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The Totem

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The Totem

At 9:30 that Saturday morning with the thermometer reading 84 degrees, Jerry Larson spread out the padded shooting mat on the rise overlooking Mr. Lutz’ freshly-baled hay field. Below the rise and to the west the clear cut stretched for eight hundred yards nearly to the pear orchard of off the West Helmond Road. Since the unofficial start of the chuck season on Memorial Day, Larson never overlooked the expansive swatch of green that bordered the orchard.

The six AM weather forecast promised rain and a possible thunder storm by the evening.

From his vantage point Jerry dialed up the Bushnell spotting scope to 30X and glassed the hillside below for a target.

Four hundred and fifty seven yards from the muzzle of the heavy barreled rifle a fat woodchuck made a fatal mistake when it popped out from its den for a look. Jerry rested the wide forearm of the custom stocked Santa Barbara Mauser on a sandbag and took several deep breaths. With the .25/06 dead-on at 300 yards, Jerry placed the cross hair eight-and-a-half inches above the head of the chuck.

Janet Carter had turned down the whole-house AC an hour ago. She made her way out to the yard after confirming the time her cousin expected to visit with a phone call to the Dunkirk plant.

“Just David and I,” Janet said gleefully.

The report of the rifle held Janet Carter’s attention for a moment. Gunfire was not an unusual sound around Clymer, New York. The boom of long range rifles came with the territory; the rolling hills and agreeable landowners looking to control the rodent population.

Janet turned back to the page in the book in her lap without giving the intrusion another thought.

With the sound of a second shot some twenty minutes later, Janet took to her bare feet. She found the flagstone beneath her feet too hot to handle and two-stepped onto lush green lawn in need of a trim. She looked about. She saw no one. Larson was well camouflaged and prone, invisible to the woman.

“A gift,” she offered boldly to the gentle breeze that ruffled the pages of her paperback and lifted the long strawberry-blonde hair from her shoulders. She undid the multitude of ties on the top of her pink two-piece then lifted the back rest of the chaise lounge higher by two notches.

Janet set her six foot frame into dent she had left in the cushion. She placed the nearly weightless cover in her fingers on the flagstone and offered pale breasts to the morning sun.

Larson pointed the spotting scope into the westerly breeze and was treated to a spectacle unlike any the sixteen year old had ever witnessed from his current vantage point. Janet applied sunscreen to her belly and her breasts. She worked the lotion over and over the plump perfection until arousal stormed out of the darkness. Her hips twisted and twisted and rose up to meet her satisfaction the likes of which she had not experienced for a time too long. The pleasure refused to light until Janet slipped her right hand by the waist of her bikini bottom and pressed her fingers to her clitoris and the slivery petals of her vulva.

Young master Larson watched on and off for an hour before Mrs. Carter decided whoever watched over her had been given enough of a view. The lady rose up from the chaise and made her way across the lawn to the back door of the raised ranch. Help was scheduled to make an appearance at 2:30 if all went well and Janet wished to look presentable yet appealing.

David Schaefer finished the mowing in record time by Janet’s watch.

“That,” she looked over the two acres of lush green, “usually takes me an hour longer.”

For a thousandth time David envied his cousin’s husband while he enjoyed the rewards for his labor. Janet came at him with a cold long-necked High Life and the view of his provider in cutoffs trimmed very short and a clingy beige halter sweated firmly to her luscious chest.

David Schaefer is an engineer at the Dunkirk steam generating station. The station is coal-fired power plant. David had been busy at the plant working on the planned conversion from coal to natural gas.

Janet saw the smirk on David’s mouth. She reminded herself silently, don’t ask if you already know the answer but she asked just the same; “What?”

“Just enjoying the view and making some quick calculations, Janet. 34C, right?”

“The number’s right, but you’re off by a letter or two, David.”

“Up or down?” David asked.

With the question posed, Janet brought the beige cloth to her chin and provided David an additional reward for his handiwork. Thumb-sized teats surrounded by rose colored halos only a millimeter or two larger were dwarfed by the plump magnificence of Janet’s chest.

“Double D’s, David,” Janet announced, “And they’re all mine.”

“You shouldn’t do that out here, the neighbors will talk, Janet,” David teased. Her nearest neighbor was a half-mile away.

“I’d like to give them something to talk about, David. Interested?”

Janet has never been so bold without her husband on hand to protect her when she spoke out-of-turn, maltepe escort sometimes after too many beers, sometimes just because she enjoyed the startled look on men’s faces. Over the last eleven years her indiscretions were many. Married life and three daughters had not yet harnessed Janet’s free spirit.

Her cavalier attitude continued when David said nothing to slow the progression she had in mind.

With the heels of her Converse high-tops on the cushioned seat of the wrought iron chair opposite David’s, she parted her knees, from David’s prospective quite invitingly.

David pulled away his sweat stained tee shirt and tossed the damp cloth over the back of the empty lawn chair to his right. Hope glimmered in Janet’s brown eyes after she made a quick inspection from across the way.

“Are you trying to entice me, David?”

“Actually, it’s hot, Janet, and that shirt stinks.”

Janet took his ambiguous answer to be justification for whatever came of their time together and looked about. Toys and lawn furniture were scattered around the patio proper.

“Just have to set everything in its place and we’re done. Again, thank you. I’d be at this until dark without you, David.”

David sat quietly while Janet stewed. At the age of thirty-four she struggled with sexuality often out of control. Today the pungent scent of her cousin’s sweat was not making things any easier.

Janet looked to the fine blonde hairs on his broad chest. She saw the sweat beading there.

The intimidating chirping of several chickadees at the bird feeder broke the spell and pulled her eyes from his flesh to the stand of pear trees that form the boundary with Lutz’ farm land to the east of the fresh mown lawn. The birds’ chatter muddled the lady’s thoughts.

Janet reached down and popped open the yellow cooler on the flagstone beside her chair. A plump breast, the left swung free of her loosely tied halter.

“You’re showing again, Janet,” David said.

“Help,” she said. She held up the two clear bottles and waited for his reaction.

David’s smirk preceded his slow step across the patio. He reached out and hefted her breast a heartbeat too long and he was smitten.

“Did you feel that?”



David felt Janet’s heart thumping when he pressed her nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

“Well?” she said anxiously.

Unsure, David tucked her breast into her halter and took a step back with one of the bottles Janet held.

Over the course of that afternoon and three beers down, David’s thoughts meandered. He noted again the cut of her shorts an inch above the divide where her muscled thighs joined that beautifully rounded ass. He looked to the thin beige cloth at her chest and cursed himself for his quick action earlier; should have taken advantage of the situation.

Janet watched as the sweat continued to bead on David’s chest.

I am still in control, she lied to herself.

“Would you care to shower, David?”

“Will you join me?”

“I…” Hesitation silenced the woman but for a moment.

“I’m not sure that would be wise, David.”

“Wise has nothing to do with what I’m feeling,” he said sounding quite sophisticated.

“Funny guy,” was all she said in response to his offer.

The conversation took a turn and the tension diminished somewhat.

The kids… The weather… The proposed sale of the farm… if the right buyer came along…

And then Janet misspoke and mentioned, “The kids are with my parents until Sunday, David…and Bobby won’t be back from Old Forge until Tuesday…”

“So what do I tell, Margaret? Why I won’t be home tonight?”

The glimmer in David’s blue eyes warmed her belly and the workings beneath her taut skin.

“She’s your girlfriend. You’ll know what’s best.”

David’s silence confused. She looked away distressed by the wetness.

The wetness! He’ll see.

Janet lowered her high-tops slowly to the flagstone and brought her knees together.

“It’ll be dark in a few hours. Let’s arrange the lawn furniture before I get myself in trouble.”


“Yes?” Janet asked.

“We’re already in trouble.”

David took her hand and pressed her fingers to the front of his jeans.

“The furniture first, David…”

A slate-topped table was the final piece in the arrangement that kept the danger at bay. The table weighed well over a hundred pounds. A plastic ball bat David had retrieved from the lawn stood tall, a totem from the hole at the center of the table meant to support the umbrella.

The yellow totem rose up twelve and a quarter inches from the gray slate table-top. The barrel of the totem measured two and three-quarters at its thickest.

“How did you move this?”

“Sheer muscle, Janet,” David answered. He flexed his arm and a heated breeze filled her lungs and bathed her senses with his scent. Janet hurried away worried her weak knees might fail her in her flight. She reclaimed her chair on the patio and waited.

“I’m fine,” escort maltepe David said. He waved off another High Life Janet offered.

Janet took the long neck of the full bottle into her mouth deeper than needed David believed as she took that small swallow. He looked away and concealed the smile on his lips.

I’m losing him, Janet realized, it’s for the best.

Janet spied the wiffle-ball bat still centered in the top of the heavy slate table.

“Would you please get that thing out of there? It looks like an uncircumcised penis.”

“If you’re thinking horse cock,” David said. “And they don’t circumcise horses.”

“Actually horse cocks are much larger.”

“You would know something like that,” David quipped.

Janet laughed at the crude thought coursing through her head and blurted out, “Bobby comes close.”

“You’re not serious…”


“The size of your husband’s penis,” David said.

“Oh, that.” Janet eyed the plastic bat. “I thought you meant…,” her voice trailed off but David believed he understood the inference.

“And there was that time at Plum Brook…”

A smile creased David’s face from ear to ear.

So he remembers Janet believed.

“You were the first girl I ever saw naked. Real tits and that beautiful blonde bush…”

“As I recall you’re not all that small,” Janet said hoping to tempt David and drive the hook deep.

David was silent and Janet placed her right foot on the seat of his chair. Caught off guard, he flinched but was quick to take advantage of the placement of her foot. He slouched lower until the sole of Janet’s high-top rested firmly to his erection hardening slowly beneath the denim.

David closed his eyes and the smile on his mouth beckoned her question.

“What? Horse penis again?”

“No, Janet. I was thinking about something else.”

“Care to share?”

“It’s kind of sick, Janet.”

“Well now you must share, David. I’m very interested in sick.”

“Until I met Margaret I masturbated a couple times a week driven wild by the memory of you naked on the sand at Plum Brook.”

“While your confession flatters, I am also embarrassed. Still I’m thrilled to have been there for you if only in thought… to help you along, David,” Janet said.

David saw Janet eyeing the yellow ball bat and evil thoughts filled his head.

“I’ll have another beer now, if I may?”

It took half that third bottle to bolster David’s courage sufficiently to speak what he was thinking.



“It would never fit, right?”

Janet answered his question with both her fists raised level with her smile.

“Have you seen the size of a newborn’s head fresh from a woman’s vagina?”

“I can’t imagine…” David let the comment sink in while Janet pressed the sole of a high-top into the excitement he felt.

“Imagination also plays a part, David. That afternoon by the creek I wondered at Bobby’s ear and suddenly everyone is nude myself included.

“Bobby wanted you to come to our bed…to share me that night but I was frightened. Teen age old boys tend to talk.”

“I’m a ways passed sixteen, Janet,” David stammered. “And I will never say a word to anyone. No one will ever know.”

Have I crossed the line they both wondered silently?

“You should decide what you’re going to tell Margaret…if you stay the night,” Janet said as she lowered her high-top from the cushion on David’s chair and the zipper on the front of his jeans.

“You can come in my mouth, okay? But surprise me. Don’t say a word.”

Janet went to her knees only to discover desire had deserted her cousin. She stroked him until her arm ached without being rewarded for her trouble.

“I’m so sorry,” David said.

“It’s probably for the best, David.” She carefully returned his zipper to the starting position and her ass to the chair across from David.

“Have water if you’re thirsty, David, there may be hope for us.”

David stared over her shoulder and laughed.

Janet too understood and asked, “Will that arouse you?”

Panic gripped Janet when he answered, “Yes.”

Janet fled the scene as soon as the word left David’s lips. She had things to do in preparation for what was now inevitable.

David chose valor for the moment. Rather than pursuing, he gave Janet twenty to collect her wits.

David knuckled the screen door gently.

“Come in,” Janet called out.

Janet had the forethought to prepare herself should David come looking to make amends. She had exchanged the cutoffs and the beige halter for a yellow terry cloth robe; her weathered high-tops for wedge-heeled sandals strapped to her nicely turned ankles.

“You’re okay with this, David?”

“Yes,” came the expected response.

“There’s a container of ointment on the dresser in the bedroom at the end of the hall, Dad’s old room. I’ll be out in the yard. I’ll wait ten minutes, David. Otherwise…”

David’s badgering freed a long dormant desire Janet had been able to keep under maltepe escort bayan wraps for three long years. From where she stood there was no turning back from the pleasures she prayed they might share before morning glistened off the window of the bedroom on the first floor.

“No one will ever know.” David’s comment convinced Janet.

At the top of the back stairs Janet let the terry cloth slip from her shoulders. She and David came together at the foot of the stairs and she kissed him fiercely. Janet bloodied David’s lower lip before she pushed passed him out into the darkness.

Despite the blood drawn desire prevailed over propriety. David’s cock was rock-hard as he went after Janet.

David approached the patio with hope the pantomime begun that afternoon might play out. He caught a glimpse of Janet kneeling atop the slate topped table. She was facing away towards the flat land beyond the pear orchard just as low gray clouds stole the weak glow of the half moon and the stars.

A light drizzle came between the two of them and distorted the scene. The distance seemed to grow with the darkness and his anxiety. From across the yard the gray slate table was nearly invisible. Janet appeared to float a few feet over a sea of green. David shook off the doubts and took those last steps that put him within arm’s reach of his cousin.

Janet seemed oblivious to her surroundings and his presence as if in a trance until David held the jar of ointment inches from her brown eyes.

“Thank you, David. I want this and I can’t do it without you here to hold my hands,” Janet said as she rekindled David’s desire with a long wet kiss. She ignored the rain and the chill that settled on her skin.

“Do you think he’ll forgive us?”

“God?” Janet questioned solemnly.

“No, Janet, your husband.”

“First of all, this, what’s about to happen here never did, David. Okay?”

David nodded.

“Secondly, you have to help. I can’t open the jar with wet hands.”

“Tell me what to do, Janet,” he said after twisting the lid free of the plastic jar.

“Slather the surface of the bat with the jelly.”

David did as asked.

“Now take a fistful in your fingers and put your fingers in my vagina as deep as you can.”

Again David followed her directions to the letter until he heard Janet grunt.

“Deeper, David. It’s all right.”

Janet squirmed lower as he folded his thumb to the palm of his palm and pressed harder and deeper.

“Okay, that should do it. Now suck my nipples.”

Again, he did as asked.

“Harder, David.”

Janet swooned as David sucked tender flesh to the sharp edge of his teeth. Unsteady on the rain-slicked table top, she clutched the long blonde hair at the nape of David’s neck.

“Bite me, David. Bite me until you taste my blood on your tongue.”

David nipped her tender flesh with canines the broker the skin. Janet’s scream roared at David’s ear.

“Hurt me David the way you’ve always wanted to…the way I want you to now.,,

“Good,” Janet said as she pulled David’s mouth from her bloodied nipple.

“Now my belly, David,” Janet asked. She knelt tall on the table top and gave him access to that part of her anatomy. David marked her flesh with a sinister cruelty that surprised Janet. Her stomach was etched with a collection of red welts and teeth marks that tingled.

I have him right where he’ll do me good she realized. The time has come to finish him off and harden his desire. I want his penis in my body but first…

“Take my hands, David. Don’t let me fall.”

Janet flexed her legs and muscled herself taller atop the slate surface of the table. A single shaky step put her directly over the totem.

On the western horizon a distant flash illuminated the hill top tree line. The terrifying sizzle rolled over the hills and across the flat land.

“We should hurry, Janet.”

“Do you want this to happen, David?” Her question came to his ears with an edge not necessitating anger management therapy but sharp enough to grab hold of David’s attention and alerted him to the fact he’d misspoken.

“Yes, Janet.”

“This can’t be hurried.”

Janet’s calculations were precise. She had considered the diameter and the length of the totem before hand before making the obscene offer to David. The addition of the tall heels, also planned in advance gained for Janet the height needed to mount the totem.

“Hold me, David.”

Janet crouched lower. She grunted loudly as the blunt end of the totem slipped by her labia. The rain came, falling in sheets. By the time half the totem, more than six inches, vanished their blonde hair was soaked to their scalps.

“Stay with me, David,” she said when two more inches become one with her body.

Several minutes passed. Deep breaths allow another inch, then another. Janet screamed out the terror that racked her flesh as she held tight to David’s hands and worked her legs feverishly.

“Almost there, David. I can feel it.”

Janet took another inch into her body and still she was not yet whole.

“Oh, God. This hurts so good, David.”

The downpour turned torrential as Janet’s lovely bottom came in contact with the cold gray slate. Wind driven droplets stung her bruised belly and her bloody breasts.

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