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The Thrust , Grind of Business

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The Sequel to a Memorable Lunch

The blonde personal assistant looked up from her desk as I walked through the door. Looking at me she rose and ushered me to the door and after a quick knock she allowed me to enter. You stood as I entered and the assistant closed the door softly and firmly. Looking at you again I was reminded how sexy you looked. My cock twinged to remember how we had played together at our lunch as I looked at you and you licked your lips most provocatively.

As before you wore a suit, this one was black though the skirt was shorter being mid-thigh length, showing off your wonderful legs and sheer black stockings. The jacket was buttoned up since you wore no shirt under it. Taking me by the hand you took me over to a comfortable chair at a table before a screen and you sat on the table before me. As you did so your skirt rode up and exposed naked skin and a suspender belt. I reached to you and touched your thighs opening your legs as I pressed my lips to yours.

Your mouth opened and my tongue slipped into your mouth and we kissed passionately. Breaking apart you began to talk about projected earnings and profit sharing. As you did so you undid my buttons on my jacket that you removed expertly, then as you reached to the table to start the power-point presentation you had prepared I opened your jacket to find the lacy bustier underneath. I touched your breasts as I kissed your neck and you growled as you ripped open my shirt and discussed production costs. Somehow I found myself answering your questions as you ran your tongue over my nipples that were hard and sensitive.

The black jacket slipped to the floor and I pulled down the bustier’s straps exposing canlı bahis creamy breasts topped with a brown nipple. My fingers began to pinch the flesh of your tits and it rose quickly s you bit sharply into my nipple. I pushed you back into the sofa and as you muttered about pie charts took a nipple between my teeth grazing it gently. My fingers tweaked and twirled the other nipple and your hands undid my trousers and you pressed your hand against my erect cock, the cloth of my shorts wet with my precum.

You slipped from my embrace and rested between my legs as you drew off my trousers and shorts exposing my cock to your eyes. I felt your fingers run through the hair around my cock and balls. Then I felt your soft breath as you licked the head of my cock, I groaned as your tongue slipped along the slit at the head of the cock and under the ridge of the head. Your fingers wrapped about the throbbing meat as you slipped your lips over the head.

As your fingers pulled the foreskin down and your lips slipped across the sensitive flesh I held my hand against your head and pushed you down. Before me was a kaleidoscope of colorful cost projections and profits as my fingers ran through your hair. I felt your tongue press deliciously against my cock and the suction of your breath. My cock struck the flesh of your cheek and you began to bounce your head up and down my cock.

I gasped for air as you sucked expertly on the hard flesh in your mouth. I was able to look down at your head and I saw that your skirt hiked up about your hips and your hand firmly beneath your thighs. As I thought of your fingers pumping into your wet pussy combined with the feel of your lips pressing on my cock bahis siteleri I felt the familiar tightness in my balls and I panted as I shot my cum through my cock. Cum filled your mouth and I held your mouth so that I could shoot my load into it. As I did this I felt you swallow the bitter liquid.

Finally I could shoot no more and my rapidly softening cock slipped from your mouth. I stirred and lifted my body from chair and with trousers about my ankles I pushed you into the chair and muttered something about equal shares into your ear as I knelt before you and pushed a leg over the chair and exposed your pussy to my delighted gaze. I admired the swollen lips that appeared beneath a well cared for pubic bush. I saw your clit peeking out from the hood above the ridges and valleys of your lips. The smell of your juice filled my nostrils and I pulled the chair to me. You groaned as my lips grazed yours and my tongue slipped between them.

Now it was my turn to have your hands comb and pull at my hair as you pressed my mouth harder against your pussy. My tongue explored your hot hole. I slid along and into your pussy until I touched your clit, the merest flick onto your nub made you cry out as you came. Juice spilled from your lips over my chin and I lapped it up as a cat will lap up cream. The taste of you made me work harder and you continued to cry with your passion and pleasure as I concentrated my tongue against your clit.

All the time I was doing this I touched and stroked my cock until I was hard and ready for you. Satisfied I rose from the floor and grabbing hold of you I pushed you onto the glass table next to us. Perhaps the demonstration was continuing but we neither bahis şirketleri cared or wanted to care about that as we enjoyed the feel of each others bodies.

Turning you around I pushed your body and naked breasts onto the table and parted your legs so that your wet pussy was available. If someone had been beneath the table they would have seen your breasts and brown nipples crushed against the glass and your passion crazed face. Then you groaned happily as I slid my cock deeply into you. I slowly filled your body as I reached forward and lifting you took your breasts into my hands. Your head thrashed wildly and you screamed with lust as I tweaked and twisted your nipples. Kissing the nape of your neck I slowly slipped from you only to at the very end thrust a short sharp stroke that stole your breath.

Somehow I found the strength of mind to alternate short thrusts with long strokes that excited you but did not give you an orgasm. I felt more than saw your hand slip to your clit and when you found it I felt your pussy spasm in much needed orgasm. That seemed to be the signal for me and I now thrust my cock into you. My thrusts sharp and hard and you came and came. Each thrust seemed to make you cum and brought me closer to my climax. As I approached my orgasm my breath shortened and I gasped for air until I felt the tickle of the contraction of my balls.

There was the familiar rush as I came and I groaned with deep pleasure as I came in your pussy. It passed quickly but I was satisfied and I slipped from your cum covered lips to stand my body naked from the waist down over you almost naked save from your open shirt and hiked up skirt.

Before we could continue there was the sound of shattering glass as your personal assistant stood at the doorway the shock plainly visible on her face as she looked at us. At her feet the cups of coffee making a dark puddle. Swearing we tried to dress quickly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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