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The Protégé and the Mentor Ch. 05

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The next morning I skyped Stacy. She usually initiated the calls because of her busy schedule, but I couldn’t wait to talk to her. It was 9:00, but I didn’t want to disturb her before 7:00 her time. Sure enough Stacy appeared, naked of course, and James Hyatt was naked in the background.

“So how’d it go?”

“You’ve got to be more specific. It was such a full day yesterday. Do you mean the graduation, the dinner service at The Absolute, making wild passionate love with Professor Hyatt?” She glanced back at him, and he just smiled and waved at the camera.

“I want to hear it all.”

Stacy began recounting her day. She did say that she was so glad my whole family could participate, even though it was only by streaming. I told how I had met Brenda Cavanaugh when we toured the Hospitality School during the reunion and how I enjoyed talking to her. I wanted to learn more about the career path she had taken and perhaps to follow her career after graduation. I asked Stacy if she could help me get in touch with her. Stacy said that she was sure she could and promised to get back to me.

“Sara, Dr. Hyatt and I are going to take a vacation for a week now that the school year is over. We are going to be going to Prague.”

“Prague? I don’t recognize that as a tourism mecca.”

“We want to avoid tourist traps. Plus, public nudity is not illegal in the Czech Republic. I can go around completely naked and not fear arrest or other forms of state harassment. I’m going to be clothed on my trip over there, but I may follow your lead and remain naked on my trip to the San Francisco airport. I think my graduation program with my name in it may buy me a pass there. That will be the first time I have worn clothing in four years. As soon as we land in Prague, I’m taking my clothes off and not putting them back on until we leave.”

“Check in with me regularly.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll post a lot of things on facebook and skype you regularly.”

I told Stacy about how my graduation went and about the party afterwards. I told her about how Logan treated me, or mistreated me, and about his father Gary. I described all about sleeping in his arms in the lounger and about how I stroked his prick and wound up sucking it.

“It was my first dick!” I squealed, “but we didn’t fuck. I would have been too difficult working out the logistics. And I found sucking his prick was satisfying.”.

“How old is he?”

“”Stacy, please, it that relevant? You’re asking someone who had her pussy eaten for the first time by someone 11 years older than her. Someone who is regularly sleeping with someone old enough to be her mother, never mind the fact that it is her mother. And now you’re concerned about someone who may be 30 years older than me getting my first blow job? Oh, and by the way, how old did you say Professor Hyatt was?”

“You’re right. I was out of line in asking that.”

“No, you’re not out of line unless you wanted to be judgmental.”

“When are you going to see him again?”

“I don’t know. I’d like to talk to him again at least, but I don’t want to come on as too aggressive. I guess I’ll have to play the school girl game and wait for him to call me.”

“Sara, you’ve got to take control of your own life and do what you want to do and what’s right for you. That’s what I learned at Blanke Schande and the sooner you learn that, the better off you’ll be.”

Susan called me for breakfast and we signed off.

Later that weekend, I was really getting horny. I didn’t much care if I got a stiff dick or Susan’s tongue in my pussy, but I needed some form of sexual satisfaction. One night, I went into Susan’s bedroom; I was completely naked. She knew what I was there for.

“My pussy is pulsating. I’ve got to have some relief.” Susan threw her covers off and silently invited me into the bed. I usually didn’t speak so boldly when I wanted to initiate sexual activity. I couldn’t wait to start ravishing her and I was suckling her tits as I hadn’t done in over 17 years. I wasn’t gentle as I usually was when we made love. Her nipples responded by getting first as hard as marbles, but then softly responding to my oral ministrations.

Dad sensed that this session was going to be more physical than usual. “Do I need to leave you two ladies alone?” he asked.

“No, Dad, I want you here. I want to try to send Susan into heights of ecstasy with my tongue and mouth. And when she does the same think to me, I want her to feel the thrust of your dick in her pussy to double the pleasure I hope she’ll feel.”

“Well, Agnes de Mille, you have this all choreographed, don’t you.”

“What did you call me?” Susan explained that Agnes de Mille was a very famous choreographer. “I would hope it would have been simple intuition for the most part.”


The next two week I settled into my summer lull. The manager at the restaurant was only assigning me 12 hours a week, which was fine with me. He stepped it up to 5 konyaaltı escort 6-hr shifts, which was fine. I was learning the restaurant business, at least the basics of customer service, cashiering and making french fries. I enjoyed having a little money of my own, but I could see that the voice overs could be much more lucrative. In fact, I was even able to buy a used but very serviceable car with the money I was making. I just needed to get more assignments. Larry got me a zit medicine commercial. I hadn’t even had any zits in 6 years, but apparently my voice conveyed a perky teenager who panicked at every zit outbreak.

Susan was getting some more talking erotic books, but they didn’t need a second voice. Larry told us that our lesbian incest books were very well received and I asked Susan to ask him if there might be some more work for me. He promised to shop my voice.

Susan and I developed a routine of making love on Blanke Schande Thursday and Saturday night. That was fine with me, Oh, I did enjoy the love making, but I still wanted to make it seem special. A more frequent schedule than that may not have allowed our love making to continue to seem special if we were just diving into each others cunt any time we wanted.

One night, I came into Susan’s room and crawled into her bed. I was wearing baby doll pajamas and she had on her night shirt. I just lay in her arms for a few minutes, then I said, “I want to go out with you.”

“We go out all the time.”

“No. I want to go somewhere where people will know that we are a couple.”

“A couple of what? A couple of old dykes?”

I kissed her lips. “We’re not that old.” And then I got a big impish smile on my face, “At least I’m not.”

The following Thursday two separate things happened to me that were to profoundly change me. Each seemed small and insignificant and I didn’t realize the impact at the time. Larry, Susan’s agent, and I guess mine now also, told her he wanted to Skype us to discuss a new project. He let her know on Tuesday, but we each agreed to have the conference on Blanke Schande Thursday. We both know how much Larry enjoyed seeing us naked.

When he called, Susan was in front of her computer. I was in the background, but I made sure Larry could get an eyeful. “Nice seeing you two again. Really nice!” I walked over behind Susan and placed my hands on her tits. I started massaging them and rolled her nipples between my fingers. The only people who knew that Susan and I were lovers were Stacy and Dad although I think Larry was beginning to figure it out. I was very anxious that others would know of our relationship. I could tell Susan was getting aroused and it was all I could do to keep from sucking her gorgeous boobs. In order to contain my ardor, I moved out of the camera range and inserted my fingers in my cunt. I slowly massaged my pussy lips and my clit.

“You two gals are hot as firecrackers. I’m getting all kinds of proposal for projects for you. I got an interesting one the other day that I’m really excited about and I think you two will be also. It’s another audio book, but it’s BDSM..”

I was still out of camera range. Susan glanced at me when he said that. All I could do was shrug my shoulders and just mouth “BDSM?” Susan put her finger up as if to tell me silently, “Hold it, I’ll explain later.”

“The story is about two lesbians who wander accidentally into BDSM. They are about 10 or 15 years apart in age and the older woman guides them into the changed relationship. The young naive lesbian becomes the Dom. I immediatly thought of you two for the project and right now I’m asking the author to rewrite if for a mother and daughter. He should have it available for us in about a week.”

Susan answered for both of us, “It sounds exciting. I don’t think we’ll have any problem with it.” Susan and Larry discussed some other projects they were involved in. I got up and moved back next to Susan. I placed my hands back on her tits and sensuously but slowly rubbed them.

“And, oh, Sara, I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve got the usual acne and psoriasis commercial offers but I’ve also working on a late season department store back-to-school commercial. If it works it, we can probably develop it into a full fall and holiday season project.”

“Thanks, Larry. I’m enjoying the paychecks, even though they aren’t as large as Susan’s. In fact, I’m taking Susan out to supper Friday night, my treat.” I kissed Susan on the cheek but then moved quickly to her lips for a brief kiss. I still had her nipples between my fingers and I could tell she was squirming. I had established my mission of announcing to the outside world Susan and I were something more than mother and daughter.

Larry told us he would send the script to us in a couple of days and he also had a series of three department store voice overs for Susan and we ended the call.

Susan grabbed my hand and pathetically looked up at me, “Don’t leave me hanging like this.” I kissed her kültür escort while massaging her tits but soon gave them more attention from my mouth. We didn’t even move to her bedroom, but she got up and moved to the floor. I joined her. I was soon ministering to her cunt and rolled my body around so she could simultaneously do the same thing to me. Shortly after inserting her tongue into my pussy she expelled the longest stream of pussy juice I had ever experience from her. It was like taking in a mouthful of sweet cream. I eventually came and we held each other in our arms.

I looked lovingly into her eyes, “I’m looking forward to our first date tomorrow night. This will be the first real chance I’ve had to pay you back for all the nice things you’ve been doing for me all my life. I’m going to enjoy spending one of my paychecks on you.” I kissed her again.

“Now, what’s this, what did he call it, B-M-D-S something?”



“Bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism. It’s a consensual power exchange between two-or more-people.”

“I don’t understand.”

“BDSM involves one participant assuming a “Dom(inant)” role and controlling the course of activities, while a counterpart assumes a “sub(missive)” role and endures varying degrees of sensation or other forms of discipline at the hand of the Dom.”

“What do you mean by discipline?”.

“Bondage, in the form of shackles or other tokens such as collars or leashes, flogging, and possible public humiliation. But there’s usually an exchange of power from a person who would be assumed to be dominant in a relationship relinquishing control to someone who might be assumed to be subordinate. Like a mother relinquishing control to a daughter.”

“And people actually do this? Voluntarily?”

“Yes, because they get a thrill or high out of it.”

“I can’t believe it.”

“We haven’t gotten the outline or the script yet, But it will probably involve your character, the daughter, disciplining or humiliating my character, the mother. Do you think you could handle that?”

“Would I have to whip you?”

“Possibly, but don’t forget it’s only a work of fiction that we are reading.”

“Well, it seems weird, but I’m willing to give it a try.”

“Here, come over to the computer and let’s look at some BDSM videos.” She went to a site that had some previews of various people in bondage. She clicked on some of the videos.

“Oooouu, that looks painful. Are these women actually doing this voluntarily?”

“Yes, I told you they get a thrill out of it.”

“I don’t want to watch any more of this.”

“Do you think you’re going to be able to read the scripts?”

“Well, it is just words on a sheet. Maybe I can get over it.”

“Here, let’s look at some milder forms of BDSM. How about some pet play.”

She clicked on some videos of women, singularly or maybe two or three, naked with a doggie collar and a leash. They were crawling around naked eating and drinking out of pet bowls. I mean lowering their mouths into the bowls, not picking up the food with their hands.

“This is disgusting. I’m offended at the humiliation these poor women are suffering.”

“It’s not real. You’re going to be painting a word picture of these acts.”

“I’ll give it a try. But I may quit this type of job after the first reading.”

Nothing more was said on the subject.


Friday night I was so excited about our first real date. Dad said he was going to let “the girls” have a night out. I was going to take Susan to one of her favorite restaurants. She and Dad like going to it a lot, usually when I was sleeping over with Kaley or another friend since it was a “grown ups” restaurant. I asked Susan if she was sure she wanted to go to the Fado since she and Dad always go there. “Yes, it’s one of my favorite restaurants for a reason. The food is great, and the atmosphere is so romantic.” I had to smile when she used the word romantic. It seemed to advance our relationship from taking a kid to McDonald’s to beyond a couple of dykes going out on a hot date before a night of carnal pleasures, but I’m sure that would follow.

Susan wore a pastel blue cocktail dress with floral designs. I wore a Kelly green dress with a bare shoulder. Susan started to drive, but I asked if I could since she was my date. She acquiesced. We walked into the restaurant and I gave the hostess our names so she could find our reservation. I indicated Susan should follow the hostess as we were shown to our table and I followed behind. This was the first time in 18 years when the cute little girl had not led her parents to the table while they followed behind. This simple gesture really puffed me up. The waiter gave us our menus and addressed Susan, “Tonight, we recommend the Chicken Marsala with steamed asparagus and a mesculan green salad with a red wine vinaigrette.” Susan studied the menu, although she probably had it memorized. markantalya escort When the waiter returned after having excused himself by announcing – pointedly addressing Susan – he would give “us” a few minutes to study the menu, Susan said she would have the Roasted Salmon and Cauliflower with Parsley-Caper Sauce. I went with the waiter’s recommendation. Again, the waiter pointedly addressed Susan, “Will you be having a wine? The Pinon Gris goes well with the salmon.” Susan assented and he walked away.

“That arrogant bastard. He addressed you the whole time and didn’t give me the time of day. He didn’t ask me about a wine and didn’t make a recommendation of a wine that would go with both our meals.”

“Sweetheart, you’re 18 years old! If he were to serve you a bottle of wine he could cause the restaurant to lose it’s liquor license. Just chill out, you know you’ll be able to take of couple of sips of my wine.”

“It’s not the wine; it’s the principle of the thing. You are my date and this guy is disrespecting me.”

I tried to put this behind me but during the whole meal the obsequious prick seemed to be hovering over us the whole time. “Do you need more water? More bread? How is your meal? Would you like to see our dessert menu?” and every time the questions was pointedly addressed to Susan and he ignored me as if I weren’t there.

He brought us the check and of course he handed it to Susan. “Give that to me,” I skowled. “She is my date.” I announced that loud enough so that half the restaurant could hear me.

The bill was $55.78. I left $56 cash. When he brought back the $0.22 change I contemptuously announced, “Keep the change.” Before we got up to leave, I could see Susan reach into her purse and pull out what looked like about $12. As we were walking out, she slipped it into the waiter’s hands,

“I’m sorry, my date really was concerned about making our date special for me by treating me. She’s was just a little overly sensitive. The service was excellent.”

As we walked out, I scowled at Susan, “Why did you undermine me like that?”

There was silence.

“Don’t ever let it happen again.”

We drove home in silence. I didn’t want to hide my anger, I couldn’t do it very well. But I wanted Susan to understand I wasn’t angry at her. I still didn’t say anything the whole trip home.

We went inside and Dad asked us, “So how was your date?” I burst into tears and went straight to my room. I didn’t even bother to undress. What must have been about an hour later, Susan came into my room. She was wearing one of her night shirts.

“Please don’t be mad at me,” she implored. “I didn’t want our first date to turn out like this.”

“Oh, Susan, I’m not mad at you. I’m sorry I’m being such a bitch. But this just didn’t go anything like I wanted it to.”

“You’re overreacting.”

“That creepy waiter was such a chauvinist pig.”

Susan laughed, “How could he be a chauvinist? This was two women having a date.”

“Alright, if you want to be technical, he was an ageist pig. He treated me like I was eight years old. He showed me no respect. I so wanted to do something nice for you, and he ruined it all with his condescending attitude.”

Susan put her arms around me. “Well, the evening isn’t over, yet. Maybe we can still salvage it. Usually after a big date, two people will go home, hop into bed and make mad, passionate love. I want this evening to end with you elevating me to orgasmic heights.” She kissed me passionately. I didn’t return her passion, but I certainly didn’t resist her. She started removing my clothes. As my feet, my calves, my thighs were exposed, she kissed them lovingly. My arms, torso and breasts were next to receive her supplication. I did not have on a bra and soon I was in just my panties. My breasts received her caring adoration and between her kisses, I removed her night shirt which I was able to do in one swift movement. She was naked and I attempted to catch up in my kissing activity.

I didn’t immediately dive between her thighs. I needed the comfort of her embrace. That was best delivered as we kissed each other passionately. After what must have been ten minutes of kissing, Susan said, “This is the first time we have made love in your bed.”

“Are you uncomfortable here?”

“No. It seems appropriate that after someone has bought me a nice meal and given me a luxurious evening on the town, I should wind up in her bed.”

“This is also the first time we have made love without Dad present.”

“Do you want to invite him to join us?”

“I’m conflicted. I so enjoy your reaction as I watch him pound his prick home in your pussy as you eat out my cunt. But I’m also enjoying spending this time like an adult alone with her lover.”

With that, Susan dived between my thighs. Her tongue lingered on my labia lips, moved onto my clitoris and thrust into my vagina. I attempted to suppress my pleasure, but soon I was screaming my ecstatic orgasmic pleasure. I spend a few minutes trying to recover. We kissed some more, and then I returned the favor to Susan. She was not as vocal, but I could tell by the gushing of her pussy juices I had brought her to orgasm. “Lick your pussy juice off my face.”

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