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The New Neighborhood Ch. 02

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Note to readers: The story below and subsequent chapters involves open relationships between consenting adults, including incest. Everyone involved is 18 or older. If you don’t enjoy stories that involve incest then you should probably find something else to read. Thanks to Daddsgirlfl for editorial support!

The New Neighborhood

Hi, my name is Tom, Tom Brostwin.

I’m 40 years old, 6’1″, I workout to stay in shape, so I’m a strong lean 200 lbs.

My family consists of me and my 20 year old daughter Heather. I’ve been a widower and single parent since Heather was 12. Helen, her mother and the love of my life, left our lives suddenly, 8 years ago when her car skidded out of control in a blizzard.

Heather is a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, electric blue eyes, and an ever-present smile. She is 5’6″ tall, has luscious soft lips, 36C tits, a narrow waist, an amazing ass, and a cleanly shaved soft plump pussy that tastes like pineapple. It also swells and blossoms when she is aroused.

Heather tricked me into having sex with her when she turned 18, and since then we have been passionate lovers. Perhaps I’ll write that story some day.

I’ve been blessed with a cock that most women consider “large”. When fully erect, it is 8 inches long and nearly 2 inches in diameter. I believe that a healthy sex life is essential to the happiness of all humans. Heather feels the same, and she and I ensure each other’s happiness whenever we can.

Here is a list of the four families in the neighborhood. It may help until you get to know them: (only the first two are significant in this chapter)

Howard, Hannah, Holly, Hugh

Paul, Kristen, Patricia (Trixie), Daniel

Tim, Melissa, Victoria, Rick

Keith, Suzie, Katherine, Sam

Please read Chapter 1 first – and Thanks to all who made a Favorite and especially to those who took time to comment.

Chapter 2 – I fuck my neighbors wives and daughters

After Trixie left to spend time with her parents, Heather and I returned to our normal routine for the remainder of the weekend. We both remained nude and continued to swim, while chatting.

“Do you like Trixie?” Asked Heather.

“Yes, she seems nice and I had a lot of fun with her.”

“I know that, silly. Even without any experience, she was a great fuck, and I could see your enthusiasm for both fucking her cute face, and for filling her tight little virgin pussy with your hot creamy cum. But what I mean is, is she someone special?”

“You know that she won’t take your place Noodle, but there is something about her that intrigues me.”

“Yeah, each time she called you ‘Sir’, your cock jumped and grew even bigger. I’m not sure, but I think that she wants to explore that subservient side of her personality with you.”

“Do you really?”

“Yes, I think she would enjoy bondage, and she’d definitely enjoys being your little fuck-toy. You heard her joke about quitting school, but I think there’s a part of her that was serious.”

“Let’s give it all some time. I have a feeling that Kristen and Paul are going to fix their marriage and be looking for new experiences.”

“Oh! So maybe after her mom licks her to multiple orgasms, and her dad fucks her till she can’t walk straight, she’ll feel differently about being your personal sex slave?”

“Exactly! Right now she only has experience with one man, with one cock, but once she sees the advantages to spreading her wings, she’ll want to fly!”

“You’re so smart, daddy, but I think you meant ‘spreading her legs’,” laughed heather.

“No matter what happens, I imagine that she’s going to want you to put a collar on her and fuck her doggy-style in front of the whole neighborhood!” She smirked

I smiled and looked at my little girl. She only calls me ‘daddy’ when she wants to turn me on, and ride my cock.

“You’re the smart one Noodle.” I said as I reached for her hand and led her out of the pool.

“Wow, I think that all this talk has you super excited!” She giggled.

She dropped to her hands and knees, looked back over her shoulder and jokingly role played as Trixie. “Please Sir, please fuck me now, and anytime that you desire. Fuck me when we are alone or when we are in a room filled with women who are dying to take my place!” She laughed.

Her beautiful body, still wet and glistening from the pool, was irresistible. I dropped to my knees behind her, my hands held her hips, and I slid my cock fully into her hot wet pussy.

“I love you so much Heather”, I reminded her as my hips moved against her ass and our mutual excitement continued to grow. My balls slapped against her clit. I caressed her flawless skin from her thighs to her hips, then along her back and ribs, to the super soft skin on the sides of her breasts. Our combined arousal continued to grow until we both climaxed and my cum filled her and was oozing out of her swollen pink pulsating pussy.

“Thank you daddy,” she smiled and my cock twitched inside her again.

The rest of the weekend flew Kıbrıs Escort by with us doing everything together. We cooked meals, showered and slept together. We made love at least six times. I never get tired of fucking my little girl.

On Sunday, Trixie and Heather returned to school, and I had several quiet days to get caught up on work. Then, on Thursday, Paul knocked on my door, on his way home from work.

“Hi Paul. Come on in. How are things going? Would you like a beer?”

He nodded and I grabbed a couple recently brewed IPA’s and we sat at the kitchen counter.

“Since we saw you last weekend, Kristen and I have made more love than we have for the last year,” he smiled. “Then yesterday I decided to come home for lunch. I walked in on Hannah and Kristen naked and licking each other’s pussies.”

“What did you do?” I asked and then listened to Paul’s story:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I was in awe of the beauty and raw sexuality that was on display. Hannah is a very attractive woman. She has large soft enticing breasts. Her dark blond hair concealed her face as her head moved between Kristen’s thighs. Her ass is exquisite, and the passion that I saw in Kristen, as she licked Hannah’s pussy, overwhelmed me. She and Hannah each had several orgasms before they realized I was there. I was expecting them to be outraged.

I was excited and aroused, but unsure what to do.

Hannah was on top of Kristen. When she finally looked up and saw me she stood and commanded Kristen to get me ready!

Kristen crawled over, looked up at me, smiled and whispered, “Just enjoy yourself”.

Soon I was naked, laying on my back with Hannah sitting on my face, and sucking my cock.

Then Hannah wiggled her pussy against my tongue and said, “Krissy told me that you were practicing your pussy licking and I must admit that you are much better than Howard.”

Then she turned around and sat on my cock, fucking me, bouncing on my cock with her tits swinging in circles in front of my face. She kept riding me till I filled her pussy with cum.

Kristen thanked me, and told me that I had made her happy. And then I watched while she ate my cum out of her best friend’s beautiful swollen pink pussy.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“That’s quite a story Paul. What happened then?”

“I dressed and went back to work and then last night Kristen and I made love till we both passed out from exhaustion. She described her feelings for Hannah, and how happy it made her to see me and Hannah enjoying each other.”

“Does Hannah’s husband know what happened?”

“I doubt that he does, and now I feel bad. It wasn’t like I seduced her, but in my mind I know that I would have if I could. Hannah has one of those bodies that screams ‘Fuck Me!’, and after you’ve done it, you just want more.”

“What if he finds out?”

“I think I need to talk to Howard, and let him know what happened,” sighed Paul.

“That sounds like a wise idea. It may not be easy, but nothing good will happen if he finds out from somebody else.”

“You’re right, I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”

“Overall, it sounds like things in your house are getting better.”

Paul took another big gulp of his beer. He clearly had more to say and was trying to figure out how to say it. I waited and took another sip as well.

“After seeing her with Hannah, I know that I’d like to watch Kristen with another man. I love her, and I know that she loves me, and I want her to have what she needs. I’d like you to be the first if you’ll agree?”

“It’s OK Paul. I can tell that it wasn’t easy for you to ask. Have you talked to Kristen about this?”

“Yes, when I suggested it to her she broke down in tears, tears of joy, and then, well I already told you what happened last night.”

“Why don’t the two of you plan to come over for dinner tomorrow. We can relax and see if that is something that Kristen still wants,” I smiled, while thinking about her kissing her sweet lips and exploring her hot body.

“Thanks Tom. We’ll be here tomorrow,” replied Paul excitedly.

After Paul left, Tom immediately texted Heather. ‘What are your plans for the weekend? Call me”

Moments later…

“Hi dad! What’s up? Are you looking for more pussy for the weekend?”, she laughed.

“Very funny. I’m expecting Trixie’s parents for dinner tomorrow. And I expect that I’ll be fucking her mother while her father watches, and I just want to be sure that you and Trixie won’t be showing up in the middle of our fun.”

“OK dad, I promise that Trixie and I won’t show up tomorrow night, and I won’t mention this to her.”

I ended the call, shook my head and worried that something else was afoot. Heather had excluded tomorrow night, but said nothing of the rest of the weekend.

Paul and Kristen showed up after delivering their son to Suzie’s house for a sleepover. We all enjoyed a glass of wine while waiting for dinner to finish cooking.

Kristen was dressed in a Magosa Escort colorful sheer blouse, buttoned to show the tops of her breasts. A short pleated skirt that moved with her hips and exposed the tops of black thigh high stockings. Her 3-inch heels made her a little taller than Trixie. Overall their builds are quite similar. I looked at her and wondered what she would think if she knew that I had already fucked her virgin daughter.

The tension and excitement in the air was palpable as we all knew that I’d soon be thrusting my cock deep inside Kristen’s hot MILF body.

I served up a light dinner of blackened salmon and salad. We all ate while we talked. The sexual tension in the room was palpable.

“Can you tell me about Hannah?” I asked Kristen.

“She’s a friend of mine, who lives down the street.”

“So she’s just a friend? Does she know that you are here?”

Kristen nodded.

“Whatever we do here tonight is just between the three of us,” I stated emphatically. “Is that understood?”

Paul and Kristen nodded.

“I want to meet everyone in the neighborhood and I don’t want Hannah or anyone else controlling my life. If she asks, let her know that she needs to talk to me.” I smiled.

Seeing agreement from both Paul and Kristen, I approached her.

“Thank you Tom. I have been worrying about Hannah, and now I’m not,” she smiled

“You’re welcome,” I replied as I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips, “Now I want to see those tits that you were so anxious to show me last week,” I joked as I began unbuttoning her blouse.

Kristen blushed at the mention of the previous week and at being undressed by another man in front of her husband. “Do you like what you see, Tom?”

I smiled and gently slid the blouse off her shoulders. She turned to give me access to her bra. I reached around her and caressed her lacy-bra covered breasts. She leaned into me, pressing her firm ass against my hardening cock, and moaned in pleasure.

I removed her skirt next, leaving her in a bra, matching thong, thigh high nylons, and 3 inch heels. My hands slowly moved down her back, unclasping her bra, which slid down her arms and she tossed on a nearby chair. Then I moved lower to slip the thong over her hips and let it drop to the floor.

“You really are a very attractive woman,” I answered her earlier question, as my hands explored the soft feminine curves of her well-toned ass.

I stood behind her,leaned down, moved her red hair to one side and kissed her gently on the neck. My hands moved to squeeze her breasts. I massaged them, capturing her nipples between my fingers and applying just enough pressure to elicit a moan.

“Ohhhh, that feels sooo good,” she moaned as she leaned against me, swaying her hips against my groin.

“That feels good too,” I assured her, as I pressed my cock, still trapped in my jeans, against her undulating ass.

I turned Kristen to face me. I scanned her from her feet to her face, and smiled to myself thinking how much she looks like a more voluptuous version of her daughter Trixie.

“The heels and stockings look good on you. Very sexy!”

“Thank you Tom,” she blushed again.

I gently lifted her chin, and pressed my lips to hers again. The kiss started out soft and gentle. She wrapped her arms around my neck and opened her mouth just enough to allow my tongue slip inside and explore the taste and texture of hers.

Our passion continued to grow. Kristen moaned, “Ohhh Tom,” as she pressed her pussy against my thigh.

I broke our kiss and looked into her eyes, “Kristen, I think I may be overdressed.”

“Please Sir, call me Krissy,” she giggled.

‘So similar to Trixie,’ I thought to myself.

I slipped my shirt off over my head, as Krissy dropped to her knees to unfasten my jeans and helped me out of them before grasping my hardening cock. She held it tight, stroking it slowly while licking and sucking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. I looked at Paul who seemed relaxed, happy, and engaged.

I caressed her head and then held it firm while pressing the head of my cock into her throat.

Krissy gagged, coughed and struggled.

I quickly pulled back, allowing her to catch her breath.

“I’m sorry Krissy.”

“No need to apologize. I just need more practice,” she smiled and winked.

I wanted to tell her that Trixie could give her some tips, and thought about participating in that training session.

I helped Kristen to stand. Then hugged her naked body to mine.

“Bend over like you did at your house,” I whispered.

She blushed again, at that allusion. She stepped away, bent at the waist, and spread her stocking clad legs and 3-inch heels wide. Again she slipped one hand between her legs and caressed her pussy. Her middle finger pressed between her lips and beckoned me.

I took some time to admire the details of her beauty. The shape of her calves and thighs, and the perfection of her inner and outer pussy lips. She had me harder Girne Escort than I had been all day

I moved close, caressed her firm ass and slid the head of my rock hard cock between her lips. After teasing her briefly, I pushed it fully into her hot wet swollen pink pussy.

“Mmmmmmm wonderful!,” I moaned

“Oh my god, that feels soooooooo good!” She exclaimed.

I moved against her ass. Thrusting In and pulling out slowly, my balls slapping against her clit.

I motioned to Paul to come join us. He lifted her head and quickly slid his cock into her throat.

I noted that she didn’t gag on his slightly smaller and more familiar cock.

He held her head firm as he fucked her face. Kristen was shaking and on the verge of her first orgasm when Paul pulled back and filled her mouth with cum.

She swallowed, smiled at her husband and screamed, “Fuck me Tom, fuck me harder! Harder!!”

I eagerly complied as my cock swelled, her pussy squeezed me tight and pounded her deep and hard for a couple more minutes. Krissy had several smaller orgasms, and one big one as I shot stream after stream of hot cum deep inside her spasming pussy.

After our mutual orgasms subsided, I moved to sit in a nearby chair, and pulled her onto my lap. We kissed passionately, and Krissy giggled.

“That was so much fun. I could get used to having two men at once,” she smiled and looked toward Paul. “And maybe more?” She questioned, and he nodded.

Paul reached out and touched my arm. “Thank you for helping us to fix our marriage and our neighborhood. “It’s up to her but as far as I’m concerned, Krissy and you can fuck anytime you feel the need.” Kristen was clearly surprised by Paul’s offer, but pleasantly surprised based on her beaming smile.

I slept late on Saturday morning after the evening with Paul and Kristen. I enjoyed spending time with both of them and could only hope that the other couples in the neighborhood were as friendly. I exercised, showered, and was just throwing on my shorts and a T-shirt when I heard a loud frantic knock on the front door.

“Hi,” I greeted the casually dressed couple.

“Hi, I’m Hannah and this is my husband Howard,” said Hannah forcefully while offering her hand to shake.

“It’s nice to meet you, would you like to come in?”

“So tell me what happened with Kristen last night,” demanded Hannah.

“We had a relaxing and fun evening,” I replied carefully.

And as she opened her mouth to speak, I cut her off, “Would you like something to drink?”

“I’d love a cup of coffee,” chimed Howard, clearly amused by his flustered wife.

We all went to the kitchen while I poured some OJ for myself and brewed some coffee for Howard.

“So tell me Hannah, what did Kristen say happened here last night?”

“Well! She defied me, and refused to tell me anything except that they had a wonderful time,” she replied indignantly.

“Hannah, I’m new to the neighborhood and I’m not interested in creating drama,” I replied calmly. “Why don’t you and Howard tell me what you want?”

“The four families who live here have known each other for many years and we are all very happy and I just want it to stay that way,” was Hannah’s emotional reply.

“So you want everything to stay the same?”

“Yes! I mean no. I’m not sure what I want, but I’m glad that you and your daughter have moved here and I want you to be happy here. But Kristen used to obey me, and now she doesn’t!”

“And what do you want, Howard?” I asked when I saw him smiling at Hannah’s confused confession.

“Tom, this is a great group of friends, but to be honest with you, we are all stuck in a rut. The men do men things and the women do women things and it all seems so artificial,” he replied leaving Hannah in a state of shock.

“But, but, I thought that you wanted it that way?” Sputtered Hannah.

“No dear, I don’t want that, and neither does Paul.”

“He and I spoke earlier this morning, and he didn’t want to tell me specifics, but he did say that Tom had changed his life forever, and he seemed happy. No, he wasn’t happy. He was ecstatic!”

“I’m happy to hear that,” I smiled, while remembering Paul’s open invitation to share Krissy..

“Oh, and Paul also told me about having sex with Hannah. After hearing his confession and her supporting version, I really couldn’t blame him. I’d tap Krissy’s ass if I ever had the chance!” He laughed.

Hannah listened in disbelief to her husband’s words, and scowled at his comment about Kristen.

“But what did you do to change them,” Hannah asked. Clearly confused.

“The women of this community, led by you Hannah,” I began.

“Wait, are you going to blame me?” She interrupted.

“I’m not blaming anyone, just telling you the facts as I know them.”

“Kristen invited me over to introduce me to the two of them. Paul didn’t seem happy to see me. Kristen sent Paul to a neighbor’s house to check on the kids, and she tried to seduce me in his absence. She said that all the women find me attractive and wanted to find out if I could be seduced. When Paul returned, we talked and I left to go home, leaving them to make some decisions about what they want from their marriage and how I might help them.”

“You told Kristen to seduce him?” Howard scowelled at his wife.

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