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The Prof Becomes The Pupil Ch. 01-03

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Chapter 1: The Stalking

I’m always on the lookout for chauvinist pigs with inflated egos that need to be taken down a notch or two. Fortunately for me, or unfortunately, I don’t ever have to look very far. The arrogance of some men really astounds me.

It is not even their arrogance, it is their presumption that if they are arrogant there isn’t anything wrong with it. But, when I become arrogant in response, to defend myself from their egotistical male power, then I become a whore. I enjoy turning the tables on them and proving to them what a whore they really are, and how I can lead them around by their dick even though I’m no simpering beauty queen.

I was in college at the time of this story. I was attending the class of one of the biggest chauvinist pricks I had ever had the opportunity to meet. He was narcissistic and stuck on himself. He was arrogant and thought that the world revolved around his theoretical research. I’m sure that if he looked in the mirror, he probably saw “God” etched in the glass above his head. I knew I had to have him on his knees in front of me begging to be my slut.

I decided that this was war. The more sexist remarks I heard from him in class, the more I wanted him for my bitch. I started coming to class wearing revealing tops that hoisted my boobs up to my chin. I painted my lips and myeyes, and smiled at him when he looked my way. I wanted him to think that I was the whore that he must have thought all women to be.

My flirtation seemed to be having an effect. He lingered next to my desk more often than he should have. He stared sexily at me when he was lecturing and postured and preened his male ego. And I stroked him. I built up that already inflated ego with comments on how wonderful I thought his work was, and how brilliant he was.

When I felt that he thought that my nose was sufficiently up his ass, I showed up at his office wearing a short skirt and a low cut top. I was dressed for the kill. Although, as I’ve said before, I’m no beauty queen, some men are susceptible to my large assets. I shut the door and sat down. I leaned over his desk so that my large, round breasts were practically falling out in front of him. I gave him a seductive stare with my big green eyes and long eyelashes, and I asked him straightforwardly if screwing the prof would give me an “A” in his class. It was a moot point because I already had an “A.” I’m not a “dumb broad.” He had the decency to blush at my bluntness. I smiled.

“I could get fired for that,” he said.

“I’ll never tell. Besides, your brilliance is an incredible turn-on.” I put my hand on his thigh and slid it up to his crotch where he was obviously hard and excited. I squeezed a little.

“Why don’t you meet me at my place tomorrow night and we’ll have a little fun.” He gasped as I let go of his dick, and leered at me lasciviously.

“Ok, babe. Maybe the teacher can teach you a lesson,” he said, drooling as his eyes undressed me. “I’ll make you work for that ‘A.'”

I totally led him on, letting him draw his own conclusions about me.

“Yes, maybe the pupil will get a bare ass spanking,” I said. What I left unsaid was that I intended to be the teacher and that he would be the pupil.

After that comment, I thought he was going to chase me around the desk, but he just placed his hand on my knee. I gave him my address and assertively removed his hand from my knee and arranged to meet with him the following night for our teacher/pupil session.

Chapter 2: Bare Ass Spanking

I prepared for my seduction of the professor by buying a cute Escort bayan little red plaid skirt and a white blouse, and I wore a red thong panty and bra underneath. As a very naughty afterthought, I put my hair in pony tails on either side of my head. I thought to myself that if he wanted to be a nasty pervert, then I would make him feel like one. Before the night was through, his humiliation would be complete. If I had to humiliate myself just a little to have him by the balls, then that is what I would do.

Sharply at 7, I heard a knock on my door. I knew he wouldn’t be late. I invited him in, and he commented right away on my outfit.

“You really are taking the school girl role seriously, aren’t you?” he said.

“You are really taking the naughty professor role seriously too, I see.” I stroked him through his pants. “You are already excited, and you haven’t even been here 5 minutes. You have to promise me that our fun isn’t going to last 5 minutes and be of the ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ variety.”

He laughed and swaggered, “You don’t have to worry about that, baby.”

I snickered under my breath. What an egotistical lout. I’d soon have him begging for release.

“How about a contest?” I said. “I’ll bend over your knee and you can give me a spanking. If I cry out, you can have your way with me any way you like. If I don’t cry out, then I get to use you as my sex toy any way I like.”

He laughed, “It doesn’t sound like I would lose either way. Any way you look at it, I get my piece of ass.”

I gave him a fake smile, “Yes, it is a win-win situation for you, professor.”

“OK, I agree.”

“Good. Why don’t you sign this document so that you won’t go back on your promise.”

He read the paper that I had given him that said basically what I had just told him — but also stipulated that if he did not keep his agreement to be a sex toy and be used any way I saw fit, he could say the safe word “red-light” to make me stop whatever I was doing. However, then he would have to wear panties and a bra under his clothes every day at school for a month. He laughed. “Now why would I want to back out on a promise like that?”

“Why indeed?” I smiled at him brightly.

He looked at me strangely. I guess the professor was a little sheltered or maybe a little thicker headed that I thought. It was only beginning to dawn on him what a strange woman I was and what he might be getting into. He still seemed pretty clueless though, and that was to my advantage.

“OK teacher, sit here.” I lead the prurient professor over to a chair and had him sit down.

“I’ve been a very bad girl, Professor. I stole the answers to the quiz out of your desk,” I slipped into role-playing mode.

The prof caught on, “Yes, you’ll have to be spanked. Come here and bend over my knee, you naughty girl.”

“No, please don’t spank me.” I pretended to shy away from him.

He pulled me across his knee in a no-nonsense way, my chubby ass in the air. My short skirt barely covered my ass. He pulled up my skirt, and I could feel him stirring through his pants.

“You’ve been a very bad girl. I’m going to have to spank you hard.”

I steeled myself for the spanking. No way was I going to let him win the bet. He started out in a wimpy fashion, barely smacking both my left and right cheek. I withheld my desire to laugh out loud at his wimpy attempts at domination, but I wasn’t going to make a peep, no matter what he did.

Fairly soon though, he was getting a little braver. He slapped me loud enough to make my ass tingle. I wiggled, Bayan escort pretending to want to escape. That just turned him on more. He continued to spank both cheeks until I was sure they were turning a rosy red. Still, I hadn’t cried out. I wiggled plenty though, because I knew it was turning him on.

Pretty soon he had grabbed my pigtails and pulled my head up by my hair to hold me still, and started spanking me harder. I didn’t flinch or cry, even though my ass was on fire, because I knew that my payback time would arrive. I knew he was still excited, because his hard cock was pressing against me. I wiggled against it every time his hold loosened on my head. I think his hand was beginning to hurt, because he was slowing down, and being used as a toy was looking better and better to him.

He said to me “OK, I give up. You can use me as your toy.”

I got up out of his lap. That was what I had been waiting to hear.

“Just remember that if you wimp out at following my instructions, you’ll have to pay the price by wearing women’s underwear under your clothes like a big sissy.” He agreed that if he did wimp out, and he couldn’t imagine why he would, that he would wear women’s underwear to work for me.

Lesson 1: The Prof Gets Taken For a Ride

“OK, YOU PERVERT, DROP YOUR PANTS!” I yelled at him. I really wanted to make him pay for a semester’s worth of sexist comments and my now burning red ass. He was a little startled at the transformation from submissive sub to Femme Dom. He fumbled with his belt.

I took matters in my own hands, and undid his belt buckle, ripping the belt out of his slacks. I doubled it up and slapped it against my own hand. He jumped at the sound of it. His pants dropped down to his knees, and he stood there in his boxers, his cock making a tent in them.

“DROP YOUR BOXERS TOO, YOU PERVERTED FUCKER.” I watched as he pushed down his boxers. “Take your dick in your hand, pervert, like some peeping Tom outside my window.” I think this kind of turned him on, despite the fact that it was very humiliating. He put his hand around his cock and started rubbing it.


“You are a controlling bitch,” he said to me sullenly, pouting, but he took his hand off of his cock.

“Do you think I care what you think of me? Would you rather spend a month in panties than be my sex toy?”

“No,” he said, acting like a spoiled little boy.

“You are going to have to be punished for your attitude, and for the bitch comment. I want you to bend over this table and remember that whatever I do to you, I am only giving you what you gave to me.”

He bent somewhat reluctantly over my kitchen table. I started spanking his naughty ass. I alternated from cheek to cheek, hitting him low on the cheek with his own belt and watching his ass and his balls jiggle as I spanked him. His cock was standing up tall and rock hard. I laughed, and told him that he must have wanted to be my bitch all along, because his rock-hard cock was just proof of it. He blushed bright red at that. I decided that I was going to make his ass blush just as red as his face, and I continued spanking him.

Sometimes I rubbed his ass or played with his balls, just to tease him. He moaned when I rubbed them lightly, and then cried out when I slapped him again harder. I grabbed his cock and stroked it a little, and then I pinched it just under the head to make the erection go down. I knew that he was mine. I told him so.

“You are going to be my BITCH now, professor. The tables are turned, Escort and I’m going to take you for the ride of your life.” I grabbed his balls and pulled them down a little with my hand. I pushed my fingernails in just a little.

“You can use your safe word ‘red-light’ if you don’t want to continue, and live your life happily as the little pussy you are, wearing my panties under your suit, or, you can tell me the magic words and I’ll continue your training.”

“What are the magic words?” He asked in a high pitched voice.

I squeezed his balls slightly harder. “What are the magic words MISTRESS?” I said.

“What are the magic words, Mistress?” He responded in a voice ripe with desire.

“I want you to say that you are my little cunt,” I responded.

“I’m your little cunt,” he whispered.

“SAY IT LOUDER,” I said.

“I’M YOUR LITTLE CUNT,” he said.

“Good,” I said, letting go of his balls. “You can get out of this relationship any time but somehow I don’t think you will. Now for your first lesson. Mistress always comes first. And Mistress decides WHEN and IF you should cum, if at all.”

He sat there, dumfounded. I don’t think that the idea had ever crossed his mind that women had needs and desires. I could tell he was taking it all in and that he was getting turned on by the possibilities.

Lesson 2: A slut’s tongue is always at Mistress’s disposal

I grabbed his hair and pulled him up from his bent over position.

“DOWN ON YOUR KNEES, SLUT.” I pushed him down to a kneeling position. Then I spread my legs and grabbed him by the hair again and pushed his face between my legs.

“LICK ME THEN, YOU BITCH.” He started licking, although I could tell the Prof was going to need a lot of tutoring. I pulled his head this way and that. I used him for my pleasure. I made him lie down on the floor and I sat down on his face, pulling my cheeks apart as I did.

“Lick out all my holes, bitch.” I rubbed myself across his tongue and used him for the dirty little bitch he was. I rubbed my swollen clit and bounced up and down on his tongue, my ponytails bouncing and my ass jiggling as my chubby ass enveloped his face. My juices were beginning to dribble down the side of his face. I gave him some air every so often, even though his struggling was turning me on. All the while I was rocking against his tongue I was saying degrading and humiliating things to him.

“You dirty slut, you deserve to lick out Mistress’s cunt on a daily basis. You are going to clean up all my holes with your tongue, and do it thoroughly, or Mistress will shove a nice, fat butt plug up your ass.”

That prompted fast and obedient licking. “You are going to learn some manners, slut, or suffer in the process.”

I reached forward, grabbed his balls, and squeezed.

“Slide your tongue in my hole, BITCH.” He attempted awkwardly to do as I asked. “NOT THAT HOLE.” He moaned, and pushed his tongue in my backdoor. I squeezed his balls a little harder. “DEEPER!” I felt his tongue wiggle and snake into my tight hole. I loved the sensation of his tongue licking around the entrance and pushing inside me. I rubbed my dripping wet pussy and my clit. Soon I was tingling and reaching orgasm with his tongue wedged inside me. My juices flowed freely onto him.

I got up and straightened my skirt. “You can go home now, and I’ll call you again when I need you, bitch, AND DON’T YOU DARE CUM ’til I’ve given you permission. And, by the way, I don’t need you to give me an ‘A.’ I am intelligent enough to get an ‘A’ without the EXTRA CREDIT.”

I threw him out of the door with a “Don’t call me, I’ll call you” attitude. I knew he’d be back again, but the next time things would go exactly the way I wanted them to go. Now the professor was the pupil, and I would teach him quite a few lessons before I was finished.

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