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The Virtual Massage

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Lisa pulled up to the curb at the airport and popped the trunk for Darin to grab his luggage

“Thanks Babe, love ya, see you Friday”

He leaned over and grabbed the back of her head pulling her in close for a long hot, wet kiss. Before he opened the door he took an envelope out of his pocket and placed it on the console

“Don’t open this till bedtime” he said, and with another quick kiss he jumped out and closed the door behind him waving to her as he grabbed his luggage and slammed the trunk closed. Lisa waved back, blew him a kiss and looked down at the envelope, it read


In blue ink. Curious as hell she picked it up and held it to the sunlight to see if she could make anything out. “Damn” she said putting it back down on the console, it felt heavy.

Lisa finished a long day at work, hit the gym on her way home, a quick dinner, threw in some laundry, a glass of wine and Netflix then off to the tub. As she got undressed she remembered the envelope sitting on her nightstand, she took a sip of wine and opened the envelope.

Pulling out the neatly folded papers she began to read.

Hello Baby!

If you’re opening this before bedtime, you’ve been a good girl and you deserve something special, if you’re reading this at the airport and I’m still in sight, you’re a bad girl and you should burn this as soon as you get home!

Ok, I’m hoping it’s the first one, so open up your bedside table where you will find a surprise.

Lisa giggled to herself, happy to be rewarded she reached into the drawer and picked up a small wrapped present.

She took another sip of wine and sat down on the bed to open it.

Inside the box was a metal tin labeled “massage candle” she took the cap off and smelled it,

“Mmm…Vanilla” breathing in deeply, it was one of her favourite scents. Next was another small box, it read “LELO Sona”

Well, she thought to herself, this looks like fun, she quickly unwrapped it and turned it on, it made a strange whirring sound, she held the tip to the end of her finger and felt a slight sucking and puffing sensation.

“What the Fuck” she blurted, a little surprised. Lisa grabbed her wine in one hand and the letter and toy in the other and headed for the bathtub.

Turning the water on, she sat naked on the side of the tub and reached for a bath bomb from the little bowl sitting on a small table beside the tub.

“Lord of Misrule” it read on the wrapper, she tore it off and threw it in the trash can and took a quick sniff Ankara escort before tossing it in the tub, it crackled and fizzled as it disintegrated, turning the bath water into a deep red wine colour, filling the air with an intoxicatingly sensual fragrance.

Another sip of wine and into the tub, leaning back she felt the hot water swallow her body whole, relaxing and invigorating at the same time, the popping candy in the bath bomb made tiny explosions on the surface.

Lisa reached over for the letter sitting on the little table, “Okay, what else have you got planned here Mr See you Friday?”

She opened the letter again and skimmed down past what she had read before…

“Ok, I’m calling this a Virtual Massage, if I can’t be there physically with you, I want you to read this as if I was, I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible so that as you read it, you’ll feel my hands on your soft warm skin touching you like I’m right there with you, so sit back and relax Babe, and at the end maybe you can try out that little surprise I bought you… enjoy!

Let’s start at the top, with my fingers stretched out, I begin massaging your scalp, the tips of my fingers kneading your head like I’m washing your hair. My fingers glide through the beautiful dark brown flowing waves of your silky soft hair as I rub the stress of the day away from all sides and angles, a soft sigh escapes your lips as you relax a little bit more with each passing minute.

The sweet smell of vanilla fills the room from the massage candle glowing on the bedside table. I dip my fingers into the warm puddle of oil gathering around the flame, the rich velvety fluid drips down my fingers to the palms of my hands. I rub my hands together spreading the massage oil thoroughly into them, ready to cover you in the silky warmth.

I start with my thumbs at the opposite ends of your shoulders pushing toward each other to meet at the base of your neck.

Up and back down again and again, the warm oil permeates your skin as your muscles soften and your head leans forward, I urge you to lie face down while I move down to your lower back just above the rounded curve of your ass.

I once again dip my fingers in the warm oil and spread it into my hands, extending my fingers outward with the base of my palms lying just above your ass crack I push down deeply, forcing your belly button into the bed beneath you, my smooth palms sliding up your back as my fingers curl over the sides, gliding over your ribs. The pressure is just enough to force your lungs Ankara escort bayan to exhale. A few of your vertebrae crack and pop back into place as a low moan slips from your mouth. Reaching the top of your back, my thumbs and index fingers close together firmly pinching the trapezius muscles underneath your oil covered skin, urging you to relax under the pressure, swiping diagonally from your shoulder to the opposite curve of your waist my hands glide back down to where they started to repeat the process a few more times till I feel your muscles soften completely.

Blowing out the candle, I pick up the tin and tilt it, gently dripping the soft warm liquid down the back of your legs, I spread the oil down your legs to your feet. I press my thumbs hard into the base of your heel and follow the underside to the balls of your feet, massaging firmly back and forth from inside to outside and then in between your toes. From the bottoms of your feet to the top, your feet are soft and smooth, your skin sucking up the oil and feeling invigorated.

Moving up to your calves, I push my thumbs deep into the muscle, up to the back of your knees and then back down, the warm oil making my hands glide easily over your supple skin.

Behind your knees I advance slowly up the back of your legs, my thumbs pointed to your inner thighs, I can feel your hamstrings ripple in the palms of my hands as I inch upwards toward the bottom of your ass, as my thumbs come to a stop at the top of your inner thighs I curl my fingers up, framing your ass in my hands, ah, if only Leonardo could have seen this view, it would be this magnificent sight hanging in The Louvre, and not some old bag named Mona.

Finishing up with a couple quick spanks on each butt cheek, the oil gives off a nice crisp echo in the room as your cheeks turn a delicious crimson colour, you bounce a little off the bed and quickly roll over with your knees up, laughing, cursing at me to stop. Time for part two of this erotic Virtual Massage.

Kneeling beside the bed I pour some more velvety massage oil into my hands and rub them together, now for some more fun.

From your shoulder I run my hand across your upper chest to the other side following the contours of your collar bones with my open palms pressing gently down, on the way back the trail dips slightly south to the top of your breasts. The next pass starts on the right side of your rib cage moving up the side to your right breast, my right hand cups it from underneath while my thumb pushes in from the side, lifting Escort Ankara slowly as thumb and fingers come together spreading the satiny liquid over your firm skin. My left hand joins the fun from the opposite direction surrounding your breast with both hands, your nipple sits at the centre of a flesh coloured bullseye aching for attention I move my mouth in closely and bathe your perky breast in hot breath, just an inch above your nipple, I move back and watch it stiffen before my eyes. Again I move in and wash your hardening nipple with hot exhale, my hands still holding your breast hostage, I move in closer and take your nipple into my mouth, closing my lips around the base and softly sucking it deeper in, my tongue flicking back and forth across the erect surface makes you flinch a little. My left hand sneaks away to your other tit, massaging it gently so as not to neglect it. My tongue swirls around the wet flesh randomly, I finish with a soft kiss as I move to its twin sister, your “girls” are impeccably shaped and in perfect proportion to the rest of your sexy little body, the sight of you naked and glistening in massage oil instantly burns an image into my brain I’ll never forget.

Running my fingers individually back and forth over your little eraser shaped nips, I watch your face, your eyelids flutter, your mouth opens and closes as your breath escapes in spasms.

Moving further south, my hands glide effortlessly over your flat belly and waist, lifting ever so slightly as they rise over your hip bones, yet another of my favourite sights. From your knees to your hips your biggest and strongest muscles ripple under my palms, all those stairs you’ve taken have done their part in sculpting a dazzling shape to a body so very blessed with natural beauty. Reaching down to your ankles, I spread your legs apart a little and push them towards you as you bend them at the knees, my focus is now your inner thighs.

My hands start at your knees and slide slowly down the inside of your thighs, stopping just before your clean shaven mound. Back up and down softly, teasingly.

With the last stroke down your inner thighs my fingertips glide cautiously over you like feathers, a small shiver runs through you as my index finger traces the contours of your pussy lips, parting them skillfully all the way to the bottom where a small bead of clear liquid emerges, begging to be touched, dispersed, tasted.

Pulling away, a tiny thread stretches out and breaks each side snapping back to its owner. Bringing the finger to the very tip of my tongue I taste you as our eyes meet.

Now go get that surprise I bought you and finish off, knowing that I will be reading this again before bed, wishing I was there beside you to watch…

Sweet Dreams! See you Friday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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