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The Popular Crowd Pt. 03: Rachel

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The Popular Crowd: Rachel

“I should go.” Came Alexis’ voice, Jake felt her shift out of the chair and heard the door open. He took a deep breath trying to push down the pit in his stomach. The door clicked softly and Jake let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

How had this happened, a week ago he was just a nerdy dude trying to get through his classes without getting too backed up on homework. Now he seemed to have his pick of at least a couple girls from one of the most infamous sororities on campus. He didn’t know what the fuck he was doing here, why this was happening to him.

Well that wasn’t true was it? He knew what happened, they had treated him like a game. They used him to get embarrassing pictures of Alexis, only to have him become the target of whatever their plan was now. He laid there staring up at the ceiling the mixture of his and Niece’s juices drying on his crotch.

There were using him for sex. Which he didn’t really understand, and it hurt him. He thought that he had finally found someone that actually didn’t mind that he was into video games or D&D shit, that liked him for him. After all Alexis had first came onto him after a rather exciting and interesting D&D game.

He huffed and rolled himself out of bed. Of course she had only done that to get some dirty pictures of his dick…on her face…the more he thought about it, the stranger the hazing sounded for that club. He padded his way into the shower and proceeded to wash the sex off of him. As he lathered himself up a realization came to him.

“A bunch of insanely hot girls want to fuck me and somehow, for some reason, I’m upset about it? What the fuck is wrong with me?” He scoffed at himself. Quickly turning off the water he jumped out of the shower and looked at his naked wet body in the mirror. Nothing special there, nothing that would make women want him, no six-pack abs, just average joe dork, except there was one thing. Gently he craddled his dick in his palm, hefting it in his hand. He had never thought it was anything special, but apparently he was gifted in one thing that girls wanted.

He began to laugh to himself, a chuckling laughter that built and built until he was bawling. What was a practical joke, and a bit of hazing towards a new girl targetted him because he was a loser. That’s why they picked him for Alexis to seduce and get a picture of his dick. They thought he was a bum, a worthless man, someone to mock and use as a fucking joke. Only to discover his package was nothing to scoff at, and as quick as that the tables have turned and he was no longer a joke. Instead these girls were climbing over themselves to get to him.

Jake finished drying off and glared at himself in the mirror. “Carpe Diem then Jake. Seize the day.” He smiled, and pushed away from the sink.

* * * *

“Come on guys, put the DJ stand over there in the corner.” Niece said, gesturing to the crew bringing in the equipment. The main room of the house had been cleared out to make room for the party changes. The normal coffee table was gone, the sofa’s gone, and most of the other random decorations all moved into the shed out back and replaced by a ring of foutons that lined the edge of the room. In the middle was a clearing for dancing and mingling and whatever else people wanted to do tonight.

After the main party, the inner circle of the sorority would remain for the after party in which the foutons would be extended out into their bed configuration and the real fun would begin. Plus there was one final act for Alexis to perform before she could become a full pledge to GGK.

There was a clang from the kitchen area and Niece heard footsteps coming toward her, “Hey Niece the kegs are in place and I got the stacks of cups ready to go. Plus I think the liquor cabinet is ready to go.”

Niece winced as she turned toward the voice, at that very moment another bit of Jake’s deposit from earlier seaped out of her. It had been hours and it was still happening, she had never had to deal with leaking for so long did he cum in her or squirt a gallon of yogurt into her? The girl coming from the kitchen was one of the pledges from last year Rachel, a stunning little brunette who lived and breathed running track. Rachel was on a mostly free ride thanks to her skill on the track, not only was she fast but she was exceptional in hurdles.

“Great Rachel, what about the after party bowl?” Niece asked.

Rachel nodded, “Yeah that’s in the closet though so it wont be noticed by anyon…” She paused and sniffed. She gave Niece a curious look, “Speaking of which, why do you smell like a used condom?”

Niece smirked, “I uh…I paid an early visit to the special guest this afternoon and…he left a long lasting deposit let’s just say.”

Rachel raised an eyebrow, “That’s the geek with the massive hog right?”

“Oh yeah, and it is bigger than that picture suggests.” Niece smirked.

“I thought that new girl was sweet on him though?”

Niece shrugged and gave a bursa escort dismissive wave, “Come on Rachel, when has that ever stopped me? Besides once I told him that she’d only used him to get into GGK he practically jumped onto me.” She laughed lightly and patting Rachel on the shoulder, “Hey I need another shower, you can finish up down here right?”              

Rachel nodded and turned her attention towards getting the room ready for the night, but her mind thought about that picture of Alexis’ target trying to remember the guy’s name. He must be something else if Niece had her eyes on him too, she didn’t just jump after everybody. It made Rachel curious, she wondered if it might be worth trying herself. Shame her boyfriend Kyle would be coming to the party tonight.

* * * *

Jake must have checked himself in the mirror a dozen times now. He had picked out his nicest shirt, cleanest slacks, and actually used the cologne that his father had given him several years ago in case he got invited to a party.

As the comb ran through his hair for the hundredth time in the last half hour Jake jerked upright. Come to think of it, this would be the first real party he had ever been invited to. Sure he had gone to nerdy night outs, game nights, but none of that could be considered a party. Not in the same way that people typically thought of the concept of a college party.

Alexis might have used him, manipulated him to get herself a spot into the damn GGK, but the more Jake thought on it the more he felt like he was coming out a winner on the other side of it. Clearly no girl in GGK, especially GGK girls, would give him the time of day. Yet with a simple picture gotten through manipulative means, his whole damn world changed. He had sex with Alexis the hottest girl he had ever seen, but he also had sex with the Queen of GGK herself. Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought this possible.

He had thought about his circumstances a lot while getting ready for the party. The drastic turn around in his “luck” with women, and he decided to take Niece’s advice. This not only would never happen to him again in life, but there was no telling when GGK would get bored with him and it would be over. He might as well Carpe Diem and seize the titties while he could. Besides there was no denying that he was going to remember college for the rest of his damn life.

There was a knock on his door. Jake put his comb down and gave one final look over himself. He figured he looked as good as he possibly could, so with a deep calming breath and went to open the door.

The two girls at the door were new to him, but both were incredible knock outs. His jaw literally dropped. One blonde with icy blue eyes, a cute button nose, pouty red lips, and a body that threatened to make her vibrant red dress burst with her curves. And one raven haired girl with dark eyes that constrasted wonderfully against her pale skin, she wore a thin white button up shirt in which her skin was easily visible through along with the red bra she wore underneath. Her outfit clearly designed to entice and get you in the mood for one thing and one thing only.

“Hi big guy.” The blonde said, “We’re here to escort you to the party.”

“You ready to go?” The dark haired girl asked.

Jake looked between them and nodded, “I…yeah…wow I feel like a VIP.” He said.

The blonde reached out and ran a hand down his chest, “Oh you could say that.” She teased, his fingers runnign down his body to hook onto the waistband of his pants before falling away. “I’m Brit, and this is Claire.” She said.

Claire grabbed him by the hand, “Come on big boy, you don’t want to be late.”

Together they took his hands and walked him to the GGK house.

* * * *

The GGK was walking distance from the apartment dorms on campus but it was quite a bit of a walk. The frat houses were kept on the other side of campus from the dorms in order to keep the noise polution from parties down for those who did not engage with the frats on that level. This was still a college and while parties were common people still did learn and do homework here, hopefully.

It was dark by the time the girls came to pick him up, so there weren’t many people walking about on the grounds to see him being escorted by the girls on each of his arms eagerly leading him to what was probably going to be a wild evening. As they neared the pledge community, Jake could hear the music thumping from down the street. The other houses were mostly dark, because when a major house like GGK threw a party nobody else bothered to compete.

There were party goers on the front lawn playing Cornhole, and lingering on the lawn watching or jeering the players on. Jake recognized a couple of the guys from the lacross team as well as a few cheerleaders. No surprise there really, the athletes and GGK girls were gravitated together like moths to a flame. Jake felt a sense on unease creep into his stomach. He would stand out in this crowd. He wasn’t in athletic shape, bursa escort and he certainly didn’t have chiseled good looks. Jake would be the ugliest guy at this party.

He felt like a guinea pig, like something that GGK could use to show off. “Hey everyone look at this freak.” He could hear the voices and the laughter. Jake closes his eyes and steeled himself, this would be different. They wouldn’t do that to him this time, he knew that, he had already fucked two GGK girls already so what purpose who there be to humiliate him? “Hahaha we fucked this guy, what a loser.” No that didn’t make any sense.

The girls walked him up to the front door where a very tall black guy stood wearing a black shirt and black slacks. His arms were crossed, each one thicker than Jake’s waist, he gave Jake a serious look and asked, “Invitation?”

Jake turned to Brit and Clare. “I uh, I don’t have one but I was…”

Clare stepped up and shook her head, “This is Niece’s guest.”

The bouncer raised an eyebrow, “Him?” He asked in surprise.

Jake felt himself shrink. Brit rubbed her hand on his back comfortingly, “That’s right.”

He nodded and stepped aside, “Alright then, welcome to the party playa.” He gestured for Jake to pass him.

“Uh…Thanks.” Jake replied.

The girls pulled him into the house wear the music was heavy and thumping to the point where it was hard to think clearly. Brit and Clare let him go and pulled away from him, “Alright have fun Jake, we’ll see you around.” They both smiled and waved at him before melting into the crowd like a couple of ghosts.

Jake looked out over what appeared to be the main room of the house. Foutons were placed around a large empty section of the floor where people wear dancing together with the music which came from a DJ stand in the corner but there was no DJ. All Jake could see was a Macbook plugged into the console, which was probably just set with a playlist and left to run itself.

Several couples were making out heavily on the foutons, trying to climb over each other while at the same time trying to hold their red drink cups in such as way to not spill them. One of the pairs near the corner was gettting really really into it, to the point where the girl had no top on and was only covered by her bra, which a pair of hands was desperately trying to work with.

Jake stood frozen, unsure of what to do or how to place himself in the room. He glanced about trying to find a familiar face. Alexis, Niece, even Brit or Clare, but he saw none of them.

“You gonna stand there like a deer in headlights all night?” Came a voice from behind him.              

Jake jerked startled by the sudden voice right behind him. A hand curled around his shoulders and Niece slithered her body around his to face him. She wore a fabulous dark red dress, with a cut out window on her chest designed to highlight her incredible cleavage. She had fluffed her long dark hair up into a luxurous loose curl that hung over her shoulders beautifully.

She gazed into his eyes with a smile. “Glad you made it.” She told him. “Come on though you can’t just stand here, let’s get you a drink.” She said, pulling him towards the kitchen.

“I don’t drink though.” Jake said.

Niece glanced back at him and laughed, “You are adorable. Get a drink though.” She told him, with no room for argument in her voice.

As she pulled him along, Jake noticed the crowd part around her like she was Sorority Jesus or something. Eyes turned to him, especially from the other guys as if trying to judge why this obvious geek was getting any sort of attention from Niece of all people. Let alone why someone like him was even here.

Niece brought him to the keg, which was set in the center of the kitchen floor. Expertly she grabbed a solo cup off the counter nearby and filled the cup with a hose attachment to the steel drum. Once full she handed him the cup, or ratehr forced the cup into his hand.

“Niece, I…” He began.

Then she kissed him, pressing her lips firmly against his cutting off his voice. She didn’t linger though, and pulled herself back quickly. “Shut up Jake. Don’t drink it if you don’t want to, but hold onto the cup so you at least look like you’ve partied before.” She gave him a wink. “Sound good?”

She had a point, Jake glanced at the foamy top of the beer in his hand and nodded, “Yeah that make sense.”

“Besides you owe me this for that mess you left inside me earlier.” She teased. “You know I was leaking your sperm for hours after that?”

Jake blushed, “I…uh…I’m sorry about that I guess.”

She laughed, “Dude you need to fuck more. I knew what I asked for.” She just smirked up at him, “I just wanted you to know how good you gave it to me big man.”

Jake opened his mouth to say something but another voice interupted, “Hey Niece baby! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

They both turned, the voice belonged to Chad Cunningham star quaterback and apparently football protegy on campus. bursa eskort The guy was already dominating ESPN highlights and almost always had a group of fans, and girls around him. However approaching Niece he very noticably was alone.

Jake felt Niece sort of sag next to him and sigh, “Hey Chad, you enjoying the party?” She asked politely but not interestingly or careingly.

Chad gave Jake a brief glance then focused on Niece, “Great party, but that’s expected from a GGK party, especially one thrown by you.” He grinned, “But it wont be a real party unless I can get you to dance.” He held out a hand towards her in invitation.

Niece glanced at Jake with a look of what Jake could only take as disgust, but then she smirked tightly and nodded. “Alright Chad, let’s go.”

She took Chad’s hand and let herself be led back into the other room with the dance floor. Glancing back at Jake she mouthed, “Have fun.” at him before she vanished around the corner.

Jake once again was left wondering what to do at this party to get himself into the swing of things. Maybe he could go outside and play Cornhole or some other game they might be playing outside. He took his cup over to the sink first and poured a little of the beer out to make it look like he drank at least some of it. He didn’t want to look like a loser, let alone spill a full cup of beer should he bump into someone or trip or something.

“Not a beer fan?” Someone asked, followed by the sound of a cup being filled at the keg.

Jake turned and saw a beautiful brunette girl, small and athletic, wearing a tight purple blouse and dark blue skirt that barely dropped to mid thigh. She gazed at him with light green eyes and a soft smile. “You must be Jake, your reputation preceeds you.” She gave him a knowing smirk and her eyes flickered to his crotch for just a moment.

Jake blushed and shrugged, “Yeah I guess it does.”

“I’m Rachel, I was a pledge here last year.” She explained. “Alexis got a lot luckier than I did.” She chuckled softly.

“So GGK does this for everyone, it’s not just Alexis?”

Rachel set the hose back down, and hefted her full cup to her lips for a fresh sip. Jake watched her slowly lick the foam off her lips in a display that had to be meant for him and his pulse quickened. “Yeah everyone, though usually it just stays within the house. They have us do something embarassing to test our desire to join, then there is a commitment test that’s designed to test a pledges resolve into becoming a member. A lot of girls pass the first test, but not many pass the second test. And usually the first test doesn’t go as far as it did with you, a brief thrill for some random dude or occassionally something else embarassing, then it’s over. We’ve never had, I guess you could call it ‘interaction’ with a pledge’s target as we’ve had with you. So you’re special in that regard too.” She explained to him with a smile.

Jake looked moved to the door way to look at all the people in the other room, “Can I ask you something then?”

Rachel moved next to him to see what he was looking at. “Sure.”

“How many GGK girls would jump my bones if I asked?”

She giggled, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard it put that way but,” Rachel paused and took another sip while she thought. “I can think of at least four or five that would do it pretty easily if you just asked probably. Then at least a few more would fall onto your….bone…if the situation was just right. GGK may have a reputation but not everyone here is a skank,” she paused a moment, “at least not ALL the time.”

Jake glanced at her, next to him she stood almost a good six inches short than him which put her about five-four if even that. She smelt like a soft fruity lotion and he could tell her hair was like silk. He felt himself grow curious to see how far this could go.

She smirked up at him, “I’m not in the first catagory.”

Jake chuckled, “I didn’t even have to say anything huh?”

“Nope.” She took another sip.

“How about that second catagory?”

She shrugged, “Well my boyfriend is here, but maybe.” She patted him on the shoulder. “Come on forget about me, how about I show you around?”

“Yeah okay, that sounds nice. I don’t really know what to do with myself otherwise.”

He hooked a hand into his elbow and pulled him into the main room. More people were dancing now and Jake spotted Niece and Chad dancing sort of together. Sort of was the best way to describe it, Chad kept trying to get close to Niece, body-to-body close but she kept shaking herself away to keep a little space between them. She did not appear overly thrilled to be there, but Chad didn’t seem to be particularly aware of that.

Rachel pointed to another girl not far from where Niece and Chad were “dancing” and told Jake, “That’s Niece’s number two Capri,” Capri was dancing with another guy who was wearing the schools football jersey so either was a player or just a fan. Judging by his size, he was likely a player though. Rachel continued, “She does everything that Niece does, or tries. The girl is like Niece’s number one fan or something, but you if you asked me who was in that first group, the first girl I’d point out would be her. Especially if she knew that you already fucked Niece, she’d be on you in a heartbeat.”

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