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The Secretary’s Desire

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Ashley sat at her desk, just outside the CEO’s office, reading through emails. She was a young girl of twenty-four who had been at the company since she first interned in high school. After working her way up, she was now the personal secretary to John Nelson, CEO and founder of SelfSufficient Inc., the now world leading prosthetics company.

The echo of footsteps came from the hall outside. Ashley knew it was John just by the sound and timing of them. She straightened herself up into a well-practiced, proper pose, emphasizing her chest.

“Good morning, Mr. Nelson.” Ashley warmly greeted him and smiled as he entered the room.

John Nelson was a tall man with light-brown hair and green eyes. He had good features and an attractive face the exuded a bit of mystery and aloofness. He was wearing his usual white company polo and khaki pants.

“Good morning, Ashley.” He replied, his voice a soft, comforting baritone. “Anything important?”

“Nothing urgent, sir. Ken wanted to talk to you about the gen two adapter.”

“Ah, alright. I’ll head down in a bit. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, sir.” Ashley smiled again as he stepped into his office and closed the door behind him. She waited a moment, then sighed. “Hm…”

Ashley quietly grumbled as she turned back to her screen. She drummed her prosthetic fingers on her desk as she thought. She felt that at this point, she had tried everything in the book. Her appearance was fine, a natural blonde with hazel eyes and cute features. She was thin, well proportioned, and exercised almost every day, giving her a nice tight body. Yet, John just did not seem to take notice.

The first thing Ashley ever did was tell John to his face she loved him. John brushed her off, saying she only felt that way because he had helped her, and he did not need anything in return. Ever since then, she had done everything she could to convince him it was more than that.

She tried baking sweets, but John did not like sugar. She gave him a personal card for every holiday and birthday, but John seemed unaware of what a holiday even was. He did not drink, so she could not get him to go to a bar. He also never went to parties that were not basically a casual business meeting. Ashley had gone through all normal means of showing affection.

Her flirting was subtle at first, but over the eight years it had escalated. Bumping and rubbing and turned into outright grabbing his crotch. Her provocative actions had reached the point where she was just short of lying on his desk naked with her legs spread, demanding he put his dick in her.

Ashley thought back for a moment. She actually had done that several times, but every single time John coincidently did not come into his office when he usually did. She ended up lying around for about an hour each time before giving up. Her extreme desire for John had greatly blurred the line in her head for what was appropriate or not, especially since John never said anything.

She put her right hand over her left, her fingers gently rubbing the subtle company emblem that was emblazoned on the top of her left hand. Having run out of options, she had began researching more extreme methods. Her research had led her into dangerous territory, and now she was looking at options to try and trigger John’s desire at a biological level.

One option which was to increase the amount of female pheromones she put out, but the only thing she could find to do that were suspicious pills sold online. Another theory that kept coming back to her was related to mating competition. Essentially, if a man saw an attractive mate being taken by another man, it would trigger them to take her back. It was like jealousy, but on a deep seated, genetic level. The desire was stronger in alpha males, which John undoubtedly was.

While it seemed absurd, she had tried some minor flirting with other men and it had actually gotten a few glances from him. She was convinced that John was subconsciously aware of her, and she had to make him realize it. What she needed to do was trigger his jealousy to make him realize that if he did not do anything, she may be lost to another man. She needed to make his genes tell his brain to stop being stupid and take her already. That he did desire her. She could not think of a measure more extreme than another man fucking her, and John seeing it.

“No, no no no no…” Ashley rubbed her eyes and shook her head. It was crazy, desperate, and the mere thought of a man other than John touching her made her feel gross. It was stupid. John was not a caveman, he was not going to come running over, fight the guy off, then take her away.

“Heh…” Ashley smiled to herself as she daydreamed about him doing exactly that.

Needing to use the bathroom, Ashley got up and headed out into the hall. As luxurious as his office was, there were no bathrooms on the top floor. It was because John was rarely up there, and the only reason he even made the place look nice was for media related things.

Ashley took the stairs down to the engineering floor. It was far larger hakkari seks hikayeleri than the upstairs, and she had been around it a few times, but did not go into it very often due to the bathrooms being in the hall. She was well acquainted with most the engineers, and liked them quite a bit. They were nice, but would tell strange jokes sometimes that she did not get at all.

She swung open the door and stepped in, chose her favorite stall, and relieved herself. It was a nice bathroom since the only two women on the top floors were her and the one newer engineering girl named Lily. Lily was not actually that new, as she had been there almost two years, but Ashley had barely ever had a chance to talk to her. Ashley sometimes wondered if Lily was avoiding her. She was friendly and polite when they did talk, but she always seemed to want to get away from Ashley as soon as possible. She found Lily to be somewhat odd in general, but nice.

Ashley cleaned herself and stood up right as someone else entered the bathroom. It had to be Lily. She opened her stall door right as Lily slammed the one next to her closed. Ashley almost laughed at how much of a rush she was in. Quite a strange girl in many ways.

Ashley approached the sink, but before she turned on the faucet she stopped. She glanced back at the bottom of the stall Lily was in. She could hear her pissing, but Lily was still standing. Ashley turned around and waited quietly. She began to think she had finally found the reason for Lily’s oddities.

“Phew…” Lily sighed from inside the stall. There was a rustling sound, a clack as the stall unlocked, then the door opened. Lily stepped out, quietly humming to herself.

Lily saw Ashley and froze. Her eyes went wide. She glanced at the stall, then back to Ashley. The two stared at each other in silence.

“Uh…” Lily fidgeted nervously. She was tall for a girl, with short cut hair that was so light it almost seemed silver. She had a pretty face, but nothing too special. The thing that always surprised Ashley was Lily’s body.

Her body was unreasonably sexy. Large firm tits that seem to just stay in place, a thin waist, shapely hips, and a thigh gap. She was incredibly fit too, and just by her forearms and neck Ashley could tell Lily was far more toned than her. She probably even had abs.

Lily was wearing a white company polo, which stretched tightly around her breasts, and instead of pants she wore a mid-thigh length skirt with skintight spats underneath that went down to her knees. Ashley always thought it was very sporty and tomboyish, but it looked really cute on Lily.

“H-hello… Ms. White.” Lily glanced at the exit door, wondering if she should just run.

Ashely stepped towards her, her eyes locked with Lily’s. She needed to know for sure.

“N-nice day?” Lily was starting to panic. She was sure Ashley had noticed.

Ashely slipped her hand under Lily’s shirt, and pressed her belly. She definitely had some nice, firm abs. Ashley gently rubbed her hand on them for a moment, admiring the girl’s hard body.

“Muh… Ms. White. I-I don’t think that appro-“

Ashley’s hand shot down into her spats, plunging into her crotch.

“Eep!” Lily grabbed Ashley’s arm, but it was too late.

“Ah ah ah!” Ashley’s gave a good squeeze. Lily winced and let go of her. “That’s better.”

Ashley looked down and peaked at what she was grabbing to confirm it.

“I knew it. You’re one of those funatari girls.” Ashley said.

“N-no…” Lily stammered.

“I have a penis and testicles in my hand, and yet you are clearly a woman.” Ashley stuck her hand down further, and Lily inhaled sharply as Ashley’s fingers brushed over her female parts. “Oh? Isn’t that a vagina? Should I just take a look?”

Ashley grabbed the waistband of Lily’s skirt with her prosthetic hand, and as she was about to yank it off, Lily grabbed it, stopping her.

“Wait!” Lily gasped as her fingers gripped the composite carbon fiber arm. She nervously mumbled and looked away. “It… It’s pronounced… futanari.”

Ashley drew her prosthetic arm back and Lily let go. Lily, unsure what to do, stared wide eyed at the top of Ashley’s head, unable to see further down due to her large breasts being in the way. She could feel her cock and balls pressing into Ashley’s forearm, and Ashley’s fingers were still touching her pussy.

“Yes, yes. A woman with both genitals.” Ashley said curiously, her lips slowly curling back into a strange smile. She paused for a moment, her fingers gently rubbing Lily’s labia as she thought. “That might work…”

“M-Ms. White. Mm… C-can you please… your hand…” Lily shivered.

Ashley slowly slid her arm out, then held up her hand, which glistened with a light coating of fluids.

“And it would seem you would be willing…” Ashley said as she stared at Lily’s fluids on her fingers.

Ashley went to the sink and began washing her hand. Her eyes stayed focused on Lily’s reflection in the mirror.

“If it’s a woman…” Ashley mumbled quietly to herself. “Yes… Not only would he be jealous, he may even want to dominate her, too. The urge to tame a rebellious woman. Two beautiful women. Jealousy. Ooh, the desire for a harem, too. All that at once would surely trigger his sexual desires.”

Lily stood frozen, staring at Ashley. Her heart was pounding, and she had no idea what was going to happen. Ashley was mumbling things she could not hear, and it was scaring her.

“Tomorrow, at two o’clock, you will come upstairs.” Ashley turned off the water. “We will go into Mr. Nelson’s office, and we will have sex.”

Lily’s jaw dropped, utterly shocked by the outrageous statement.

“W-what?” She gasped in confusion.

“Don’t be late.”

Ashley left the bathroom. The moment the door closed, Lily’s cock swelled right out of her spats, the tip reaching nearly up to her belly button. It had taken all of her willpower, but she had managed to hold herself back in front of Ashley. Now that Ashley was gone, Lily could not take it any longer.

Lily threw open the door to a stall and almost fell forward. She slid her spats down, which had become unbearably tight, and popped her skirt off. She leaned over the toilet, her arm against the wall, staring down and the massive, veiny cock arching up from her groin.

She felt like she was losing her mind. She wondered if all that really just happened. Ashley just demanded they have sex. The Ashley. The beautiful, sexy, tight bodied secretary Ashley. The Ashley that Lily avoided because she would get horny anytime she was around her. The Ashley she thought about while masturbating.

Lily was breathing hard, and she was so overwhelmed with arousal that she felt dizzy. She grabbed her cock and started stroking it, having never been so horny in her life. Ashley, the sexy Ashley, had just grabbed her dick and rubbed her pussy. Lily’s hand moved faster as she remembered the feeling of Ashley’s soft hand squeezing her cock and balls.

Lily imagined Ashley naked, her beautiful figure fully exposed. Ashley spread her legs and laid her light pink pussy bare. Lily’s hands gripped Ashley’s soft, supple thighs, and used them to pull herself inward. Her cock slowly moved closer and closer. Her glans kissed, then split Ashley’s tight little slit. Lily’s cock was slowly enveloped by Ashley’s tight, wet, hot pussy. Ashely wrapped her legs around Lily’s waist and pulled her further in, sliding Lily’s cock deeper into herself, inch by inch until she sunk right down to the base, Lily’s balls bouncing off her tight little tush.

“Nnn-guh! Ahnn…” Lily stifled her voice as she came hard, blowing her load into the toilet. She jerked and shook as the incredible orgasm rocked her body, her cock spewing endless amounts of cum. After what felt like forever, it finally ended, and a huge wave of relief settled in. She stayed still, trying to catch her breath while leaning over the toilet with her cock in hand, waiting for her body to calm down. She had never cum like that before.

As her reason returned, Lily realized what she had just done. She had masturbated in the bathroom at work. As a futanari, she had a fairly high libido, but she never could have imagined herself doing such a thing. Yet, Ashley coming on to her was so unexpected. It was too much, too fast, and she had completely lost control. She needed to cum. She needed to fuck. She needed to fuck Ashley.

Lily’s eyes went wide as she realized that tomorrow, that was actually going to happen.

“A real… pussy.” She mumbled. It was not just a real pussy, it was Ashley’s pussy. The pussy Lily desired most.

Lily glanced down at the huge load she had let out in the toilet. She reached over and flushed it. The thick goopy mess slowly disappeared.

“She… she has to know, right?” Lily whispered to herself, wondering if Ashley was aware of just how much a futanari girl could ejaculate. “Wait, I can’t get a condom in time!”

Futanari had only started being born in the last twenty or so years, and since most of them were still young and their numbers were not that great, the market had yet to catch up. Even the largest condoms sold in stores easily burst from the volume of Lily’s load, and none of them were even big enough to fit her in the first place. She had to special order them online, but she could not get them before tomorrow. She also did not have any on hand because she had never needed one. She wondered if Ashley had some, but it seemed extremely unlikely they were her size.

While bursting with anticipation, the more Lily thought about Ashley, the more confused she became. She had never heard anyone say anything about Ashley being a slut, in fact it seemed to be the opposite, yet she just groped her and demanded sex. Whenever Ashley was brought up, all the other engineers would laugh about how cute and innocent she was, and how she did not understand the dirty jokes they made. Lily was pretty sure they were not lying, and began to wonder what was driving Ashley to do this.

Lily let go of her cock and stood quietly for a few more minutes before heading back to work. Concerned as she was, her dick did not care. It wanted to fuck Ashley, no matter what.

The next day, Lily arrived and proceeded to work as usual, or at least as much as she could. She was exhausted and had barely slept. Half of it was the anticipation for today, and the other half was that she could not stop masturbating. Ashley groping her yesterday had lit a fire in her loins she could not put out. She did not know how many times she came, but it was above ten. Even now, she was still somewhat aroused. It was taking all her concentration not to think about Ashley.


Lily jerked up from her computer, startled by the sound of someone snapping their fingers. It was Ken, the lead engineer.

“Lily, you okay?” Ken asked. He spoke sternly, but his tone betrayed his laid-back personality. He could see bags under Lily’s eyes, and she looked somewhat pale. “You look exhausted. What’s going on?”

“I, er…” Lily glanced around, trying to think of an excuse. “Uh…”

There was a silence as Lily failed to say something. All she could do was stare vacantly at Ken.

“Did something happen?” He asked seriously.

“K-kind of.” Lily mumbled, adverting her eyes.

“Do you need to be somewhere else?”

“No! No, it’s nothing that serious! Not at all!”

Ken stared at her for a moment.

“Well, alright. You just don’t usually look like this, so I was a bit worried.” Ken relaxed, and crossed his arms. “Feel free to take a break today, nap, do whatever. Denny and Cal are reworking some designs. Where are you at?”

Ken leaned over and looked at Lily’s monitors, reading them over for a minute.

“Wow, you’ve been cranking through that. Looks like you already ported over the gen one reference for the shoulder and elbow adapters.”

“Yes, I’ve fixed what I could and marked the things that just don’t translate over.” Lily pointed at the screen.

“Don’t worry, it’s a rough draft. These are direct connections to nerves, so many, many people will be rechecking it more times than you can count.”

“Okay.” Lily nodded.

Ken leaned back, watching Lily for a moment as she stared at the screen, doing nothing.

“You sure everything’s alright?”

“Yeah, just…” Lily was distressed. Ashley’s behavior had left her thoroughly confused, and she did not know how to handle it. “Can I ask you something? About Ms. White?”

“Ashley? Sure.”

“What is with her?” Lily asked, exasperated.

“Tch, ha ha ha ha!” Ken cracked a smile and shook his head as he laughed. “So that’s what happened.”

Lily was surprised by the response.

“Did you finally see her do something to John?”

“Y-yes.” Lily lied, hoping to get more information.

“That girl has been doing everything in her power to get with John since the day she joined the company.”

“She has?” Lily was surprised. She had heard that Ashley had been there eight years, so it would seem she had been unsuccessful so far. Lily wondered if she was a gold digger.

“Oh yeah.” Ken nodded.

“But to do things like… that… Does no one care?” Lily asked, fishing for more.

“Are you kidding?” Ken laughed. “I wish her the best of luck every day. John’s an amazing man, but he has been single his entire life and wouldn’t recognize an interested woman if she grabbed him by the dick. Which Ashley does a lot.”

“Oh…” Lily said, stunned. Ashley had been doing the same thing to John for a while, so it was no wonder she seemed so casual about it. It even seemed a few people know about it.

“Yeah, I think he has some sort of issue understanding relationships. Not sure, but if there’s a girl who can break through it, it’s Ashley. Of course, she has been trying for years. I do worry she will eventually snap and try something a little too crazy.”

“Heh, yeah…” Lily chuckled awkwardly.

“But don’t worry about it. She does stuff like that all the time and all the engineers know about it. It’s nothing to lose sleep over.”

“Okay…” Lily mumbled. “Well, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I’m going to go check on the other guys.”

Ken left, and Lily leaned back in her chair. Ashley was going after John, so Lily wondered where she fit into that. Why would Ashley want to have sex with her in John’s office? After so long, did Ashley finally snap? If what Ken said was true, this all might be some convoluted plan to get John.

Lily’s head drooped, and she let out a deep, exhausted sigh. She felt conflicted and almost depressed about the situation. Ashley was probably just using her in some way to get John.

“I like John, too…” She mumbled quietly to herself. As a futanari, Lily felt the natural pull towards both sides. She was attracted to Ashley, and while she desired nothing more than to fuck Ashley like crazy, the woman in her yearned for John. John was stoic and strong, unphased by the doubters he had now proven wrong. He was the one who inspired her to get to where she was today. He was a modern day pioneer, and his company had advanced prosthetics at least a hundred years. They were not even prosthetics anymore, that was just what people were used to calling them. They were bionics, and Ashley’s arm was a premier example of that.

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