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The Newlin’s, Marcie , Mark Pt. 25

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Big Tits

Paris Waterman

Divesting Herself of Aniah

Aniah was a thorn, albeit a pleasant one, in Marcie’s side. She knew that sooner or later their sexual proclivities would be found out, most likely by her parents, and that would mean possible criminal charges, and at the very least, having to find another place to live. And then there was Mark. She liked him very much and hoped that something might come from meeting him.

It was unbelievable how understanding he’d been when she told him about her addiction. He could have taken her that night; he hadn’t, and she realized he knew he could have but had the guts to wait and thereby help her fight her impulse to open her legs as she had so often in the past.

Her thoughts drifted back to Aniah, the precocious eighteen-year-old sexual nymph. I adore her. I don’t want to see her hurt, so bringing her to Milt and Gerri had been the right thing to do. Now if I could get her involved with someone her own age …

“Fritz!” she’d shouted the name out loud. He was perfect! He was about the same age. He lived next door, and he was a good-looking guy. All I have to do is bring them together!

Accomplishing it was easy. Aniah would invariably let herself into Marcie’s apartment while she was shopping and as was her habit, masturbate there using her fingers or some vegetable from Marcie’s refrigerator, hoping to be caught in a wanton display that would cause Marcie to drop everything and go down on her.

Armed with this knowledge, Marcie sought out Fritz, who was playing a game similar to handball with some friends and asked if he wanted to make himself a couple bucks helping her move some things in her apartment.

The eighteen-year-old leaped at the chance to earn some money, and also to be invited up to her place. Delusions of seducing the curvy brunette were still dancing in his head when Marcie threw open her apartment door and exposed Aniah masturbating unhurriedly with a large, long white radish.

Time seemed to stop.

Fitz dropped the groceries he was carrying.

Marcie gasped at seeing the nymph-like teen sliding the vegetable in and out of her cunt. Aniah stopped wishing it was a man pillaging her pussy instead of a radish.

Fritz couldn’t take his eyes off Aniah who was nude from the waist down.

Aniah didn’t panic, but smiled and offered a weak, “Hello,” to Fritz and glanced reproachfully at Marcie, who countered with: “I had no idea you’d be here, Aniah.”

“Uh-huh,” Aniah answered while slowly placing the vegetable on the floor and reaching for her shorts.

“Get a good look, Fritz. Tell all your friends what you saw,” she said; and Marcie knew the girl was about to burst into tears and run off.

It was Fritz who saved the day by saying: “I’m not telling anyone, Aniah. My mother caught me … well I wasn’t using a … what is that anyway?”

“A white radish,” Aniah told him, and for the first time, shielding her privates from view.

“Yeah, a radish … well you can guess what she caught me doing. I’ve never been so embarrassed. Turned out she didn’t make a big deal out of it. So you can rest easy. I’m not making a big deal out of this either.”

“That’s very gentlemanly of you, Fritz,” Marcie said. Then added, “Um, Aniah, it might be a good idea to put those shorts on.”


The following afternoon Aniah didn’t pop in on Marcie, and it wasn’t until the following day that Marcie caught up with her as she was leaving the apartment.

“Missed you yesterday,” Marcie said.

“Mmmm,” Aniah replied.

“Really. That good was it?”

“How did you know?” Aniah asked, looking like the cat that swallowed the canary.

“C’mon in, tell me all about it,” Marcie said and Aniah jumped at the opportunity. “We did it!”

“We … who’s we?”

“Me and Fritz!”

“No! Tell me!”

“I got to thinking, you know … Fritz saw me jillin’ and he … he handled what could—what should have been a fucked up mess so nicely I wanted to hug him then and there.”

“I bet you finished jillin’ thinking about him, didn’t you?”

“How’d you know? So yeah … I did. Then I did what I never thought I’d do. I called him!” Her eyes were shining as she revealed this to Marcie.

Marcie hugged the teen to her breasts, and received a hug back.


“He’s soooo hot!”

“Yes he is,” Marcie agreed.

“You don’t want him do you?” a suddenly worried Aniah said, pulling away from Marcie.

“No—no, I … um, I’ve met this guy and ….”

“You’re doing him!”

“No Aniah, at least not yet. But I do like him. I like him a lot!”

“Yeah …” Aniah said dreamily. “That’s how I feel about Fritz!”

“Come sit,” Marcie said, patting the couch cushion next to her as she sat down. “Tell me all about it. Was it nasty?”

“Okay—Okay! So I know he’s always playing ball somewhere’s so I dressed up like I was going to play tennis,” she grinned in delight when Marcie laughed. “Yeah, so I picked a white cotton T-shirt and short tennis skirt—it’s the only one I own—and of course etiler escort no panties. I found an old racquet and used it as a prop for when he showed up. Um, I met him in the vestibule and he hugged me! Marcie I almost came!”

“He was wearing a tight white vest and baggy shorts; I was going to the club. “Tennis,” I told him while eyeing him lasciviously.”

“Oh, my, I didn’t know you even knew that word,” Marcie laughed and tweaked Aniah’s left nipple.

Both were stiffened and poking at the blue T-shirt she was wearing just then. “Wanna suck them?” the teen asked, obviously ready to play.

“Not now, Aniah. I want to hear all about your sex with Fritz.”

“Oh … yeah. There was sex all right!”

“So tell me!”

“kay! So my parents were at work. You know they never leave before seven at the earliest—so we’re in our apartment and I make a show of turning away from him and bending forward at the waist to shove the racquet under the couch. Of course this caused my tennis skirt to ride up and as short as it was everything I have was exposed to him.

“You’re a devil!” Marcie laughed and plucked at her other nipple.

“I am I really am!” she shrieked happily. “So I held the pose to make certain he had a good look; I was thinking about how smoothly the muscles rippled in his thighs when he moved and there was this—this rush of pleasure in my pussy. Mmmm, keep doing that, please. I love it when you tease them that way.”

“You were saying:” Marcie said.”

Aniah started giggling. “He—he—his hands went right up my legs. From the calves to my ass. I was so surprised that I screamed and his hands flew off me, but I grabbed one and put it right back there and he followed my lead and returned the other one right after.

“I felt him then … this long, hard thing was pressing against me and moving! In no time at all it found the niche of my pussy and tried to penetrate me — would have too if I hadn’t backed away.

“Oh, fuck, Marcie, I was dizzy with excitement! He kept it pressed against my vag, you know. Maybe it was accidental, maybe not. I don’t know. Anyway his hands … oh those hands … went under my t-shirt and roved over my boobs. His touches sent electric tingles everywhere.

And then the heat of his cock burst into me and I yelled out in surprise—what a feeling! His fingers were crushing my tits at the same time. We fell onto the couch kissing. He was inside me, but not humping, you know? I mean, I still don’t understand why.”

“He was getting to know your body, Aniah. Most men don’t take the time to do that. That’s a wonderful sign. Was he gentle?”

“Kinda … I mean, once we got going …well it was a fuckin’ free for all, but yeah … he was kinda gentle now that I think about it.

“So he did get going …” Marcie said leading Aniah on.

“Fuck yeah! Like my head was jerking back and forth and I thought I was tearing up the upholstery the way my nails were digging into it. His cock felt wonderful, better than I imagined it would. Better than Milt’s. Much better than his!

“It was hot and hard and it mashed against my clittie … and he kept going faster and faster. I thought his heart was gonna explode, Marcie. I swear I did.

“Then I was cumming and cumming. I lay there helpless as he banged away at me, loving every stroke of his wonderful cock.

“And he started to yell: “c’mon Aniah take it! Take that cock, Aniah! Ugh—Ugh—Ughhhh!”

“His vulgarities aroused me even more and I think they made me cum again but I was rocking and rollin’ under him anyway so I’m still not sure what caused it, but I came big time.

“Then he was cumming. “Ohhhh fuck yeah!” he gasped softly. “Ohhhhh yeah! Ohhh, God yeah!”

“Marcie, I KNOW he came in me, but he kept on fucking me!”

“Young men have more stamina than older guys Aniah. You should enjoy him now, a year or two from now, he’ll still be great, but not as bull like when it comes to repetitive times.”

We went at it for a long time. It had to have been at least forty minutes before he lost control and with one last desperate cry rammed himself into my deepest parts and I felt the sharp sting of his cum as it pulsed out of him and filled my pussy.

“We lay there gasping for breath, and when he pulled out of me gobs of cum followed. His cock was covered with a creamy substance that I think was a mix of cum and my juices. I had the strongest desire to take him in my mouth and clean him off, but he didn’t give me a chance. He got up, went to the bathroom and came right back with a warm washcloth and wiped my pussy and behind off, and then did the same to himself.”

“Like I said, a gentleman all the way,” Marcie said with a smile.

“Then I lied to him.”

“You didn’t! That could ruin everything.”

“It didn’t! I told him it was wonderful, and it was. Then I lied and said it was my first time.”

“But I saw you with the vegetable!” he said.

“Yeah, but I’ve been masturbating forever on a daily basis, you know?”

Fritz’s fatih escort eyes were full of wonder and surprise. “It is wrong,” he said softly. “You’re wonderful — but it’s wrong.”


He smiled. “You’re first time should have been special,” he said. “Not like this. Please forgive me.”

“I told him it was very, very good, and smothered him with kisses.”

“He got hard again and told me he had to have me again.”

“Oh!” Marcie said, marveling at his endurance.

“I was all for it and told him to fuck me again. Fritz smiled and said ‘Tell me to fuck you like a whore!’

“I can’t tell you how hot that made me. I must have screamed it out … FUCK ME LIKE THE WHORE I AM!”

He took me repeatedly, I sucked him, took him between my titties … have you ever?”

Marcie quickly nodded affirmatively.

“And—and when he began licking me I must have fainted. He was still tonguing me when I revived and discovered that I was thrashing and writhing, and —and when he saw my eyes open, He stuck his cock— that marvelous thing back into my cunny and—and I couldn’t get enough of it, but came and came and came. And—and he fucked me slowly this time. God it was delectable!

Her story had gotten Marcie so hot that she threw her restrictions on sex to the wind and spread the young girl’s thighs and all but devoured her for the next hour, with young Aniah returning the favor half of that time.

It was the next to last time they would be together sexually.

Marcie would meet with Mark and go on that postponed date—we will get to that in a bit—but Aniah had one more story to relate to Marcie some three and a half weeks later.

They were in Marcie’s bedroom and Aniah was holding Marcie’s bra up to her chest in front of the full length mirror. “I couldn’t wear this, Marcie; maybe someday but certainly not now.”

“You could stuff it a little and it would work.”

“Oh, but Fritzie and … oops!” Aniah stopped talking and began laughing.

“Come on,” Marcie said, smiling knowingly. “What have you two done now?”

“I shouldn’t ….”

“Aniah, Marcie said sternly.

“Okay, okay … I promised him I wouldn’t tell anyone, but …”


“Yeah … well, we fuck every day, um not when I have my period, but other than that every day. I’ve taken it up the ass and like it so much we do it once every time we fuck. I can’t tell you how many enemas I’ve taken. My ass is as clean as that glass you’re holding. I’ve eaten his ass too. It was raunchy at first, but I like doing it because it brings Fritzie pleasure. He tells me I’m a great cocksucker and relish his musky odor and the tangy taste of his pre-cum gunk. It was that that um, led me to where I um, did his friends.”


Aniah flushed, Marcie couldn’t tell if it was from embarrassment or excitement.

One afternoon Fritzie asked me if I wanted even more excitement.”

“How did he put it?”

“Ohhh,” she said dreamily, “we were slow fucking and he murmured, ‘Hey whore,’ while sticking his tongue in my ear.

“Mmm, what, baby? I remember I was sucking on his right nipple at the time.”

“Want some excitement?”

“This is exciting.”

“More exciting.”

“Like what?”

“Like fucking some of my friends.”

“I stopped moving under him and looked at him silently. ‘What did you say?’

“My mates. They want to fuck you, too.”

“You’ve … you’ve told them about us?”

“Of course.”

“Marcie, I actually came thinking about what it would be like to have other guys fucking me one after the other—maybe more than one at a time!”

“Then Fritzie said, ‘Would you like me to?'”

“I caved and said, ‘Yeah. Are they as sexy as you?”


“I was dripping like crazy and asked, ‘Are their cocks bigger than yours?'”

“Some are.”

“How many guys?”

“He grinned. ‘Three, maybe four. You might could fuck a couple of them together. That’s good to watch.'”


“Yeah. In your cunt and mouth. Even, maybe, cunt, mouth and ass?”

“Marcie, I came. I mean I fuckin’ flooded my pants. But I still couldn’t help but ask, ‘Together, at the same time?’

‘Sure, why not? Imagine having two super cocks sawing back and forth in your ass and cunt at the same time.'”

“I did, Marcie and I came hard.”

“I was clawing at his fly trying to get his dick out, and he’s laughing and asking me over and over, ‘What say, my whore? You game?'”

She turned her face up toward Marcie and grinned. Then with dancing eyes said, “I told him sure, bring ’em on. I’ll fuck ’em all.”

“Jesus …” Marcie said breathing heavily as she recalled the night she’d taken the five college boys on.

“I’m probably as wet as you are, Aniah. So how did it go?”

“The following day, Fritz took me to this guy Toby’s place. It was a real dump, you know? Four guys besides Fritzie and they all had decent sized penises. The smallest one was six inches and that’s not small in my opinion. fındıkzade escort Want their names?”

“Okay if you think I should know,” Marcie replied and let her hand drop between her thighs.

“Yeah, go on, finger yourself. I don’t mind, I’m wet already anyway.”

That said, Aniah continued: “I dressed like a whore for the … um, event; a bra with a two sizes to small T-shirt for the top with short, tight shorts and tennis shoes, no undies.

We met for the first time in Toby’s living room. I recognized the one named Artie from the local grocery store. He worked in the produce section. I remember him handing me a bunch of bananas once and telling me to make good use of them. It was only later, after I met Fritzie that I came to understand what he meant.

“Were you nervous?” Marcie inquired.

“Um, maybe a twinge of anxiety. But Fritzie came to the rescue. He pressed up against me. So instead of running for the door, I stood still and waited. He nuzzled my neck. I love it when he does that … and I relaxed as his hands covered my breasts. I felt dizzy and didn’t know he’d pulled my T-shirt off until he started fumbling with the clasp of my bra.

“A moment later I felt my breasts drop free of the bra, I also heard several guys gasp softly as he weighed them using both hands then squeezed them gently, caressing both nipples and areola. I’m sure I moaned. I always do when he does that.

I closed my eyes as his hands opened the fly of my shorts and tugged them downward. I kicked them off automatically and turned into him thinking he would fuck me first, but he stopped me.

“Show them,” he said, and I did.

Artie from the grocery took the initiative and broke the ice. “You’re very lovely,” he smiled. “Very sexy. I want to fuck you.”

He grinned knowingly and began to unbutton his shirt as he advanced towards me. When he was about four feet from me he stopped, I had to look. His penis was enormous! Only half hard it had to be at least six thick inches. The others laughed at my reaction.

“Gets a lot bigger, Aniah,” he said as if warning me.

I turned to Fritzie and asked, “Are they all this big?”

“Not as big, but some are close,” he said with a lewd smile. Then he added, “But you like big cocks, don’t you, whore?”

Aniah turned to Marcie and confessed that she had told him during their love making that she dreamed about big penises and how she could make use of them.

“I never dreamed ….”

“Men are like that, Aniah,” Marcie said. “Still we love them anyway. I sometimes wonder what’s wrong with us.”

Anyway, they all began taking their clothes off and waving their cocks as if they were magic wands. I have to say in a way they were to my way of thinking at the time.

I felt giddy with excitement. Artie was a handsome guy. He was nineteen, and when he smiled and stepped closer I took the initiative and ran a hand over his chest. It was firm and smooth, hairless but muscled from tossing the crates of produce around all day.

I wanted to show off for them and licked his nipples. That set them all off. Everyone was naked by the time my hand had taken a grip on his penis, now fully engorged and at least eight inches long and so thick I couldn’t close my hand around it.

“Wanna fuck? I asked, and it was on.

He squeezed both my breasts, had me moaning loudly when he bit my nipple. I went down to my knees, heard the roar of approval from the others and tried taking him in my mouth, but couldn’t. I fondled his low hanging, heavy balls and contented myself with licking and sucking the bulbous head—at least as much of it as I could. I licked my way down his shaft and up again, still holding those big testicles in one hand.

I gave up trying to blow him and took his cock between my tits, and had him moaning as my nipples raked along his shaft.

Artie nudged my head down toward my chest. I got the idea and slipped back the foreskin, opened my mouth and swirled my tongue over the head of his dick. Oh, he absolutely liked that.

I sucked on that fat knob, wishing I could get more of it in my throat, but knowing I couldn’t handle it. If anything it got longer. I would later learn that he had measured out at ten inches at a party the previous month.

I figured if I couldn’t get it in my mouth I might have better luck getting that big boy into my pussy, you know?

So I took him from my mouth and holding him delicately with two fingers, brought him to my cunt. He went in easily, that’s how fuckin’ wet I was already.

Lou stepped up and as Artie began fucking me, tapped my nose with his dick. I opened my mouth and took him in. Lou was maybe six inches or more.

He started groaning, “Ohhhh fuck yeah! Suck it! Suck it, bitch!” He was holding my head, moving it back and forth to suit him while pumping his hips into my face. Sweat … did I mention the sweat? It was flying everywhere. There was no air conditioning and it must have been 85 degrees outside, making it 98 inside.

Turned out there was a big fan, but they forgot to turn it on, probably because they were turned on. Idiots!

Anyway he didn’t cum. It was funny, ya know? I mean, he pulled away to watch Artie pounding it into me. Up to then I had certainly felt Artie, but hadn’t really seen him. I got to see him and it was something else seeing that whopper slamming in and out of my hole like it was.

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