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The Perfect Setup Ch. 02

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On Friday Mary set the time for her and Jerome to get together for the first time. They agreed that he would follow her in his car to the road behind her house. He would then park his car on the strip mall lot and get into her car. That way she could pull directly into her house garage. Once the door to the garage closed they would exit the car and move into the house. He would leave the same way. That way no one would know she had a man, especially a black man, in her car or her house or her eager pussy.

Then they could fuck their brains out for the next 7 or 8 days. Mary told him she had decided that she would always wait for Bud to call her from wherever he was that first night to ensure he had actually gotten his flight and was away from their city before meeting Jerome. Then as the time her husband was away went on she would wait for him to call her and tell her he was heading home. They had already agreed that he would call her the night he arrived. Then the day before he was leaving for home again he would call her to let her know. Since he wasn’t exactly sure when he would be finished wherever he was at the time, he had agreed to call her and let her know when he would be home for sure. She told him that way she would be there to greet him. She told him it helped her prepare for his arrival. She knew that this was the perfect set up for her and her soon to be lover, her big dick black lover.

She had worked out all the details on Thursday night. Then on Friday at the gym she told Jerome how it was going to be. And he had no problem with it. Hell he would have agreed to most anything just to get his big black cock into her tiny white pussy. He remembered how tight her pussy felt with two of his finger sin it that first time he had made her cum. That day after their workout she told him she was going straight home and fuck her husband. She said that tonight was going to be his night and that she would be with Jerome many nights afterwards. He smiled and kissed her on the parking lot as he cupped her pussy and told her to save some of it for him.

Mary knew Jerome’s big cock would reach places inside her that her husband could only dream of touching. She patted his cock and said, “There’s no need to worry about that baby! I’m sure you’ll find me more than sweet enough for you on Monday. I’ll call you on Sunday after I talk with my husband. Then on Monday I’ll call you after he calls me and let you know when I’ll pick you up. We’ll meet at the gym.”

He told her OK and they parted ways. Mary went home and gave her husband all he could handle. She sucked him of and fucked him until he was completely drain telling him how very much she was going to miss him.

Then the next day he left for Boston at 10AM and Mary was on the phone at 10:10Am telling Jerome that her husband had just lefty.

On Monday morning her husband called long distance from Boston and told her he had arrived and what room he was staying in. Then he told her he would call her that night around 9PM when he got in from dinner with clients. She told him she loved him and he loved her and they kissed and hung up. She then called Jerome and told him she would pick him up at 6 PM. He wanted to come over right away but she told him no he had to wait until dark. He agreed and she hung up the phone.

She smiled and said, “Well this is coming together nicely.”

Then the day and time was here. Mary drove to the gym and Jerome followed her like they had planed. He got into her car and they drove into the garage just like they had agreed too earlier. She had already lowered and closed all the drapes.

Once inside the house Jerome came to her quickly and stripped her in seconds. She left her clothes lying on the kitchen floor. Jerome stood there looking at his trophy and licked his brown lips. She said, “Hurry! Take off your clothe I can’t wait to see all of you in the light.”

He removed them slowly, teasing her. She stood there smiling and said, “You’re spending time we could be using to fuck each other!”

He smiled back at her and finally dropped his slacks. With no underwear on his cock came up almost standing at attention and into the light of the kitchen. Mary gasped when she saw it in the light it was bigger than she could ever imagine. As she looked at it and licked her lips as she watched his cock growing before her eyes. As she smiled at him, she smiled and reached for it. But Jerome picked her up into his arms and she wrapped her legs around his stomach and as they walked towards the bedroom she stroked it and held him tight. As they walked Jerome held her under her very fine white ass and told her he was going to fuck her crazy. Yes, that’s how it started.

Now as Mary lay under Jerome for the very first time he had finally gotten his big black cock totally inside her pussy. His balls were slapping her ass now in a steady rhythm. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap was the only sound in the bedroom except for Mary’s voice as she softly almost moaning the words in his ear, “Oh yes Jerome that feels Escort bayan so wonderful. Oh God your cock is amazing baby! Oh yes fuck me baby! Fuck my little white pussy with your big black cock. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Mary was in heaven. She had wanted to see his big cock hard and long sticking out from his hard black body since the second day she met him at the gym. He had spotted for her as he stood there facing her as she lay on the bench lifting the free weights. With his workout shorts on they did nothing to hide his cock which hung down his leg. Mary had looked up and saw it’s round black head and at least the 6-inch length of it still completely soft and she almost lost her breath and the weights. He was completely soft and as big as her husband’s cock was when he was completely hard. She moaned to herself inside. She smiled up at him when she had done 5 reps. He knew she had been looking at his cock and he smiled back at her.

He didn’t come on strong because he knew from experience that married women most of the time were scared or turned off when black men approached them to quickly or to fast. So he played her like he played so many other white bitches. He loved to have them begging for his hard black dick and from the look he saw on Mary’s face that day he knew that she would come to him. Yes, he would go slowly, that is until he had her in the bed and was fucking her. After that he would run the show completely and without any remorse or feeling sorry for her. He wanted to fuck this lovely thin white women from the first day he saw her and her husband in the gym. He had waited until she was alone and then he offered to help spot her as she lifted.

She didn’t realize this was his set up and so as she lay down and looked up, Jerome stepped forward allowing his shorts leg opened and letting her look up under them.

That was all it took! She looked and saw his soft cock, and he knew from the look in her eyes that he was going to be able to fuck her.

Mary was softly moaned now into his ear as he pumped her very stretched and very full pink little white wife pussy hole. “Oh God yes Jerome! Oh God! Oh fuck….I….love your hard black!”

As he pumped in and out of her with his ruler size cock she was grunting now and telling him in-between thrusts how much she loved his cock fucking her.

“Oh……God….fuck…me!”, she grunted. “Oh yes……fuck…..me Jerome!! Fuck me….with…. your…..big……black….cock!”

Jerome was pounding her cunt like no man had ever done before. She was rolling her head from side to side and arching her ass up off the bed trying to match his intensity and thrusts.

“Fill…..me!! Oh God….fill….me…with your cum!” Mary almost screamed the words now as she lifted her ass and hips up off the bed having her third orgasm of their first mating. Jerome hadn’t cum yet and she was going wild on his long thick shaft ramming her little pussy up into him like a machine.

“OH FUCK YES!” she cried out as the orgasms took her and made her an animal again as she fucked Jerome like a bitch in heat. “It’s so good, so good” she said as she reached up for him and pulled him down on top of her body.

He released her legs from over her head and she immediately wrapped them around his jet-black ass and squeezed trying to pull his dick into even further.

Jerome fucking loved the way these deprived white woman loved being fucked by a huge cock. It was heaven for him to feel her working her body fucking him as he almost held his cock still and let her ram her cunt on it! “Yes…yes…yes….Oh God yes!!!” she screamed out and she lifted them both up off the bed as she climaxed.

Jerome knew he was going to cum soon. And his need for a release was huge. He had made Mary cum three times and now he needed to let go and fill her. As he pushed his dick al the way into her, Mary felt it thicken and become even harder. She held him and told him to fill her. She wanted all of his cum! She said she wanted to feel it erupt inside her pussy hole.

Jerome was straining to hold back, he strained more holding back the cum he knew was soon going to pump into her white pink body. He was trying so hard, trying no to cum as he rammed his cock into her now like an animal. His body was shinning with his wetness from the sexual workout he was giving to his cock as he fucked this beautiful sexy white woman. He tried to hold back, tried to hold off for another second or two. He wanted this to last for him too! “Oh fuckkkkkkk”, he screamed as he arched his back and pushed as deep into her pussy as he could get his dick as he strained not to cum.

He was staining so hard the veins in his head and neck were standing out like the veins on his dick. Mary felt all of it deep inside her where no other person had eve been. She lifted her hips and fucked him. She held on to him and worked her pussy around and around on his shaft trying to please him like he had pleased her for over 40 minutes by fucking her.

He roared again, “Oh……….. Bayan escort fuck!!!! I’m going….to…cum! Going..to..cum! Oh……God…Oh….fuck…..here…….it……comes……baby!

He strained one last time but it was just to hard. Then he let out a cry like a lion and erupted like a geyser, as his cock began to spud and spud his thick white cum so very deep inside of her.

Jerome roared, Mary screamed as they both felt the hot molten seed of her lover’s cock pumping into her white cunt for that very first time! The first time is always the best when two people know what they are doing and both Jerome and Mary knew what they were doing. They both knew how to fuck and they both agreed later that this was better than a porno movie.

As Mary felt his cock expand, and the warm thick seed splashing against her pussy walls. she shook with her pleasure. As he continued to drive into her, his thrusts becoming stronger rather than slowing down as he emptied his nuts into her body. Jerome thrusts pushed her and pushed her up the bed until her head banged on the headboard. She used her hands to push as he withdrew. But then as he slammed back into her her head was pressed against the bed board again. Finally he saw what was happening and grabbed her hips and pulled her into him. His cock went even deeper as he fucked her. It was then that she realized that Jerome wasn’t going soft at all. “Oh my God Jerome! You’re still hard”, she exclaimed.

He smiled down at her and said, “You like this nigger cock don’t you baby?”

She moaned and told him she loved it. “Fuck me baby! Fuck me with that nigger cock”, she sounded like she was begging him.

She pulled him back down on top of him as she lifted and rotated her ass and hips fucking him with everything she had left. As he slammed into her cum was flying everywhere. Jerome was fucking her hard and fast now. He knew he wouldn’t cum again for a very, very long time.

As he pumped in and out of her pussy they moved around on the bed changing positions three different times.. First she rested her head against the bed as he held her one leg up and Jerome used her thigh as he held it for leverage. He fucked her ruthlessly in the missionary style pumping his dick into her over and over again.

Then he moved her around and began to fuck her doggie style slamming his dick into her cunt from behind bruising her ass and hips. She was being pushed down into the bed and her ass was now sticking up high. As he squatted over her he began to fuck down into her cunt. She cried out again and again as Jerome fucked her relentlessly. She had nerve been fucked so hard and so long. Finally she fell forwards and he followed her down on the bed. As his cock was still up inside her pussy she lay there moaning and moaning as he slowly withdrew it from her opened and stretched pussy hole. He knew she won’t be tight for days. But that was OK since he was going to be there for a few days.

As she lay face down on the bed, his hand moved under her and as se stated to protest, he began to stimulate her clit directly with his fingers. He then rolled her on to her back and he could see it was swollen and very red, hell it was almost looking as if it were throbbing. He made her jump as her fingers pressed against the sensitive bud. He soon was making her buck and thrust her cunt like a puppet on strings. He smiled knowing he was now in charge. He bit her tit leaving his mark on it.

He rolled over on his back and told her to stroke him. She lay there with his black cock shinning from her cunt juice and slowly. As he directed her she soon increased her speed making love to him with her hand. He said, “Suck it!”

He didn’t have to ask her twice. Mary moaned as she rolled on to her side and put his cum covered black in her mouth. She worked it good and long sucking and licking him clean. His dick was throbbing again. He felt she was a good little white cocksucker and praised her for a great job. Then he told her to climb on and ride him. And as she straddle his hips he reached up and helped by holding her hips and they began again.

Mary’s hair hung in her face. Her makeup was a mess and her body was now as wet as his covered with both their perspiration. As she bounced up and down over and over again riding Jerome’s huge black cock she didn’t have to worry about it popping out of her cunt like her husband’s cock did whenever they tried this position. No, Jerome’s cock was 4 inches longer than her husband’s was and much thicker. She rode him long and hard and Jerome watched as he lay there and smiled up into her face as fucked him now. He had his hands under his head and watched her small grapefruit size breasts bouncing up and down as she moved on his big dick.

Finally he moved his hand and began to rub her clit with his fingers as she slammed down on his cock again and again. As he rubbed her clit it didn’t take Mary very long before she was moaning and throwing her head back and crying out with her lust and desire.

And Escort then she felt Jerome thickens and Mary realized that they were going to cum together. She moved faster and faster as he stroked her clit faster and faster. She screamed as she felt his cum pump into again and again as it was enough to make her climax along with her black lover.

Screaming and fucking him wildly Mary was in heaven as they pumped and thrust together cumming jointly! She felt she was going almost insane as she climaxed like she had never climaxed before. It was so hard she almost passed out from the sheer thrill and feeling she was receiving from Jerome’s big cock.

Throughout her entire orgasm she felt Jerome’s cock steadily pumping his cum and emptying his balls as he filed her and he continued to drive his dick up into hot wet sex.

She shook and climaxed again right behind the first one. Then another one hit her and she screamed and bounced so high that she almost came off his dick. Multiple orgasms were something new to Mary. She had never had more than orgasm one at a time. Usually one when her husband ate her pussy and one more when he fucked her. But tonight with Jerome she had had four in a row before she felt his beautiful black cock finally begin to slowly deflate.

Jerome held her on top of him by wrapping his arm around her small waist and holding her down on his deflating dick. As he held her they kissed a number of times before falling asleep with his fully soft cock still up inside her pussy. But even soft Jerome’s cock was as deep inside her pussy now as her husband had ever reached. She softly sighed and held her lover as she closed her eyes, smiled and slept on top of him.

Mary had her head and shoulders on the bed and the rest of her body elevated up as she peaked her climax and screamed with pure lust and rapture as she felt Jerome’s cock begin to pump his cum load deep inside her body. She held him and rotated her hips and ass giving him everything she had to please him.

He grunted and grunted and pumped shot after shot of his black seed into her belly. She held him and he thrust one last time as he finished. His balls were squeezed tight in their sack and his black snake covered with his white cum juice.

She was moaning and panting as she tried to tell him how wonderful it felt to have him inside her.

He lifted up and told her she would experience many more days and nights just like his one. He planned to fuck her continuously while her white husband was away. She smiled and kissed him as she continued to rotate her hip[s and pussy on his cock still inside her. She had fallen back on the bed now and they both were covered with wetness from their sexual.

Two days passed and they had fucked in three rooms and the bed twice. Jerome had filled her so many times with his cum she couldn’t remember how many there were. She did know she was completely satisfied. In fact she could honestly say that she was completely and totally fucked out as he rolled off of her again.

As they lay there panting and trying to get their breaths, the phone rang and she moaned as she rolled over to answer it. As she lay on her stomach she almost moaned the word, “Hello.”

It was her husband and she listened as he told her he was coming home in the morning. His European trip was canceled due to illness. She asked if he was Ok. He told her that it wasn’t he that was ill but the person that he was to meet with in Europe. So he had finished his Boston business and was catching a flight in the morning.

As she lay on her stomach talking to her husband, Jerome was moving over her and spread her legs. He entered her from behind making her moan with her hand over the receiver. She looked mad at him and told him to wait until she was off the phone with her husband. He smiled and moved his cock to the tip of her pussy. He yanked and pulled her up on her knees and bent her over. He now centered his cock at her already cum filled and dripping pussy.

As she was just about finished talking to her husband she told him she loved him, Jerome pushed his hard black cock all the way into Mary’s waiting pussy. She cried out like a wounded animal and her husband asked what was wrong what was going on?

She was thinking fast and told him she had stubbed her little toe and it hurt like hell. She said she had to hang up! He said goodnight and I love you just as Jerome began fucking her hard.

As she dropped the phone back in the cradle she began to push back against him. Soon Mary hissed at him telling him to fuck her harder, fuck her faster and to fill her with his cum one last time.

He held her hips and pumped and pumped and pumped her very swollen and very stretched cunt. He reached around and rubbed her clit again but she was much to sore. So he cupped both breasts as he used them as leverage and he fucked her hard and fast. They fucked like that until he had filled her pussy one last time with his cum before he have to leave. They showered together and she sucked him off before they got out of the tub and dressed. He got into the car and she drove him to his car. Then she came back and filed up a bottle of vinegar and douched twice and tried to get her body back to where it was before her black lover had destroyed it.

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