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The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 09

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“So have you got time to fit me in?” I asked Rachel, leaning on the kiosk at Katsumi’s massage therapy practice.

“Would this be for a regular session, or an extended appointment?” Rachel asked pointedly, biting the end of her pen alluringly.

“I’d like you to extend me, if you’ve got time.”

Rachel giggled and flipped her appointment book, but frowned slightly when she read the page.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve got someone coming in in about 10 minutes. Actually, I think you may know her. She works in your department. Her name’s Courtney. Brown hair, grey eyes, thin… fantastic breasts.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, I work with her. How nice are her tits? I mean, they don’t hold a candle to yours, of course,” I quickly added. Rachel rolled her eyes.

“Sure, sure. Spare me. They’re fabulous.”

“Have you seen them?” I asked eagerly.

“Nearly. They sure do spread out at the sides when she’s lying down. I’ve brushed my fingers against them. I can’t believe with her thin frame that she’s got those massive tits.”

“I know!” I agreed.

“So you haven’t seduced her yet?”

I shook my head sadly.

“Unfortunately, no. Not for lack of trying though. She’s fairly reserved about herself. Friendly, but she keeps her personal life personal. It’s difficult to concentrate with those orbs being waved in my face constantly.”

“I can imagine.” Rachel put her pen to her lip again, then smiled devilishly. “I have an idea. A very naughty one. Kat is away this week, and I think we can get away with it.”

“I’m all ears,” I said, happily. Rachel came out from behind the counter, took my hand and led me into the massage room.


It was dark.

I smelled a strong, soothing aroma of fragrant spices. Soft ambient music came from an unseen source. Then, muffled voices. The sound of a door opening, and the voices became clear. It was Rachel.

“I’ve got everything set up for you, Courtney. You can disrobe here and put this sheet around you and have a seat on the table. I’ll be in in a few minutes to look after you.”

My eyes adjusted gradually to the low light. I was standing in a large closet containing bath robes and kimonos. I shifted my weight, careful not to make a sound, and detected a thin vertical strip of light next to me. I moved over and peered through into the dimly lit massage room.

My range of sight was good, and I could see Rachel leave the room, glancing in my direction before she closed the door behind her. My eye followed movement in the room. It was Courtney. She wore a short, loose black skirt and a thin sweater over her ample bosom. She had a sheet over her arm, which she placed on the massage table. She looked about the room casually, then removed her shoes, pushing them against the wall with her foot. There was a shelving unit on the opposite wall, which Courtney now faced.

She took the hem of her sweater and pulled it over her head. Her hair cascaded about her shoulders as her arms worked to fold her top and place it on the shelf. I could see her pink bra straps pushing into her flesh, straining to support the significant weight of her breasts . Next, she hooked her thumbs around her waistband and pulled her skirt and stockings down to her ankles, bending over to extract her feet. Her slim bottom was covered with snug, pink cotton panties conforming to her slender curves.

My penis stirred to life in my trousers as I held my breath for what I knew would come next. After placing her skirt and stockings on the shelf with her sweater, she reached back and deftly unfastened her bra. I watched as the straps slackened and fell from her shoulders. As she reached to place the bra with her other clothes, I caught a glimpse of side-boob; a heavy, round orb extending prominently from beside her rib cage.

Again, my cock stirred as blood flowed into it. I put my hand to my mouth so as not to make a sound as Courtney began to turn. To my misfortune, the sheet she had placed on the table tumbled to the floor at that moment, and Courtney bent to retrieve it, blocking my view of her colossal bust. When she stood, the sheet was wrapped snugly around her torso, her breasts obscured.

Cursing my luck, I watched as she lay on the table, pulling the sides of the sheet out from under her, and placing her face in the cushion at the head of the table. We both waited for Rachel to return, listening to the ambient music, inhaling the scented oils, and in my case, becoming aroused at the thought of what might follow. Soon, I heard a soft knock at the door, and Rachel stepped in.

“All set?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m ready,” replied Courtney in her singsong voice.

Rachel approached Courtney and made some small adjustments to the sheet, then folded it back expertly to Courtney’s buttocks. Her bare back was exposed, but her arms were at her sides and I could not see her breasts being pressed to the table.

“You’ve got quite a lot of, um, mood going on in here today,” commented Courtney.

“Yes, I thought I’d make it a little more relaxing kadıköy escort for my clients. People seem to enjoy having a bit of an escape. You know, I’d even recommend my soothing mask for your eyes, if you’re interested.”

“Yes, ok. I’ll give it a try. Why not?”

Rachel moved to a small fridge and retrieved a silken eye cover, which she applied to Courtney.

“I like to keep it cool. It’s great for stress headaches.”

“That feels really nice.”

Rachel looked over to the wardrobe I was hiding in and smiled. She put her finger to her lips and gave me the ‘shhh’ sign. Next, she moved to where her oils were sitting and selected one, squirting some onto her palm, then rubbing it in vigorously. She began working on Courtney’s back, spreading the oil around, her hands moving quickly and deftly.

I saw Rachel’s breasts wiggle beneath her kimono, indicating the absence of a support garment. Slowly and carefully, I reached to my groin and unzipped my trousers, delicately withdrawing my semi-hard penis from my boxers with my fingers. It came free, and I pulled my balls out as well, making sure the zipper was out of the way. I squeezed my dick as I watched Rachel work, kneading Courtney’s soft skin expertly. I noticed that she kept nudging the sheet down at Courtney’s lower back until the top of her ass crack was visible.

“How are you feeling, honey?” asked Rachel.

“Mmmm, very good thanks. You always do such a good job,” said Courtney groggily.

“Wonderful. So, how are you adjusting to the new job?”

“Oh it’s great! I really enjoy the work, and everyone’s been so kind and helpful.”

“You work with one of my clients, I believe,” said Rachel, then mentioning my name.

“Yes, we work quite closely, in fact.”

“And…? What do you think of him?” probed Rachel, working on the tops of Courtney’s ass cheeks.

“He’s really nice. He’s been great to work with.”

“That’s good. He is quite a gentleman. But I meant… well, what do you think of him? He’s very cute, isn’t he?” hinted Rachel.

“Um, I… I suppose so…” said Courtney evasively.

“Oh come on, honey, you can tell me. I promise I won’t say a word.”

“Well… yes, he’s very handsome,” is all Courtney offered.

Rachel took another tack.

“Just think, I get to massage him. He has got an amazing body!” said Rachel enthusiastically.

“Oh really? Yes, he seems to keep in good shape.”

The conversation stopped for a few moments as Rachel worked.

Finally, she smiled and said, “He’s mentioned you, you know.”

Courtney’s head made a small, sudden movement. There was a pause.

“He has? What did he say?”

“Oh, he said you were really nice, and that he enjoys working with you.”


I detected disappointment in her tone. Rachel waited patiently.

“Is… is that all he said?” asked Courtney tentatively.

“Well… I shouldn’t really say…” Rachel played her role wonderfully.

“Oh please? What else did he say? I promise I won’t tell anyone!” Courtney was eager.

“Ok, but your really have to swear not to tell anyone. Most of what people say in here should be considered private.”

“I swear I won’t breathe a word,” promised Courtney.

“Alright. He said he thinks your really cute. He said he tries to spend as much time working with you as he can. He definitely likes you.”

“Really?” said Courtney excitedly.

“Yeah. He also said he can’t keep his eyes off your breasts,” Rachel giggled. “I’m sure you get that a lot.”

“Yes, that does tend to happen,” mused Courtney.

“Well I can see why. You have very lovely breasts. And on such a slim figure.”

Rachel was sliding her hands down Courtney’s sides.

“Oh thank you. Although I’m sure you get the same compliments.”

“Well, mine may not be as big as yours, but I’m certainly not lacking in that department,” admitted Rachel.

“Anyway, I think you’re driving him a little crazy. I can just imagine him getting a hard-on under his desk while you two work together,” Rachel laughed playfully.

Courtney laughed too.

“I have caught him looking a few times. It’s kind of endearing when he looks away quickly, thinking I didn’t see.” Courtney sighed. “I don’t mind though. He is quite good looking. And I have to admit, I have snuck a look at him on a few occasions.”

“Oh! Is that so?” cooed Rachel.

“Yeah. He wears fairly tight trousers, and his, um… bulge, is rather noticeable,” Courtney giggled despite herself.

“You’re telling me, honey! I’ve–um, never mind.”

“No, what? Have you seen it??” Courtney was positively eager to find out more.

Rachel sighed and clicked her tongue.

“Look, if I tell you this–“

“I promise, I won’t tell.”

“No, this is serious. I could lose my job if anyone finds out.”

“Oooh, this must be really juicy. Ok, don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me. Now tell me!” Courtney visibly shook with excitement.

I suddenly realised kağıthane escort what Rachel was doing. She was going to tell Courtney about jerking me off! This could ruin everything!

“Well, one day I was giving him a massage, and when he turned over he had a huge erection. His sheet fell off and I just… I just stared at it. It was just so big! I mean, stuff like that happens a lot. Guys get aroused, it’s normal. But with him; before I knew it I had grabbed it and started stroking it!” Rachel said confidentially.

“Oh my goodness! You naughty girl!” Courtney was surprised, but delighted. “What did he do?”

“Well, it was a bit awkward at first, but he said he liked it and wanted me to keep going. I swear, I couldn’t even fit my hand around it!”

“Oh wow! You lucky girl. So what happened? Did you, um… did he…?” stammered Courtney.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m telling you this… I let him cum on my tits!” blurted Rachel.

I could tell she was blushing. Both girls squealed and laughed.

“Oh you dirty girl!” exclaimed Courtney.

“I know! And he came so much. I was soaked in his jizz!”

The girls squealed and giggled again.

“Noooo! Oh wow. Oh my goodness!” Courtney said, seemingly overwhelmed by the saucy details the was hearing.

Rachel had folded the sheet so only a narrow strip was covering Courtney’s bottom, and was massaging her thighs, her fingers, kneading the bottoms of her buttocks, and brushing what appeared to be very close to Courtney’s pussy lips.

“I’m getting turned on just thinking about it. His big, thick cock shooting all that cum, running down my chest and over my hands,” continued Rachel.

“Oh… that is quite a nice image. So, did you have sex with him?” asked Courtney.

“No. Not yet, anyway. I think he’s quite keen on getting into your pants, to be honest.”

“Do you think so?”

“Definitely. He just doesn’t think you’re interested.”

“Well, I am seeing this guy… but it’s just a recent thing, and we haven’t got very close. I haven’t even let him feel my boobs,” admitted Courtney.

“Well, you can do what you like, honey, but if I were you I’d take the opportunity to have some fun with your colleague. He’s quite a handful, and I’m sure he would be fun in bed.”

Only a few inches of the sheet was now draped over Courtney’s ass, and Rachel was kneading her cheeks, coating them in oil.

“Now, how are we feeling? Relaxed?” asked Rachel.

“Yes, you’re doing a wonderful job. And all this talk has made me a little excited myself,” revealed Courtney.

I had stroked myself to rock hardness, and was enjoying where the conversation was going.

“I’m glad. We always like our clients to enjoy themselves. Say, how would you like my special full body massage treatment? I only do it for special clients,” asked Rachel.

“Mmm, that sounds nice. But isn’t that what you’re doing now?”

“Well, yes, my regular technique is traditional hand massage. But the other technique is called Nuru. It’s a traditional Japanese massage technique, but it’s rather, um, intimate. It involves me using many parts of my body to massage you. It’s performed on an inflatable mattress… think oil wrestling, but much more pleasurable. Are you comfortable with that?” Rachel continued to rub Courtney’s thighs.

“Ummm… I don’t know. Will you be dressed? I’m not really sure how this works,” said Courtney tentatively.

“I have a bathing suit I usually wear, but if I’m perfectly honest, it’s supposed to be skin on skin. It work much better that way. But it’s up to you.”

“Do you do this… Nuru? with other clients? Like, with men?”

“No. Only female clients get Nuru, and even then it’s only a select few. We don’t officially offer it at all, actually. Courtney, please don’t feel pressured. It’s your choice. I just thought you might enjoy it,” said Rachel reassuringly.

Suddenly, she stopped massaging Courtney.

“I’m sorry, I’m getting carried away. Please forgive me. You have such a great body, I just want to work every part of it.”

“Thank you. No it’s fine. Ok… I’d like to try it. I mean, I’m nearly naked now, so we might as well go the whole way,” said Courtney.

“Oh wonderful! I know you’ll love it, honey. I think we’ll leave the mask on as well. Really immerse yourself in it. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Take my arm and I’ll lead you to the Nuru mat.”

Rachel expertly wrapped the sheet around Courtney as she sat up, and led her gently through a door at the far end of the room, out of my sight. I heard her voice faintly over the ambient music.

“Just kneel here. Perfect, now lie down, make yourself comfortable. Great. If you’ll just be patient with me, I’ll prepare the oil. It needs to be warm.”

I heard footsteps re-enter the room. Rachel approached the wardrobe and, glancing back at the other doorway, opened it. She smiled widely at me and held her finger to her lips. She looked down and saw my engorged cock sticking kartal escort out of my trousers. She smiled and touched the tip with her finger, taking the pre-cum to her lips and sucking it off. With my left hand I reached up and squeezed her breast through the silk kimono, feeling her hard nipple against my palm.

“This is working better than I thought,” she whispered, brushing her fingers along my length.

She took my hand off her tit and slowly, quietly led me out of the wardrobe. She indicated to me to remove my clothes. I obeyed, placing them gently in the wardrobe. I turned around and pulled Rachel against me, kissing her forcefully and grabbing her ass.

“Ssshhh!” she hissed. “We’ll get caught!”

“Come on, Rach. I wouldn’t mind a little help here,” I said, waving my cock back and forth.

“Patience,” whispered Rachel, taking my hand and leading me to the Nuru room.

The room was small and cozy. A clear inflatable mattress sat on the floor, and Courtney was lying in the middle, her torso and buttocks covered by the white sheet. Rachel had me stand in the corner nearest the doorway, in case I needed to make an escape back to the wardrobe. Then she knelt down beside Courtney and put her hand on her back.

“Ok Courtney, I’m going to remove the sheet and put some oil on you with my hands first. Let me know at any point if you’re feeling uncomfortable, ok?”

“Ok Rachel.” Courtney sounded nervous and apprehensive, but resigned to the idea. After all, she had gone this far.

Rachel went to a small table and picked up a large bottle of oil. She brought it over to me and handed it to me. ‘Hold this’ she mouthed. The ambient music played through the speakers in the Nuru room, masking any faint noises Rachel and I made. I took the bottle and watched as Rachel untied the sash around her waist. She smiled seductively at me as she slid the material off her shoulders and over her round breasts. I watched intently as it glided over her chest and the swells of her tits, eventually revealing her erect nipples as it tumbled to her elbows.

She slid her arm out and passed the kimono to me, draping it over my arm. She was not wearing any undergarments, and I noticed instantly that she no longer had any pubic hair. My cock twitched and bobbed between us as I admired her curves.

She held out her hands, and I squirted oil on them. She rubbed them together, then reached for my thick cock. Suddenly, she turned away, facing the mattress. She knelt beside Courtney and gently lifted the sheet, exposing her to the warm, fragrant air. I leaned in at Rachel’s silent bidding to take the sheet, and placed it, Rachel’s kimono, and the oil, on a small table nearby.

I took a step further into the room to get a better view of the girls. Courtney’s ass was small and toned, but with enough curve to make it womanly. Her waist was narrow, as were her hips, and I nearly swooned at the sight of her pillowy breasts bulging out from under her, like she was lying on pink balloons.

Rachel slid to the opposite side of the mattress, facing me, and began to massage Courtney’s back. Her breasts wiggled and bounced between her arms as she worked, her nipples remaining hard. I took some oil off the table and poured some in my hand, then began stroking my length. Rachel smiled up at me and bit her lip as she began massaging Courtney’s buttocks.

“You doing ok, sweetie? You’re awfully quiet,” said Rachel softly as she cupped her ass cheek, then ran her hands down her upper thigh.

“Mmm, yes, I’m good. Just a bit nervous.” Courtney did sound nervous, and her body appeared stiff.

“That’s ok, hun. Just let me know if you want me to stop.” There was a pause. “So, do you think you’ll have a go with your work friend?”

Courtney seemed happy to have conversation to distract her from the fact that Rachel’s hands were sliding up and down her thighs, very close to her pussy and anus.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m rather shy when it comes to making a move. I actually don’t have a whole lot of experience with men, to tell you the truth.”

“What? I don’t believe you. With your looks?” Rachel sounded incredulous.

“Well, I do get lots of attention, but I’m very selective about who I’m… intimate with.”

“I understand,” said Rachel, sliding her hands up Courtney’s sides, her fingertips brushing Courtney’s bulging breasts.

“But I think you need to relax a little; have some fun. It doesn’t have to be serious. I mean, just because I gave him and hand job and let him cum on my tits, it doesn’t mean I want to date him!”

“I suppose you’re right. I am attracted to him, but I’ve done my best to remain professional. Maybe a little fling wouldn’t hurt.”

“It’s a safe bet, too, sweetie. I know he likes you.”

The massage continued as I masturbated, watching Rachel caress Courtney’s side-boobs, while her own tits swayed inches above Courtney’s oily back.

“So, it’s really big? His… penis?” asked Courtney.

“Huge. You have to see it. Mmmm, just the thought of it filling me up…”

Rachel was back at Courtney’s buttocks, pulling them apart, exposing her small anus. Courtney giggled.

“I still can’t believe you let him cum on you!”

“Me neither! And believe me when I say I’ve never done anything like that before. At least not while at work. I just got so carried away when I saw it. I needed to stroke it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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