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The Odd Couples

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This is a work of fiction and all characters are aged over 18. The story covers many themes but Group Sex appeared to be the most applicable category. Votes and comments are always welcome.


The Coopers met the Mitchells at a dusty caravan park half way across the Nullabor Plain.

They struck up a conversation — as often happens in caravan parks — after Dave Cooper helped the Mitchells reverse their van into their allocated camping spot, waving directions from the rear. They quickly learned that both couples were in their mid-fifties, lived in eastern Australia and were heading for the West Australian capital of Perth. The Coopers, Dave and Debbie, were experienced caravaners, now retired, while the Mitchells, Martin and Shauna, had taken long service leave to experience their first caravan adventure. They were, in fact, part of that particular baby-boomer group known across the country as “grey nomads”.

Dave being Dave — big, affable and friendly — he also helped Martin and Shauna set up their caravan for the night: levelling the van, extending the awning and connecting the power. In return the Mitchells invited Dave and Debbie to share their evening meal. Caravan parks foster such easy friendships, as all travellers have the open road in common, with stories to tell and advice to share. But particularly so in the vast Australian outback, where travellers depend for their safety on one another.

But their choice of transport was all the two couples had in common. Their backgrounds were quite different. Dave and Debbie Cooper had run a successful hardware store for 30 years before a large chain bought them out, giving them the freedom and money to enjoy early retirement. The Mitchells on the other hand were career public servants, Martin a high school teacher and Shauna a mid-ranking departmental secretary. Their accumulated long-service leave was giving them the chance to test whether early retirement might suit them.

But each couple in their own right were an odd mix. An outsider observing them eating and chatting around the Mitchell’s small camp table would have thought Dave and Shauna were married — and Martin and Debbie were a couple. Dave was tall with a developing beer gut and a big, loud and outgoing personality that had made him a natural hardware salesman, while his wife Debbie was a small and quiet woman who had always avoided the customers and devoted her skills to the back-of-house business.

As for the Mitchells, it was Shauna who was the extrovert. She was taller than her husband, a somewhat brassy blonde, with bulging breasts, generous hips, and a ready laugh to match her ribald sense of humour. Martin, rather short and slightly built, was anything but ribald. As the evening progressed Martin was generally content to sit and listen to the flowing conversation and exchange shy looks and sympathies with Debbie as their spouses out-drank them.

The looks that Dave and Shauna exchanged were anything but shy. As wine followed beer, and spirits followed wine, they began to joke and flirt with one another. Dave’s admiration for Shauna’s large breasts — at least a double D-cup he guessed — became obvious, and his open appreciation was welcomed if the outline of her stiffening nipples through her thin T-shirt was any indication.

But the quieter, reserved Martin found himself admiring Dave’s wife Debbie as well. She was just as good looking as his wife in an understated way. Her short dark hair was cut in a stylish fashion and she had lovely hazel-green eyes that he found directed his way quite often as the night wore on. Her loose shirt still managed to hint at the small but firm breasts hidden within and her nicely-rounded hips were accentuated by her slim waist. Martin found himself wondering what she might look like naked and blushed when the mental images caused a stirring in his pants.

On her side, Debbie merely marvelled at the differences between Martin and Shauna. How had two such different people come to marry and have children? Inevitably, that made her reflect on her own unlikely pairing with Dave. But opposites attract, she knew, and her courtship and marriage to the larger-than-life Dave had given her the comfort and security she’d craved as a very reserved young woman.

Later, lying side by side in their respective beds, each couple spoke about how much they enjoyed the company of the other pair. As Dave drifted into a drunken sleep his last thoughts were of how Shauna’s shapely arse might ripple as he pounded her doggy-fashion.

Though equally inebriated, Shauna lay awake longer, waiting for Martin to begin his soft snoring so she could finger herself to a restrained orgasm, imagining Dave’s cock invading her willing pussy.

Debbie’s last guilty thoughts before sleep were more demure, she thought about Martin’s gentle smile — while Martin drifted off thinking about Debbie’s lovely eyes.


Next morning the couples agreed to travel in convoy to the next haramidere escort stop on their long desert crossing — and that evening it was the Coopers who hosted the evening meal. The late afternoon sun was still quite hot when they’d finished setting up for night and Dave was very glad to see Shauna appear in a bikini top and a sheer sarong tied at her hips. Her tits were every bit as luscious as he’d imagined. They swayed and jiggled as she moved about setting up the meal. Dave could see that Shauna’s husband was mildly annoyed at her exhibitionism. But Dave didn’t care about that — he was enjoying the show, as the growing bulge in his shorts attested.

Debbie also seemed to be annoyed by the attention her husband was paying to Shauna’s voluptuous body. She didn’t have Shauna’s natural assets, but even if she had it just wasn’t in her nature to dress so scantily. Dave was always pressuring her to “show some more skin” but she knew she would only feel uncomfortable in clothes that were too revealing. In fact, she mused, that was symptomatic of their entire sexual relationship. Dave longed for her to be more adventurous in bed but she’d steadfastly resisted his gentle urgings for more kinky play: things like mild bondage, anal sex and even swinging. Yet they were still basically happy together. Over the years of their marriage, their mutual love and commitment to family had withstood the tensions aroused by his desires and her reluctance.

As for Shauna, she wished Martin would pay her the kind of attention she was getting from Dave Cooper. She loved having men look at her with lust in their eyes. It turned her on to know they desired her and she used her generous body to arouse those desires at the least opportunity. As she bent over the small picnic table, lingering deliberately in Dave’s eye-line, she felt his gaze on her breasts and it made her pussy swell and moisten. She wondered what it might feel like to have Dave behind her, gripping her hips and ramming his cock into her. She felt a tingling in her nipples and knew they’d be clearly outlined through her bikini top. She felt sure Dave wouldn’t always be gentle and considerate in bed, like Martin. He would probably just take her — fucking her long and hard and rough – like she’d always fantasised. It’s not that she didn’t love Martin. In most respects they’d had a very successful marriage, raising happy healthy children and enjoying financial security. It was only in the bedroom that her desires were largely unfulfilled — desires that drove her to watch online porn late at night after Martin had gone to bed, imagining herself enjoying all the hot, raunchy, dirty sex acts she found there.

By the time they’d finished eating they were well into a third bottle of wine and all four were more than usually relaxed. Shauna gathered up the dishes to take them to the communal kitchen for washing. With a slightly nervous glance at his wife Dave said: “Hang on Shauna, I’ll give you a hand,” and leapt from his camp chair to follow her seductively swaying hips to the nearby kitchen.

Debbie and Martin watched them wander off giggling together like teenagers — then heard their shrieks of laughter above the clinking of the dishes.

Martin glanced a bit nervously at Debbie as he topped up her glass and said: “I’m sorry about my wife.”

Debbie laughed: “Oh, it’s alright. Dave is as much to blame. He shouldn’t be encouraging her.”

“They do rather enjoy each other’s company don’t they?”

“Yes,” agreed Debbie, and after a moment’s thought: “They’re almost made for each other.”

Their eyes met as each evaluated this last statement.

“I think you’re right, Debbie,” Martin replied. “We’ve had a really good marriage but I can’t help thinking Shauna would have been happier with someone like Dave — someone more confident and outgoing.”

“Well,” said Debbie, “I think the same is true for Dave. He’s always wanted me to be a bit more — um — ‘out there’ — you know, more adventurous … especially in…” Debbie stopped, blushing deeply.

“In bed you mean?” prompted Martin. Debbie nodded, averting her eyes.

“Well, I’d say exactly the same is true in our marriage — with Shauna always wanting to push our sexual boundaries.”

“And you don’t want to?” asked Debbie shyly.

“Not really. I get a bit too self-conscious — I think that sort of thing needs to be spontaneous or it would just feel contrived.”

“Oh Martin, I agree completely!” said Debbie reaching across to squeeze his hand. “And with Dave and Shauna I think it would be entirely spontaneous.”

“Yeah,” smirked Martin returning the squeeze of her hand. “Spontaneous combustion!”

They both laughed at that and raised their wine glasses in a sympathetic salute before draining them. Martin didn’t hesitate to refill them. After a few moments of silence broken only by the peals of laughter still reaching them from the camp kitchen, Debbie said: “Maybe we should let ikitelli escort them have each other.”

Martin started to laugh at that but then saw from the look in her eyes that Debbie wasn’t entirely joking.

“There’s an idea,” he conceded. “Maybe it would stop them badgering us!” Their eyes stayed locked for a moment then both suddenly became conscious that they were still holding hands. They broke the clasp and attacked their wine glasses.

After a moment, and fuelled by her alcohol intake, Debbie said: “Can I ask a very personal question?”


“Do you think Shauna has ever strayed — you know — outside the marriage bed?”

Martin considered this for a moment before answering. “I really don’t know, but I don’t think so. She does flirt a lot but she’s never given me any real cause for suspicion. What about Dave — has he ever played away?”

After a moment’s thought Debbie replied: “I doubt it. You see we’ve lived and worked together in the shop for almost all of our married lives. We’re just always together. I know he looks at other women — but I can’t imagine when he could have found the time and space to have any affairs.”

“Would you have minded?”

Debbie paused for thought. “Actually, no, probably not — as long as it didn’t threaten our marriage. I know he’s always wanted more than I was willing to give. What about you? Would you mind if Shauna had an affair?”

“I’m really not sure. Maybe not if she was discreet — and I know this might sound a bit weird — but I’d rather know about it than have it happening behind my back.”

“Yes, I can understand that. It would be less — well, cheating I suppose.”

Martin looked at Debbie and smiled, and this time it was he that reached across the corner of the table to squeeze her hand. “I think you and I are very much alike,” he said. She returned the pressure of his hand and smiled back.

“I think your Shauna is very lucky to have you.”

“And Dave is damn lucky to have someone as lovely as you,” replied Martin. They were still holding hands in a friendly way, but the look they exchanged was far more than friendly and it made their hearts beat a little faster. Again, Martin recharged their glasses.

In the communal kitchen, as Shauna washed and Dave wiped, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. He was fascinated by the way her breasts swayed as she moved. They joked and flirted as they worked, standing close together, their hips deliberately touching. He would reach around her occasionally letting his swelling cock brush her lush bottom and she didn’t seem to mind — even pressing back against him.

As he was drying the last of the dishes she turned to face him and caught him gazing at her breasts. The alcohol had made her even more brazen than usual and she shook her shoulders making her generous boobs jiggle for him.

“You like?” she asked in a low voice.

Dave grinned. “Oh yes! I like very much!”

Shauna glanced around the empty kitchen. “Wanna see?”

Dave was surprised by this sudden development but very eager. “Oh, yes please!”

“You can look but not touch, okay?”


Holding his gaze, Shauna licked her lips then eased aside the twin cups of her bikini top, letting her large firm breasts spill out in all their glory. Her nipples were big and erect, surrounded by large pale areolae. Dave seemed mesmerised by their beauty. Now it was his turn to lick his lips and his voice was thick with longing.

“Oh Jesus Shauna, you are so beautiful. Are you sure I couldn’t just — you know — just a bit?” he pleaded.

She smiled at him. “Well, okay. Just quick though.”

Her heart was pounding as he raised his hands to cup as much of her lush tits as he could. When he palmed her nipples and began to knead the flesh she let out a low moan and felt a swelling of her pussy in her already wet panties. But when Dave stooped and made to kiss her breasts she pulled away out of his reach.

“No, no!” she chided, but without much conviction.

“I’m sorry,” mumbled Dave stepping back. “It’s just that they look so damn delicious!”

“It’s okay,” said Shauna as she scooped her mounds of flesh back into their bikini restraints. “I wish we could, but I just can’t.” She turned her back to finish adjusting herself. “I guess I act a bit tarty but I’ve never actually cheated on Martin — even though I’ve really wanted to sometimes.” She turned back to face him. “Like now for instance!”

Dave stepped forward to place his hands on her hips. “It’s okay, Shauna. I understand completely because I’m the same. I really do love Debbie — and I’ve never stepped out of line either — but then I meet someone like you and well…” he glanced down at the swell in the front of his shorts, “…and this is the result!”

Shauna followed his look to the prominent bulge and breathed a loud sigh: “Oh Dave, if you’ll forgive me for being so forward, I’d love to get istanbul escort much closer to that!”

Dave leered at her: “Wanna see?”

Shauna laughed: “Oh god yes — but we’d better not.”

Dave sighed and jerked his head toward the caravans. “Maybe we could ask their permission?”

“Ha ha,” laughed Shauna. “Do you really think those two would even contemplate something like that?”

Dave shrugged. “I suppose not.” But then he stepped closer and took her right hand and placed it tight against his erection. “But if they ever did, Jesus H. Christ, I’d love to have you much closer to this.”

“Ooooh God!” exclaimed Shauna, squeezing his hard cock and feeling weak in the knees. “And I’d love it too. But until they do…” she took his face in her hands and gave him a quick full-lipped kiss. “… it ain’t gonna happen!” Then, with rueful looks on both sides they gathered up the dishes and headed back to their spouses.

When they returned to the caravans they were surprised to see Debbie and Martin huddled much closer together and noticed as they hurriedly detached their hands.

“Well, what’s going on here then?” asked Dave.

“Not much,” replied Debbie giving a very tipsy giggle. “But I think we should ask the same question. It sounded like you two were having fun in the kitchen.”

Shauna and Dave exchanged an embarrassed glance and both actually blushed, which made their spouses laugh out loud. “It’s okay,” said Martin. “We’re just teasing.” Shauna was surprised to see that her usually sober husband was actually three sheets in the wind and realised that he and Debbie were almost a full bottle ahead of her and Dave.

“Perhaps it’s time for bed,” Shauna chided her husband.

“Funny,” replied Martin. “We were just talking about that — weren’t we Debbie?”

“We were?” she queried tipsily, then blurted. “Oh yes! We were! We were saying that since you two seem to enjoy each other’s company so much perhaps you should be a couple.”

They all laughed it off as a joke but as they separated to turn in for the night all four were preoccupied with the possibilities and the sexual tension that had arisen during the evening.


Ultimately, it was the women who made the decision.

Next morning Shauna invited Debbie to ride with her to let the boys have some man time together. As they turned out onto the long desert highway Debbie was amazed at how confident Shauna was handling the large four-wheel-drive and caravan. Martin did all the driving for them.

After travelling along in silence for a while, gazing out on the endless red-soil vista of low scrub and spinifex, Shauna said: “What you said last night about Dave and I being a couple — I don’t think you were entirely joking were you?”

It took Debbie a moment to reconstruct her drunken statement from last night before she replied.

“No I wasn’t, I suppose. You and Dave are so much alike.”

“What? Loud and obnoxious you mean?” laughed Shauna.

“No, of course not! Well, a little loud maybe,” Debbie smiled. “But it’s more that; you’re both so open and — I don’t know — maybe free-spirited?”

“Yes, you’re probably right there,” agreed Shauna. “I do find Dave very refreshing after all these years with the very buttoned-up Martin. Dave just seems like so much fun. You’re really lucky to have him Debbie.”

“Ah but you see, Shauna, I think you’re lucky to have Martin. He seems very considerate and sensitive.”

“Yes, that’s true. But sometimes he can be too considerate and sensitive … if you know what I mean?”

“I’m not sure,” replied Debbie.

“Can I be frank with you Debbie?”

“Of course.”

“Well, when it comes to the bedroom, sometimes — no, most of the time — I don’t want Martin to be so considerate. What I really want — if you’ll forgive my French — is just to be fucked, you know, really taken long and hard without all the foreplay and finesse he seems to think is necessary.” Beside her, Debbie was silent gazing ahead at the road. “Have I shocked you?” Shauna asked with a sideways look at her companion.

“No no,” Debbie replied. “I was just thinking that Martin sounds like an ideal lover to me — I think I’d really enjoy a bit more ‘finesse’. And Dave probably is exactly what you’re looking for.” The two women glanced at one another then stared ahead at the road stretching as straight as an arrow before them. Finally it was Shauna who asked the question.

“Wanna swap?”

Debbie didn’t answer immediately but kept her eyes on the road. After a long minute she took a deep breath, looked across at Shauna and said:

“Why not.”


The women had agreed to discuss the option with their husbands after the lunch break when the couples were back in their own vehicles.

Predictably, Dave Cooper was somewhat surprised but delighted with the proposal. He had raised the option of swinging on many occasions over the years but Debbie had steadfastly refused. Now he couldn’t believe his luck.

Also predictably, Martin Mitchell was surprised but uncertain. He’d never really wanted anyone but Shauna in all their married life. He knew he sometimes left her unsatisfied, and he did want to please her, so after a long considering silence, during which he thought about Debbie’s soft smiling eyes, he gave his cautious consent.

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