum!” my wife groaned. “That’s the best part of making love. When your man—your daddy!—floods your pussy. You’re going to love it!”

“I know I will,” I said.

June giggled at me, her hips still moving. “Of course I will. It means you’re cumming! I love cumming. I want to cum on your big dick!”

“Yes!” I groaned. This was all my dreams come true. June on my cock. My wife and eldest daughter cheering us on. My orgasm building and building with every heartbeat. “I love you, Junebug!”

“Daddy!” she moaned and kissed me again.

She slammed her pussy down my cock. Her hot flesh engulfed me in her sheath. Then her flesh rippled. She squealed as her incestuous orgasm surged through her. I groaned as her hot cunny writhed around my cock.

Massaged it.

Spasmed around it.

I moaned into the kiss, my balls growing tighter and tighter. It was incredible. My tongue danced with hers. My fingers slid down and gripped escort tuzla her rump. Her incestuous flesh sucked at me. Her young pussy hungered for my seed.

I gave it to her.

My cum fired into my daughter’s twat. Spurt after amazing spurt of my cum flooded into her snatch. I bathed her. I fired all my spunk into her. Stars burst before my eyes. The pleasure blazed through my body.

“I think they’re cumming!” Kimmie moaned.

“Oh, fuck, yes, let’s join them, Mom! Keep rubbing my clit and… and… Yes!”

“Oh, Dusk, honey!”

My daughter’s cunny milked my cock. The pleasure slammed into my mind. All that bliss I craved. All that ecstasy I’d always wanted from my daughter. Stars burst around her beautiful face. Her blue eyes filled mine as she kissed me hard.

I fired the last of my cum into my youngest. My body bucked on the recliner. The pleasure burned through me. My tongue danced and darted through her mouth. I thrust my tongue deep into her. I plundered her mouth.

I savored every moment of being in her pussy. Every last second of her snatch rippling around my cock. It worked. My mind-control device truly worked. I broke the kiss, staring into my daughter’s blue eyes.

Full of joy. True happiness. Love. I was the luckiest father in the world.


Kimberly “Kimmie” Michaels

I fell to my knees before the recliner. June sat there, flushed and beaming. She had her legs spread wide. Now her pussy gaped open. She was a virgin no longer. One of the darkest, deepest fantasies—a desire I had always been too scared to tell my husband I had—was to see her lose her cherry. I don’t know why.

I used to feel so guilty when I would vicariously pretend to be my youngest daughter and have sex with my husband. Now… Now it was happening, and I felt no guilt at all. Incest was amazing. It was something that I should never be ashamed of.

Both my daughters had amazing first times because of Dean. I wished he were my first time, because he’s an amazing lover. My soulmate.

I slid my face towards June’s pussy, Dean’s cum leaking out of her snatch. The lust surged through me. While Dusk grabbed my rump, squeezing and kneading my ass, my face nuzzled into my youngest daughter’s deflowered twat.

I licked up the incestuous mix of my husband and youngest daughter. Fresh pussy and salty cum.

It melted on my tongue. As she shuddered and moaned, “Mommy,” I licked again. And again. A feverish hunger to devour my daughter descended on me. I thrust my tongue into her sloppy snatch. I wiggled into her depths, savoring the wonder of tasting her and my husband together.

“Mmm, dat ass!” Dusk moaned and then she buried her face between my butt-cheeks. I gasped as my eldest found my asshole and rimmed it.

“You wicked daughter!” I groaned into June’s yummy cunt. I scooped out more cum as Dusk’s tongue danced over my asshole.

“Mmm, I am. I’m such a— Oh, Daddy, yes!”

Dusk’s lips pressed deeper between my butt-cheeks like she’d been rocked forward. My husband groaned in the background. He was using June’s pussy cream to lube his dick and sodomize our daughter.

“Oh, Daddy, you’re fucking Dusk’s butt!” June groaned, her thighs squeezing about my head.

“He is!” groaned Dusk and then she licked my asshole again.

It felt so naughty. Her tongue danced over my sphincter while three of her fingers jammed into my cunt. Pleasure rippled through me. I savored the wonderful passion of eating out my youngest daughter’s creampie while my eldest did such wicked things to me. She stirred up my cunt. She wiggled her tongue into my sphincter.

In the background, Dean’s flesh smacked into Dusk’s. The rhythmic sound echoed through the room. It was such a wicked delight to hear. Our family was sharing their incestuous love. It was so right. So perfect.

“Mom! Mom!” squeaked June, her little titties jiggling as she squirmed, rubbing her hot cunt against my lips. “You’re licking Daddy out of me!”

“Your mother’s always wanted to do that,” groaned Dean as he slammed his cock hard into our daughter’s asshole, making her groan into my butthole.

“I have!” I moaned and scooped out more of the incestuous mix of jizz and pussy cream.

I reveled in the fresh cunt juices and salty seed. I licked and lapped, thrusting my tongue deep into my daughter’s pussy. At the same time, Dusk’s tongue wiggled into my asshole. She swirled it around in my bowels, melting down pleasure to my pussy stimulated by her fingers.

She fucked those digits in and out of my cunt. The pleasure felt incredible. I moaned into June’s twat, licking, lapping, feasting. Little stars were already dancing before me as my orgasm built and built faster and faster.

Matching Dean’s increasing thrusts.

“Damn, Dusk!” groaned Dean. “You got a tight asshole.”

“You got a big dick!” whimpered Dusk into my butthole. She thrust her tongue back into me.

“You do, honey!” I gasped. “Doesn’t your daddy have a big cock?”

June nodded enthusiastically, her brown pigtails dancing. She squirmed, rubbing her hot pussy on my mouth. The pleasure surged through me. My cunt squeezed down on my eldest daughter’s thrusting fingers.

This was all so incredible. The rapture was building and building. We were loving each other as a family. I never wanted this night to end, but I knew it had to. But not yet. We would have more fun first. We would love each other.

My tongue wiggled deep into June, searching for more of Dean’s cum. My husband had pumped her full of his jizz, and I wanted to lick it all out of her. My tongue swirled. I found a bit more, but that was it. I groaned and then just had my daughter to please.

“Mommy!” she squealed as I sucked on her clit. Her blue eyes shot so wide open. “Oh, yes, Mommy!”

The way she bucked and shuddered, grinding her hot twat against my mouth, was incredible. I thrust my tongue into her cunt. I swirled around in her clit, teasing her. Loving her. She moaned and gasped. Her head shook, pigtails dancing. Her breasts rose and fell. Her face scrunched up with such beautiful bliss.

She was gorgeous.

I nibbled on her bud while my asshole clenched on Dusk’s tongue. She thrust a third finger into my cunt, bringing me towards my orgasm while my husband pounded her hard. Dusk moaned. Groaned, her head moving around between my butt-cheeks while her tongue teased my bowels.

It felt incredible. I channeled the bliss into sucking on June’s clit. She whimpered and moaned. Her face scrunched up over and over. More and more of her fresh juices coated my tongue. I loved the feel of them on me.

“Daddy! Daddy! Mommy’s going to make me cum!”

“Good!” Dean grunted. “So’s your sister’s asshole!”

“Ooh, cum in her butthole and then I’m going to lick her pussy! I want to lick her pussy, Daddy!”

“Fuck, yes!” Dusk moaned. “You can lick my twat whenever you want, munchkin!”

We were all gasping, moaning. Three women and our man. My husband and I had created these two beautiful creatures, and now we were loving them. It just felt so right. This night was wild. Impossible. It was almost like a dream.

But no dream felt this good for so long.

My tongue danced over my daughter’s clit. Dusk’s tongue wiggled into my asshole while her fingers penetrated my bowels. Dean’s crotch smacked her rump hard. We were all building towards our climaxes.

June set us off.

“Mommy!” she squealed.

Her pussy gushed fresh juices. I opened my mouth wide and drank my youngest daughter’s passion. I gulped it down. The pleasure flowed right over my chin. Licking her while being stimulated by Dusk sent my own rapture bursting inside of me.

I came.

I quivered through my bliss. Stars danced before my eyes. My cunt convulsed around Dusk’s three fingers. My asshole writhed around her probing tongue. I whimpered and moaned, the pleasure rushing through my body and splashing against my mind.

“Mommy! Mommy!” June squeaked.

Dusk ripped her mouth from my asshole to gasp, “Shit, Daddy, Mom’s cumming!”

“Then you cum, too!” Dean groaned, slamming into her hard, his crotch spanking her rump.


“Oh, damn, that’s hot! Milk my cock and take my cum!”

We were all cumming. All celebrating our incestuous passion. The rapture flooding out of my pussy drowned my mind. I licked up the juices flooding out of June’s fresh twat. The recliner creaked. Dusk whimpered. Dean grunted as he unloaded in her bowels.

This was everything I wanted and needed. Everything that I craved. This was my incestuous fantasy finally come to life. Tonight was magical. I don’t know why it happened, but I was so glad it did.

“My turn to lick you out, Dusk!” gasped June.


June “Junebug” Michaels

I was tuckered out. It was so hot having Mommy lick my pussy clean. Then I’d licked Dusk’s pussy while Daddy’s jizz leaked out of her butthole. I was exhausted after that. Daddy carried me up the stairs, my cunny impaled on his cock. It was the best place for it.

It was weird that he typed on his laptop before we did this.

I groaned and squirmed as he settled on his bed. He stretched out on his back. I lay on his chest, my cunny squeezing tight on his dick. I rubbed my face into his chest. Mom and Dusk settled in beside us. Mom murmured something, but I was so sleepy.

Smiling, I drifted off into my dreams safe in my daddy’s arms with his cock filling my pussy.


Dean Michaels

This was a perfect night.

As June slept on me, my cock held in her cunny, I felt amazing. Dusk and my wife cuddled together beside us, drifting off to sleep. I smiled and then reached over to set the alarm clock for church tomorrow.

It was going to be a long day at church. It was late. We’d only get a few hours of sleep. After, I had to start tracking down the supplies I’d need to make the device in the house permanent. Battery backups and a generator that could keep the house powered for days. If it turned off in the middle of having sex, I couldn’t predict how my family would react.

I couldn’t take chances.

Then I could start building new devices. My life was going to be great.

To be continued…

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