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The Weekend

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Philip looked around and felt great. He had a great job as a news videographer, and he was about three weeks from marrying the woman of his dreams. Cindy Andrews was the morning anchor at the same TV station. Philip just started a three-day camping vacation. He was on a private land that had a spring fed swimming hole. A friend from the station let him; use the property. Philip arrived three hours ago. He borrowed his dad’s pickup and the 60’s vintage Airstream trailer for the weekend. The silvery glint of the aluminum skin was visible in the distance. He spent the time since he arrived setting up the campsite. After he finished the preparations, he decided to take a break and catch some sun. He was sitting on a large rock on the shore of the pond. Since he was going to be alone until his fiancé Cindy arrived; he decided to go naked. He was sitting on a large beach towel scratching his nether regions, wondering if he should go in. Cindy and Philip were going to spend the weekend together, and wedding prep was off the agenda for this trip. Well that was his plan.

His body had absorbed enough heat from the sun that he decided to dive in the pool. Realizing that the water was below sixty he braced for the cold. He was all in as he jumped into the center of the pool. He was right the cold water was a shock and he became erect involuntarily. He swam around trying to get acclimated to the cold water. Philip ducked his head under; he heard two splashes behind him. When he came to the surface he was facing where he had been lying.

He spun around to see who had entered the pool. He saw the ripples from what ever entered the water but did not see any one and thought that it was a few large rocks. He suddenly felt hands grasping his erect cock. He fought his pursuers and tried to make it to the shore. But he was pulled under water and saw his pursers were two women. The group broke the surface and he finally saw his assailants.

Debbie and Cathy were Cindy’s friends from high school and they were to be part of the wedding party; but if they were still here later there might not be a wedding. Both women were as naked as he was and Debbie still had her hand on his cock. Philip was able to haul himself out of the water and sat on the warm rock. The women followed him and sat beside him. Philip gradually got over his embarrassment of being naked and Debbie continued to massage his tool. He was beginning think that this was not a coincidence.

“First I did not realize that it was going to be that cold! Second I thought Cindy was painting with a wide brush about your equipment,” said Debbie.

Even thought he was relaxed about being naked; he was still a little bewildered about the situation. Cathy moved to bring her breasts in front of Philip’s head. “Suck um Phil” she said. He felt a warm mouth engulf his cock as Debbie was giving him a blowjob. He leaned forward and brought one of the woman’s breasts to his mouth and began to suck on the hard nipple. Her skin was still cold from the dip in the pool. He leaned back and Cathy followed. Debbie released his cock; the women stood and engaged in a very sensuous kiss. Philip thought about sucking on their cunts but decided to watch.

“Did you like your surprise?” asked Debbie.

“It was surprising and yes it was nice,” said Philip.

“Who put you up to this?” asked Philip.

Neither woman answered. Debbie got on her hands and knees “Put that thing between your legs where it will do the most good!”

Feeling that he was in a no win situation; Philip stood and kissed Cathy and got behind Debbie and slipped his cock into her tight cunt. He was surprised how easily he would cheat on Cindy his future wife. Debbie was a marathon runner and did not have an extra ounce of fat on her six-foot frame. Her breasts were full with small areolas and hard nipples. Cathy stood over her friend and squirted a stream of sunscreen on her back. Philip used his hands and spread the cream over the woman’s back and on her breasts.

His cock was in her warm and silky cunt and he moved it in and out like a piston. He felt a stream of sunscreen being squirted on his back followed by two hands spreading the cream down his back and coating his muscular buns. A finger parted his two cheeks and probed his bunghole. He moved his cock to her mouth and let go several squirts in her mouth.

He stood and jumped in to the pond. “You need to be more attentive to the needs of your partner, Mr. Morris. Is that the way you make love to our friend?” said Cathy when he reappeared on the surface.

“J just wanted to clean off; and Cindy and I have a great sex life, not that is any of your business,” Philip replied.

Philip hauled himself out of the water and moved to where the women were sitting. He motioned to them that they should take a walk with him. He was getting more comfortable with being naked around the two beautiful women. Behind a set of trees were the Airstream, a dinning shelter and a few chairs.

“I will be back in a second,” said Philip.

“You better çayyolu escort not get dressed,” said Cathy.

“Not planning to. You both need to be gone by 3:00.”

“Relax, who do you think told us where to find you. We are not going anywhere,” said Debbie.

“So this was a setup?”

The two women did not reply. Philip reemerged with a stack of red party cups and a bottle of wine. He passed the cups and poured the wine. The group settled into the chairs and sipped the wine. Cathy took the chair next to Philip and began to massage his cock. She wanted to be the next receptacle his tool would occupy. The two ladies did not need to wait long for Philip to be ready to perform.

“I believe that he is ready Cathy,” said Debbie.

“Sir it is time to perform. I want to see what Cindy raves about,” said Cathy.

“So my fiancé kisses and tells,” said Philip.

“More like fucks and tells sir, come on get up,” said Cathy.

“Where would you like to make love?” asked Philip.

Cathy gripped Philip’s wrist and lead him to another large outcropping of rock. She faced the rock and offered her ass to be fucked. He stood and admired the woman that was not a lean as her friend but was beautifully curvy. His eyes were drawn to her beautiful breasts. Philip again slipped in from the back and began to fuck her. Cathy was tighter than Debbie and it was a small fight to get his cock fully lodged in her cunt.

“Hurry Philip Cindy will be here anytime,” said Cathy.

Philip shoved his tool in and out of her wonderfully tight snatch. He felt her vagina grasp his cock and he started to massage her ample breasts. One long thrust and he felt his climax coming on and he withdrew his cock and aimed it at her butt and watched several ropes of cum splatter her cheeks.

The group decided to take another plunge into the cold water of the pond. After a few minutes Philip noticed that the women were gone. He looked up and saw a single motorcycle move toward his location. The rider was dressed in head to toe black riding leathers, with a full-face helmet. The only way he could determine the sex of the rider was the long hair spilling out the back of the rider’s helmet.

The rider pulled up next to the camper and set the kickstand and got off. The person walked toward Philip and began to pull the gloves off her hands. The motion that she used indicated that he was in trouble. She lifted the face shield and he recognized Cindy and walked up and pulled the helmet off and kissed her. The woman walked around Philip shaking her head. She did not say anything but stood there and unzipped the jacket. Philip watched as the opened jacket showed more and more skin. She deliberately took her time removing the jacket. The opened Jacket showed her beautiful breasts. When she finally pulled it off she was as naked as Philip was. Cindy pushed Philip away and began to loose her chaps. When they were in a pile on the ground Philip looked at his fiancée; this was the first time he had seen her with out any pussy hair.

He moved forward and embraced her and they kissed for an extended period. Philip felt someone probe his bunghole. Cindy held him motionless. Her two friends had crept back to camp, and were massaging the lovers.

“Don’t you two have some men that you can work on and leave my husband to be alone?” said Cindy with a laugh.

“Yea but they are not as good as Philip,” said Debbie.

“So what is going on here, Cindy?” said Philip

“Our two friends are camped across the pond, and they will be leaving soon. I want to have some quality time to ourselves,” said Cindy.

“Oh but I enjoy having three beautiful naked women around me,” said Philip as he bent down and picked up Cindy’s riding outfit and carried toward the camper.

That statement caused a chorus of giggles from the three women. But Philip noticed that Cindy was less amused. He would need to make up for that. Philip walked over to his truck and pulled a small propane grill out of the back. Cindy came up behind him and started to massage his cock. He turned and planted a kiss on her lips. Philip sat on one of the chairs and opened his legs. Cindy got between his legs and brought the tip of his cock to her lips. Cindy brought him to the brink of orgasm; she got up and grabbed Philip’s wrist.

Cindy found a soft patch of grass and guided Philip’s cock into her hairless pussy. The two fucked like there was no tomorrow. Each thrust was punctuated by a grunt or a scream. Debbie came over to Cindy and brought her pussy to her mouth and kissed Philip while Cindy was licking her snatch. Cindy climaxed with all the stimulation. Philip let loose with a howl as his last thrust deposited what felt like a gallon of cum in Cindy’s tight pussy.

“To bad one of your lovers isn’t here I could us some more right now, Philip will be out of action for a while,” Cindy said with a laugh looking at her friends as she panted through her orgasm.

Philip leaned down and kissed her and began cebeci escort to lick her pussy. She stretched when his tongue probed her love hole. “OK I don’t need anyone else.”

Everyone relaxed drank more wine and decided to cook some burgers. Debbie went over to their campsite to get more supplies. When she returned Cathy and Cindy were stretched out in an embrace. Philip was working the grill but the activity going on in front of him caused him to get excited.

“It didn’t take you two long to get together,” said Debbie.

“Wait and there will be a place for you,” said Cindy.

Everyone stood around the grill and watched Philip as he grilled the burgers. Cindy and Debbie got some of the other food out and set it out on the table. The women made embarrassing comments about Philip’s equipment and his ability to grill burgers. Philip was amazed at how relaxed the group was naked. He thought he had died and was in heaven; having three of the most beautiful women nude and standing close to him.

Everyone grabbed a burger and a glass of wine and found a place to sit. Philip sat next to Cindy and attempted to feed her, but had his hand moved away.

“You are not out of the woods yet mister, you didn’t put up any resistance; you just had your way with those two,” said Cindy.

Philip was taken aback by her words and thought that there was going to be trouble. He was silent not knowing what to say. Cindy began to laugh.

“I had you for awhile,” she said.

Philip remained quiet. Cindy leaned over and kissed him. “Phil we have been planning this for a week since you were able to use Russell’s land. The two bimbos would not have touched you if I had not given the OK.”

“Watch who your calling a bimbo, Ms. Rogers,” said Cathy.

The sun was down and the stars were out; the temperature dropped to almost the same as the water in the pool. The heat coming from the propane grill was not enough to keep people comfortable. Debbie and Cathy stood and kissed Cindy and Philip and walked toward where they were camped.

Philip slipped in to the camper and came back with two beach towels and wrapped one around Cindy. After wrapping one around his shoulders they sat and watched the stars.

“I hope you liked our little surprise, Phil; but remember this is the last wild oat sowing for you!”

“My love for you is…”

“Don’t say anything Philip I know.”

Cindy leaned over and kissed him. Philip stood and took Cindy’s hand and led her to the Airstream camper. Once they were inside, they slipped into the banquet that is setup as a double bed. They embraced and Philip found the entrance to Cindy’s pussy.

“Now that’s what I want,” said Cindy.

“You feel so nice, darling.”

The pair warmed each other up though their love-making. Philip was gentle as he thrust in to Cindy. He used her breasts as points of stimulation. He wanted to make sure that she got the most out of the experience. Cindy maneuvered to the top position and brought Philip to her lips. The couple kissed and climaxed at the same time. Cindy engaged in a fierce round of tongue fencing, using her hands to control Philip.

When they both recovered Philip moved to probe her pussy.

“I hope that I am not marrying a pervert,” said Cindy with a slight laugh.

“All I want to do with you is spend the next two days naked making love to you.”

“Well if my plans work the way they are suppose to we will have the place to ourselves tomorrow morning,” said Cindy.

The next morning there was a knock on the door. Philip staggered to the door and poked his head through the partial opening. Standing before him naked were Tom and Arnold.

We were told that we had to be naked Philip,” said Arnold.

“What are you doing here guys?”

“We got called yesterday and both of us were told to get out here as quickly as possible. Then when we arrived we spent the night with Cathy and Debbie. We tried to dress but were told that the weekend was no clothing,” Arnold continued.

Cindy poked her head out of the door and then pushed the door opened further. She stepped out and stood beside him her hand wrapped around his cock.

“Tell the two bimbets that they need to come over. We will have breakfast for everyone,” Cindy commanded.

They both watched as the two well formed asses walked away. Philip felt a hand wrap around his cock and was dragging him back in the camper. Cindy sat on the floor in front of him and took the tip of his cock in her mouth. She loved the feel of it on her tongue. She admired the veiny texture and the bulbous head. Cum in my mouth as she took his entire length. There were a couple of jerks and Philip filled her mouth with a load. Soon after she stood there was a knock on the door.

The door opened revealing four naked bodies. The males had raging hard-ons.

“Why don’t you let them take you from behind, we would love to see you both properly fucked,” said Cindy.

“That is not a nice thing to say çubuk escort to your friends,” said Debbie.

“Nice or not I think that is a good idea,” said Arnold. Who got behind Debbie and bent her over and hit the bull’s eye. Cathy walked up to Tom, kissed him and took his cock in her hand. She settled down on a grassy area and spread her legs. Her jet-black crotch contrasted with her white alabaster skin.

“You will have to do me here, darling,” said Cathy.

Tom got between her legs and inserted his cock in her pussy the pair kissed as Tom began to ream his lover.

Cindy moved to Cathy and positioned herself over her friend’s head and waited for Cathy to give her oral sex. Philip moved to Cindy and brought his cock to her mouth. Every one was occupied and Arnold and Debbie were the first of climax. They both ran to the pond and there was a splash. Philip again filled Cindy’s mouth with his seed, and the pair also moved to the pond to wash up. The last couple joined the group in the pool just as the others were getting out.

There was a ring of stones in Philip’s campsite and the men collected dead branches and build a fire to warm the group up. The women held on to their boyfriend’s cocks, standing around the fire,

“We figured that we couldn’t get away with an orgy at the reception so we decided to do it this weekend,” said Cathy.

“It is nice to have a selection of cocks and twats,” said Debbie.

“Before you find the one true love like I have,” said Philip.

“So this means that you are though playing around, darling,” said Cindy as she massaged Philip’s cock.

The fire died down and Philip got the grill going making breakfast. Everyone had their fill and cleaned up. Philip brought out another bottle of wine and grabbed the stack of cups and walked toward the pond. They spread out several towels out on the rock and each couple sat watching the water.

Cindy was seated between Philip and Arnold had her hands wrapped around their cocks. Cathy moved between Cindy’s legs and began to suck on her friend’s pussy.

“I love your tongue my lover, but Arnold is ready for you,” said Cindy as she stroked Arnold’s member.

Philip leaned over and kissed Cindy; slid on top of her and slipped his cock in her pussy. Philip looked around and saw that the other two couples were also making love. A hand brought his head to her lips and they kissed. Philip slowly moved in and out of his lover’s pussy. He was getting use to the lack of hair. Prior to the weekend Cindy had displayed a full bush of black hair. Cindy’s tongue moved in and out of Philip’s mouth in time with his thrusts. On the verge of a climax Philip held her tongue when he exploded in her pussy. Philip waited until his cock was flaccid and fell out of her pussy. He then moved down and began to suck on her pussy.

All three of the couples were resting after their lovemaking. Philip revived and again contemplated going into the cold water. There was a splash and he became on giant goose bump from the shock of the temperature. Philip splashed around for about a minute and then got out of the water and tried to rejoin Cindy. He sat down next to her but did not try to touch her until he warmed up.

Debbie and Cathy stood and walked toward their campsite. They returned dressed in jeans and t-shirts.

“We’re going to get supplies for dinner we will be back in an hour,” said Cathy.

The two walked back toward where they were setup and then a car started to move from behind the trees.

“Does this mean I get to entertain you three?”

“Do I have any say in the matter?” asked Philip.


“Cindy, you don’t know what those two women will do to us if we even dream of touching you,” said Tom.

“Something about slow roasting over an open fire,” said Arnold.

“Come here Arnold, your cock looks like it needs to be sucked and I am the only one that can do it,” said Cindy.

The former football player stood and walked over to Cindy and allowed her to take his length in her mouth. Philip ran his hand up his friend’s leg and probed his bunghole. The look on his friend’s face was priceless.

Philip watched Cindy give his friend head. “Ok Tom, your next!” said Cindy.

Tom did not need to be asked twice as he quickly replaced his friend. Cindy massaged his cock and then brought it to her mouth. Her tongue flicked Tom’s crown before she took his boner in her mouth.

“Philip, if you come any closer to me you will regret it.”

Tom suddenly stopped talking and had the look of intense pain, on his face.

“Cindy your teeth are sharp; that is not very nice,” said Tom.

“Don’t threaten my fiancé,” said Cindy.

Everyone calmed down and Philip brought out a cooler with beer. Philip and Cindy sat together and Tom and Arnold sat opposite. Everyone was getting more comfortable sitting naked.

“Philip when did you decide to have a naked camping weekend?”

“It wasn’t originally planed this way. After I setup my campsite I decided to sun myself naked. I was the only one here, I thought. I jumped in to the pool and was accosted by Debbie and Cathy who were as naked as I was. Cindy road up on her bike and did this sensual strip tease getting out of her leathers. So it was decided to camp sans clothing. I kind of like it.”

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