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The New Maid

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Big Tits

I get home from work and you are cleaning my house. I ask you where the girl is that is usually here cleaning and you say she is out sick. Asking if you need anything you tell me that you are fine so I go on with my evening routine. When I walk into the kitchen to start cooking my dinner you ask if you can help me. Telling you that I am going to put a frozen dinner in the microwave you stop me and say I need a real meal.

You look in the refrigerator and see that I have very little in it. You take out a few items and start cutting things up then putting them in a pan. As the temperature rises in the kitchen with your cooking you tell me you are hot and take your apron off. When you remove your apron I notice that you do not have a bra on and your breasts look amazing in your tight shirt.

I try to work on other things but I can’t stop staring at your amazing beauty. Your clothes show how amazing your body is and my eyes are drawn to you. Trying to not act like a teenager I ask how your day has been and you tell me you are tired and sore from working all day. Walking up behind you I start rubbing your shoulders which startles you and causes eryaman orospu numaraları you to spill something on your shirt.

Asking if you would like to change your shirt you say you would but don’t have an extra one to put on. I go into my bedroom and return with a clean shirt of my own for you to wear. When I hand it to you our hands touch, sending waves of excitement through me. You thank me and remove your shirt right in front of me causing my excitement to soar even higher. As you put the shirt on you notice my erection in my shorts and laugh as you reach over and rub it gently.

As your hand slides over my erection the excitement is more than I can handle and I begin shaking as I erupt immediately getting totally embarrassed. You giggle as you tell me that now you have another mess to clean up. Wrapping your hand around my erection through my shorts you lead me to the bathroom and turn the shower on. Helping me remove my shirt you slide your hands up and down my chest making me get excited again. As you pull my shorts down you softly stroke my erection. I get into the shower and start washing myself as you undress and get ankara escort in the shower with me.

When you get in the shower I begin to gently wash your body. Softly I slide my hands over your amazing breasts and feel your nipples getting harder. As I wash your breasts I pull you back against me and softly kiss your neck. My erection presses against your butt as I slide my hands down your body and over your pussy. Turning you to face me I slide my hand between your legs as I kiss you passionately. The water rinses the soap away as I slide my finger inside your pussy. Slowly I slide my finger in and out of your pussy as we kiss tenderly. I get down on my knees and begin kissing your clit as I move my fingers in and out of your pussy faster. Softly I slide my tongue over your clit feeling how hard and swollen it is. Putting my lips around your clit I suck it gently as my fingers move in and out faster. You start trembling and then shaking as your orgasm rolls through your body.

We get out of the shower and dry each other off then I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. We lie down on the bed and kiss passionately as elvankent escort I pull you on top of me. You take my erection in your hand and place it against your pussy. Slowly you slide your pussy down onto my erection as our excitement builds. You move your hips around rubbing your clit against me. Your moans grow louder as you rock back and forth. Reaching down you grab my hair as you rock faster and press yourself against me harder. Shaking your moans turn to screams of pleasure as your orgasm moves through your body.

You collapse on top of me and I hold you tight as we kiss tenderly. You slide off of me onto the bed and I get on your back with my erection against your butt. Sliding back onto your legs I pull your butt up in the air. Gently I place my erection against your pussy and slowly push inside you. Slowly I slide my erection in and out of your pussy as I hold your head down against the bed. Pushing into your harder and faster our moans grow louder. Pushing into you harder we begin to tremble and our excitement is out of control. We start shaking and our bodies tense as we explode in a beautiful orgasm together.

Exhausted we collapse on the bed and kiss passionately as we slowly regain our strength. I ask you if you will be back to clean again and you tell me that you would love to and that I need to request you. You tell me your clothes should be clean and dry and you get dressed and leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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