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The Power to Control Ch. 03

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Ashley was also only in her 20’s and even though she really wanted to use her power right now because mom had braided her hair she couldn’t shake the scent out. I also found out about the family’s fighting and the history of it all, in a time no one can remember every family lived together and the normal people served us. Then for a reason no one knows the families began to kill each other and the normal people started to view us as monsters. Some of the legends like vampires and werewolves are based on the family’s, the killings continued all this time until only a few families remained. Today the last of us are weak and almost gone, we still own much of the normal world and are set for everything regarding regular life. The only reason we kill each other now is for long grudges past down the generations and so that our family can be the last and take over what the others leave behind.

After I got all the info I wanted from her mind I slowly withdrew my power and ended our connection. I walked over and removed her tape then I walked to and opened the front door.

“So, this is the part where you kill me or make me your sex puppet right.” Ashley said trying to cover herself a little.

“No, I got what I needed to know I have no reason to kill you. Just get out of my house and leave me alone I don’t want to be a part of that family shit.”

“No reason to kill me? You know I’ll just come back here and try to kill you again.”

“And you know you can’t. I am stronger than you and even if you underestimated me this time I’ll keep getting stronger.”

“What is I don’t leave aren’t you going to get in my head and make me?”

“Is that what you want me to do? I’m not part of that family I’m part of this one, whatever type of person you think I am that’s just not me.”

Hearing what I said mom started to cry a little but held the gun on Ashley. Ashley then got up and started walking to the front door with long steps like she couldn’t get out of here fast enough. Once outside she stopped and turned around.

“Why are you looking for the old man if you don’t want to be a part of the family?”

“Because I need his help. I need what he knows. I need to be strong enough to keep the ones I love safe and he is the only one alive who can help me.”

After hearing my reason Ashley turned around and walked out into the darkness, I couldn’t help watching her leave as her body swayed down the street. I slammed the door and walked over to the girls in the dining room. I walked up to mom and held her in my arms as she started to cry into my shirt, I took the gun from her and just let her go

“Uh, Steve we like being here and all but what just happened?” Jess asked.

“I guess that was a little intense, right?”

“Let’s all go to the living room so we can explain.” mom said and pulled me with her.

The girls followed us with a look of fear and confusion which I couldn’t say I wouldn’t have considering what had happen. the girls sat on the couch and mom and I stood opposite them.

“So, how should I start?”

“Just tell them honestly son, the two of them will be able to take it. You don’t need to use your power to help them.”

“Ok, here it goes.”

I told Jess and Kat everything, from when I discovered the letter to what Ashley had been here looking for. I put it all out in the open as if it was all normal but dangerous, like how you might describe riding a coaster just before people got on. To their credit they both took the info like a champ, they sat while I talked and after didn’t go screaming out of the house. They took a few minutes before they started talking again but I knew it sounded crazy from their point of view.

“Uh, so, you have powers?” Kat asked.

“That is correct.”

“And you used them on us?”


“But only as an experiment and to make us not argue. Then you gave us powers?”

“Kind of, I didn’t alter you or anything like that, and when I learned I could attach some of my power to you I wanted to keep you safe and help you.”

“When did Samantha find out and why aren’t you using the power to just make us go along with everything?” Jess asked.

“I think she has always known, my father also had the same power and left his power with her but she wasn’t aware of it until I solved the puzzle my dad left for me. After that it was like everything came back and I think my dad must have talked to her about it like I’m doing now. I don’t want to use my power for no reason, if I used it every time I wanted something it would have control over me after a while. Also, I really like you both, you are easy to talk to, understand me and have an open mind about how the world works. As a plus you both have personality’s that I can get along with and fuck like well, I wouldn’t risk changing you and having you turn out different.”

“Well that’s kind of sweat.”

“I don’t know Jess, he might be making us think that.”

“Come on Kat, if he really wanted that then like he said her can just go in and make us be that way. Him telling us all this is just proof that he means everything he’s saying.”

“That is true, there’s no benefit to gaziantep bayan eskort him actually talking it out with us. How about you Sam? Did your son do anything to you to make you like this?”

“Of course not, my son id a good man just like his father. Although his father did do somethings to me, but that’s husband and wife stuff and I asked for all of it.”

It was my turn to be shocked, I knew dad had been in mom’s mind considering how strong it was and how long they had been together, but she was admiring that he change her in some way.

“Mom what did dad do to you?”

“Don’t all look at me like that. He just helped me get over my fear of flying and some bedroom stuff. I asked for him to change thing’s, I always wanted to travel and I can’t do that if I don’t fly.”

“What about the bedroom stuff?” Kat asked giving mom a devilish look.

“That’s private. I only asked for it so I could make him happier.”

“Really now. You’ve peaked my interest, so tell us what did he change?” Jess asked as she stood up and walked towards mom.

Mom became very shy and tried to sneak behind me to hide.

“I was just having a mental block over a few things I knew he liked. So, I had him remove them. He wanted to leave them and said he was ok that I couldn’t give it to him. I was not going to be the wife that can’t do what my man likes so I had them removed.”

“Kat grab her legs, we will do the thing to get her to talk.”

“Cheaters!” mom giggled and tried to run.

Before she could get away I turned around and grabbed her by the shoulders and she squeaked but gave up quickly.

“Ok, ok I’ll tell.” she said and I let her go.

We had all surrounded her when she started to talk.

“I was young and I grew up in a different time then the rest of you I want you to know that.”

“Mom we aren’t going to judge you just tell us.”

“Fine, ugh, I can’t believe I’m telling anyone this. Your father liked to have me deep throat him and was interested in having another girl in our bed sometimes. At the time I thought girls who sucked dick were dirty and gross and I always held my feelings for other women in the forbidden category. So even though I could butt fuck like a champ after a while I knew that it wasn’t right that I could do more to make him happy but was holding back. That was when I convinced him to help me out a little.”

“Holy shit, you guys can do stuff like that?” Jess asked.

“Well ya I guess but I haven’t learned that fully yet. Mom do you still remember how it felt when he changes you?”

“Sure, it was like suddenly the part of me that reasoned why doing those things was wrong just popped and drifted away. Even some of the fears I had about my society judging me loosened up.”

From her explanation I understood how it worked and technically and it would not have changed who mom was as a person, but I was still shocked that she would ask for such a thing.

“Steve change my fear of needles.” said Jess.

“No change my chocolate addiction.” said Kat.

“I told you I can’t do that yet, besides what if I mess up and you didn’t come out the same?”

“Just look at your mom. Your dad helped her and she’s so happy. I understand now why she was so sad when he died. Besides we trust you, if your description of the power was honest then you already gave us your approval and part of your power. How is this any less personal and helpful?”

I had no answer for that, she was right and if I really wanted to help the girl’s and not just use them then this was one of the best things I could do for them.

“Mom is this really a good thing? If you had to do it over again would you still ask dad to do it?”

“Are you kidding me? If I knew thing’s would turn out like this I would have had him change more thing’s to help me cook better or read faster.”

“So, get on with it already, get in here and remove my fear of clowns.” Kat ordered pointing to her head.

“Ok, fine when I figure out how to do it I’ll help you all with whatever you want.” I finally caved.

The girls just laughed at me and how frustrated I was, after that we all went back to sleep. We had been woken up so suddenly and I was so tired that as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.

The next day I got up and ordered the tickets for all of us to go to Hawaii and find my grandfather. I headed to work in a rush when the girls came down and I could see Samantha’s eyes started fill with lust. I knew the other two would be more than happy to join her but if I didn’t get out of there I would never get to work that day. I got to work and put in for time off, I needed to go so I used my power to get my boss and the office to feel like I had asked for time off months ago.

While at work I did everything, I could to get ahead of schedule so I didn’t have much to get caught up on when I came back. I was in the middle of work when Scarlet came over to my seat and acted like she was looking for thing’s, I tried to pay attention. Then she turned her back to me and bent over putting her large round ass directly at the side gaziantep eskort bayan of my face. At first, I thought it was because I hid my presence and she couldn’t tell I was there but when I checked my presence it was normal. She stood up and walked away quickly after a moment and I felt like it was strange, but after a while I couldn’t get it out of my head. I got up and headed for the back room to get some supplies, when I was crouched and looking in a cabinet Scarlet came in and walked over to me. I looked up and she was watching me as if I was blocking her way.

“Can I help you?”

She just looked at me for a while and then turned around again.

“I don’t know why I’m doing this. Help.” she said as she turned around and bulled her skirt over her ass.

Her ass had that same but plug stuffed in her hole and I remembered I had sent her the message to put her ass in my face if she ever wanted it fucked in the office again. I had forgotten about it not thinking it took or that she wasn’t the type to want it on her own. I stood up and placed one hand on her cheek feeling it as she let out a deep grunt at my touch.

“What do you need help with?”

“Uh, don’t make me say it, just give it to me?”

“You’re still being a bitch even with your ass out and begging for my cock in you?”

“Come on I don’t mean to be this way I just need cock in my ass.”

“It is a delicious looking ass but you have it plugged right now isn’t that helping?”

“It feels good but it’s not enough right now.”

“Then just tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”

“You better be a good fuck if you’re going to talk like that.”

I moved past here and said. “I guess you don’t really need my help right now.” as I walked to the door.

“Wait please!” Scarlet yelled and fell to her knees trying to catch me.

I locked the door and turned back to her “What do you have something you want to say?” I said.

“Please. I don’t know why but I need you to fuck me. Take your dick out and stuff it in my ass please. I want you to lay me over that counter and ram cock in me till I can’t stand.”

“Well if you want it crawl over here and get me ready.”

Scarlet rolled her eyes but still crawled across the floor to me and sat on her knees before she undid my pants and pulled them down. My cock sprang out of my pants and slapped her in the face with a light pat, she was unprepared for me to be hard already. After her eyes were glued to my dick as she measured it, she licked her lips as she stared and grabbed it with her hands.

“Shit that’s a big dick.”

“If it’s too much for you we can just act like this never happened?”

“No, that’s not it, I just never knew you were packing such a massive tool. Why haven’t I ever notice before?”

“Maybe you had other things to worry about. So, are you just going to stair?”

Scarlet took the hint and opened her mouth to place the head of my cock in, she swirled her tongue and slid down my cock as saliva covered me. She was giving me her best cock sucker look while she gulped down more of me eagerly. I originally just wanted to toy with her and maybe cum in her so I could hold it over her head that she begged me to fuck her. However now that she was eagerly sucking my cock and looking up at me like she wanted me to tell her she was doing a good job. I wanted to connect to her and see what was going on in her head, I focused my power and shot it into her. Right away I got flooded with feelings of pleasure and a need to be filled, I could tell she wanted nothing more than a good pounding right now.

“Get up.”

“What did I do something wrong?” she asked looking up at me in a panic.

“No nothing’s wrong I told you I would give you what you wanted after you asked.”

“Uh, but I’m not done sucking you yet. Didn’t you want to cum before?”

“I just told you to get me ready, now that I am you are in for it.”

She gave me smile as excitement filler her eyes and gave the underside of my cock head a long lick before standing up. I grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around before I bent her over the counter. Her ass was just as huge as ever and her asshole was already puckering and sucking on the butt plug threatening to swallow the whole thing. I grabbed hold of the end and began to pull on it till her ring was stretched back which caused her to give out a low moan. Then I let go and her asshole pulled it back into her making her grunt from the sensation.

“Now Scarlet be honest with me, does your ass hole need to be gaped open or do you want to go for a slow ride?”

“What does it matter, just fuck my ass!” she groaned.

“I just want you to enjoy yourself. If I fuck you then you are going to come back for more. I want to be sure an ass like this gets fed just right, so tell me what would feel better.”

Surprise ran across Scarlet’s mind ” No one ever asked before.” she said shyly.

“That’s too bad, no wonder you have to use this toy of yours all day. If you tell me I promise it will feel much better.”

She hesitated for a moment eskort gaziantep bayan “I want to be fucked slow today. I want to take my time with that cock and speed up as I get closer to the end.” she said.

“Such a good anal whore.” I said and pulled out her butt pug.

Scarlet never made any protest over me calling her a whore and when I placed myself against her back entrance the heat coming from inside made every nerve along my cock come alive. I pushed against her just a little at first and let my head pop inside, then I paused to allow her to become accustom to the feeling. She moaned and grunted as I entered her and her hands griped the counter to hold her steady. I started to slide into her at an even pace, every time I would push in just a little more which made her gasp and grunt at the feeling hard warm dick filling her. I allowed her to take over once I had more than half my length filling her and she started to push her weight back against me. She pulled forward a few times before she managed to slide the rest of me into the deepest parts of her, I watched as her asshole was wrapped around my shaft like a rubber band. I enjoyed the feel of her ass cheeks sliding down and the sounds she made when she had to pull away. I was enjoying watching Scarlet use my dick like her own personal dildo and would have let her keep going all day if she wasn’t such a bitch. Sadly, she was and even though her ass felt wonderful and she was currently doing everything she could to keep me in her I wasn’t over how she treated me and the women on my team. I grabbed her by the hips and gave her a firm thrust making her moan loudly.

“Wait, we’re at the office. Don’t make me scream so loud.”

“You came to me. You already wanted to be fucked in the office. Don’t try to hold back now. I’ll fuck this ass as hard as I please and have you screaming if you tell me what to do again.”

“I just didn’t want anyone to find out.”

“Me either but right now we are not co-workers, you’re not my boss. Right now, I’m the man fucking you and you are the anal addicted whore who is enjoying my cock.” I said as I kept giving her firm but not fast thrust into her ass.

She made a loud groan when I called her a anal addicted whore, and her eyes swirled in her head. I slowed down and pulled back some so I wasn’t right against her ass, then I turned at an angle and put pressure on one side of her wall’s. She bit her lip to stifle a scream of pleasure that the added pressure on her asshole gave her, then she pushed back so I would slide along that wall giving her more pressure as I did.

“That is amazing. How did you know how to do that? I’ve been fucked in the ass many times and no one stirs my insides like this.”

“That’s what happens when you just let someone use your ass and don’t really use it how you want. You never get to fully experience how good it can feel.”

She continued to ride back and forward for a long time and every now and then I would change the angle to put pressure on different areas of her ass hole. Whenever I would change my position she would grow louder and breath harder, her ass hole was very sensitive and the movement alone was guiding her to a powerful orgasm. I felt her start to speed up and her big ass almost knocked me over but I adjusted my posture so I was lined up behind her and let her ride me the way she wanted. It didn’t take very long until she came hard and as her legs shook and she leaned forward so her weight was laid out over the counter I enjoyed her twitching. She caught her breath and was about to pull away from me, thinking we were done here, she had got what she wanted. I reached over her shoulder and grabbed hold of her throat with firm grip and I pulled her back against me so she was standing and my shaft was fully into her.

“Not even going to say thank you?”

“I just thought.” she said finding it a little hard to breath.

“Maybe you thought you had enough to get you through the day? Maybe you though it was time for you to go back to be my boss? Either way we are not done here and you still have a job to finish.”

Scarlet looked back at me and I felt her think I wanted her to go back to sucking me off now that I had been in her ass to humiliate her but that’s not what I wanted.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to stuff my dick back in your mouth I just have yet to finish in this ass and you wouldn’t me so cruel as to leave me like this right?”

Scarlet gave me another smile and bit her lip as she eased all of her weight back against me and started to grind in little swirls. I let go of her throat and was going to start really pounding as her hole when she grabbed my hand and held it back against her throat.

“Choke me just a little please, I don’t like it to hard but it makes me cum harder.”

I found Scarlet’s arteries and placed slight pressure to them with my thumb and index finger as I matched her swirls with my own counter directional swirls. She tossed her head back and grabbed hold of my hips trying to pull them in closer as she gave my cock more attention. I was supporting most of our weight and could feel her asshole sucking on me as we moved. Every time she would let out a sound it would vibrate against my palm and I enjoyed her in that position. The connection told me this was her way on giving me pleasure using her ass and she was trying to make get me to cum so hard I would be the one begging her to fuck next time. It became a battle to see who could make the other feel better as we pushed each other closer to our finish.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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