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The Next Day with David

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The next day, I awoke and rose up. “David?” I asked, peeking around. “Where did you go?”

I calmly got off the bed and saw my undergarments on the floor. I picked them up and just put them back on myself.

I rubbed my forehead for a moment. “Well, David having sex with his little sister could have made him freak. I certainly hope he didn’t, but I guess I’ll find out. I wonder where he went.”

I grabbed my pajamas too, but I didn’t put them on. Although, my other hand calmly made the trip over towards my panties. It slithered in there, and I began rubbing my pussy. My juice instantly attacked my hand and dripped out of them too.

“Oh, that was out of left field, but it was so pleasurable. I only had sex with Bobby, but when David made love to me, it was magical. I certainly hope he wants to do it again; I’ll do anything he wants in bed.”

I didn’t masturbate, but I did rub my slit for a moment with my eyes open before I brought my hand out. It voyaged up to my mouth, and then I closed my eyes. I sucked off every single drop of my juice for a minute.

‘Oh, he is a hunk now that I think about it. Wow, I guess it took him wanting to do it with me and having him do it for me to see how handsome he is,’ I thought, shaking around.

My hand fell out, and then I strolled right to the door. I attempted to grab the knob, but then the door suddenly opened.

“Hi, David,” I muttered, smiling.

“Hey, Shawna,” he answered, slanting his head down.

He failed to utter a word or make eye contact with me.

I closed the gap between us and wrapped my arms around him. “Thank you so much; you did make me feel excellent, even though you were the one who had the crush. And I feel your hard-on too.”

I held him in just my undergarments for a moment, and his rod just became harder by the moment.

I slanted my head back up to his. “David, this is the part where you encase your arms around me now.”

“Sorry, sis,” he whispered before he returned the favor.

My head went up against his chest, but his hands steered clear of my butt. It was wide open for him and would have been accepted by me, but he failed to go for it though. On the other hand, I decided to lower my palms to his butt.

“No, Shawna,” he protested, backing away.

“What’s wrong?” I sobbed slightly. “Please don’t tell me you regret making love to me.”

“No,” he muttered, coming into the room with me.

He shut the door and brought me to his bed. I had no idea what he was about to say, but I immediately leaned right to him.

I kissed him for a few seconds before he gently pushed me off him. “Hold it, sis.”

His eyes stayed off me for a moment as he was breathing heavily.

“Don’t you want me, David? I’m here for you now, so have me,” I suggested, bringing my right hand to his leg. “Why are you in your normal clothes already, I thought I’d wake up with you? Do you regret fucking me last night?”

“No, but this is still weird, Shawna. It is not like we met for the first time last night, you are my sister. We committed incest last night,” he confessed, looking at me.

“So what? I love you, and you love me, that’s all that matters. We had sex, meaningful sex that was amazing. Neither of us has a damn thing to be ashamed of, David. Did you sleep all through the night?”


“Why didn’t you wake me up? I was serious: I would have given you head and let you cum right in my mouth too. No matter how much you came, I was prepared to swallow every single drop you could shoot.”

“Really?” he pondered, cheesing.

“Yes, would you like me to do it now for you?”

He broke eye contact and put his hands up too. He couldn’t speak yet again, but his hard-on never went away though.

“No, sis, that’s quite alright. I did love having sex last night, but I don’t think we should do it again.”

“Why not? We only made love, but it was wonderful for both of us. Why wouldn’t you want to do it again? Is it because of mom and dad? Are you afraid they’ll find out? I promise they won’t,” I explained before I kissed him and got onto his lap.

“How can you promise that? If they find out, they’ll disown us and stop paying for my college. You still have a year of high school and what if I get you pregnant?”

“Then we can be together and have a baby,” I whispered, wrapping my arms around him. “What about you? Did I not rise to your expectations?”

“It is nothing like that, sis, but we both know it is so much more than us just being together. We can’t just hide it; people will find out eventually and judge us. I can’t deny that queenbet güvenilirmi it was terrific, but it can’t happen between us.”

“I don’t get it,” I whined, getting off him and onto my feet on the floor. “How can you do this one-eighty all of a sudden?”

He covered his face for a moment and stayed silent yet again.

As he looked back at me, I took off my bra. “I saw you looking at me last night, you wanted me,” I reminded him before I slid down my panties as well. “Whether you thought it was right or not, you wanted me, and I let you have me,” I said, closing the gap between us. “Then I saw your cock, and it slithered right into my slit, and I fell for you too.”

“You love me like that?” he inquired standing up with me.

“Yes, I think I might be crazy about you now, David,” I divulged, taking his hands in mine. “When you made sweet love to me, I became yours. Now just let me have you too, big brother. I promise I’ll stand by you and make you feel good whenever you need to feel my twat or mouth on your schlong. Maybe you just want to cuddle with me, either way, I’m with you,” I made clear before I kissed him and undid his shorts.

They immediately fell, and his cock poked out through his boxers.

I blindly grabbed onto with both hands. “I’ve never sucked a cock before, but I would love for you to be my first. Please ask to get down on my knees and suck your big dick, David,” I pleaded to him, stroking his rod. “We both know you’ve masturbated thinking about it, so nicely ask me to do it for you right now. I’ll swallow all of your seed, and after that, I know you’ll want to stay together.”

We glared at each other for a moment, but didn’t speak. The whole time, I continued to rub my brother’s member and make him jiggle somewhat. I couldn’t help, but to cheese again and then he brought his hands to my butt.

“I love you, sis,” he moaned, bringing me towards him.

“Now tell me you want me to be your fuck doll, bro. Just like a blow-up doll, but it’ll feel so much better when you screw me. You also don’t even have to position me in the right place either; I’ll do it for you. Whether you just want to suck your pecker while I’m on my knees and you are standing, or you want to do it doggie style. Anything you want from your little sister, I’m ready to pleasure you,” I explained before I slanted my head up towards his. “Tell me, David. There is no shame in it anymore, we won’t think of it as incest, but love.”

“And we’ll keep this away from our parents?”

“Yes,” I responded, lowering myself to my knees. “Order me to give you a blow job, like the slut I am, David.”

“No, you are not a slut, Shawna,” he objected, shaking his head no. “You’re my little sister.”

“I’m just your wench, big brother,” I muttered, rubbing his johnson a little more. “You won’t have to impress me; you can tell me to fuck you. Do you like the sound of that?”

He bit down on his bottom lip, closed his eyes and waved his head around somewhat too. “Yes, suck my dick then, little sister,” he commanded me, glancing back at me.

“And don’t hold back either, you have to give everything to your fuck doll,” I warned him before I took his pecker into my mouth.

“Holy shit, sis. That is good, but you are crazy. Twenty-four hours ago, I figured I’d never tell you I wanted to have sex with you, but since then, I’ve made love to you, kissed you many times and now you are blowing me,” he moaned, with his head arched back.

He kept it there and placed his hands over on his dresser. He failed to look at me as I had about half his cock in my mouth, but then I began sliding my lips back towards the base.

“Fuck me, yes, Shawna,” he let out, peeking back at me. “Do you have my whole schlong in your mouth now?”

I nodded a couple of times and shed a few tears too. ‘Damn,’ I thought before I let his wood out. “Do you really like it, David?” I wondered, taking it in my right hand.

“Yes, you are an angel, sis. Shit, you have a great mouth, so don’t stop.”

I instantly rose up and kissed him. “Thank you, bro. Now call me your fuck doll.”

“Okay, get back to sucking my manhood, fuck doll.”

“Yes,” I mentioned before I dropped down to my knees and began giving him head again.

“And rub your lips on my dick again, sis. Do it, and maybe I’ll let you be my fuck doll, fair enough?”

I nodded once again and placed my hands on the base. I held as tightly as I could and started thrusting my lips. All the while, we looked right into one another’s eyes, and he was breathing rather densely.

‘Wow, I’m queenbet yeni giriş sucking on my big brother’s schlong. As soon as I caught him checking me out last night, I just felt it. I had to push him to get him to admit it, but he did. As we were both in bed, I got him to stick it to me. He wanted it, but he fought me like hell. He felt ashamed, I could see it in his eyes. He still feels it, I know it, but I’ll make him feel otherwise. When he has to release his load, he’ll feel different.’

His hands came down to my head, and he slowly started rubbing the top of it. He had to lean onto the dresser and prep himself. I could see it all over his face again, he loved it, but he kept fighting with himself though.

He moved a little hair out of my eyes. “Oh, dear little sister, I don’t know what to say, but I love you. I guess you don’t need blow job lessons; you are making me feel awesome without even trying now.”

I smiled as much as I could and picked up my speed a little bit. I almost instantly got a headache, but I didn’t care. For whatever reason, I just felt all those feelings too. I had his cock in my mouth, and we both had one another’s hearts also.

‘Damn, sucking his dick is really hot, but it is taking a toll on my mouth though. I’ll keep going until you have to cum, David. I want it so badly now, so give it to me. Look right into my eyes while you enjoy the incestuous pleasure of having your flesh and blood sister give you a blow job,’ I thought before I gradually let it out.

I stroked it for a few seconds as we kept looking at each other. “Tell me you don’t like it, David.”

“I love it, Shawna.”

“Do you promise we can have sex again?”

“I don’t know, sis. Can’t we just cross that bridge when we get to it?”

I calmly rose up with him and brought my lips towards his. “You can still kiss me even though I just sucked on your cock, can’t you?” I wondered, placing my hands on his butt.

He stood there with a somewhat dirty look for a moment. “Fine,” he whined, pressed his lips onto mine and let his hands on my butt.

We made out for a moment and caressed one another’s butts too.

‘Yes, now I’m shedding a couple more tears.’

After that moment, my lips jumped off his. “I want your cum in my mouth, David,” I muttered before I dropped down to my knees.

I grabbed onto his rod and took it back into my mouth.

“I’ll give it all to you, Shawna. It is all yours, and you’ll get it soon enough,” he moaned, plopping his hands back on my head.

We locked eyes again, and my lips immediately began moving back and forth again. I did not go too slow or too fast. I just made it as pleasurable as possible for my big brother. Letting my mushy lips rub on his cock seemed to be the magic dynamite I brought to the fight.

‘He is never gonna be able to turn me down after he fills my mouth up with his seed. I have no idea why I’m so attracted to him now, but I am. If we have to come out to our parents, then we will.’

“And you’ve never given head before?”

I shook my head no and placed my hands back at the base. That was when I let my lips slither back a little more, so I had the entire thing in my mouth.

“Holy shit!” he yelled, shimmering his body.

“Hey, what’s going on in there?” our mom asked through the door.

David instantly looked down at me. “Nothing, Mom, I just stretched out, and it felt good.”

I just continued to suck his magnificent dick, but he was waving his hands. “Sis, we gotta stop,” he whispered.

I shook my head no, and then I heard the door creak open. ‘I can hide in front of the dresser and blow him while he talks to mom.’

“Oh, hi, Mom, what’s up?” he asked her, peeking at her.

“Is your sister still in here?”

“Yes, she is still snoozing though,” he answered, sweating his ass off.

‘Admit it; you love this. I’m giving you a blow job, but Mom has no idea. She can’t see through your dresser. Now give me your load as I’m pleasuring you, David.’

“Even with you yelling?” she pondered, pushing the door open slightly.

“No, Mom, don’t come in here. I’m underdressed, okay?”

“Even with your sister in the room?”

“Well, she is sleeping,” he moaned through his teeth and lowering himself. “Plus, I think we’re getting closer anyway.”

“Are you okay, you seem jittery?”

He peeked down at me for a few seconds. “I’m fine,” he muttered, looking back our mom’s way.

‘Oh, it is that time, I just know it.’

From one second to the next, his schlong let out his white stuff all into my mouth. He was queenbet giriş twitching a little bit and struggling to hold onto the dresser. In less than ten seconds, my mouth was full, but as I promised, I swallowed all of it.

“Fuck,” he moaned, slanting his head down and twitching somewhat.

I slowly let his cock out, and I just kept smiling.

“David, do you have another woman in here? Are you having sex, with your sister sleeping in here?”

“No, I’m just not feeling well, but I don’t want to get her sick too,” he mumbled out of breath. “I’m just walking around trying to get over it. Nothing to worry about, Mom.”

I heard nothing for a moment, but I ideally envisioned what face our mom had.

“If it makes you feel better, than I’ll sleep somewhere else, and let her sleep here.”

“Oh, that’s sweet of you,” she praised him before smooching his cheek. “Just don’t let her sleep too long, we’re supposed to be having a girls day out today.”

“Okay, Mom.”

I peeked down and saw her feet stepping away and the door shutting.

I instantly shot up at him. “That was so hot, David,” I moaned, taking his cock in both hands. “Mom almost caught us, but you were quick about thinking on your feet,” I commended him, stroking his member. “We both know you loved it, so spill it.”

“That was sexy, sis,” he whispered, encasing his arms around me. “Don’t ever do that again though. That was too close; I don’t want them catching us.”

“They won’t,” I informed him, prior to angling my head up. “We’ll tell them when you get me pregnant.”

“What, whoa,” he opposed, pushing me away. “You want me to knock you up now?”

“Yes, do you not feel the connections between us. We belong together, I know it. We can have amazing sex, and we already have a great relationship too. I know they’ll support us if they find out, just trust me. I’ve only had sex with Bobby and you, but I know you are the love of my life. We have to stay together.”

“And you know this after one night with me?”

“Yes, what more do you need?” I questioned, coming back to him and grabbing back onto his wood. “You have me, and I’m more than willing to please you in any way you want. We love each other; I think I might be in love. Give us a chance; you can stick it to me any way you want. Have your way with me for a little while, and see what you’ll be getting at least.”

“You really want to be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, just tell them you got me sick already, so it makes sense for us to keep sleeping together. Give us a few days, and then decide. Feel what is like to cum all over my face, tits, stomach or wherever else you want to shoot it. I’m all in for you, David. You meant everything to me yesterday, and now you mean even more. The least I could ever do for you is make you feel great every single day for the rest of our lives. You’d do the same for me, wouldn’t you? Don’t let them break us up, because we can work. We both know there was sexual chemistry between us, but again, you are just letting your brain get in the way. You thought you took advantage of me, but I had to practically beg you to make love to me when you wanted it, big brother. Let your little sister be the woman of your dreams who just wants to be that woman,” I explained, stroking his cock the whole time. “Think about not having to jack off, because you can fuck your sister.”

He failed to utter a single word for over two minutes, even as I wouldn’t stop pleasuring him. I was all, but confident that he’d be up for it.

“No,” he objected, pushing me away again. “I’m sorry, sis, but I can’t do this with you. I respect and love you too much for you to be a fuck doll. Our relationship means everything to me, and I would never want to ruin it. We had great sex, and you know how to give head, but I can’t do it with you. I know I’m the one with the crush, but incest is wrong.”

“Which is why it felt so good because it is wrong. You are really hurting my feelings now, David,” I cried, taking his hands in mine. “Please be with me. All the sex aside, you can count on me. I’ll be there for you in good times and bad ones. We get each other, so you don’t have to explain why you love heavy metal and hate every other genre of music. Nothing will be off-limits, so let’s walk the road together, pretty please?”

He covered his face with both hands and kept them there for a moment. “No, sis, I’m sorry.”

“Whatever, you stupid man,” I sobbed, backing away. “If you wanted me to start hating you, then good job,” I whined, picking up my clothes. “I know the world can be scary, but when the woman you love is willing to face it with you, then you take her hand and walk the line with her.”

“I’m sorry, Shawna.”

“Fuck you,” I groaned, heading to the door. “I’ll sleep in my room, make up any stupid excuse you want for that.”

I walked out and just went to my room.

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