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The Proper Rules For Strip Poker Ch. 04

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Big Dicks


Author’s Note: To understand the characters in all their dimensions I would recommend reading all of the “Proper Rules” stories; but if a reader doesn’t care to do that, this will stand up on its own merits, I hope! A result of some encouragement, I have decided to take the characters out for another spin. This is a very long story, so I hope that it has enough intriguing dialogue to keep readers going on to the end.

I watched out the hall window, and then I saw it pull into the driveway, a brand new white convertible with a black interior. It also had one of the best accessories you can get on any automobile, a certain beautiful, tall, elegant and slender blonde named Jayne, a recently turned 20 year old university student who, for the past four months, has been my girlfriend. We have also been, since our second date, lovers. She stepped out of the car, pushing her sunglasses up onto her head in front of a deep red ‘Alice’ hair band; and then I drew my breath in! She was wearing a very short red mini-skit that flared at the bottom, and a sleeveless white blouse with several of the top buttons undone. The blouse was tied around her midriff to make a sort of tailored halter top. A pair of low heeled white sandals, and modest dark red hoop earrings completed the outfit. As she came towards the house I opened the front door to meet her. As always, her dazzling blue eyes burned themselves into my soul. No matter how many times I saw her, their blue fire never ceased to amaze me!

“Hi,” she said, and then twirled around in front of me to show off her outfit.

“It’s new, do you like it? I tied up the blouse because it’s so hot today.”

“Jayne,” I said, smiling at her as I looked her over, “you would look beautiful in a potato sack, but in those things, you look good enough to eat!”

“Maybe later,” she said to me with a suggestive look, “but right now we better get going, so we arrive before the others.”

“I hope your parents don’t think the skirt is too short,” she said, “I tried a whole bunch on, and I really liked this one best because it’s simple. When I got it home it seemed a lot shorter than in the change room. I almost took it back, but then I thought, Kathy wears skirts this short, why can’t I?”

Kathy is Jayne’s sister, a year younger than Jayne and I. She is a pretty outgoing girl with green-grey eyes and medium brown hair that cascades part way down her back. She is also slender, but with a more defined set of curves than Jayne. She is heading off to first year university to study nursing, whereas Jayne and I are now entering our second year of university, where I am doing a science program, while Jayne is an English major.

“When my father sees you, his eyes will probably fall right out of his head! After all, he may be my father, but he’s also a man,” I said laughing, “He thinks I am the luckiest guy around to have you as my girlfriend. And, come to think of it, he’s right!”

We embraced and kissed; briefly! I was always aware, whenever we were standing close together, that Jayne was ever so slightly taller than I. But as the time passed, it was bothering me less and less. Jayne had never said anything about it, but, true to her sensitive nature, I noticed she always wore shoes with low heels when she was with me.

“Let me get my stuff,” I said.

“Here, I’ll help you,” Jayne said.

She picked up a smaller carton, and exclaimed, “This is heavy, what is it?”

“Liquor,” I answered, “Rum, vodka and gin in the larger sizes, because we have quite a few people this weekend.”

Kathy, and her boyfriend Scott, along with Kathy’s best friend Debbie, and her boyfriend Steve, who is a best buddy of Scott’s, were driving up separately to meet us at the cottage. We all had a week off before Labor Day, after which everyone would be heading back to school. But some of the 19 year olds in the other car were going out of town for their first year of university, so this extended August weekend was a last hurrah for the younger group.

“Steve and Scott are looking after the beer,” I continued.

“How is everyone managing this, the drinking age is 21, and your campus friend has gone away?” she asked.

“Well … I had a little chat with my father. And he agreed that since we have less than a year to go until we’re legal, and this weekend they will be at the cottage anyway, and can chaperone, that he would purchase some supplies for me. He did it last week before they left. Steve’s older brother is getting the beer for the other guys.”

Jayne laughed and said, “Guess what my Dad did? He bought me some wine for all of us to have for dinner, and some Grand Marnier for ice cream sundaes, and a large bottle of rye for your parents, because I told them that’s what I’ve seen them drink at your house. He wanted to thank them for having all of us up. He thinks they’re either very brave, or very stupid!”

“So, even my parents get to party!” I exclaimed.

We laughed together, as we loaded the supplies and my luggage erenköy escort into the car.

As Jayne leaned over to move some items at the back of the trunk, her skirt rode up, giving me, and the rest of the world, a fetching view of some skimpy white panties that enclosed her sweet little backside. As she straightened up, she smirked at me, knowing full well where my attention had been focused.

“If you were gentlemen,” she said playfully, “you wouldn’t be taking advantage of a lady by looking up her skirt when she’s in a compromising position.”

“Well,” I said, smirking back at her, “gentleman or not, I’m also a guy, and if you’re going to show me that, I’m going to look, you can depend on it. You should be careful though, because if my elderly neighbor across the way saw that out of his window, he might have a heart attack! And he’s a nice old fellow, please don’t kill him!”

We both laughed as I closed the trunk, and went to get into the passenger side of the car.

“No,” Jayne said, “you drive the first section. My Dad said he would prefer it, because you have had your license at lot longer than me, and there is a lot of traffic on a Friday afternoon. Once we get off the expressway, I’ll take over if you want.”

We changed sides, and I started the engine and backed out of the driveway. This weekend was getting better and better; I got to drive the new convertible, complete with the hot blond accessory; my ridiculous male ego was in heaven! As we turned onto the main street, I saw Richard, who I used to hang around with quite a lot, standing on the corner and staring at me, the girl, and the car. I gave him a wave as we passed him. “Eat your heart out!” I thought to myself, gloating in a juvenile fashion. Then I remonstrated myself internally for my lack of maturity. But nonetheless, seeing the look on his face was so much fun!

As we drove off onto the expressway, the traffic was just as slow as Jayne feared, and very heavy. However, as usual, we always found lots to say to each other, so the time passed as we crawled along. Finally there was a break in our conversation, and I got the chance to ask something that I was curious about.

“How come we got the new car? Not that I am complaining mind you!”

“My parents are going away with the Saunders for the weekend, and Mr. Saunders is doing the driving. Plus, my Dad said he didn’t want us out in anything but a fairly new car, for safety reasons. So we lucked out.”

“Bless Mr. Saunders; this is so cool!”

“If you knew Mr. Saunders like I do, you might not be saying that!”

What was this? I waited for her to elaborate.

“Can you keep a secret? … Oh, sorry; what an idiot I am! You have shown me over and over that you can keep a secret, and better than anyone, even me!”

She leaned over and gave me a little apologetic kiss on the cheek.

“Two weeks ago,” she recited, “I came home on a Saturday when my parents weren’t expecting me. Remember, you had to work late so our date was a wash out.”

“I was so sorry,” I said, “I never want to disappoint you.”

“It wasn’t your fault; it was just one of those things.”

“You know that little half wall at the top of the stairs?” she continued.

I nodded. You can see the front hall from over it, but no one tends to notice you when they are standing down there.

“I came in the side door and went up to my room because I didn’t want to disturb my parents or their guests. I was heading to the washroom when I looked over into the front hall.”

She hesitated.

“Are you sure you won’t repeat this?” she asked, pleading.

“Scouts honor.”

“I looked down and saw my mother with Mr. Saunders. They were kissing, and he had a hand up under her dress. I may be naïve, but I don’t think they were discussing the weather!”

I thought it best to remain silent.

“I tried to sneak away, but Mom opened her eyes and saw me. I was so embarrassed. I ran to my room and had a terrible night; I thought that my parents were going to divorce.”

“My Mom came to see me the next day, and she explained things; sort of! The way she tells it, she and Dad were both virgins when they got married, which was normal back then. About two years ago, after 27 years of marriage, they were out one night with some very good friends, and there was drinking, more than usual, and a strip poker game somehow got started. The couples involved were all like Mom and Dad, only ever having sex with the person they married. Anyway, both she and Dad somehow ended up doing things with another person; she was kinda evasive, but you and I don’t need too many specifics to imagine; and when they got home and sobered up, they didn’t even know what to say to each other.”

“Anyway, the next day they finally they managed to talk about what happened, and to discuss how they felt about it. They decided that whatever had occurred was alright, as long as they both were involved. And, since they didn’t ‘play the field’ when they were young, it would be OK now to make göztepe escort up for lost time, provided that everything was totally upfront between them, and it was only with couples they trusted.”

I just let her go on. She needed to tell someone, I decided.

“It gets worse,” she admitted, “because Mom knows that you and I are lovers.”

“How?” I said; a little terrified.

“It started with Kathy, because Mom found her birth control pills. Then, that next day when we talked, she challenged me, and I had to tell the truth.”

Oh, God! What if she called my parents!

“Now don’t freak out, because she was very understanding. She said that she could tell by looking at both of us that we were very much in love. And because we are so young, and have so much more school to do, that marriage is not an option. And she was very supportive that I took the necessary steps to protect myself, actually both of us! She asked me if you made me really happy. And I told her that I felt things for you that were so strong, I couldn’t even explain them.”

“So at the end, she said that if we eventually marry, that’s fine, because you are, in her words: ‘a nice young man from a good family, who is getting a decent education’. Which means, in parent speak, you’re not the head of a biker gang, and she’s so relieved!”

“But she’s also concerned that we should do things with other people, both of us, in case we do end up married, so we don’t wind up like she and Dad, full of regrets, and trying to re-live their youth.”

“But I don’t want to break up with you, so I can get some other experience,” Jayne said, with tears starting.

I rubbed her shoulder with one hand; while I steered the car with the other.

“I don’t care what your mother says,” I protested, “I’m not giving you up, no matter what! They’ll have to kill me first!”

Pretty melodramatic! But when you are a young man seriously in love, hyperbole is the coin of the realm. My outburst also seemed to steady her.

“Jayne,” I said, calming down, and trying to reassure her, “there must be millions of couples, even today, who found the right one, straight off. And they didn’t need to get other experience to be happy, or stay happy.”

“I suppose,” I said, trying to lighten the mood, “that if we are both full of regret thirty years from now, because we didn’t fool around more when we were young, well, we’ll deal with it then. We could join a swinger’s club for the middle aged. What do you think?”

Jayne, recovering her composure, started to laugh, “I think that the ‘strip poker club’ is already pretty close to a ‘swinger’s club’. Thank goodness she doesn’t know about that!”

Jayne, Kathy and I have been in three strip poker games that went “all the way”. And everyone else coming for the weekend has played in at least two of these games, except Steve, who only has been in one. Not only did the games go to conclusion, but the various couples have had to do some pretty racy dares with one and other in the nude, leading to a lot of virginity being lost all the way around.

“Well, there won’t be any strip poker this weekend,” I said, “with my parents there. But I can show you the sleeping cabin where that wild young Miss Ann tried to get a game going with a bunch of us a few years ago, when she was only fourteen. It’s like a shrine!”

“A shrine to what,” Jayne laughed, “your male fantasies?”

“Maybe,” I teased, slowly running my hand up her thigh under her skirt, “I’ll borrow the key to the cabin, and you can help me act out a few of my fantasies?”

Before my hand could hit pay dirt, she took it and placed it on the wheel of the car.

“Keep your hands on the wheel, and yours eyes on the road, mister,” she said sternly, “I don’t want to end up as a statistic! Be good, and I might let you play with me down there later, when you’re not driving.”


“Oh, alright promise,” she sighed theatrically, as if it was a terrible hardship for her whenever I touched her beautiful body!

Then she asked, “How much farther is it?”

“About an hour.”

We continued to converse happily as the miles rolled by. Finally we arrived. But there was no sign of my parent’s car.

“They’re not here. Maybe they went into town,” I suggested to Jayne, “but not to worry, I know where the hidden key is, so we can unload the car.”

I retrieved the key and unlocked the cottage; and we went inside. Now the “cottage”, is really a four bedroom house on the beach, less than ten years old, and with every modern convenience. I opened a couple of windows and we could hear the sound of the waves breaking at the shore. Even though the lake isn’t the ocean, when the westerly gets up, you can have some impressive swells.

We put all of the food and drink in the kitchen, and stashed our luggage in the den, until the sleeping arrangements were determined. Jayne called her parents at the other cottage to tell them we arrived safely. We then went outside to sit on the deck, so we could watch the kadıköy escort lake while we waited for my parents, and the others, to arrive. Then I heard the phone ringing, so I got up and went inside to answer it. When I picked up the receiver I heard my mother’s voice.

“You’re finally there. I’ve been trying you on and off for about half and hour,” I heard her say.

“We just got here about ten minutes ago. Where are you?” I asked.


“Home, why?”

“Because your brother fell and may have broken his wrist. Your older sister took him to the emergency department for X-rays, and your father has gone there to take over from her. If it’s broken, we won’t be coming back for the rest of the weekend. So you’re on your own. Make sure all of the others phone their parents to ask if it’s OK to stay there without us, especially Jayne! If not, they’ll have to come home. And if everyone stays, you are responsible for the cottage, no wild parties or damage, or else! Call me later, and let us know what your plans are. Bye.”

I hung up the phone and explained the situation.

“I’m sure we can stay,” she said with a smile, “my parents know the whole story about us anyway, so what difference does it make? If we had stayed home this weekend, we could have slept together there. However, maybe Debbie or the other guys will need to get permission.”

“So let’s take the master bedroom,” I suggested, “after all, I am responsible for the cottage. You know, eventually I’m going to have to tell them about us. I only didn’t because your parents didn’t know. It seems pointless now, so I think I will after this weekend.”

We moved our luggage into the large bedroom, and began unpacking. Just then we heard another car outside. We left the suitcases, and went out to meet the others.

“Hi there,” I called out.

A chorus of “Hi’s” greeted me as the other four piled out of the car and everyone hugged.

“Wow, some cottage,” said Steve to me.

“Wow, some outfit, Jayne!” said Scott, looking her over with appreciation, “I’ve never seen you in a skirt that short. Would it be rude of me to hope for a gust of wind?”

“Shut up,” Kathy said to him, with a warning tone, “no stupid remarks like that in front of his parents.”

“No need to worry about that,” I said, “they’re not going to be here this weekend.”

I went on to explain the situation, and about the requirement to get permission to stay from the respective parents.

“Kathy and I are OK,” Jayne said, “what about you Debbie?”

“My parents are in LA at a convention. They told me to call my brothers if there were any problems. But I’m not going to do that, no way. I’m not a baby! And besides, they both went away without telling Mom and Dad, so I can’t reach them even if I wanted to.”

“Steve, Scott?” Jayne asked.

“I better phone,” Steve said.

“Me too,” Scott said, “I hope they don’t make me drive home. Where is the telephone?”

“Go into the den and close the door, first on your left,” I said, “C’mon girls, let’s go out front while they get permission.”

I led them out to the deck while we waited for the outcome of the phone calls. Finally, Steve and Scott joined us. They were both smiling.

“We got the green light,” Scott said, “but it wasn’t easy!”

“Yes,” Steve said, “I had to endure a five minute lecture on behaving myself with Debbie, and respecting other people’s property, and no crazy parties, and on, and on, and on. Good thing my Mom answered; she’s a lot softer a touch than my Dad. He won’t be very happy when he gets home from work and finds out that Debbie and I are here alone, without your parents. But it’s too late now. “

“I got the same lecture,” Scott said cheerfully, “do parents all have a copy of the same speech? My Mom was a tough nut to crack; but I got her to give in by telling her everyone else had permission, and if I had to come home, then at least one other person would have to, because there wouldn’t be enough room in the convertible for five people, plus all the luggage.”

“OK,” I said, “Jayne and I are downstairs in the master suite. You four can pick whatever upstairs bedrooms you like. There are three to choose from.”

I led the group of them up the stairs.

“What room shall we take, Debbie?” Kathy said, with a mischievous glance at Scott and Steve.

The two of them looked a little surprised, and disappointed! No doubt they were hoping for a different outcome in terms of room assignments.

“Sorry, Kathy,” Debbie said, smiling at Steve, and holding his arm, “I already have a bunk mate for this weekend. I’m not taking that little pill every day just for fun, you know … well … actually; I am taking it for fun, if you know what I mean. But there are two other rooms, one for you and one for Scott, perfect!”

“That’s a good point,” Kathy said to Scott, “so, mister, if you want to stay in the same room as me, you better behave yourself, starting right now!”

“Shall I get our stuff?” Scott volunteered, grinning, “This room OK?” he said, pointing at the corner bedroom.

“Oh, I guess so,” Kathy said with a sigh, “what a pushover I am. He never had the slightest doubt he’d get to sleep with me all weekend. And you’re no help at all Debbie. We’re girls, we’re supposed to play ‘hard to get’.”

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