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The Storm

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I pull into Little Owl campgrounds on a beautiful summer afternoon. Dragonflies land on the surface of the lake and cicadas drone sight unseen. I take a deep breath and tilt my face to the sun. It’s a good day to be outside.

It’s Jace’s birthday weekend, and I’m bringing a case of wine for the festivities. He’s one of my biggest buyers so I want to pop by with a gift. I also have a little bit of a crush on him. He runs a well-curated beer and wine store in Olde Towne, and I always make sure to personally deliver his orders.

His site is about half a mile up the mountain, and my arms are killing me by the time I hear their laughter. Jace and some other guys are sitting in foldable camping chairs, and there are hot dogs on the grill. He’s wearing a cheap plastic crown and Mardi Gras beads.

Jace waves his arms like he’s trying to bring in an airplane.

“Shelley!” he shouts. “Hey girl! What are you doing here?”

I reach the circle and set my box down with the rest of the alcohol. I wipe the sweat off my forehead with the back of my arm.

“My vineyard is just down the road so I thought I’d drop something off for the party. I brought you guys a case of the 2015 chard.”

“You are the best, I love that year! I can’t invite you to stay because we’re having a boys weekend, but you should totally have a drink before you go.”

I pretend to consider his offer.

“Well, as long as I’m not intruding…”

“Not at all, come sit down!”

I pour everyone a red Solo cup of wine and introduce myself, but there’s seven of them and I can’t remember anyone’s name. A guy with short dreadlocks fixes me a hot dog with onions and relish, and I sit down on a stump next to Jace.

We hang out and chat for a couple hours, with Jace’s friends telling me plenty of embarrassing stories from various phases of his life. My favorite involves him getting drunk and breaking into a petting zoo to steal a goat. He somehow ended up with a giant rabbit instead. I’m not really clear on the details.

The rain comes out of nowhere and falls in sheets. We grab a couple bottles and dash inside the biggest tent. We sit in a circle and pass around the tequila.

“Man, the rest of the food is gone,” says a guy whose name I think is Henry. “Bye-bye, hot dogs.”

“Burgers, too,” dreadlocks says.

“Let’s play truth or dare,” Jace says. “Howie, truth or dare.”

“Dare, bitch. Hit me.”

“I dare you to take a shot and do the ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ song. With the dance.”

Howie hobbles his way through the number as we laugh and cheer. He trips and falls near the end so we let the rest slide.

“Luis, truth or dare?”


“Give Jace a birthday abidinpaşa escort lap dance.”

“Goddamnit, dude.”

Jace sits in the middle of the circle and we hoot and holler as Luis puts on a jokey performance. He takes off his shirt, spins it in the air, and throws it at Howie. He wiggles his ass in front of Jace, and Jace spanks him. We give him a round of applause as he sits back down.

“Cameron, truth or dare? Don’t you fucking say truth.”

“Fine. Dare.”

“Give Jace a lap dance.”

Everyone laughs and cheers again. Jace groans and gets back in the center. Cameron thrusts his junk in his face as Jace tries to duck out of the way, and someone makes porny background music with his mouth. Howie opens a bottle of raspberry vodka and that joins the rotation too.

“Wine lady, truth or dare?”

“Dare. And that’s Ms. Wine Lady to you.”

“Ms. Wine Lady. I dare you to give Jace a lap dance.”

More cheers. I pry off my wet sneakers and take a swig of tequila.

“Y’all better watch out, I took two years of modern dance.”

Someone drops a beat and I dance. At first I goof around, shaking my ass and doing the running man and stuff like that. Then I see how Jace is looking at me. With stars in his eyes.

My movements become slinky, seductive. I lace my fingers together and slither like a belly dancer. Jace smiles and puts his hands on my hips. I move closer and he nuzzles his face into my crotch. I roll my body into him like waves on the ocean.

The tent is dead silent except for the torrents of water bearing down on the roof. I sit in Jace’s lap. I lean back on both hands, shake out my hair, and grind. He runs his finger down the center of my chest and unbuttons my cutoffs. The denim and the fabric of my underwear gather between my plump labia and I feel the air on my skin.

Jace unties my halter top and pulls down the front. My breasts are still wet with rain. He sucks and licks my nipples and they get hard in his mouth. I rub my crotch against his erection. He unzips my shorts.

I stand and strip away my clothes. The guys keep passing the bottles. I take off Jace’s crown and place it on my head.

Staring deep into his eyes, I touch myself. I feel the curve of my neck, the swell of my breasts, the rough texture of my taut areolas. I squeeze and knead my vulva. I dip my fingertips inside.

I get down on all fours and circle him like a cat. I suck and bite his earlobes and smell his skin. I take off his shirt and inspect his body. I straddle him from behind and run my fingers through his hair. He reaches behind his back and caresses my ass.

I take off his shoes and altındağ escort socks. I take off his jeans. I take off his boxers. He’s uncut and spectacular. I toss the crown to the side. I lick his hard cock and take him in my mouth. He pushes down on the back of my head. His whole body stiffens.

“Oh, Shelley…”

I balance with one hand and put the other on the small of his back. He squeezes me between his thighs. I suck hard and massage his shaft with the broad part of my tongue. He absently rubs my head.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop…”

I carefully work a finger into his asshole and press against his prostate. He grabs a fistful of hair and holds on tight. I fingerfuck him and tickle his frenulum with the tip of my tongue. He thrusts into my mouth and hits the back of my throat until I gag.

Jace moves away and I lie down on my back. The rough plastic ground covering rustles and shifts under me. He kneels, hooks my feet behind his head, and bends forward. He enters me deeply.

“Oh God, yes,” I moan. “Just like that.”

He pins my arms above my head and I writhe under his body. I squeeze my ankles together to hold on, and his dick rubs against my clitoris. I feel like he could split me into pieces. He watches my face as I shudder and shake in ecstasy.

“Oh my God, yes, yes, yes,” I pant. “I’m cumming, don’t stop…”

Jace fucks me so hard that he looks like he’s about to cry. His sweat drips onto my slick skin.

I cry out and try to grab onto Jace’s back. My fingers slip off. He ejaculates onto my stomach in long, heavy spurts. Gravity pulls it down the sides of my body. He wipes me off with his T-shirt and kisses me sweetly. I can see out of the corner of my eye that some of the guys are touching themselves under their clothes. I kiss him back.

It’s damp and steamy inside the tent, and condensation drips down the walls. It’s still raining. I haven’t climaxed yet, and it burns inside me. I don’t care that everyone is watching. I grind my pussy against him. I kiss his neck.

Jace starts to swell again. He rubs against me in rhythm with the rain and kisses the side of my face. I slowly run my hands over his back and moan softly. He enters me. I close my eyes.


“Look at me,” he whispers into my ear.

I look at him. He’s looking at me. He props up his leg and changes his angle. I gasp. I don’t look away. I grab the back of his head and he fucks me passionately until I cum. My back is red and sore from rubbing against the plastic.

Jace pulls out and he’s still hard. He sits down, exhausted. Someone passes him the vodka and me the tequila. I drink.

I roll onto my bahçelievler escort stomach and prop myself up on my elbows. Luis is staring right at me. He smiles. I cross my legs at the ankles and give him the bottle. He takes a swig and passes it on. Everyone else has resumed their conversations but he only has eyes for me.

I press my breasts together, smirk, and beckon him with my finger. He crawls over and touches his lips to mine. We kiss for fifteen, twenty minutes before anyone notices.

Someone I can’t see kisses the back of my thighs, the slope of my ass, the small of my back, all the way up my spine. It’s the man with the dreadlocks, I think his name is Mal. I move my face toward his.

Mal slides in easily. I sigh. He lies on top of me, with one arm around my waist and the other supporting his weight. Luis teases my lips with his fingertips. Mal licks my ears and fucks me languorously. The air is steamy. The rain waxes and wanes.

One guy takes his dick out, then everyone does. Luis lightly brushes my nipples and tastes my skin. He lies on his back and sucks my breasts.

Jace stands while pleasuring himself and puts the crown back on my head. He slides his fingers in and out of my mouth and I wrap my tongue around them. He kneels in front of me and I lick the underside of his shaft. I bob up and down and I can taste myself on his cock.

I rub my crotch against the textured plastic and Mal fucks me harder. Luis squeezes my breasts with both hands. The tent is like a sweat lodge. I’m getting dizzy. I hold onto Jace’s muscular thigh and keep sucking.

Mal cums inside me and cleans it up with Jace’s stained T-shirt. I can hear him struggle to his feet. Someone else gets undressed. His cock forces more semen down my thigh as he enters me. Luis pleasures himself as he sucks my nipples. He bites my skin while he climaxes. I suck harder and Jace cums in my mouth. I swallow it down.

The other guy pulls me into his lap. It’s Cameron. He kisses me deeply. I grab the back of his neck, he holds my waist, and we scissor hard. I scream his name.

I lie back and he presses down on my chest with his palm to hold me still while he fucks me. I grip his forearm with one hand and rub my clit with the other. He grunts and moans. The perspiration in his hair falls onto my face and rolls into my mouth.

The guy with short blonde hair moves my fingers to the side and pleasures me himself. One hand presses on my pelvis, and the other tickles my clitoris. Luis kisses me, and I’m silenced by his tongue. I seize Cameron’s arm with both fists. I hold tight as I climax. Another mouth, a new set of hands. Another tongue.

I don’t know how long we’re in there for. It’s so hot, and it feels like a dream. But eventually we notice that the rain stopped. Everyone shambles out into the fresh air except for me and Jace. We snuggle up next to each other in the sleeping bag while the party rages outside.


Originally published in “Stories To Bang By, Vol. 14: Fireworks”

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