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The Second Date Ch. 02

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The Easter afternoon of fucking for Elizabeth and Kyle had been going strong for close to two hours, practically non-stop. After experiencing her first g-spot orgasm, the two had been resting together, snuggling on a living room chair. But It didn’t take long for the passion to reignite again as they sat there kissing and caressing one another’s bodies. Elizabeth could feel Kyle’s cock hardening again and she was becoming more and more wet as their kisses became deeper and more intense. His fingers began to slide up and down her legs and then up along her thighs towards her opening. She made similar motions on his body and ran her fingers along his arms and down his chest towards his now bulging cock.

She eased herself off of his lap and down onto the floor. Kneeling on her knees, she took the hair tie off her wrist and put her hair up in a messy bun and looked up at him with a “you know what I’m about to do” look. He smiled back at her. She began kissing along his inner thighs, getting teasingly close to his member and slid her hands along his outer thighs. Her tongue found its way to his sac and she licked it, running her tongue along the sensitive seam. She then wrapped her hand on his dick and began making small little figure eights around the tip with her pointer finger. Precum began dribbling out and she rubbed that all around before she moved her tongue to the tip of his cock. He let out a satisfied sigh as her mouth made contact with his cock and her lips wrapped around the head of his shaft. With her lips tight, she moved her head up and down, pressing her tongue along the underside of his length every time she moved her lips back towards the head. She moaned out in pleasure as she did, which sent vibrations along his dick. With his cock now covered in her moisture, she now moved her right hand up and down along his shaft while her mouth and tongue focused on the head of his penis. She made sure to tickle the underside of the head with the tip of her tongue and, every time she did, he let out a deep, contented breath. She looked up at him, making eye contact, and smiled as she licked her tongue on the head of his hard cock. She was really enjoying pleasuring him and having his dick in her mouth. And she couldn’t wait to have her first taste of his cum.

As she continued working her hand along his shaft and her mouth and tongue on the tip, she moved her left hand down to his balls and squeezed them carefully, while also rubbing his taint with her pointer finger. She pressed the backside of her finger there, with a little more pressure, and as she did, she saw his body begin to tense up. He let out a little gasp and she knew he was close to release. She was sure not to alter her rhythm now; she only increased the intensity and he let out another deep breath. His hands reached down to her head and he pressed her head further down onto his cock as he let out an intense, guttural grunt and his warm, salty cum spurt out, filling her mouth. She continued gently and slowly sucking on his cock, getting every last drop of his saltiness. She swallowed it down, savoring his taste and then looked up at him and smiled. He let out a deep sigh and had an intense look of satisfaction on his face. She made her way up off her knees, kissing his stomach and chest before reaching his lips, embracing him, and letting him taste his juices on her lips and tongue.

After recovering from his release, Kyle and Elizabeth made their way back over to the couch where they lay down and relaxed together, catching their breaths. They spooned on the couch, Elizabeth enjoying the feel of Kyle’s strong body snuggled up behind hers, his arms wrapped around her in embrace. They lay like this for a while, savoring the intimacy of this connection of their bodies. They talked, laughed and learned more about each other as they enjoyed this moment.

As they were talking, Kyle had been moving his hands down along Elizabeth’s side. He then ran his fingers down towards her vulva lips. As he did this, Elizabeth felt a poke on her backside as Kyle’s cock began to stand at attention once again. She smiled and turned her body to face Kyle and they locked lips again. This time, less fiery and passionate and more intimate and delicate. They took their time exploring with their lips with gentle kisses and teasing lip bites. Their lips would touch, but they’d only exchange warm breaths as their breathing heightened. The tips of their tongues danced together. Elizabeth then moved her upper leg over Kyle’s legs, providing entry to his now fully-hardened cock. He slid in easily in her wetness and used his arms to pull her in closer to him. With a quiet passion, she moved her hips in motion with his, rocking rhythmically and sensually. He began to move in a grinding motion, allowing her clit to rub up against his pubic bone. Their kisses intensified, yet remained intimate, as their bodies connected so closely and they relished eryaman escort in this quiet round of passion.

But the quiet passion soon escalated. As Elizabeth’s moans of pleasure got louder, Kyle’s gentle rocking and grinding turned to more powerful thrusting. He rolled Elizabeth over onto her back so he was now on top of her and grabbed hold of her legs, bending them up towards her chest. He knelt between her and began fucking her hard. As he pounded into her, she let out loud cries as a mixture of pain and passion rocked her. She looked down so she could see his cock going in and out of her. Watching him covered in her moisture, thrusting in and out, was such a turn on for her. She then moved her hand down to rub herself as he pressed harder and faster. They looked at one another and the fire in his eyes was strong. He loved pounding into her wet, velvety tunnel. And she loved the strength and dominance coming from him. She continued rubbing at her clit, increasing speed and pressure until her moans turned to cries of ecstasy. She couldn’t hold back now – she was nearing another climax. Her hand was furiously rubbing her clit now, until the wave of pleasure came coursing through her body. She let out a wail and a ripple ran through her like a tidal wave. Kyle kept thrusting, and Elizabeth could barely withstand the continued waves of pleasure. He released some saliva from his mouth on her mound and then began rubbing at her with his hand. Having just had an orgasm, her senses were heightened and this touch from him was sending her over the top.

“Stop, stop, stop, I can’t take it,” she cried, but he continued, ignoring her cries. Her moans were almost animalistic now as he kept pounding her and rubbing her off.

Just then, his cock slipped out and instead of thrusting back inside her, he moved his penis along her wet vulva lips. His cock easily slid back and forth along her mound and the feeling was sending waves of pleasure through both of them. She then reached her hand down and pressed it slightly on his cock, increasing the pressure on her mound, allowing her fingers to provide added pleasure to the head of his penis every time he slid upwards. They continued like this for a few moments, delighting in this pleasurable variation.

Kyle released from sliding his dick along her body and sat up. He took hold of Elizabeth’s wrists and guided her up to sitting and then to stand and he led her back to the bedroom. Just as he was about to lay her back onto the bed, Elizabeth said “I forgot…I brought some toys with me. Wanna give them a go?” Sex toys were new to Elizabeth as she’d only gotten her first vibrator about a year ago. But after her first encounter with Kyle and their weeks of sexts and fantasies, she was inspired to try new things and knew he’d be game.

“Sounds fun,” he responded.

“Ok, hold on,” and she quickly scampered off to the living room to get the small bag of toys from within her purse. When she returned, she said “I’ve got this,” holding up a small, green clit vibrator “…and I’ve got this” as she pulled out a dual vibrating cock ring. She could see the wheels churning in his head as he tried to figure out which one to explore with first.

Kyle smiled, raised his eyebrows playfully, and gently pushed Elizabeth onto her back onto the bed. He knelt down beside the bed to go down on her again. She rested her feet on his shoulders as his tongue made its way downward. Before he even made contact with her, she gasped in anticipation. He began by lashing his tongue up and down her lips and tickling her sensitive clit with the tip of his tongue and her hips raised upward. Then he made his way downwards to her slit, where his mouth and tongue began furiously eating her out. His mouth released so much moisture onto her already wet pussy, that she was now sopping wet. His well-trimmed beard was scratchy on her sensitive skin, but not uncomfortable. As the pleasure intensified, Elizabeth instinctively backed away from his tongue, unable to withstand the sensations. But Kyle paused long enough to say “uh, uh” and pulled her back towards him and continued his tongue beating. He then rammed his pointer finger inside her and she let out an audible gasp. He pounded away at her and then reached over to grab the small green vibrator. He turned it on and pressed it to her clit and Elizabeth practically jumped to the ceiling. The feeling was amazing and her moans of pleasure were now non-stop. Kyle pulled his finger out of her and eased his hard cock into her soaked opening, still holding the vibrator to her mound and Elizabeth nearly melted. He began with slow, gentle movements, nearly pulling out each time. Each time the head of his cock reached the sensitive rim of her opening, she let out a deep gasp. He then increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts, pushing harder and deeper into her. She matched his thrusts, while wiggling her hips to meet escort ankara the vibrator and have it reach her most sensitive spots.

“Oh Fuck!” was all she could utter as waves of satisfaction coursed through her body. She’d never experienced anything like this before! She practically couldn’t take it the explosive feelings. She pulled the vibrator from his hand and tossed it aside and pulled him down to her, matching her lips to his. His beard was wet with her fluids and her chin and lips were now covered in her juices too. With her legs wrapped around his firm ass, she used them to push him down further every time. She then motioned for them to roll over, and while still connected, they rolled over so Kyle was on his back and Elizabeth was riding him. She stayed low and close to his body, grinding her pubic bone into his which was sending waves of delight through her body. She then raised her body up, cowgirl style, and began riding his cock up and down. He had a great view of her tits as they bounced about and she smiled back at him loving the show she was putting on for him. She reached over to the little vibrator and started rubbing it on her clit and she couldn’t help but cry out. Just a few more pumps on his hard cock and she’d be reaching, yet another, orgasm. She circled the vibrator around on her clit, increasing the speed, and then succumbed to waves of pleasure. Ripples of bliss rocked her body and she collapsed onto Kyle, her chest heaving with her panting breaths. “Oh my god. That was fucking intense,” she said with a giggle.

Elizabeth rolled off of Kyle and sighed a very contented breath, laughing a little too. This had been quite the afternoon. Hours and hours of passionate sex and Elizabeth wasn’t ready to be done…and neither was Kyle. The two lay next to each other on the bed, satisfied and content, while their fingers lightly moved along each other’s bodies. Elizabeth turned to look at Kyle and they smiled at one another before bringing their lips together. Their kiss was deep, passionate, and intimate. He caressed her hair and skin and she wrapped her arms around his strong, muscular back. They were truly enjoying this moment…and this day.

From there, their fabulous afternoon of fucking continued. They explored a whole array of positions, made their way back to the living room, and then back to the bedroom before realizing that the sunshine of the afternoon had now turned to the shadowy light of dusk.

“What time is it?” Elizabeth asked.

Kyle looked at his phone, “It’s just after six.”

“We’ve been at this for 5 straight hours??” Elizabeth asked with an exasperated chuckle.

“Yeah, I can’t believe how fast the time went,” Kyle responded as he embraced his arms around Elizabeth and rolled her over for another passionate kiss.

“Wanna take a shower?” Kyle said.

“Yeah, I definitely could use one for sure,” Elizabeth replied.

Kyle made his way off the bed and held his hands out for Elizabeth to take hold as he assisted her up. They made their way across the hall to the bathroom and Kyle started the water. Once it was warmed up, he stepped into the tub, holding out his hands to help her into the tub. The warm water felt refreshingly good on her sweaty body and she leaned her head back under the shower stream to wet her hair. Kyle reached down to grab some soap and lathered up a shower poof and began sudsing up Elizabeth’s body, moving the poof down her arms, across her chest, around each breast, then down towards her mound. With the slippery soap on her chest, Elizabeth leaned into Kyle’s chest and the two embraced each other in a heated kiss, the water cascading over their bodies like a waterfall. Elizabeth couldn’t help but think it felt like a scene from a sexy movie. While still locked in an embrace, Elizabeth retrieved the shower poof and began soaping up Kyle’s back and shoulders and running down his arms. She released her lips from his, and then guided the poof down his chest and then to his legs, bending over so Kyle had an excellent view of her ass as she did so.

She made her way slowly up his leg, before repeating on the other side. The view of her ass with the water streaming over it was too much for Kyle to handle and when she stood back up, he positioned her so her back was to his chest and he pressed his cock into her willing pussy. She leaned over, placing her hands on the shower wall in front of her, while he pounded away at her with his hands on her hips. The water flowed onto his chest and her backside and down her legs, while Elizabeth yelled out in excitement. Kyle loved the view of his cock thrusting into her, his skin slapping against her ass with each push. Elizabeth reached her hand between her legs to pleasure herself, only adding to the steamy sensation, and then began rubbing furiously until she reached climax. “Fuck! Fuck! Oh gooooood!,” she cried out and Kyle slowly released sincan escort himself from her well-beaten pussy. She gently eased herself up to stand, waving her hand by her face to try to catch a cool breeze in the suddenly, very steamy, shower. She looked at him and smiled and he smiled back at her before their lips met again.

With her arms wrapped around him and her lips still close to his, she softy said “that was fucking hot.” He beamed a giant grin and shook his head in agreement, before returning his lips to hers for one last embrace in the shower.

He turned off the water, handed her a towel and the two dried off before making their way back to his room. With her towel wrapped around her, Elizabeth collapsed with a sigh onto the bed and Kyle dropped his towel and fell onto the bed next to her. They just lay there in silence for a bit, smiling at one another, and utterly exhausted.

“I guess I should be going soon. I don’t wanna though,” Elizabeth said with a little pout on her lips. She really didn’t want to go, but she had a long drive back home. “But this has been quite the day. I think I had more sex today then I’ve had in the past 3 years,” she said with a little laugh.

Kyle nodded his head in agreement, let out a contented breath and said “Yeah, this was a really fun day for sure.”

They made their way up off the bed and Kyle slipped on a pair of shorts. Elizabeth made her way out to the living room and kitchen to retrieve her clothes that had been scattered about so many hours ago. She pulled on her panties, leggings, and shirt and then ran her fingers through her damp hair, releasing the tangles and then pulled it up into a loose ponytail. She went to Kyle’s bedroom to retrieve her toys and then headed to the living room towards her purse.

As she was passing an armchair in the living room, Kyle reached out from behind her, and guided her towards the chair, her back to his chest. He pulled her pants down – the ones she had just put on 2 minutes ago! – pushed her panties aside, pulled his erection from out of his shorts and shoved it into her. She let out a gasp, then collapsed her arms onto the back of the chair and knelt her right knee on the seat. He struck into her with a fierce passion and she cried out a little with each thrust. With one hand on her hip and one hand on her shoulder, he pulled back on her as he pound his manliness into her. He then released his hand from her shoulder and grabbed ahold of her hair, pulling her head back towards his and then he leaned forward for an aggressive kiss, engulfing her mouth with his. His hand moved from her hair to hold her neck in a light choke. His dominance and fire was strong and Elizabeth was willingly submitting to it…and gaining pleasure from this strength. He released his hold on her and continued thrusting as she moved her hips in motion with his. She moved her knee off the seat and placed her foot down on the floor, bringing her legs tight together, his legs outside of hers. With this increased tightness, Kyle was about to burst. He began moving with greater speed and intensity, and then he let out a loud gasp, then another, and then a grunt and sigh and Elizabeth knew he had released. His cum filled her and she felt the warm liquid oozing down her leg. He eased his way out of her pussy and gave her ass a good slap.

“Holy Fuck,” she said as she made her way to stand, turning towards him. She bent down to pull up her leggings and then fell into the chair that had just played a part in their most animalistic fuck of the day.

He chuckled, bent down, gave her a kiss and then went off to grab some water for them both. Elizabeth stood as he returned with the glass of water, took a big gulp of water and sighed a happy release. The two looked intently at one another and without speaking a single word, they both were saying “this has been a fucking amazing second date!” Elizabeth took a few more sips of water, moistening her parched mouth, and then set the glass down before gathering her remaining things and heading towards the door. She looked at Kyle, smiled at him, and they embraced in a comfortable hug. She leaned the side of her head on his chest and could feel his heart still beating strong. She really didn’t want to leave the comfort of his strong arms.

“Ugh, I really don’t want to go…” she muttered as they looked into one another’s eyes and locked lips again, in a now familiar passion. “But,” smooch, “I,” smooch, “really,” smooch, “have,” smooch, “to,” smooch, “go.” smooch she said, breaking for kisses in between each word.

“Meet up again sometime?” she asked, followed by another kiss.

“Definitely,” he responded as he lay another, passionate kiss on her lips.

He opened the door for her, she turned to leave and grabbed onto his hand, holding it as long as she could while slowly making her way out the door. She turned around for one final kiss and as they enjoyed this final make out session at the door where their date had started over 5 hours ago, Elizabeth was already anticipating their next date.


Elizabeth and Kyle’s stories continue in The Third Date

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