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The Taxi Driver_(1)

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Masood, a 40 year old Pakistani pulled his taxi up in front of the address that the dispatcher had given him. It was 2am and this would probably be the last fare of the night. Then he would turn in the cab and go home to his wife and children, who would already be sound asleep. He gave the horn a short blow to let the person know that he was there.

Two young men came out of the house. They had a young woman between then and they were having to help her walk. They opened the back door and half dumped her onto the seat. “She had a little too much to drink.” One of the guys gave Masood a twenty and told him the address to take her to.

Masood looked back, the woman, she looked more like a girl, was awake but slumped in the seat. She was small. She was wearing a short skirt that was pulled up to where it almost exposed her crotch. She had on a thin blouse with a large open neck line. The blouse was disorganized to the point that one of her small snow white breasts was almost fully exposed. Masood asked if she was alright and she replied, “Fuck ya, I’m just great. That was one fucking great party.”

The cab pulled out and headed toward the address Masood was given. A couple minutes into what was going to be about a ten minute trip, the girl said, in a very drunkenly slurred voice, “Shit, I’ve got cum leaking out of my cunt and asshole and it is getting all over your seat. Those fuckers kept my panties and bra. I’m sorry, Mister.” Masood did not like the idea of having to clean up her sexual leftovers before he turned in his cab but worse things had had to be cleaned up in the past. He hated cleaning up puke the most. “That’s OK lady. I’ll get you home safe.”

Masood had seen good things too. bursa escort He had watched several blowjobs; one couple actually gave him a fifty dollar tip and then fucked while he was driving them. They said that they had always fantasized about doing that. He had also watched one woman eating out another woman. Driving a cab in the USA was an interesting job, especially the night shift in the big city.

The girl pulled up her skirt. “Look Mister. Look at the mess those four guys made of my cunt.” Masood looked in the mirror and saw her hairy crotch just soaked with gobs of cum.” The girl giggled, “Made you look!” Masood looked back at the road. The girl pulled down on her blouse till her B-cup tits popped out of the neckline. Masood saw her in the mirror and she saw him looking. “Ha Ha, Made you look again. Do you like my tits?” “They are very nice Miss. We are almost at you address, then you can go in and get some sleep. You will feel better in the morning.”

“My cunt still wants to be fucked more. Will you fuck me, Mister? I hope you’ve got a big cock. I like big cocks. I’ll suck it first to get you good and hard.” “Here we are, Miss. You need a good sleep. Your friends paid for the ride. Have a good night, Miss.” The girl opened the cab door. “Party pooper.” When she got out of the cab she tripped and fell. Masood jumped out of his cab and ran to her and helped her up. Except for a small scrape on one knee, she looked to be unhurt. She grabbed his crotch. “I’m glad you changed your mind. I’m going to fuck you good.” She started pulling him toward her front door by his male package.

At this point Masood surrendered to his male desires and let her lead him into her apartment. As bursa escort bayan soon as the door had shut behind them, she dropped to her knees in front of him, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his zipper and pulled his pants and shorts to the floor in one fast motion. Masood had had a hard on during the entire trip and now his brown erection pointed straight at this young stranger’s face. Masood’s manhood was only about five and a half inches long but it was very thick. He could not reach all the way around it.

His dick was hard as oak. The girl put her hand around it. “Fuck, that thing is massive. I’ve never had a cock that big. I don’t know if I can get it in my mouth.” But she did. Her lips stretched tightly around his shaft and soon her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Her head bobbed up and down along the massive shaft and her tongue rubbed the sensitive spot under the head. Masood felt her tight lips jacking off his member and his cockhead rubbing against the back of her mouth. It felt wonderful.

After a couple minutes, she pulled off, “I want that cock in my pussy now. I want to be fucked by it, fucked hard. Let’s go to my bed.” She held him by the cock and he followed her to her bedroom. She lay on her back on her bed. Masood leaned over and nursed on her tits. Her tits were not big but she had large erect nipples. She moaned with pleasure as he sucked.

Masood noticed that she stopped moaning and moving. He looked at her and saw that she had passed out. He thought about leaving but his cock very badly needed relief at this point. He rolled her over and put her so her feet were on the floor and her chest was on the bed. He spread her legs apart and looked at her two holes. There escort bursa was still cum visible although it was starting to dry. Masood made a decision. His wife liked sex but did not ever let him butt fuck her. She said that hole was for out only.

Masood took his brown tool in his hand and placed the purple tip at her puckered asshole. It was still slightly open from what she had done earlier that evening. With one hard determined shove, Masood buried his thick brown pecker fully in the unconscious girl’s rectum. It was an effort to get it in her tight hole. If he had been any thicker, he thought that he would have split her open. God, it was wonderfully tight around his massive meat. Even passed out he heard her let out one moan as he penetrated her ass. Masood slammed his cock in and out of her rearend as hard and as fast and as deep as he could. He could not remember enjoying fucking this much unless it was the first time he had ever done it. His older sister had taught him about fucking back in Pakistan.

He did not last very long before he was pumping what felt like gallons of his seed deep in her ass. Three, four jets of sperm filled her behind. He kept stroking his dick in her ass till it started to lose its erection. Then he pulled out and watched his spunk running out of her widely stretched ass hole. Masood pushed her back up onto her bed and covered her with a sheet.

He went to her bathroom and washed up so that if his wife woke when he came home, she would not feel or smell anything that would let her know what he had done. Then he left the apartment, locking the door behind him and returned the cab to the cab garage. He got in his own car and drove home and enjoyed a good sleep.

About a week later, the dispatcher said that he had a pick-up that had asked specifically for him. He looked at the address and it was her address.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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