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The Naked Zone Ch. 04

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Ch. 04 – poker

Camping the time honored tradition of going into the world and roughing it or gathering together your possessions placing the in a camper and roughing it becomes not having cable TV, sometimes camping can just be a good reason to play around. Mitch and Karen decided it was time to take the fun they had been having out for a camping experience. They have a cabin on the mountain with spots to park a few campers or some tents, they sent out special RSVP invitations to their friends. It was o be a long weekend party to celebrate their anniversary and Mitch’s birthday.

“I want to kick things up a notch or two,” Karen remarked, “get wild in the great outdoors!”

The couple had been hosting a number of “naked” parties and generally having a good time and sharing good sex with a number of their friends.

As they prepared to head for the cabin on Thursday afternoon, Mitch had just finished loading the truck with the supplies they needed when Karen came out and jumped in the truck. “Let’s Go!” she commanded.

“You are not the least bit excited, are you?” Mitch smiled at her seeing her braless nipples struggling against the white fabric of her sleeveless button down shirt.

“Just drive,” she giggled, “and keep your eyes on the road.” An hour later, they pulled off the highway and on to a gravel road leading toward the cabin, almost on cue they both rolled down their windows and Mitch shut off the AC. “The weather is perfect!” said as she breathed in the clean air. Forty minutes later, they pulled up in front of the gate leading onto the property. Mitch set the brake and started to get out to open the gate when Karen jerked her door open. “I’ll get it!” and she was out the door before he could object.

Karen walked in front of the truck towards the side of the gate that opens stopping right in front of the big dodge, looking at Mitch, who was wondering what the heck she was doing, she turned towards him grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off over her head. Shaking her D-cups, she yelled “NAKED AT THE CABIN WEEKEND! Whooohooo! Then she opened the gate and closed it behind the truck after Mitch drove in.

“Do you think the Rangers heard you?” smiling he asked as she jumped back in the truck. Last year a couple forest rangers stopped by and caught Karen sunbathing nude, she had just walked over to their truck and talked to them. It made their week.

Breasts swaying and nipples hardening, Karen blushed, as climbed in, “I hope so, that Ranger Rick is pretty cute.”

Now on their property it was just a quick quarter mile over the ridge to the homestead. The place had been in Mitch’s family since the eighteen eighties; he and Karen had spent a lot of time fixing up the place, they had hidden modernizations so they would deter from its rustic charm. The main room was well setup with a couple big round tables, wood burning cook stove, a heating bakırköy escort stove and a number of chairs. Karen stocked the chuck wagon style pantry with the food while Mitch stocked the propane refrigerator, checked the generator and opened the shutters. They were nearly finished when they saw Curt and Nita pull over the rise pulling their camper trailer behind.

Mitch went out to help Curt set up the trailer; Nita gave Mitch a quick hug, and “Happy Birthday Mitchell.” she whispered in his ear as she pressed her large breasts in to his chest. “I’m going into help Karen, have fun boys!” She headed towards the cabin door, “Oh and Curt try to get it level this time.” Nita walked through the door before he could respond.

Nita stepped in behind Karen who was putting away the last of the groceries, “So is this the dress code of the day?”

Karen, still topless turned to see her friend, “I suppose it could be,” she smiled and picked up her shirt, “but the boys would enjoy it to much.”

The two couples had been friends for years and sometimes swapped partners. The evening was enjoyable, card games and talk. Around nine thirty Nita suggested, “How about a round of swingers poker?”

Swinger’s poker, a game Karen had come up with sometime ago, much like strip poker with a twist. Head to head poker, two players, one draw, only you bet your partner’s clothing. When they are naked, you then bet their favors.

“Well, I don’t know…” Curt was hesitant, “I …”

“Come on, I’m in and I know the way you have been watching the girls bounce, that you want to see more.” She teased. Karen’s shirt had been unbuttoned far enough to show a lot of cleavage, she now unbuttoned two more exposing more of her braless breasts, “You know you can’t wait to see them.”

Curt sucked at poker and he knew it. He had only beaten Mitch once, it was a come from behind win he was sure Mitch had given him.

“Shit buddy, Karen is already down her bra,” Mitch chided in, “What do you want? Her naked?”

“That’s not a bad place to start.” Curt chuckled. Nita and Karen both hit him.

Mitch sat down and shuffled the deck, Curt across the table and the two girls were standing to one end whispering to each other. “We have decided to change the rules.” Karen spoke in a rather final way.

“What?” Curt replied, as he and Mitch looked their way.

“We have decided,” Nita spoke for them, “That you each have to anti up a piece of clothing for each hand.”

As the boys looked back at each other, Karen giggled, “We just want to see you naked before we are, for a change.” A shrug of their shoulders and Curt and Mitch both removed their shirts throwing them to their wives, who tossed them into chairs behind them.

“Time to play some poker,” Mitch dealt the cards and lit a cigar as Curt tried to figure out his hand. Slowly Mitch başakşehir escort picked up his set took a quick look put two cards in one pile and three in the other. “Cards?”


“Dealer takes three.”

“Kings over Jacks!” Curt threw his cards on to the table knowing he had a good hand.

Mitch flipped his original pair of aces over, then turned the new three over face up on the table, “Good, but not enough,” the third ace took the hand from Curt and gave it to Mitch.


Nita slipped her shirt off tossing on the chair with Curt’s shirt, her tremendous globes push against the white flowery fabric of her bra. A hint of pink rose just above the top of her bra, a promise of things to come.

Second hand went to Curt, kings over nines to Mitch’s pair of eights. Karen was not quite ready to show her wares, so she lifted the sides of her skirt, hooking her fingers in her panties she pulled them of from under and let her skirt fall back into place. Although fully covered she was down to her shirt and a skirt.

“Well that was hardly worth watching,” Nita stood hands on her hips looking at Karen, who giggled turned her back to the boys and flipped her skirt up flashing Nita. Nita smiled, “much better.”

“What about me,” Curt feigned disappointment.

Karen sauntered over to him holding her skirt down; her foot snaked out and rubbed his bare chest her legs disappearing into the light skirt. “You, well you are just going to have to win to see more.”


Mitch started to deal as Karen spoke up. “Wait boys, you’ve forgotten to anti up!” Both men stood and dropped their pants quickly, their underwear tented out in front of them.

“I like this game!” Curt remarked, “Now let’s play.” The cards were dealt; the draw given on again Mitch came out on top.

All eyes moved to Nita, who smiled a wicked little smile, “been wanting out of this since se got here.” Her hands moved to between her breasts unlatching the clasp allowing her large globes to separate and sag as the bounced. “Besides, now you guys get to anti again and you’ll be naked before we are.”

The men slowly pushed back their chairs, hooked the fingers in their waistbands… “Wait.” Mitch spoke; his boxers tented out so the head of his penis was pushing the flap open, nearly escaping its confines. “I think I need help with these.” He turned and stood on his chair. Curt stepped onto his chair the briefs he wore keep his manhood pushed uncomfortably down, but he liked the idea.

“EEEeeee!” Karen squealed, as she did her “happy” dance, chest and hips shaking her boobs like a couple cats in a burlap bag, she stretched her hands out and crossed over to Curt cutting Nita off. “I hope you don’t mind if I release the red head…”

“Oh no, I don’t mind at all, here I cum Mitchy.”

Karen stepped bayrampaşa escort up to where Curt stood on his chair, unbuttoning two more buttons allowing her shirt to open farther. His eyes locked upon the mounds of flesh seeking to lose them from the garb that contained them it drove him wild. Curt’s hard-on push the fabric further out as Karen’s fingers slid up around the leg holes her fingers slid slowly from his hips toward the center. Her nails tickled the hair on his balls as she lightly stroked them. One finger traced up the underside of his penis, lightly tweaking the lower lip of its head, the opening had just a drop of precum moistening it. Karen with drew her finger, looked at the glistening drop. Curt watched, as Karen pushed aside her shirt exposing her nipple, then carefully she transferred the droplet to the end of her nipple. Karen then started pulling his briefs down ever so slowly, the band caught pulling his penis forward until it flipped out of the top and stood at full attention. She giggled, then like a lollypop, licked his manhood from the base of his balls to the tip, sliding her lips over sucking him deep into her mouth. Rolling her tongue around Karen deep throat him, he tasted good. Curt moaned deeply with pleasure.

Karen knew the game was over; her pussy was wet and wanted something hard in her… NOW! Stepping back from Curt, she pulled her shirt off, noticing that Mitch and Nita had already moved to the bed.

Nita had gone to where Mitch stood on the chair, his boxers tented out towards her. Her hands slipped his shorts down past his knees to his ankles, as he stepped out of them. Mitch’s cock tickled across her hair, as Nita stood up his cock slid down her face. Her soft lips parted as she kissed the head then slipped her tongue out licking around the head. She was hot; Mitch reached down and played with her nipples, that was all it took. Stepping back, she stripped out of her pants and panties. One finger gently massaging her clit she slid the length of his shaft down her throat then back out to tickle the tip with her tongue, and then back down her throat. Feeling her own knees start to buckle her took Mitch’s hand and led him from the chair to the awaiting bed.

Nita slid across the bed her legs open for Mitch, who wasted no time diving in deep into her pussy with his tongue. She wiggled with pleasure as he work her clit with the tip of his tongue.

Karen moved towards the bed where her husband was eating Nita. Taking Curt with her, she leaned over the bed, kissing Nita’s nipples, sucking them deeply into her mouth. Karen’s own large breasts hanging down.

Curt, dick in hand watched his favorite couple pleasure his wife. Karen’s ass pointed towards him still covered by her skirt. His hand found its way up under the hem playing first with her ass then slipping a finger or two into her wet pussy, hearing a deep moan was his reward. He slid his body into position behind Karen then slid his red headed hard-on deeply into her.

The four friends gave the old bed quite a workout that night eventually falling asleep together, wore out from to much fun and a lot of sex. Tomorrow the others would arrive and the birthday celebration would really take off. It was going to be a great party.

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