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The Pixie Stories 02

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Summary of Pixie Story: No. 1:

Pixie has been the receptionist at the Bond Street offices of Regent Graphics for three weeks. Having settled in she discovers that she has to work Saturday mornings. Neil the manager informs her of this on Friday but Pixie has already made plans to go out for a night on the town with her best friend Mandy and to hang out at hers on Saturday. It would seem Pixie has no other choice but to cancel and work the Saturday shift. Neil though, has a plan. He offers a simple trade. He’ll get her cover (just this once) if she agrees to blow him. He appeals to Pixie’s understanding nature and talks her round. Pixie blows Neil for the day off and Neil also gets to the bottom of the rumour in the office about Pixie’s breasts. Pixie informs him the rumours are true and gives him a tit-wank. Just seconds after Neil cums in Pixie’s mouth Suzie The Head of Accounts walks in on them. Unbeknownst to Pixie and Neil Suzie has a score to settle with Neil and wants to teach Pixie a serious lesson.

The Story Continues…


Suzie had walked in on Pixie lapping at Neil expelled cock like a kitten at a saucer of milk.

Neil in blissful exhaustion had been trying his best not to collapse by pressing his back against the wall and in that moment a million half formed thoughts had swirled through Suzie’s brain.

One announced itself before all others as she noiselessly retreated and with a soft click closed Neil’s door:

‘I have them, by all that’s holy I have them!’

In her mind she visualised herself forming a huge fist and crashing it gleefully onto Neil’s desk reducing it to splinters and matchwood.

Suzie collected her things, put some files in her bag, dropped a redundant email printout in the bin, locked her drawer and, as discreetly as possible, made for the lift. Her thoughts turned to her weekend. She smiled it was to be a weekend of glorious speculation at the shift in power that had fallen over the office of Regent Graphics.

Neil may be the manager but from now on, she was going to be the one in charge.

Pixie felt little regret and no embarrassment over the incident:

‘What have I got to feel bad about? It was outside of office hours, Neil’s separated from his wife. She had made a deal: a blowjob and a tit-wank for dodging the Saturday shift so that she could enjoy her Friday night. It was a fair trade’ she mused. ‘Of course Suzie walking in on her topless while licking Neil’s cock was a little unexpected but Suzie was a girl, she was her friend, she’d understand and would never do anything to make her uncomfortable.’ Pixie couldn’t have been more wrong.

To Suzie, Pixie was an over inflated Barbie doll trying to blow her way to a bigger pay packet.

For Pixie, Suzie was a strong woman making it in a man’s world and was deeply impressed by the seriousness and dedication Suzie brought to everything. Suzie’s intensity and energy, her defiant stride and tilted head as she walked into the office each morning, as sure of herself as a General on a battlefield. It made Pixie proud to share an office with someone like her.

Though in reality, Suzie was Head of Accounts and Pixie was a Receptionist with three weeks experience who the boss of the company had called a ‘damn bimbo’ within one minute of meeting her.

She had worked Saturday after all. Neil had not had the nerve to ask Suzie to cover for her.

She had sat hung over and sleepy for those slow four hours and then on returning home (after staying out all night), had collapsed on her bed and fallen asleep almost as soon as her flung stilettos had righted themselves.

Monday came and went, Tuesday followed and so did Wednesday and Thursday, with no mention of what had happened.

Neil had been a little shy with her, trying not to address her directly and kept every communication to as few words as possible.

Pixie had approached Suzie on Monday during lunch:

‘Just wanted to say sorry about Friday, I…’

‘No need, we’re all grown adults these things happen. Now if you’ll excuse me.’

Typical Suzie, she never took the whole hour, she always had so much to do. She was an inspiration Pixie thought and smiled after her.

This was not to last.

Friday came and with it the great moment Suzie had plotted.

She knew Neil, she’d worked at the office long enough to spot the patterns. As soon as Pixie stepped out of the lift on her first day she knew it was only a matter of time. The blonde hair, the tits, the short skirt, the high heels, how predictable men are she thought disdainfully.

Pixie’s predecessor Carrie had been blonde also, but boyish (clearly Neil’s tastes had turned to the pneumatic), but still, like Carrie, she’d found herself with his cock in her mouth before the month was up. Carrie had left for the sake of her boyfriend:

‘I really love him’

Suzie had overheard her saying to a temp. Loved him enough to suck Neil’s cock every Escort bayan time she wanted to leave early and meet the darling love of her life after work for a surprise dinner.

But Suzie had never quite caught Neil. She’d tried lingering around the office after and before hours but nothing ever came of it. She’d partaken of the rumours that circulated round the kettle in the kitchen and the ladies loo but from what source? She’d never found out.

But clearly Pixie was different and all Neil’s safety measures and discreteness had gone out the window when it came to her.

And what had been the result?

Her witnessing (for what? five seconds – six – seven at a push) the sordid summation of Neil’s debauchery and exploitation!

But what a scene it was! All laid out perfectly in her memory in all its brilliant detail: every inch of Neil’s dripping cock, Pixie’s unembarrassed smile, her legs girlishly curled beneath her, her little pink tapered tongue and the silver bauble of Neil’s cum on the very tip of her obedient tongue.

Well, silence had hung over her all week, no more!

She had not said a word to anyone, she’d kept it all inside, feasting on the illicit pleasure it brought.

Neil had never tried to like her, he admired her, respected her work, but he’d never tried to know her, to understand what she was about. If he had his way where she was was where she’d stay. She was only thirty-three but already she was getting restless and wanted more than The Head of Accounts at Regent Graphics, Bond Street, had to offer. She wanted power, for what? She didn’t know. But she wanted power, just a little, and now she would have it.

She wrote a little note on a piece of lined paper torn from an exercise book, folded it in two and wrote two identical messages.

One she placed beneath a report she’d placed on Neil’s desk in a silent exchange at 4.30pm, the other she personally handed to Pixie with a friendly flash of teeth.

‘I just want to discuss a little something with you after work is all. All will be revealed in this note. If you can read, of course’

‘Oh yes, I like reading, thank you.’

Replied Pixie oblivious to Suzie’s slur.

Suzie smiled again and with her right hand, just for a second without thinking rested it on Pixie’s shoulder. She’d never touched her before; quickly she retracted her hand as Pixie smiled up at her.

‘Nothing but air’

Said Suzie under her breath as she strode back to her desk, paraphrasing the boss of the company’s summation of dear Pixie.

Neil found Suzie’s note it read:

I have to talk about what I witnessed on Friday. I don’t want to make it any more difficult for you than it has to be. I just want to say my piece and that will be the end of it. No need to worry, Neil’s office, 5.15pm.

He screwed it up and threw it in the wastepaper basket.

Booking an appointment in his office, his office!

But what could he do? Nothing but watch the clock count down to whatever was going to happen.

Pixie read her message eagerly she had no feeling of anger or impending doom like Neil.

Pixie thought it would be a clear the air matter of fact chat. They’d probably be in the pub at the corner afterwards joking and laughing, having forgotten all about it. She hummed a snatch of tune and thought no more about it.

From her desk Suzie watched Pixie.

She studied her: that empty bobbing head, that dollop of blonde, those slight shoulders, that hardly there ass in a shiny black mini skirt.

She would humiliate her she’d wipe the smile off her stupid face. She’d teach her a thing or two when she was done with her. She’d be on her knees, before her, begging, pleading, anything for her to keep quiet and to let her carry on collecting her weekly pay packet for sitting on a chair six days a week, smiling inanely, just about able to take down a message and answer the phone, all the while sticking out her tits like that was the answer to everything.

Suzie could barely contain herself. She glanced at the hands on the clock in reception, they moved slowly as if through deep water.

Neil in his office doorway:

‘Have a good weekend Dean, great week on that ITV promo’ ‘

Goodnight Joe, enjoy your time off’ ‘Night girls’

He waved to Penelope and Maria, two blinking computer geniuses who barely spoke but too each other.

Each colleague nodded, smiled and shuffled past him, a departing mass of coats and jackets of various hues, scarves, bobble hats, bags and briefcases.

By ten past five everyone was gone except Pixie touching up her make up and thinking of how nice it’ll be when Suzie and Neil and her are all ensconced in a booth at the Oxford Arms and Suzie, apparently unmoved by the hour seemed totally engrossed in typing at record speed an undoubtedly vital report.

Neil looked at his watch.

‘Right Suzie let’s get this over with I want to go home even if you don’t. Come on.’

Suzie blinked up whilst Pixie Bayan escort closed her compact.

‘Neil it’s only ten past, I said quarter past.’

‘And I’m saying now, come on!’ ‘Oh, no you’ll have to wait’.

‘I’m the damn manager aren’t I, I decide when it’s time not you.’

‘Do you now?’

Suzie looked up smiling,

‘How interesting’.

At 5.15pm Neil was sat behind his desk, Pixie sat facing him and in glided Suzie.

‘Now it won’t take a moment, but before I say my piece and we all go our merry way can you, Pixie sweetheart, please move your chair to the other side of the desk beside Neil, thank you.’

‘What are you playing at, making appointments in my office and rearranging my damn furniture?’

Pixie had smiled, happy to do what Suzie asked without thinking why and was now sat beside him. Pixie smiled at him. Neil’s gaze wavered as he glanced at the rounded flesh of her breasts, and a short peek at her milk white thigh.

‘Neil, now let me talk and when I’m finished you can say what you have to say ok?’

‘ Just get it over with then get the fuck out.’

‘How nice. Now, last Friday I was working on the costings for the Morocco shoot and had not left my desk for some four hours. Then finally I finish and pop to the loo, collect a few things from the kitchen and then what do I find on my return as I produce the fruit of my labours? The boss with his dick out and this slut naked before him’

‘I wasn’t naked’

Pixie interjected, not noticing the rising ferocity in Suzie’s pitch.

‘Naked, you might as well have been. Sat there with your tits out, stupid girl’

‘Oh Suzie I’m sorry if I upset you, honest I am.’

‘Be quiet you…’

Suzie struggled to form the words as Neil eyed her coolly

‘ Bimbo!’

She blurted.

Pixie went pale.

Suzie turned on Neil.

‘You sit there behind your desk thinking you can fuck any girl stupid enough to think you’re doing them a favour, don’t you? And just as bad, you traded a blowjob for me I would have been the one you’d have asked to cover for her wouldn’t I? Head of Accounts but not above answering a bloody phone with my tits falling out of my top eh? Oh pardon, mine aren’t loaded with silicone, maybe I don’t qualify! Now you listen to me, I know you, I know what your wife’s name, and you’re bloody grandmother for that matter, thank FaceBook for that dear. I can message your wife any time I like and fill her in on all the disgusting details.’

Neil glared at her but took it. He lowered his voice, looked down.

‘ What do you want?’

He asked quietly.

‘This is what I want. On a Friday, at my discretion I am the boss here. When everyone is gone, when the floor is empty and even the cleaners are having the night off I am in charge. Monday to Friday working hours Neil you are the proud manger of Regent Graphic’s, come 5.10, 5.15 of a Friday, we stay behind. I am in charge of you two. I am your boss and you do as I say. Now Pixie stop looking so dumbfounded:


What’s going on? Thought Pixie as she looked at Suzie, why had she reacted like this, why did she want her to take all her clothes off?

Suzie was angry with Neil, but she called her a bimbo, she was being mean to her when she was meant to be her friend. Suzie was the only girl here who really spoke to her, what was this all about? She didn’t know what to do.

Why should she strip just because Suzie demanded it? There must be a reason. She was overcome with confusion, her thoughts had nowhere to go but in circles.

Neil was no help, he just sat there looking at her and there was something in his eyes.


Was all Pixie could muster in response to Suzie’s command.

‘Because I told you to that’s why, I’m your boss. You do what Neil tells you don’t you? You do what he asks?’

Pixie looked in astonishment at Neil,

‘Suzie’s the boss?’

‘It would seem so’

Said Neil, his voice a mixture of defeat and something else undefined.

Pixie accepted it as Neil seemed to. She turned to Suzie.

‘Oh ok, you’re the boss but why must I strip, there must be a reason?’

‘If you are smart enough to grasp the reason, which I very much doubt, firstly it’s an order, you shouldn’t question it but just this once I’ll explain. I want you to strip because I want you to be naked. If you want to keep your job you’ll do what I tell you. Is that not reason enough? Trust me, you won’t get paid anywhere else what you get here to do little but sit there swivelling on your chair, playing with your hair, smiling dumbly and surprising everyone by occasionally speaking into the right end of the phone.’

‘Just do it’

Neil said quietly.

Pixie didn’t want to lose her job, she’d only just moved into a new flat and the job was nice. It was boring but she liked aspects of it, she was proud to work there.

She acquiesced. She made a joke of it

‘Well this wasn’t in the job description! But all right Escort I suppose it won’t hurt anyone will it? So, just so I definitely understand it, if I take my clothes off I get to keep my job?’

‘Hurts no one sweet girl, how could it? Yes, well done you understood it perfectly, what a clever girl you are!’

Suzie sneered stiffening her back.

‘Does it bother you?’

Suzie asked, running her eyes over her frame.

‘Suppose not, I mean you’ve already seen me mostly naked, right?’

Pixie giggled.

‘Good girl, and I won’t tell anyone about what you’ve been up to. Do as I say of a Friday evening and everything will be peachy ok. As long as you remember I am the boss and you obey me, ok?’

‘You’re the boss, got it’

Pixie reached down and began to take off her shoe.

Suzie sat down opposite and eyed Neil.

His silent hostility was morphing into something else.

Neil’s eyes latched on to Pixie’s bended head of beautiful golden locks as she slipped both shoes off and placed them beside one another neatly under the desk.

Suzie turned to him,

‘You too darling’

Suzie said to Neil mockingly.

‘You think you can come in here and tell me what to do…’

He and his voice rose in anger.

Pixie paused after untied her hair and shaking it loose.

‘I already have’ Suzie said.

Neil stood there naked.

He ran his fingers through his dark hair and stood with as much dignity as he could muster. Neil was 6ft broad shouldered and has a small soft belly that his wife told him she preferred to television abs any day. A cross of black hair reached across and down his chest. His pubic hair was trim and his cock hung elegantly, torn between two states of being. Neil used all his mental strength to keep its progress in check and fought the urge to look at Pixie.

Pixie stood there unthinking. Her blonde hair reached down to her shoulders, brushing the press of bone under her pale skin. She rested one lithe hand on her hip and with the other fidgeted. Pixie’s had an hourglass figure minus the bottom half. She was cuteness personified, living up to her name what with her absence of an ass and her lack of height. What wasn’t so elfin about Pixie was her breasts.

They projected forward proudly and shining, perfectly round and set ever so slightly apart, her tiny button nipples of soft red-brown were positioned dead centre, and above her pussy was a small push of fine dark platinum.

‘A natural blonde, who would have thought it?’

Joked Suzie to herself, as she eyed them both with a cooling detachment.

To her mind, Neil and Pixie were disappearing. In their place were… dare she call them it she asked herself?

Her slaves.

‘Look at you two, the sight of you disgusts me’

Suzie was enjoying herself.

‘Well you did ask us to get naked didn’t you?’

Said Neil sarcastically, sitting down and covering his nakedness.

‘Did I say you could sit?’

A flicker of anger flashed across Neil’s face, he swallowed deeply and stood up.

‘Good boy, now I want you and Pixie to recreate the moment when I walked in on you both last Friday.’ The memory burst in to Neil’s brain of that moment last week, the frantic bliss Pixie had given him.

Neil’s cock visibly leapt into life. Neil’s resistance was broken, his cock rose and announced itself and witnessing this Suzie felt a single drop of heat fall somewhere deep inside the pit of her stomach.

‘That’s it, now Pixie, where we’re you?’

‘Well, I guess…’

‘Don’t guess’

Suzie snapped and pushed her down roughly.

‘You were on your knees girl, that’s it and curl your legs under, back straight, perfect’.

What was going through Pixie’s head at this moment?

Well, she was still unsure what was actually happening. Was this a game or something serious, she couldn’t decide. If it was to be a game then that was ok, but didn’t Suzie mention something about Neil’s wife? That could make this serious, she thought hard but the information hovered somewhere out of reach. When this happened it wasn’t usually serious information, but she reminded herself to try and pay closer attention to the details of things in future. It could get her into trouble some day. Reassured she discarded the troublesome thought and that smoothed matters out and made it easier for her to compute what was happening.

She looked at Suzie catching a quick gasp of air as she stared at Neil’s erect cock reaching forward.

That made up her mind: of course it’s a game! But what game, did it matter if she didn’t know?

Well it was a game, she understood that and that made it all ok she reasoned, just harmless fun, she didn’t mind playing along if it was what Suzie wanted.

She’d never blown a guy with someone watching but she’d heard about it happening, it wasn’t something that uncommon or strange these days, nothing to be ashamed of. It would be an experience if nothing else.

And Suzie, well she was just playing along, she’d called her a Bimbo but that was ok. She reasoned that she was angry at Neil for wanting her to cover her Saturday shift and just accidently projected her anger onto her. No problem, all was well with the world to Pixie…

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