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The Wilde Side Ch. 03

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Eve could not take her eyes off of Dallas’ beautiful ass. She was moved to a place only imagined as she watched the muscles tighten in his back as he leaned further forward to accommodate the perfect proportion of Wade’s cock. His head hung down and was turned slightly to the left; Eve could see his face in partial profile as his closed eyes and occasional winces silently gave voice to his pleasure. His ecstasy was visible and his beauty radiated. Wade’s quiet, steady pounding was bringing Dallas immense satisfaction and she absolutely loved witnessing his reception of it.

“Grind into him deeper now,” she whispered into Wade’s ear. “Give him the last 2 inches slowly, then stir your cock round and round, pressing deep inside him. That’s the way he fucks my pussy. I want to see him get it like he gives it.”

Wade nodded and placed both hands firmly on Dallas’ hips and slowly started to sink the full length of his cock up his ass. It was not that Wade’s cock was so large particularly; it was his sack of balls that was enormous and the constant banging force of them was extremely arousing. Dallas groaned louder and asked for more, “Oh yeah. Fuck me deeper, now. God, that feels good. Bang your balls against me more.”

As Wade laid more lumber into Dallas, Eve backed away and watched from the side; they were a sight to behold. Both men were extremely good looking, their bodies hard and muscular and their cocks thick and stiff. They were both feeling the force of the drug so their passion was unbridled and their enthusiasm unleashed. Wade was pumping deep as Dallas was pumping hard on his rod.

“Hold on, baby,” Eve cautioned as she walked over to Dallas. “We’ve got a long way to go tonight. Just keep yourself right on the edge for me, OK?” He nodded and slowed his stroking a bit.

“I want you to suck my dick now,” Eve stated as she reached into the basket and brought out the harness. Leaning over, she stepped into it and pulled it up so that it fit snugly on her hips. She glanced into the mirror on the near wall and could see that nothing was visible against her skin. “Mmm,” she moaned smiling, “I think I’m really going to like this get-up.” She rooted through the basket and found the cock she thought best matched her desire and her frame; the cock that, if she really did have one, would be the one she’d have. She snapped it into the harness with ease and began to firmly stroke it. Her new 7″cock felt thick, warm and smooth to her touch and her nipples burned with desire in the clamps.

Again she reached into the basket and found the other pair of clamps. She glided over to Wade and flicked his nipple with her fingers, hard. He flinched from the bolt of pain and smiled as he watched her twist the clamp down to the tightest setting. “How’d you know I like it so hard?” he asked, his voice strained with longing.

“Same way I know you’ll want the fattest cock I can find up your hard tight ass, Wade,” Eve remarked brusquely while squeezing his nipple into the jaw of the clamp. “And the same way I know if Dallas likes it light, you like it hard; if he likes it small, you’ll want it big which makes the two of you the perfect pair for me. I’ve got the joint male equivalent of the Madonna and the Whore.” She emphasized her point by pulling and twisting on the chain of the clamps which stretched his nipples out so that she could flick them again. Wade bucked hard at the shock of the painful pleasure and rammed his cock deeper up Dallas’ ass.

Eve circled around Dallas, her hand still holding the chain of Wade’s clamps, and stood in front of Dallas’ face, her cock inches away from his mouth. “Now that you’ve had a little more practice sucking dick, why don’t you swallow mine, baby?” she asked, her voice thick with lust.

Dallas was completely consumed with craving cock and eagerly devoured Eve’s hot rod down his throat. His breathing came hard and fast and he moaned as he sucked and licked her dick. “Oh man, does that cock ever look good on you, baby. Wade was right; I can’t really see the harness even this close up. God, I love to suck your cock. Fuck my mouth with your big dick,” Dallas pleaded. “Make me gag on it.”

Eve placed her other hand on the back of Dallas’ head and pulled it toward her groin, forcing him to swallow her cock deeper as, while pulling on the chain, she tugged on Wade’s nipples harder. She groaned loudly as the constant pumping of Wade’s cock into Dallas was propelling his head forward to deep throat her dick, the force Escort bayan of which was pounding against her clit in a steady rhythm. She was starting to feel like she was going to explode again. She looked down at Dallas and he nodded his encouragement. Wade struck his ass just as Eve started to take off making Dallas buck harder against her hard clit.

“Oh my God, baby, swallow all of my hot come,” Eve hissed as she reared back in pleasure. Dallas was sucking furiously on her cock and moaning deeply.

Wade watched Eve with an intense hunger as he slowly pulled out of Dallas. He stepped back and looked down at Dallas’ beautiful ass and smiled at the impact he’d made on it. Dallas’ hole was swollen and bright pink from so much attention, and it hung slightly slack and loose. Wade felt drawn to bury his tongue in the vacant space and he leaned forward, beginning to twist and roll his thick tongue around inside of it. Again, Dallas moaned loudly and moved his ass back and forth, the pressure from the moist, darting tongue working to sooth, yet stimulate, his reamed hole.

Eve felt warm and spent as she convulsed and spasmed her last orgasmic tremor. She bent forward and draped herself across Dallas’ back and quietly watched Wade as he deftly rimmed her favorite ass. Smiling, she inquired,” Well, is he everything you’d been waiting for, Wade?” So consumed was Wade, so utterly engrossed in the spelunking of Dallas’ cavern, he was only able to respond with a vigorous nod and groan as he slurped and sucked.

“Save some for me and stay right where you are,” Eve whispered to Wade. With that, she gracefully pulled herself upright and ran her hands through Dallas’ hair. He slowly released his hold on her cock and let it fall from his mouth. She nimbly squatted down in front of him and kissed him passionately all over his face and mouth. “I love you, baby,” she said. “That was beautiful. You are beautiful. I came so hard watching you.”

Dallas grinned and said quietly, “My pleasure. Now go fuck him hard, baby. That’s what he wants and what he deserves after the plowing he just had with my ass.”

“Whatever you say,” Eve said, rising up and walking around them. “Why don’t you guys move just a little bit this way so we can get on the bed?” she asked as she gently guided them to the mattress.

Dallas climbed on first and stayed on his hands and knees, his ass rising in the air, his legs spread slightly. Wade climbed on next, his rigid cock bouncing before him like a divining rod that’s struck the water source. As he again drove his tongue into Dallas’ hole, Eve got her first real look at his ass.

Wade was built beautifully too; firm and muscular, his skin was a deep golden brown and was covered with a soft blonde downy fuzz. His ass was wider and meatier than Dallas’ and with the pony plug swishing about as he plunged into Dallas, Eve found herself unconsciously stroking her cock.

“Shake your ass for me, Wade,” stated Eve, her voice again hoarse and thick with longing.

Wade swung his ass from side to side causing the hair in the pony plug to move to and fro. He moaned as he rotated his hips around and around, a motion that worked to beckon Eve closer and keep her rapt attention. Her nipples were rock hard in the clamps and aching as she watched Wade and Dallas. She slowly walked toward them and remained standing, placing herself behind Wade, her hard cock just inches from his gyrating buttocks. She reached out and ran her hand through the fine hair flinging through the air. It felt warm and soft against her palm; the movement sort of tickled the top of her hand.

She clamped down on a fistful of the hair and held tight as she placed her other hand firmly against his ass cheek. Wade slowed his swinging and sighed deeply as he felt Eve begin to slowly tug on the pony plug. The pressure against the inside of his asshole felt tremendous and his hole tightened reflexively. Eve could feel the pull of his hole, her cunt growing wetter with each tug.

She suddenly realized that she too wanted something to fill her pussy and reached into the shopping basket nearby. She found the largest cock that she’d selected earlier and smiled as she imagined stuffing herself with it. Spreading her legs, she flicked the dick back and forth over her wet slit and then pushed hard, the full length sliding deep inside her with ease. She groaned and squeezed down on it, her clit stiff and fully exposed because the cock had pulled her wet folds taut as Bayan escort it was swallowed by her cunt.

The design of the dildo in her harness was revolutionary, she thought. Never had she felt such simultaneous stimulation to her clit while wielding a strap-on. It was fantastic and she thought she now had an inkling what it felt like to be a guy; as she pounded and stroked her cock her orgasm stayed close at hand.

Her musings were arousing her further and she was startled by the sound of Dallas’ moans and her own loud panting. Her eyes focused again on Wade’s ass and the plug she was twirling about. She could tell by the way his asshole expanded as she pulled on it that he could take a wide load up his ass. She wished she’d brought one of the larger cocks from the store. As if reading her mind, Wade leaned slightly to the left and opened the drawer of a console next to the bed. From it he retrieved an enormous cock; it must have been almost a foot long and its girth was impressive too.

He lifted his head from Dallas’ ass saying, “I designed this especially according to my own personal desires,” his longing painfully evident. “I’ve never tried it before because I was waiting for this exact moment. Will you put it on, Eve?” he asked as he handed her the most life-like dildo she’d ever seen. It was beautiful and its tone was a perfect match to her skin color.

Eve accepted the gift with a nod and bent forward to remove the dick she was already wearing. As she did so, she glanced up and got her first real look at Wade’s balls which hung long and low between his legs. His sack was huge and held two orbs that each looked to be about the size of a cue ball. Eve was overcome with lust and immediately buried her face between his legs, licking and sucking them feverishly as she unsnapped her dildo. Wade groaned with pleasure at the touch of her hot tongue and flicked his pony tail around in delight. Blindly, Eve rummaged around in her basket again and grabbed a cock ring and weights she’d thrown in at the last minute.

She pulled away just enough to wrap the studded leather strap around the top of Wade’s sagging balls. It was difficult to close the final clasp, the strap pulling against his skin, making the dangling mass hard and tight. Eve began to gently bat the engorged purple sack around and, again, Wade moaned as she did so. She reached for the weights, quickly fastening them to the hoop at the bottom of the ring. Wade bucked hard against the added pressure which caused his sack to sway from side to side.

Eve stood back, watching his balls swing and the pony plug sway as she strapped on the gigantic cock. She could hear Dallas riding the edge and knew that he was close to his orgasm. She wanted him to hold on a bit longer and come watch her fuck Wade. She smacked Wade’s ass one time hard before climbing on the bed next to Dallas. As she laid next to him, the chains from her top rolled across her clamped nipples, the cold metal sent aching pleasure through her body.

“Hey baby, you OK?” she asked as she looked at Dallas’ flushed face.

Dallas nodded and reached up with his cock-stroking hand to stroke her face. “You look great,” he whispered. “This pill has really got me hopped up and I’m walking a fine line here holding my orgasm at bay. Listening to you and Wade, hearing the sounds that you guys are making; I’m really fuckin’ hot, baby.”

“Well, get ready for some more. Come with me,” Eve said.

Dallas squirmed forward then turned around on all fours to face Wade. Wade’s face was crimson and glistening with their mixed juices. “Stay put big guy,” chided Dallas. “I think she’s pullin’ out the big guns for you.”

Wade’s eyes darted back and forth between Eve and Dallas, his expression filled with yearning and an edgy nervousness. Eve was already on her feet once again standing behind Wade who was now firmly on all fours and backed up to the edge of the bed. She held out her hand to Dallas to help him off of the bed while she tugged at the pony plug again with her other hand.

“Show Dallas how fine your ass looks, Wade, when you buck with that plug in it.”

Wade instantly started to swing his ass to and fro, the long tail and his weighted balls swaying in unison. Dallas watched with fascination, his hand unconsciously starting to pump his rigid cock. He grabbed the handful of hair from Eve’s hand and began to tug against Wade’s asshole watching the puckered spot stretch broadly.

“Damn'” groaned Dallas Escort under his breath. “I think I could fit my fist up his ass, Eve. Look how wide his hole becomes when I pull on it like this.” Dallas yanked on the plug and held still right when the broadest point was at the entrance to Wade’s asshole. “Give him a hit of that sniff and let’s see if he can take my fist, baby.”

Eve snatched the small brown bottle from the table, untwisted the top and leaned forward, placing the open vile under Wade’s nose. “Hey Wade, Dallas wants to fist fuck your ass. You have totally turned him on. Have some hits of this and hang on for the ride. He can fit his fist in my pussy and, let me tell you, it’s absolutely fuckin’ awesome. I’ll finish you off with the big cock after he’s finished.”

Wade glanced at Eve fully registering the heady excitement of the moment. He’d never been fisted before but had certainly fantasized about it. That’s practically all the gay guys had been talking about for years. He’d been waiting for just the right moment and, once again, here it was. “OK, Eve. I want both of you to fuck me good.”

With that he inhaled deeply several times, switching nostrils and holding his breath in while the drug worked its magic. Eve slid back off the bed and offered Dallas a pot of lubricant from the table. He tugged and twirled on the butt plug some more and pulled hard once to extract it.

“Ahhh, God!” Wade whimpered as he felt the plug pop from his swollen hole.

Dallas dipped his whole hand in the lube and used his other hand to spread more up and around his forearm. He balled his hand into a fist then and placed it against Wade’s gaping pocket. Pressing firmly, he slowly began to twist his wrist from left to right.

“Harder, man. Press harder now,” Wade pleaded as he started to lift off from the drug.

Dallas twisted faster and pushed harder, massaging all around Wade’s ass with his other hand. “Relax,” Dallas commanded and Wade sighed loudly. Dallas clenched his fist more tightly and pressed through the tight opening, Wade’s screams urging him to push further still. Eve watched as Dallas’ entire hand disappeared up Wade’s ass which was now greedily devouring his wrist with his forearm beginning to slide up too.

“Oh my God, Wade,” Eve cheered. “You are so beautiful, baby. Take it all; take more of him. He’s got more if you want more.”

“Give it to me,” Wade barked between groans of excruciating pain and exquisite pleasure. “Now start pumping your fist in me. Give me more sniff, Eve.”

Eve scrambled quickly behind him and once again offered the vile. Wade inhaled several times and began to rock his ass from side to side, pulling Dallas along for the ride.

“Shit, Wade,” Dallas exclaimed. “My arm is buried about half way up to my elbow. You’ve got a full load, man.”

Wade bucked against the piston-like motion of Dallas’ arm, his ass in spasms of intense sensation. He was pumping furiously on his cock at the same time, his orgasm throttled back by so much meat up his ass. Eve was stroking her gigantic strap-on with both hands as she watched Dallas fucking Wade. She continued to squeeze down on the cock buried in her pussy, her orgasm rising with each stroke of her cock rocking against her clit.

“You fuck him now, baby,” Dallas told Eve as he pulled out of Wade’s ass. Eve quickly stepped in his place and thrust the fat rod deep into Wade’s yawning hole. Dallas stepped behind Eve and quickly lubed up his cock as he offered her some sniff too. Eve inhaled deeply and spread her legs, her puckered bud ready for Dallas’ dick.

Each time Eve pulled out of Wade she backed into Dallas, his cock hard and thick and insistent up her ass. The harder she pumped into Wade, the harder her cock knocked against her clit. “Oh God! Come with me! Both of you come with me now!” Eve begged as she convulsed in orgasmic bliss against Wade’s ass. She could feel Dallas as he shot his load deep in her ass, his cock jerking its hot ropes of come inside her. Wade yelled out as he squirted his cream, wave after wave, upon the bed.

The three of them folded onto one another and were quiet as they twitched and spasmed. The only sound to be heard was the harmony of their shattered gasps and groans. Wade slowly collapsed forward and Eve and Dallas carefully fell forward too, following his lead. They turned on their sides and spooned, Eve in the middle, with some cocks still in, others out and sighed deeply with pleasure.

“Shhh,” Eve whispered to no one in particular.

*~* Thank you for reading my story. I truly hope you were pleased. Please take a moment to vote and maybe even leave a comment. I love getting any and all feedback. Thanks again! *~*

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